The Top 5 Videos to Watch on Think Media (If You’re Under 1k Subs)

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1️⃣ 🔥 50+ EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS 🔥 That Will BLOW UP Your Channel in 2021!

2️⃣ How to Make a YouTube Video With Your Phone
Part 1:
Full Length:

3️⃣ How to Edit YouTube Videos for Beginners (5 EASY Steps)

BONUS VIDEO: How to Shoot & Edit B-Roll ➡️


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In this video, Omar shows the best videos to grow on YouTube and how to make YouTube videos for beginners.

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Marketing YouTube channels.

=================== text video ====================

— So this channel, Think Media, exists

to help you grow your
influence here on YouTube,

and over the years, we have uploaded

over 1000 videos to the channel.

That’s a ton of videos that helps you

grow your influence on YouTube,

whether that be gear
recommendations or camera reviews,

software tutorials like editing,

and the best YouTube strategy tips

that’ll help you position your
videos for optimum growth.

But what are the five
most important videos

that you need to watch
to level up your videos

and your YouTube channel?

Well, let’s into it right now.

— [Man] If you got it, just press record.

— Hey, what’s up?

It is Omar Eltakrori with Think Media,

and we’ll make sure that
we post all the links

to the videos that I
recommend in this video

down in the description below,

or you can just wait
til the end of the video

and you can click or tap the screen then.

But the first video I would
recommend you watching

is Nolan’s video called «50+
Easy YouTube Video Ideas»,

and this video, in a short amount of time,

will get your brain turning
in regards to a video idea

that you can start to produce.

Now it’s so important

that you don’t just turn on
your camera or smartphone

and just start talking,

but you go into it with
a pre-planned idea,

and this video will help
you dial in a few ideas

as you watch through that video.

— Honestly, I’m really
annoyed at this one.

I just need to get this off my
chest, but it’s a rant video.

You just need to rant to
the camera and get angry.

You don’t have to be angry,
but you could do a rant video

talking about something that
irritates you in your industry.

— The second video you need
to watch from Think Media

is Heather’s video on how
to make a YouTube video

using your smartphone.

Yes, you don’t need a camera

to start shooting YouTube videos.

You can literally use the
smartphone you already have.

Heather’s video is so valuable

’cause not does she talk about
just using your smartphone

to hit record and talk to,

but she talks about great
budget gear in that video

that’ll help level up your
smartphone’s video quality

and production quality,
which is really nice.

Now, if you’re on a time crunch,

you can totally watch the
five, seven minute version

of that video, but we also
have a 40 minute version

where she actually goes
all the way through

shooting, thumbnail, editing, uploading,

all on your smartphone,

and it’s probably one of
the most valuable videos

on our YouTube channel,

’cause most people are starting
out with their smartphone

and you need to start
with your smartphone.

So get after it and use your smartphone

and start uploading videos to YouTube.

Now the third video I
would recommend you watch

on Think Media is a video I created

called «How To Edit YouTube
Videos for Beginners».

Without a doubt, probably
the most time consuming

and the most difficult
part about creating videos

is the editing portion, and in that video,

I talk about five easy steps,

no matter what editing
software or program or app

you are using.

It’s more or less the principles.

And one, for example,
is editing backwards,

and what I mean by that is if
you edit your video backwards,

you can actually save time
because your best take

is usually your last take.

Now, I have so much
more tips in that video,

so make sure you check that out,

and it’ll help you level
up your editing workflow

when it comes to making YouTube videos.

Now the next one is a little bit

of a bonus video recommendation

because man, I can’t choose five.

We just have so many good
videos that’ll help you

on your YouTube journey.

But the bonus one would be

«How To Shoot and Edit
B-Roll for Beginners»,

and in this video, I show
you how you can shoot B-roll,

regardless of what camera or
if you’re using your smartphone

and how it can be added
into your editing timeline.

But B-roll is really important
to add into your videos

because it’ll help the viewer stay engaged

and make your content more valuable

because you’re demonstrating

what it is you’re talking about.

And so I think if you
can learn what B-roll is

and then how to implement
it into your videos,

it’ll actually level up
your videos altogether.

Now, I have a couple more
video recommendations,

but I wanted to let you know
that you are more than welcome

to use Think Media as a resource,

and what I mean by that

is that you can go onto
our YouTube channel

and in the search bar inside
of our YouTube channel,

you could search things like
lighting, audio, editing

and find a tutorial or a
gear recommendation video

that’ll help you be a
better content creator.

Also, if you’re ready to
step into live streaming,

you can also search live
streaming on our channel

and learn how to start
live streaming on YouTube.

And speaking of live streaming,

this video is sponsored by StreamYard,

which is how we conduct our live streams

here on Think Media.

StreamYard makes it so easy to go live

on either one or multiple
platforms at the same time,

as well as make your live
streams look super legit

by being able to transition

from your slides if you have
some, or maybe a video file,

or even able to bring on guests

so you can conduct interviews
with multiple people,

or one-on-one interviews as well.

If you wanna check out StreamYard,

be sure to check out the link
down in the description below.

The next video recommendation
that I have for you

is if you have a camera,

it’s so important to
learn the basic settings

on how to use that camera,

so that you get the best quality possible

out of that camera.

And in the video «YouTube
Video Basics in 10 Minutes»,

I talk about all the
settings you need to know

to have the best quality video possible.

A lot of people buy
cameras that we recommend

and they start filming,

and oftentimes they get super frustrated

on why it doesn’t look just like ours,

but the reality is is that
they don’t know their settings.

And so this video literally,
in under 10 minutes,

will teach you everything
you need to know about video

for YouTube videos.

So take the 10 minutes
from your lunch break

and check out that video.

And then the final video I
wanted to recommend to you

that a lot of people don’t know we offer

is our master class video.

This is a free YouTube class training

on how you can actually
make money with YouTube.

If you put all these skills together

but yet you don’t have
the strategies in place

to help you actually
financially support yourself

using YouTube, and you can
completely waste your time

trying to build a YouTube channel

because it’s not bringing in the cash.

So you can check out that class

at at any time.

A lot of people don’t know
we have this free class

that you can take, so be
sure to check that out,, and I
promise you’ll leave that class

knowing the possibilities
of what your YouTube channel

can start to bring in financially.

Now you can click or tap the screen

and check out any one of the videos

that I have recommended to you,

or just go down in the description below.

But I can’t wait to see
you in a future video.

Thanks so much for being
subscribed to Think Media, peace.

(light music)


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