This PROVEN Tactic Makes Your Videos Go VIRAL!

Sometimes all you need to do is make the right video at the right time and you’ll have a YouTube viral hit on your hands. Let’s show a near-perfect example of how it’s done!


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0:00 — It’s All About Timing…
0:26 — The SuperBowl Trend
2:28 — The birth of a viral video
4:51 — The death of a viral video
5:46 — Do viral videos harm channels?

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— So the whole concept
behind a viral video

is that you don’t know
it’s going to go viral

before you publish it, right?

Unless of course, that
is entirely predictable.

So predictable in fact,

that we asked the creator of this video

to send us loads of screenshots

as it was going viral.

So come join me, sit down,
settle in, grab some popcorn.

As I take you through the life and death

of a viral video.

— [Narrator] This the
story of the tallest tower

mankind has ever built.

— [Rob] And this video
has over 3 million views

but it’s not the video
we’re talking about today.

I just like this image
and this man’s voice.

— [Narrator] It is the
story of the men and women

who live and work inside this building.

A story told deep behind the scene.

— Slight voiceover ASMR.

All right.

The viral video is about this.

— [Commentator] Stafford.

Going in the end zone

reaching out and making the grab

Odell Beckham Jr.

— [Rob] Yeah. I’m so terrified
of a copyright strike

that I had to mangle this video so badly

that you might not even realize

that this is from the NFL Super Bowl 56,

which coincidentally if
you search for on Google

has this cool little fireworks animation.

Rough figures suggests

that over a hundred million Americans

watch the super bowl every single year.

And thanks to modern
technology in this day and age

there are so many options
in how you can do that.

So what a lot of Americans search for

on the day of super bowl is
how to watch this for free.

And that’s where YouTube comes into play.

It knows what people are searching for.

So much sure of it that
auto completes this search.

And it’s this video we have
a particular interest in,

because in the space of two days

it has got more views than
a channel has subscribers,

and that’s always a good thing.

Now, just to be clear here

there’s nothing illegal
going on in this video.

It is a creator showing people
how to watch the Super Bowl

legitimately in the U.S. for
free over streaming services.

And it’s not clickbaity either

as the likes to dislikes ratio shows.

And that’s some really impressive likes.

It’s pretty simple what
the creator is doing here.

They are providing valuable information

for a hot button topic.

A topic that has a shelf life
of nothing more than what?

Six hours.

But boy, what a six hours that was.

This is a trend you can
literally time to the hour.

Kickoff time.

So to make sure YouTube knew precisely

what the video was about,

our creator launched it a day earlier.

Just as interest began to increase

given the video a few early views.

But it wasn’t a great amount,

far less in fact than
average for the channel,

as you can see.

And that’s the thing about
search based content.

You almost never create
it for the here and now.

It’s always preparing for
something in the future.

Even if that’s something is
only 24 hours in the future

and it’s just gonna last a few hours.

Because what YouTube is going to do

is take all of this recent positive data

in terms of click through rate,

watch time and likes

and prime it for this mega
surge in search traffic.

— So I’m trying to answer a question.

How do you stream the Superbowl for free?

I already know that that’s the problem

that people are trying to solve,

so I don’t need to take so more time.

I noticed in the retention
graphs of previous years

that obviously people
are coming for the answer

and very little else.

And because I know
YouTube over the last year

has been kind of prioritizing
shorter form video content.

Of course, like YouTube shorts.

I thought I could get away
with a much shorter video

and I was able to.

— Oh yeah, I forgot to
mention, this is Travis.

We worked together here at vidIQ.

He coaches on a Tuesday
when we do channel audits.

I’ve gotta be honest,

I paid pretty much no attention
to the super bowl itself

as Travis was sending me
through all of his data.

And when it comes to videos
going viral on YouTube

you might call this case study

the perfect storm, all be a little one.

This truly is the graph
everyone wants to see, right?

And the vertical climb.

What makes this even more impressive

is that when impressions surged,

so did click through rate.

Let me just repeat that
for dramatic effect.

As YouTube shared this
content more and more

more people clicked on it more often.

That’s not supposed to happen.

Usually when impressions go
up as YouTube shares it more

click through rate goes down.

I have never seen this before.

Such a positive feedback loop

along with search traffic
reaching fever pitch

means only one thing.

The video reached 26,000, 30,000,

over 40,000 views per hour

as a game kicked off.

And the reasons for
this are pretty simple.

The thumbnail stops the scroll,

the title tells you
what you’re going to get

and the video only requires
two minutes of your time.

Yes, sometimes it’s all about timing,

but it doesn’t have help
when you keep things simple.

But of course, we all know the
fatal flaw of a viral video.

It doesn’t last for long.

Two hours after kickoff

views were already tapering off,

and by the following day,

the video was all but dead.

I think this might be the
best and most ruthless example

of the YouTube recommendation
system in action.

From 40,000 views per hour

to just 50 views per hour

in less than 24 hours.

I think that’s a clear example

of YouTube following the audience.

— It’s actually pretty easy for me

to put these things together
in less than an hour.

I just need to research exactly

how you can watch the super bowl,

which is of course

the question everyone’s
trying to get answered.

And then, show them the things,

which didn’t take that long.

It was, you know, about 45 minutes

from research to being done the video.

— [Rob] Yeah. So not
bad for 45 minutes work.

And had I shown you this
graph without context

you would’ve said this
was a YouTube shorts video

wouldn’t you?

Also, understanding your performance.

No, really YouTube!

But as it does settles
on this viral moment,

there is a lingering question.

Does this video help Travis’s channel?

According to YouTube

if 100 people watch our videos this week

YouTube will share your content
to 700 people next week.

And so in theory, this
video with 130,000 views

could generate up to a million impressions

for Travis’s content.

But is it going to be content
that they want to watch?

Here’s what Travis said.

— Am I worried about this

sending the wrong people to my channel?

At the end of the day

I’m just trying to help people

get the answers they’re looking for.

And in that, I decided to

just put a little bit of
information about my channel

and if anyone was
interested in coming back,

they could, I was pre-qualifying
them to let them know

what type of content I do and it worked.

And if they wanna come
back for some of my content

then they will, if not, totally cool.

But it is a risk, even in
group couching we tell you

don’t do a video outside of your niche.

It’s just not a good idea.

I am definitely risking that.

There’s no doubt about that,

but it is slightly calculated.

So while we’ll say don’t try this at home,

I tried it at, at home.

— [Rob] And folks, this is
where I need to let you in

on a little bit of a secret.

This isn’t the first time
Travis has made this video.

He does this every year.

He’s just getting better at doing it.

So there you have it folks,

a viral moment in YouTube time.

One that deserves a
little bit of fun fair.

— [Narrator] This is the
story of the tallest tower

mankind has ever built.

— Ah, did you see that?

Did you see that?

I planted that seed in your head

earlier on in the video.

And if you want me to plant
more stuff in your head,

then go and watch this video

all about the YouTube algorithm

where I cover that bit about

100 views leading to 700
shares the following week

in more detail.


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