REVEALED: The YouTube Formula for Massive Growth [feat. @Derral Eves]

Many creators feel frustrated when they don’t understand why some videos take off and others fall flat. Or why one thing on their channel is working well, but everything else isn’t. Or when the thing that used to work no longer is. Is it possible that there’s a process, or even a formula, that any creator can follow and get predicable results?

There is. Derral Eves has been actively growing YouTube channels for years. In fact, he’s behind over 70 billion views on YouTube. He recently wrote a book called, "The YouTube Formula," where he breaks down everything he’s learned about growing channels and millions of views and subscribers.

In this shortened podcast episode, he introduces us to the YouTube Formula and provides insights into the mistakes that often hold creators back as well as the things they should be doing, but often aren’t. Take this information, implement it, and watch your channel grow!




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=================== text video ====================

now it’s extremely predictable

to have success when something connects

with us either on a positive level

or a negative level innate in us in

humans we have to share

and ultimately that’s where a lot of

brands businesses and creators fail is

it like this is my baby it’s the best

video i’ve ever made my whole life well

it might be

but that people are not responding to it

they’re not connecting with it there’s

some disconnect there the reason why

tv and cable and all that other stuff is


is because someone’s making the decision


show you what content to see


i know one of the biggest mysteries out

there among a lot of youtube creators is


well how do you actually grow a youtube

channel how do you actually make money

at this how do you get more views how do

you get more subscribers

and you will find honestly i hope this

doesn’t sound

arrogant or anything but you will find a

lot of bad advice out there

i define an expert as someone who can

who can

predictably and consistently reproduce


for a wide variety of creators i’m not

talking about someone who had a one-hit


someone who got lucky i’m talking about

someone who can guide someone through a


that leads to a destination and that

process been proven repeatedly over and

over and over again to actually generate

good results

for the creator i think we fall into

that category honestly

video creators we’ve worked with 650

clients last year 2020

and i’m not here to just taunt us but

like we’ve seen that consistent proven

results over and over and over again but

we are not the only person

who has a proven predictable

reproducible process for youtube growth

my friend daryl eaves has been one of

the pioneers in this space

and he has taken his vast knowledge and

years and years of experience

and put it into a new book that he is

soon launching called the youtube

formula and today i wanted to introduce

him to you in case you haven’t heard of

him before

i think of this man not only as a

colleague but as a friend

and as a mentor and he was helpful in my

own business here video creators back in

the early days when we were first

getting started

and so i’m excited to dive into you not

dive into you

that’s awkward let me do that so i’m

excited to dive into

the youtube formula with you here today

with mr daryl eaves

so i would love it for you to walk us

through the youtube formula

in a way that helps us as youtube


like understand what process should we


evaluating when it comes to using our

youtube channel to grow our business to

reach more people change spend more

lives with the messages that we’re


uh the products and services that we’re

offering where does it start what is

step number one in this formula and kind

of walk us through all that

so the book starts with uh a very strong


of what you need to do to have success

and so

for me i’m a student of history i love

history i think the way that we elevate

our current standing is understanding

the things that history did well and the

things that we didn’t do so well and we

learned from that and we

we we take it into our lives to improve


day in the present and then also think

about things in the future you know


i think understanding the past really

helps connect us with the future and and

really moving it in a positive way so

for me the first chapter was a history


uh it’s a history lesson of youtube and

youtube was actually founded

february 14 2005. and it started out as

a dating website

and when you watched the first video

that was uploaded to youtube

knowing that it’s a dating website

it becomes a different video and it’s me

at the zoo

and he’s talking about uh elephants and

the elephants

but that was in april and in may

uh they did everything they do they were

even paying 20 to people

to have them upload content and they

just weren’t doing it and when they were

looking at the data

they realized that oh my goodness people

are posting uh

snowboarding activities uh people of

their their cats or their animals

some funny videos that they found that’s

how it was just yeah

literally not anything at all

of what they anticipated so they had a

very very hard

thought okay do we actually

push the data aside and become a dating

website and

force it down the throats of everything

or do we analyze this

and adjust now in may they made a very

big decision to pivot their company

and this one decision to pivot based off

of the data

led to youtube where they’re at today

and let me tell you how

they analyzed realizing hey people are

using this to

express themselves with video so what if

we empowered the creator of those videos

to have the tools to do it easier

and then also make it easier for them to

spread the word to broadcast themselves

to the world

so they changed their um kind of their

focus to

uh from a dating website to broadcasting

yourself that was their first tagline

outside of the the dating realm

and then they gave the tools to like

embed videos on your website that was


groundbreaking at the time and they

basically did that from may to june

and immediately they started having

people pick up youtube from their


uses the the formula of actually how to

get content

out to the world okay because they had a


they executed on that plan they got


they had to analyze those results and

make a decision how to improve or how to

course correct

and then they adjusted their plan

that right there will lead any company

any business any any creator

to the level of success if you’re

willing to follow those principles and

ultimately that’s where a lot of brands

businesses and creators fail

is it like this is my baby it’s the best

video i’ve ever made in my whole life

well it might be

but that people are not responding to it

they’re not connecting with it there’s

some disconnect there

and so that’s kind of the essence of

of the theme of the book it’s a

data-driven decision but it’s a

data-driven decision

decision of understanding humans so i


part one of the book would be more

important to talk about

the history of youtube the ecosystem of

youtube because that’s part of the


you know why they started the partner

program why you know

they were paying creators to create

content what that actually looked like

well then it brought in new dynamics of

an advertiser and the advertiser

pressure that’s there

but the big pivot in part one was

understanding what happened in 2012 and

i can honestly say this is when

everything changed for me

because it changed in the dynamic of how

we approach content

in 2012 january they decided hey

for us there’s so many people gaming the

system and gaming with clickbait and

things that are non-related

if we’re going to actually have people

want to come back to youtube we have to

be able to predict what they want

and they had a hard decision and they do

thousands of experiments on youtube


every year and these thousands

experiments are

are really getting the goal of youtube

which is getting people to come to the

platform and stay on longer because

if they come to the platform then

they’re going to watch videos and if

they watch videos

then the ads are going to fire if the

ads fire youtube makes money and if they

stay on longer

more ads fire and that’s where youtube

makes their money and it’s very

costly to have all the free uploading

that you do like it’s just mind-boggling

even to think about that

so they introduced artificial

intelligence to try to make decisions

and predict

what would happen if an ai

would look for patterns and recommend

content out to viewers

and from january 2012

to about april it was just horrible

it was really bad like the people that

that were in charge of the ai project

for youtube

they’re like uh we’re not gonna have a

job if this doesn’t turn around quick

and then may of 2020 20 uh 2012 hit

and it was 10x with their best month


it just took off so they spent all of

2012 trying to get that all ready

for 2013 and 2013 hit

and tim that’s the moment that the

youtube formula was created and i want

to tell you why

is because now it’s extremely


to have success and so part one of the

book is

uh basically my process um you know

which is how to analyze

uh your your business your youtube

channel it doesn’t matter your personal


you have a plan you execute on the plan

you have to take the data points really

learn from it

what worked what didn’t work and then

adjust it right and so

that’s that’s that and then i i go in

depth on the algorithm like you

never can understand but i do it in a

simple way

because at the end of the day the ai


algorithms with an s and each algorithm

has a specific objective and once you

understand the objective

then it’s really easy to know hey

here’s some things that we should look

for and then i move into part two

now part two is the opportunity one

thing that i try to do

immediately whether we’re starting a

brand new youtube channel we’re working

with a brand new company

is going through the process of how do

we actually make

money outside of ad revenue because ad

revenue is going to fluctuate

and that’s not predictability in

business that’s relying upon another


for your business and that doesn’t feel

very good especially if they come

and take away all your monetization

because they can and then the biggest

mistake that i found is

creators just focus in on ad revenue and


and to be honest with you those two

things are some of the worst things that

you can actually

focus in on what you need to focus in on

is understanding your audience to do it

and so

that’s part two of the book is the

opportunity and all the different ways

to leverage money and i’m telling you

there’s a lot and i give very specific

case studies i

i believe that um if you have

uh knowledge and you don’t have case


it’s just hypothetical knowledge

so the youtube formula in short is

pretty much the formula of humans like

how humans respond

to content online innate in us as humans

we feel like when something

when something connects with us either

on a positive level or a negative level

innate in us in humans we have to share

so the youtube formula

is more about humans how they respond to

content content being title thumbnail

video and then also content strategy

because you have to have a strategy from


uh you can’t just go here there whatever

there needs to be a strategy of

gathering uh where that that that value

is per you know that unique value

propositions there

every single video where people are like

man i gotta i gotta get

closer engaged with this creator or

brand or business

in our language or video creators it’s

like optimized for for humans for people

not for robots right yeah uh and

and you’re you’re saying like how do we

create content that connects with people


creates an emotional connection that uh

resonates with them and prompts a

response in them of some kind

not just like you know how to get all

the keywords crammed into the right


the right number of times in the right

order and

uh yes but tim uh i heard that it’s like


not just just optimize for people like a

good title

thumbnail that opens with a really good

story he’s gonna win all day long

over a video that’s just like hears


with all the right hashtags crammed in

yeah but but two people respond to

keywords too

like well yes and those are the next

part like keywords matter but

because words still represent things and

so if we want to consume a specific


like youtube formula then the youtube


keyword means something to us and that’s

what prompts us to click right there was

a common theme that i saw immediately

there’s creators that like no

this is the best creation i’ve ever made

of all mankind and this is like the best

video he can’t get any better

yes you know and and they’re not

thinking about

um the the person that is watching it

on the other side you know it’s about


and their creation not about bringing

value to someone

i think a common misconception among

creators is that

youtube is a video-centric system

but it’s actually not it’s a


system people creators think that like

the goal the algorithm is to go out and


viewers for my videos but it’s not it’s

the opposite the goal the algorithm is

to find the right video for the right


at the right time so when it comes to if

someone’s listening to this they’re like

okay youtube formula when i hear the

word youtube formula

i think of like a step one step two step

three step four

process is there a one two three four

step process that you could boil it down


absolutely and um one of the things that

i uh go in detail is

in part three it is all in stages and

one of the things that i know is if

you’ll focus in on the right things

at the right time then it will make

sense in the long haul

because then your your focus and

attention will be on

where where part of the journey you’re

at so

there’s the planning uh journey and

there’s a lot that’s involved with

planning is that the first step

is the planning yeah yeah the planning’s

more about uh

recon and research like you gotta

understand who you’re creating content


what type of content is engaging with

them and if we’re gonna break it down a

little granularly it’s like

target audience like what who is um

that’s exactly what we do actually too

is like

not just demographic info which is what

most people think but what is this

person’s story what are they thinking

what are they feeling what

problems are they facing what’s at stake

for them if they don’t if they don’t

overcome this problem

like what transformation do they really

ultimately want to see in their lives

like really getting into this person’s


and then figuring out what value that

they really want to consume

and and then making sure that we’re

creating content which might is that

step two now how

you can content no no no no no no no not

not for me it’s like um then you’ve got

to go deeper because

like i look at how you go hey this story

figure out their story but for me

i just nerd out it’s like okay we want

to know their demographics that’s

basically their age and where they’re at

and you know and so on and so forth like

are they a or general you know yeah

are they are they whatever and then i

like to go into the psychographics and

the psychographics take time

um psychographics is is kind of the

the i would equate it to what you just

said is

what’s their story right but that the

demographics and psychographics can only

take you so far

um it’s the behavior of the demographics

with the psychographics and that’s where

what they do online what they do offline

so i like to imagine

hey what is the the the morning like for

this person

you know what what is their daily

routine how they engage

and i can say that i obsess over that

that’s where we we do it tim

is is really deep dive sometimes it

takes six months to eight months

then stage two is once you have that


is then okay what makes them tick okay

and that’s where we go into debt what

are they responding to online offline

um you know what type of channels do

they subscribe to what type of places do

they shop

online what type of places that they

congregate off of youtube and knowing

where that’s at and then doing more

recon and research there

to say oh here’s some topics that are

here then

it’s like making a list of all the

things that you’ve seen

all the patterns that are out there and

saying okay i i believe

as a hypothesis that these are the type

of people that we’re going after

and this is what their day looks like

and here’s some problems that they have

basically ie story right um here’s some

things that they’re facing

here’s the things that they’re really

passionate about here’s some movies that

we know that they probably like

and go from there it’s a big deal for

some creators to just think about

planning a title and thumbnail before

they hit record like that

is a lot of planning for them but what

you’re saying daryl is like

that’s like the minimum like amount of

planning and

i don’t even know if that player is even

enough you can’t no no we

if you just don’t even upload a video if

that’s all the planning you’re

but what i tell them people is like when

you are doing all this planning up front

i know it feels like i just want to make

freaking videos though i just want to be

creative and put whatever i want out

there and hope like someone else will

find it who likes it and what you’re


is well you could try that but that is

not a proven process

there’s a lot of people spend a lot of

time uploading content that nobody


no it’s it’s like this um and this is

what i

i want every content creator or anyone

that’s uploading videos to youtube to

to hear the words of my mouth it’s

really important to hear what i say

um the reason why tv uh and

cable and all that other stuff is


is because someone’s making the decision


show you what content to see and so


when you’re creating content on youtube

you cannot be the person that says no

you will like it because i

produced it i am the knowledge i am his


no you’re there to bring value and if

you can’t have that value proposition

you’re never going to grow an audience i

don’t care who you are the rest of the

process is simple

then it’s selecting the content that

will resonate and then you know making

your best guess making that hypothesis

and putting together and then it’s

weaving storytelling into it you and i

understand that and

there’s a big section on that but then

the the real part of it is the analyzing

how do you analyze it in a way

that you can to know what what’s

actually going on

um not just making hypotheticals but

analyzing it in a way

and knowing what you need to adjust and

so as you adjust it

that becomes your new content to release

so people want to buy the book where do

they go

they go to if you want

some added bonuses

you know it’s it’s there at anywhere else that they

sell books

it’s there if you don’t want the bonuses

i learned this thing yesterday

mastery is something you never actually

achieve right but that’s kind of the

point like that’s what keeps driving us

so anyway go check out his channel and

stuff down below daryl thank you for

hanging out with me

and for the rest of you guys london and

delano will be back with me next week

for another video creators podcast

episode and we will see you guys then



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