The Secret to 14 Million Views- Kristina Smallhorn #ViShow 62

Today on the Vi Show, Benji is joined by Kristina Smallhorn! They’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how Kristina Was able to gross over 14 million YouTube Views!
Kristina Smallhorn, the Real Estate Whisperer. She is a real estate agent and content creator sharing information on buying affordable housing as well as general market news. With over 100,000 Subscribers and almost 15 Million views

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what’s up influencers welcome to another

episode of the vi show where we

interview successful entrepreneurs and

youtubers who are crushing it today

we’re going to be interviewing christina

smallhorn the real estate whisperer

she’s a real estate agent and content

creator sharing information

on buying affordable housing as well as

general market news

with over a hundred thousand subscribers

and almost 15 million views

she is not only a successful

entrepreneur but she has been able to

crush it

on youtube just like so many creators

success didn’t come easy

she’s gonna be sharing her major

breakthroughs as well as the one thing

that turned her channel around

all that and more coming up on the vi

show right now

that’s right welcome to video

influencers we’re helping build your

income uh

influence income and impact with online

videos sean and i started this channel

i’ll help you crush it

on youtube we’re also the co-authors of

youtube secrets

uh the ultimate guide for growing your

following and making money as a video

influencers get your copy

at amazon audible please leave us a

review and with that being said i’m

gonna quickly pull in christina


how are you doing and thank you for

being on the show

thank you benji i appreciate you having

me on i am doing fantastic

awesome well i’m so excited to interview


i used to be in real estate and i always

appreciate anybody in that industry

utilizing this platform because i think

more entrepreneurs could totally

take advantage of the utility of youtube


real quick for people that may not know

who you are and what you do can you tell

us about your channel

and how it relates your business as a

real estate agent

um yeah sure so i have a real estate


i mainly talk about affordable housing

options and helping those

looking for affordable housing options

usually the most disadvantaged so that

way they’re not taking

advantage of and um i talk about uh

all sorts of things that are going on in

the real estate market currently

i’ve been doing it since 2017

and i really didn’t find my way until

about 2019.

that’s awesome well you know one of the

things that’s really impressive about

what you do is

of course this is a small niche but

you’re not getting small views we’re

talking tens of thousands hundreds of

thousands you even have videos that have

done over a million and what’s so crazy

about this is the fact that

you know this is an industry that i

think is really slow to catch up to


but i mean it’s like you’ve you’ve been

a youtuber your whole life

but i know it wasn’t always that way can

you tell us about what was the

motivation to get onto

youtube and what that first initial

experience was like because i know

that it was kind of slow going yes so i

had been a real estate agent for some

time and i had

worked with some clients i probably

shouldn’t have worked with in the first

place our personalities didn’t

necessarily match

and i was in a real estate funk you know

how like

you just get in that depression and i

didn’t know really what to do

going forward like how do i how do i

attract the right kind of people i had

done the door knocking the phone calls

and it just

none of it felt right so i was thinking

of a way that i could draw people to me

instead of like trying to force them to

like me

and uh i ended up falling on a garyvee

video and he was like if you’re not

doing a

video right now you’re stupid and then

like you know

get out of your own head and pick up a

camera and do it i’m like well

i’m a goofball i’m kind of an idiot i

can i can grab a camera and be

uh me and just uh do whatever i want to

do so i

it was actually kind of like therapy

when i first started doing videos

because i was actually acting out the


people i had worked with briar and then

i would play the real estate agent and

the bad client at the same time it was

like almost like a skit but i would give

real estate information at the same time

and uh that

that really was therapeutic for me and

uh i was hooked after that i mean i just

couldn’t stop

i really enjoyed it um i was mostly

doing on facebook at first but then i

switched over to youtube after

uh facebook became a pay-to-play

platform i’m like there’s no way i’m


you know paying facebook to get people

to watch my goofy videos about real

estate and give you a break

i remember when gary vaynerchuk wrote

the book crush it at the very end he

gives some

tips on different channels he would

start one of them is tea by the way

we’re both drinking some tea

i’m drinking some green tea right here

with your huge cup

uh and then also he said to start a

at-home shopping show like a qvc

on youtube and the last one was a real

estate channel he said that

there was no one really doing it

seriously and i actually took his advice

too so in 2010

2011 i started real estate channel and

so it’s interesting to see you

10 years later doing it and really

crushing it but i know that

even though it was a therapy session for

you it was a way to get content out and

you were listening to gary vaynerchuk

you weren’t getting the kind of crazy

views you’re getting today

can you tell us about what that struggle

was like and maybe some of the mistakes

that you made um you know at the very


of your youtube channel um

so the app when i first started i really

didn’t know what i was doing

um i just kept putting out videos and i

was hoping for like

the what i always said like the youtube

gods to smile upon my channel you know

and of course that isn’t how it works

and then i started like watching more

and more people

and the first mistake i made was i was

listening to more and more people i

listened to too many people there

everybody has an opinion and not

everybody’s this is correct

and then you listen to too many people

and you’re not focusing on one

method to get your channel to take off

so that

that was a mistake number one another

thing was i didn’t really have

any kind of focus i mean of course it

was about real estate but it wasn’t

focused on a specific type of person

that would be watching my channel so i


videos about homeowners i had videos

about home buyers i had

videos about home sellers i had videos

about real estate laws

i mean i had so many different types of

real estate videos but i thought i was

doing the right thing because i was like

i’m niche down i’m about real estate but

that isn’t

that isn’t how it works and then um the

other thing is is that

i was overly focused on

how uh keywords worked i i would spend a

whole entire day

trying to find some magical secret sauce

of keyword

long-tailed phrases that were going to

make my video take off and i would stuff

the living bejesus out of the

description with all these keywords that


i discovered through all these different

sources and i’m like this is it

this is it i’ve crafted the perfect

description to make

my video blow up because i did the


i would spend a whole day doing that and

guess what i pushed that

i’m like it’s gonna matte here it is the

gods are gonna be happy now and nothing

would happen

you know i was like um when i showed

uh my mentor now my process he was like

you know this sign of insanity is and i

said what’s that he’s like doing the

same thing over and over again

expecting different results i’m like

well i never said i was exactly saying

you know

i never never claimed to have it all up


yeah i’m sure a lot of people can relate

to that uh which is

doing everything and trying to reach


and not having that focus that is so

important and i love the fact that you

brought up

all these other youtube channels and

experts and trying to listen to

different strategies

and every niche every audience every

even content creator has to hone in

what that strategy is but more important

than anything is that focus and i know

that is the

big breakthrough moment that’s the one

takeaway that changed

everything can you talk about when you


like had that aha moment what that was

and how you applied it to your content

to go from just doing like a few hundred


to lay thousands if not tens of

thousands of views

per upload sure um so

i was fortunate enough to win a one-hour

consultation with the great derral eves

and he took a um

he went into my channel and he he did

like a 90-day

backup and he looked to see what people

were watching the last 90 days

and he said you have this amount of


one of them one of your groups of

content is about uh

getting the smell of dog pee out of


when you’re selling your home and he

said and the other thing is

you know you’ve been talking about these

modular or

manufactured homes he said that looks

like those are what people want to hear

about i said if i never have to make

another dog pee video again i’ll be

i i said i matter of fact i want to

erase it from my channel he’s like

absolutely not

he said leave it there and then he said

but this other stuff

are you interested in talking about that

i’m like yeah actually i am and he’s

like that’s what you need to

start focusing in on like you have an

audience here you need to really start

honing in and focusing on it even though

he said gave me that advice at that


and i did make videos about it at that

moment and yes that’s what’s got my

channel moving it wasn’t until i really

tried to get into the head of that


viewer did i really start to get to get

it what up

what it was that my audience really

wanted because i could have made that


video but if i hadn’t really focused in

on it i don’t think i would ever have


that success i had to really be in their


and know exactly what they want to see

and do i have

winners every single time absolutely not

you know but i

definitely understand who i’m speaking

to a lot better

yeah and and so like bring us into that

i guess video idea creation process how

has that realization of who you’re

speaking to

helped influence your titles your


obviously the ideas and how it made your

videos better

i’m sure you had great videos before

about how that led to more views

and led to this massive growth you’ve

been experiencing the last

couple of years so when i started

getting into their heads basically and

seeing what they watched and focused in

on them

i realized there were some things that

they they do they’re very concerned

on what’s currently happening with the

housing market now they’re looking for

um either a place to retire

with affordable homes or they’re looking

for a second home

i also realized when i started doing and

digging up they want to know that really

the differences but

different types of homes because you

know they hear all these names but they

don’t know really what those words mean

and so i made content specifically

speaking to them i gave them places to

retire i’ve

told them all about manufacturing homes

modular homes mobile homes

i have i literally make a video for each

person that’s interested in each one of

those things i even compare the two

types of homes

i’ll um and then every week of course i

talk about the housing market so i can

address them

in their personal questions right here

right now so they can ask me live their

their real estate questions yeah and

obviously there’s

so many different kinds of homes that

people are buying all different levels

and so when you understand the nuances

of a specific type of buyer

and i know i’m kind of getting geeky

with the real estate talk right

but when you understand who you’re

talking to and you speak their language

or you share information about what they

care about

it basically led to like content that

resonated with that viewer which

i’m assuming led to more watch time

uh the percentage of your videos um that

people are actually watching were

probably more and more

did you see it reflected in your

comments and then like

tell us how it’s actually affected your


so yeah of course my comments and views

and all that all that went up and then i

realized that

that my audience that i’m speaking to

ends up coming to every single video

when it relates to certain kinds of

topics you start to see

a pattern of different names whenever i

talk about one specific topic i’m like

oh here they are they’re right at the

top of the list

so um i and again and that’s how i know

that i’m speaking to them

i’m like that was it resonated with my


um the second thing is that i um when i

had originally done

my real estate channel i was trying to

get specific leads for my location for

my business you know like for me me me

and then when i shifted gears uh which i

was planning on doing anyways but

the pandemic kind of made me do it even

faster was i

um started speaking to more of the

across the

united states real estate across the

board so when i interview

real estate agents on my live show

they’re from all over the country so

that way we can answer everybody’s

questions from around the country

and um that way i can do more of like a

referral business

instead of actually being out in the


selling houses listing homes i still do


i just don’t do you know five a month i

like i’ll do one

maybe two like like i’m not going to

stress myself out over that

because it’s just much easier to send

out a referral and have the other agent

do the work and then i get a

a referral fee from that instead of me

going out and

showing a thousand houses and then

anybody that knows the real estate

market right now it’s so crazy you could

put in five offers and all of them get

rejected and that just seemed like a lot

of time

wasted that’s a whole other topic that i

i feel like we could talk for an

hour and people would listen to every

single word because it’s a huge

challenge but uh what i love about what

you’re doing is

like so many real estate agents that are

using youtube they’re using as a way to

get leads to get buyers and sellers so

this is real estate talk and to put it


when you put out a video as a real

estate agent typically you’re getting

traffic and you’re hoping that they will

buy a home through you

or sell their home as their listing

agent which means you’ll get a

commission when the

the house sells so what christina has

been able to do is actually

take those leads and hand it off to

other agents or work with other agents

they basically do all the work because

ultimately i think this is

the key point and takeaway for anybody

that’s creating a youtube channel

in really any industry it’s the

attention that’s really valuable

and this is why it is so important to

get views you know because you don’t

know what kind of opportunities will


when you get the kind of traffic

christina is getting so

going back to my real estate channel i

wasn’t getting crazy amounts of views

because i was doing

a a different strategy i was looking to

get the buyers and sellers in my area

i happened to get some investors that

were looking to

invest in uh houses in the seattle area

but for you your views were coming from

all over the planet basically

and so obviously it’s dramatically

change your business

um you probably are and i i real quick

kind of fun question

ten years ago when you first started

real estate if

you’re if yourself right now told that

past self

hey you’re going to have a youtube

channel and your business not only will


very successful you’ll be doing this as

a business model would you have believed


and what’s that like looking back at how

you started especially because you


during a real estate crash

i wouldn’t have believed it i didn’t i

when i first started real estate i

remember asking my broker

do i need a website and she’s like nah

you can just use mine and i was like i

think i need a website

and then if i’m for asking that and then

i remember

also like when facebook started and they

had started these facebook business

pages i’m like

we should all have our own business page

and they all thought

i was they laughed at me at this meeting

and i think i was like no everybody

should have a business page

and so i was posting stuff on the

business page and they were like that’s


that’s something that’s a toy you know

like that’s that’s a waste of time and

i’m like i don’t think this is a waste

of time i think

i think that we’re going to start using

these more and more and they

wouldn’t listen to me and it was like

five years later they were like can you

make us a facebook business page you


and i had already had one so um

yeah i just i’ve always kind of uh i’ve

always been a little nerdy i always

wanted to

do something different against the grain

you know like i was

always opposed to a lot of the

traditional ways of doing things when it

came to sales

because it felt dirty you know like some

of the ways are like

this is how you talk to a client follow

this script and i’m like

why don’t we talk to people like human

beings you know and this was a way for

me to get my message across i could be

exactly who i am

and not pretend and then people got to

see me for who i am

and that uh seemed to be like the best

thing for me when it came to video

now did i start and like actually like

when i started i was super scared i was

so scared i was holding this coffee mug


a death grip like this because i talk

with my hands i can’t help it i’m

part italian and my dad was like you got

to stop talking with your hands

and then i realized you know what i talk

with my hands people are just gonna have

to get over it

yeah totally that that’s one thing i

realized about youtube the significance

of it

is even though you’re famous you could

have this huge influence this audience

what makes you human is actually what

makes you valuable on the platform and

like you said

being relatable is the most important

thing ultimately like

your your revelation of like i’m

speaking to buyers that’s who i resonate


it wasn’t because necessarily you’re

just an expert it’s because they really

trusted you because you were talking to


you’re caring about their needs and

we’re going to get into some tips

because i know there’s a lot of people

struggling with your youtube channels

and maybe they have questions

about you know how to figure out who

your audience is and we’re going to get

to that but i want to really quickly

acknowledge some regulars we got sasha j

um we got mr camera junkie exotic wine

channel what’s up matthew so thank you

guys so much

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if you’re listening to clubhouse shout

out to you guys over there

we’re going to be doing q a at the end

of the interview

after christina drops some wisdom bombs

on um

tips on how to find that right audience

for your channel

so make sure you stay tuned for that

christina so

you went through this experience you

were nervous about starting you started

the youtube channel

it wasn’t going quite right you had the

the youtube god derral eves

he gave you an hour of his time and

everything got turned around because

you focused in on a specific audience i

feel like

everything else probably still took a

lot of work

but you had a lot more clarity so what

would be

your advice to somebody either just

starting out or they’re just struggling

to get that momentum

in terms of finding the right audience

what are the questions they need to be


what are the the signals they should be

looking out for

and is there any like general advice

you’d have for somebody

um because this is important because if

you don’t have that focus

you’re not going to go every anywhere at


i would say if if you are brand new like

you’ve never even uploaded a video

and no matter what your niche is like

really think about

exactly who you’re making the video for


if you and don’t just make it because

you think this is what will

get you popular make the video about the

thing that you can talk about in your


like to make those videos that you know

more about that specific subject than

anybody else on the planet

if it happens to be cars where you can

non-stop talk about it for an hour and

not even realize that you talked about

it for an hour

that’s the kind of content you need to

be making for youtube

if you’ve been doing this for quite some

time and you’ve been talking about

uh cards and you’re still not getting

any momentum

look at other successful channels that

have are doing what you want to do

and having the success that you want to


and study them study their thumbnails

study their titles

see if there’s any kind of patterns to

what they’re doing as far as

uploading are they uploading it twice a

week three times a week

and see if that’s something that you can

do for your own channel and i can’t

stress enough is to study other people’s


i’m not saying copy them but look at


and see exactly what it is that they’re

doing and see if you can do something

similar for your channel and your

thumbnails so that way you have

something that’s in line with your


so because the closer you are in line

with your competition most likely that


might travel over to your channel and

then you slowly but surely it’s like a

train down the track

it goes slow slow slow and then it

starts picking up speed

you know sometimes it can derail but it

can come back again

for sure i i love that tip of looking at

other channels

in your niche because that’s one of the

easiest ways to get free information

that’s very accurate like you said in

the beginning you’re listening to maybe

all these different experts

all these other channels and you’re all

mixed up but sometimes

the best answers already are out there

you know what the cool thing about

youtube it’s a search engine so if you

search for something that you’re trying

to rank for

you’re gonna see your competition and

what they’re doing to

rank so it’s not just looking at their

titles and thumbnails but

watch their whole video that’s what i

tell people

if you really truly want to rank like

for for me personally

i’ve got a food channel it’s called

benjamin tv and you know recipes are

being done

all the time by so many different people

and you know in the beginning there

wasn’t as many legit chefs now you got

people that have been in the kitchen and

restaurants for like decades

competing against us and which is

actually a benefit because it levels all

of us up but

when i’m going to put out a recipe i’m

watching at least

the top 5 to 10 videos that are ranking

for the term i want to rank for because

those are the people you’re competing

against and you’re going to be able to

get tips and everything

were you doing it doing that to that


and are there any things that in that

process of researching

that you would want to maybe give tips

on like

how to find your competition how to find

the right channels and what to look

out for yeah that’s pretty much what i

was exactly what i was doing

i was just seeing other real estate

channels and if they were talking about

what i wanted to talk about

i ended up finding things that really

had nothing to

like to do with real estate and i

thought other channels that were making

pretty much the same mistakes

that i had made um at the time when i


really trying to focus and on real

estate there was only two big channels

that i could really like really hone in

on and

they all talked about stocks and bonds

and bitcoin as well as real estate

um so i was like i still had to keep


what else could it you know what else

can i look for what other information is

out there so i’m still

i’m always researching i’m always

studying there’s never a stop there

isn’t a day that i don’t

go on youtube to study other people’s

channels yeah i mean

i i don’t have all the answers and

sometimes you can find some really cool

little nuggets in there and you’re like

man i should i should talk about that

that is that’s that’s some good stuff

um so i would say even when you start

getting your momentum

don’t get so arrogant that you think

that you don’t you know it all and you

don’t need to study anymore

this is an ever-changing platform it

changes weekly daily monthly

and you have to keep up with what’s

going on because you’ll end up falling

behind if you don’t

oh yeah you know the algorithm is

changing because people’s user behavior

is changing you know

other platforms coming into the space

and competing well they have to compete

against them you know youtube shorts is

an interesting place

it’s a direct result of tick tock

creeping in on people’s attention you

know during the

pandemic people were at home they were

just binge watching

content on that platform so this is why

they they even like

released it during that time where i

think they were going to ban tick tock

in the us

so i think that’s a great point of you

always have to

stay on top of it right you can’t really

rest now

don’t get me wrong you got to have a

good balance you know i don’t want

anybody spending 80 hours a week on

their channel and like

their health goes to the side the point

is things are always changing i can tell

you in my

last 10 years the ups and downs are so


the algorithm in fact i remember sitting


a panel at youtube with some youtube

experts that worked on the algorithm

telling us about the different seasons

of the algorithm and they would like go

through like a historical background of

like yeah the algorithm in these years

were focused on these things

and these years these these things and

so i remember

the most recent one was satisfaction

user satisfaction and that is

interesting because a lot of platforms

they’re just purely looking

at watch time and how long you’re on the

platform but youtube has this

extra layer of satisfaction and that’s a

nuance that’s unique i believe to

youtube because what does that even mean

what are those

triggers would you say christina i don’t

know if you’ve ever heard that or not


about that being important but would you

say that your viewers are

satisfied with your content and that’s

directly resulted in more views

more growth well i would think that

audience retention would be

a form of satisfaction and then your

comment section would show you

that so i i released a video that’s

actually doing really well do i think

the audience was necessarily satisfied

no i don’t and i i like i’m looking at

my audience retention i’m like

you know and i i know and i know what i

did wrong there and i know

uh with the time restraints that i had

that’s not my most proudest video but i

i know that because i’ve been doing this

for so long that i understand

i even understood it when i was trying

to when i push publish what

may not do so good because i didn’t put

in my the 100

that i needed to but i was in such a

time crunch to get that out

at a certain time and i only had less

than 24 hours

to film it interview somebody and then

after interviewing them edit it out for

two hours and then have that out two

hours later it was

crazy never done anything like that it’s

a successful video where it looks like

on my page but it isn’t when you start

looking in the back end it’s like whoops

yeah yeah yeah but have you seen those

uh have you seen those polls that comes


sometimes i will watch a video and it

will give you like a little smiley face


exactly were you satisfied with this

video and then whenever i

i always put yes because i think anybody

that puts the time and the effort into

making a video

then i’m satisfied with that i would

never put anything like unsatisfied yeah


that video is a great example of what

i’m talking about and that pull

is actually a direct result of their

focus on user satisfaction because what

was happening is

people were using click bait just to get

people’s attention

even with the uh average view duration

going up or the percentage of that video


you know like higher and higher if you

weren’t satisfied from that video

that was a trigger that youtube listens

to because they know

satisfied users keep coming back not

just on daily like that day

but like the next day the next week and

so this is why

you have to be very careful about

negative types of videos

or ones that are you know maybe going to

give people

and a different kind of feeling because


polls are those polls are telling

youtube that this video was something i

was satisfied with

regardless if they watch the whole thing

or not and that is kind of the nuance

that’s like

really hard to measure and this is why

it’s very difficult for youtube

and this is why there’s certain creators

that will do well and the other ones

they’re following all the roles they’ve

got the best thumbnails the best titles

they might have great content but maybe

they’re not having the same traction as

another a creator

it’s just too many variables ultimately

i think number one

is definitely average view duration so

make the video that’s going to serve the

need of that person

and lastly and this goes back to your

first point then i

would love for you to give your final

tips but

understanding who you’re talking to

because this is why even if other people

have already done the videos that you

want to talk about

you might bring a special like

perspective or opinion

or piece of advice that’s for that

specific person watching that no one

else has done

and it’s going to create a satisfaction

that only you could brought

to youtube and so this is why i brought

christina on

because i thought it was a huge takeaway

that not a lot of people want to talk


and focus on that is so important


thank you so much for your time we’re

going to get into q a for both here and

on clubhouse

but what are your last thoughts or a

piece of advice for anybody

going through youtube and you know

having the struggle

i was listening to what you said and uh

one thing i wanted to

point out is that sometimes you have to

stand on a little bit of controversy

and you have to stand up for yourself so

you know that might be a controversial


for your you and your audience but you

have to

put that content out there especially if

you feel it in your heart that like

right maybe they idolize a certain kind

of uh person when it comes to the real

estate realm or they or the financial

advice realm

but you know from what you’ve studied

what has happened with this person and

how maybe necessary they might be

scamming them

so you make that video for those people

because you’re trying to help them

don’t be afraid to put it out there

because you’re afraid you might not make


satisfied because sometimes it’s not

about making them satisfied

it’s not like what they want to hear but

sometimes they need to hear it

for sure and by the way long term and

again who knows what kind of

triggers they’ve got set up long term

that will play out so it might not play

out in that moment

but say they do go back to you because

you and i both know sometimes when you

have to get

the harsh truth told to you or maybe if

there’s a

a disagreeing perspective coming into

the conversation

you’re not immediately going to be

jumping for joy most people i think that

are saying are like

man i don’t want to hear but as time

goes on you realize

you know what christina was right about

that and actually i did get scammed by

that guy right

and so that satisfaction i think does

play out on youtube i don’t know for

sure how it does

but i think this is one thing i heard

from a

youtube algorithm expert that i’ll never


understanding the algorithm is about


the people watching youtube as long as

you understand those people and the ones

that you’re trying to reach out to

what’s right for them is right for your

channel so

yes initially you might not get the kind

of momentum we see this with videos all

the time like

you put out a video you know is good for

your viewers or

in your case the buyers but maybe it’s

not like

you know really attractive in terms of

its uh topic

but you know it would be good from over

time what you find is those type of

videos they will do well

you know like as an algorithm

understands who to put out to when to

put out to them

maybe it just wasn’t the right timing so

good content

is good content and that is what you

need to focus on

anything else you want to leave with the

views especially anybody that’s going


the struggle of starting a youtube

channel maybe they’re a little stagnant

in their views um anything that helped

you get through those hard times

um sometimes one of the hardest one of

the things that i

always was having a problem with is that

when it was released

i would think why oh this this video


it bombed i mean i didn’t get hardly any

views on it

and then i would go to check my

analytics like you know a couple weeks

later i’ll be like wow

that that video really actually took off

so i think

patience is the biggest thing when it

comes to youtube

and a lot of us including myself are not

very patient um

just if i know that if you speak to your


the video may not take off today at some


it may take off just put everything you

can in that video

it’s because later on it might get found

again so that’s that’s what it really it


it’s about the people is more as you the

more you focus on that specific person

you’re talking to the more successful

you’re gonna be

there you go have patience and do it for

the people thank you so much christina

we’re about to get into q

a if you’re watching the replay of this

all the q a is available for you if

you’re part of the vi

members only club so hit that join

button make sure you go check out

christina’s channel

one of the best ways to learn youtube is

learn it from the people that are

crushing it

we’ll put her links down below


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