How to Get Monetized Fast! (5 Tips for Getting 4000 Watch Time Hours on YouTube)


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55:04 Is it Ok to Copy the Competition?
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In this video, Rob Wilson from vidIQ share practical tips on how to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube.

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=================== text video ====================

one of the biggest opportunities

on youtube is the fact that you can


your content through the adsense program

of course to do that

you’ve got to get your first 1000

subscribers and your first 4

000 hours of watch time which is of


easier said than done so stick with me


in this deep dive training i have rob

wilson from vidiq who’s going to be

sharing five strategies a bunch of case

studies and nuances

for actually how to get your first 4

000 hours of watch time and so i’m super

fired up smash

like if you’re ready for today and i’m

gonna welcome rob

to the stream rob how’s it going hello

everybody it’s sean first of all thank


very very much for inviting me on to the


media stage i mean we’re all uh

sort of youtube educators and there are

a few people i look up to

in this industry but you are certainly

one of them not only your inspiration to

all of your community

uh but myself and many others included

so i just want to say what a wonderful

job you do for his ireland yeah hello

everybody hello

i’m gonna call you all think media

rights i don’t know if that’s the

official title of the community but

i thought it had quite a nice ring to it

we’re coming in like a meteorite

about to crash down with some serious


but uh i’m fired up i’m going to hand it

over to you you’ve got uh five

points and throughout it we’ll also take

some questions and so uh let’s dive in

take it away

yeah absolutely so hello everybody um

what i want to talk to you today about


many of the i guess concepts and


that can be used by all creators but i

think these are really key

as you’re starting your youtube journey

and you’re thinking about that first

real important goal which is you know

when you start your channel

you want to start earning some revenue

and returning your your investment and

let’s be honest about this 1 000

subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch


is a a lofty target for a lot of


and just thinking about that goal can be

pretty daunting

and that can almost sometimes lead to uh

creative paralysis so the first thing i

want to encourage everybody to do

and this is somewhat of a a personal

opinion here and uh

i’m more than welcome to sort of discuss

this in the chat and we’ve shown in a

few minutes but i personally think that

when you start your youtube journey

and you just want to get stuck in there

and start to make content

i think that there’s a certain element

of quantity

leading to quality and sean if you can

just bring up my i

slide down i’m gonna describe this in

somewhat of a unique fashion because i’m

gonna do this

by the medium of juggling

now let me just explain about 15 years


i decided i wanted to juggle and

i knew that when i was going to learn

how to juggle that

no matter how many books i read and how

many videos i watched

when i first threw those balls up in the

air i was going to drop them

and i was going to drop them many many

times and that went

on and on because juggling has a really

steep learning curve

your hands your eyes your brain you just

can’t figure it out all at once and it

takes time for that coordination to come


and i think it must have taken about

three or four hours of

total frustration getting nowhere and

then all of a sudden

it started to click and i was able to

catch the balls more often

and i was be more successful with it to

the point now where

i can not juggle for months

but because i have that innate muscle

memory it comes back to me and i can i

can do it very easily

and i say you know

in a metaphorical sense when it comes to


you’ve just got to start throwing the

balls up in the air and and get practice


sean whenever i watch one of your think

media videos you know that two-second


that you that’s mentioned is you’ve just

gotta press

record and so when i think about the


youtube process there are many things

that you just

gotta do when you first jump into your

youtube journey

i think that includes you just gotta

make mistakes and lots of them you will

find out in their very

first video that

if you’re miles away from your

microphone it sounds

awful so remember on the second video

to place a microphone as close to your

voice you know that’s one mistake that

you’re gonna learn

and pick up on very quickly learn the


it’s not just about pressing record

you’ve got to learn how to

plan content think up of ideas you’ve

got to

learn how to record five hours worth of

worth of footage and then edit out 50

of it because it was total rubbish

you’ve also

got to think about how when you make

content and the more content you make

you give youtu youtube lots and lots of


and then you can start to make data

driven decisions because ultimately

what youtube’s data actually is as a


of your audience and how they are

reacting to your content

and the more you do this the more

repetition of content creation

the more muscle memory you learn so that

when you think about how to set up your

recording studio on how you’re editing


it comes to you instinctively and you’re

more efficient and you’re quicker

and you’re better at making all of all

of this content

and so that’s why i believe today’s

quantity leads to tomorrow’s

quality and i think also a lot of


are always worried about if they make a

mistake on

on their channel that youtube’s going to

punish them and i’m here to tell you

that your youtube channel is not

made of glass if you make one mistake

it’s not going to shatter

into a million pieces all over the floor

and you have to start

all over again i mean sean i know um i


right now you’re doing a challenge of

getting to 1 000 subscribers and

you’re encouraging people to make a you

know as many videos as possible in that

30-day period

as opposed to just making that one

perfect video which

you don’t know whether or not it’s going

to work with your audience

100 and i love this tip because i think

what can happen is we can fall into the

comparison trap

and we are watching so much youtube

content in fact

shout me out think media in the comments

like who are some of the creators you


and let me know if you ever fall into

that trap of comparison like oh

they’re just like a better communicator

they’re such a great editor they have a

better camera

and wow how did they get so good on

camera but what ends up happening is

when my friend john says

we compare our beginning to other

people’s middle

absolutely and they’ve clocked rob like

they might have clocked on a thousand

hours 5 000 hours

10 000 hours of mess-ups mistakes

you know practicing sometimes the

channel they’ve started today

is their third youtube channel you know

absolutely and

and we’re yeah we’re comparing thinking

the fact we’ve only been doing this for

like 100 hours

uh or not even that we’re literally just

starting that we should be getting the

same results and so you’re absolutely

right that quantity and that repetition

is super powerful especially

um just getting to that first 1 000

subscribers and 4

000 watch hours absolutely and

so i i think this is that that’s almost

like a general recommendation wherever

you are but it’s

so crucial when you’re wanting to start


meet those first milestones as you’re

working to a thousand subscribers and

four thousand hours

uh let’s move into a little more of a


mindset now as opposed to uh you know

work ethic

and that sort of thing identifying


uh can sometimes be the biggest struggle


a uh creator because they’re just not

sure what type of content

to create and again i want to give you a

a bit of a theoretical case study here

but i

was blown away by the results i found

after just a few minutes of research

i’ve got back into building lego uh i am

of a particular age now

uh where maybe um lego wasn’t part of my

life but

now with a disposable income uh and uh

lots of time on my hands uh i can now

start to build

uh some really interesting pieces of

lego uh whenever i go on vacation

i buy a big lego set and i build it so i

built the millennium falcon

and there’s also the avengers

helicarrier here

and then this last one which i built a

couple of weeks ago

was the space shuttle discovery and the


telescope and this has some sentimental

value to me because i was actually at

cape canaveral when i saw that shuttle


i think back it was back in 1990 um

and i just loved building that it

brought back some memories and so

i love building lego and you know if i


a lego builder and i wanted to create a

youtube channel

i mean obviously when you’re starting to

do your research you will find that lego

is already a huge topic

on youtube and so we have channels here


hundreds of thousands of subscribers


huge sets and you know how are you going

to compete

with these creators well hopefully if

you’re passionate about

building lego you’ll start to

learn so many things about the lego


and just as i was doing a bit of

research yesterday i came across

this fascinating app called brickit

and what this apparently does is through

ai you can just scan a collection of

lego bricks

and then it will suggest something for

you to create you know from your spare

bits and pieces i thought it was really

fascinating i know i want to know more

about this and obviously

if you want to know more about something

where do you naturally go

and that is to youtube so i did a search


brickit the app and the results here

were absolutely astonishing

we have lots of vid iq tools here and

we’re seeing the keyword score down in

the bottom right hand corner which is

showing us the search volume which is

average but competition is low

and that is really shown in the results

because one of the telltale signs of

where there is

incredible search opportunity is when

first of all there are small channels

ranking at this top of the search terms

as we can see here

you know a channel at the very top of

the search terms here

with 760 subscribers as a video

with 25 000 views and it was published

only three weeks ago that to me suggests

there is an

incredible opportunity in this niche

of talking about an app that’s going to

help you build lego

and if i wanted to do some further i

guess research on this to try and

understand the

the language you know or the the common


of the briquette app then again through

vid iq we have the enable inline

keywords tool you turn it on and then


pretty much all of the keyword research

here has been done for you

through video tags i could click on one

of these go into the keyword research

and not only do you have all of the


that people are using within this

keyword topic

but you’ve also got the language that

you may want to use now

i just want to add as well that there is

a lot of talk here about how valuable

video tags

are these days and youtube is telling us

that they’re

they’re not very important and i would


agree with that to a certain extent but

what i will say

is that just to have all of these

different keywords and phrases

can be so crucial in building the

foundations of your

content be it the language that you use

in your videos you know how you the

words that you speak

in the titles in the descriptions in the

thumbnails even the text

in the videos because we’re seeing

youtube use more and more technology

to help viewers find the right content

and i don’t know if you’ve heard about

this sean recently there is a new tool

that’s just been released by

youtube called automatic chapters


it will automatically try and segment

different parts of a youtube video based

on its content

so you know that youtube is using lots

of ai

all over the place to help viewers find

content and so

you as a creator should really

understand you know your keyword


yeah i i have heard about that and to me

rob what that shows is the importance of


the importance of starting with the end

in mind

we always say research before you press

record and that’s why we love vid iq

because the creator who understands the

viewer best

wins understands the language they’re

using what they’re looking for

and especially if like for example

maybe understanding the questions people

are asking about briquette

the different angles and things they

want to learn you might structure a


that has you know five tips in it and

then the time stamps the chapters to

your point

are clearly understood because of

understanding the tags understanding the

topics understanding

what it is people want to learn about

that including that in your content

and then the result on the other side is

the growth

is the views is viewer satisfaction

which youtube

has told us that’s what that they’re

looking for the signal viewer

satisfaction being

average view duration people people’s

attention hanging on the video

so i actually love tags the way they’re

happening in our culture and even among

some of our peers

some people are throwing the baby out

with the bathwater and i know we’re on

the same page

their people go to extremes and of

course it’s like just tags alone are not

going to be the magic

code to rank a bad video however some

people are annoying them so much there’s

massive opportunity for the think media

community to lean in to the smart way of

using tags so i get excited

about of course topic research

and i still think they’re a big deal

because they provide

insights that will influence your


i think if if you do you the the keyword

research right

it should be a case of literally i’ve

got all of these keywords in a list or

or somewhere i’m going to just copy them

and then place them in my video tags and


you know remove the ones i don’t need

add the ones i need and it

holistically it should be like a two or

three minute job

uh as part of your upload process

uh and i i wanted to investigate this

channel a little bit further the the one

that was ranking

number one for the briquette app and uh

if we look here you know

their value proposition or one of their

value propositions is they’re an adult

fan of lego

brilliant uh this video has 26 000 views

you know i’d be thinking right now for

this creator i need to make a series

about this this app because

you know coming into the the the holiday


and you know people are going to be

buying and buying lego and all sorts of


if this app explodes imagine if you had

a series of videos five to ten videos

and when people search on youtube

you just dominate the search terms and

you that could become your own

you know lego niche so to speak in in

terms of

uh where you are the um the ambassador

the authority

uh on youtube for lego

so that would be an example of

identifying opportunities

within uh your video topic

next i want you all to play a little

game here

uh and this is going to help us research


competition so i’m going to show you

two thumbnails and i just want you to

very quickly tell me in the chat do you

prefer the

left thumbnail or the right thumbnail so

is everybody

ready okay here are the two thumbnails

and that’s it that’s all you get that’s

the amount of time the potential viewer

is going to pay attention to a thumbnail

so with that the thumbnail needs to

pack a big punch you don’t almost need

to reach out and slap you in the face

and tell you hey this is this is the

general idea of this thumbnail

are you going to click on it now fingers


i hope that most of you said the left


because that’s one of my thumbnails and

the one on the right is just one that i

picked up

from youtube that was published very

recently and

hopefully there are maybe

subconscious reasons why you picked that


what i want to try and encourage you to

start doing is asking the question

why did i pick this thumbnail

over that thumbnail because when you

start to answer

the questions of why you can convert


answers into your own content

i just want to give you another example

of this um here’s

a uh search for 1 000 subscribers

and uh hey sean it looks like you think

media is doing very well in this space

and they

are dominating it so to speak and so my

question would be

here is if i was going to do a video

about 1000 subscribers

research the competition and try to

understand why why

uh are all of these thumbnails using the

word 1000

i think it’s because it’s to try and

identify the tiger audience

as quickly as possible why are all of

the videos

10 minutes or more because i think

viewers want to

you know get into the meat of the

content why is one thumbnail red

rather than blue maybe it’s because it

stands out why is there a face on all of

these thumbnails

so all of these questions you should be


as i guess a viewer trying to convert

those ideas into

content creation and so

with this information this is something

that you can do with another

really cool uh vid iq tool let’s say

i’ve just made a video about 1 000

subscribers you know how to get it

and this particular video is about how

to get a thousand subscribers with a

single video

in a single week i don’t know how this

is going to look

on youtube right now because it’s not

been published

and i don’t know how that title and this

thumbnail is gonna compare

versus my competition but one of the

tools that we have here at vidiq is

called the

thumbnail preview tool which is on the

right hand side here

on the video editor page so

let’s say i want to rank for how to get

1000 subscribers

i’m going to click this button and what

it’s going to do

even though the video hasn’t yet been

published is insert

my thumbnail and title into the search

results and say hey this is how your


would compare against the competition so

i don’t know sean if you want to

um run the risk of comparing comparing

one of your thumbnails against mine but

you know does mine stand out do you

think it has has potential i i think it


doesn’t look too bad but you know you’re

the viewer what’s your opinion

well i think there’s some really smart

things happening here i think um

different is better than better so using

this vid iq tool

you know matt’s videos number one it’s


predominantly and then i’m rank three

here and it’s blue

and so also your green pops because at

least it’s distinct and all

all three thumbnails are really quite

good because they just come through with

a solid

punch of of color it’d be interesting to

talk because there’s so much psychology

and science around

color and what uh it might draw

different people’s eyes and even

different genders and perspectives

um but uh your your energy

is is greater than our energy and um

i i i mean i think all three are are

pretty good

um amazing it’s an incredible thumbnail

and i love this vid iq tool because

seeing researching the competition

what’s ranking

and then throwing your thumbnail up

there you might go okay cool maybe the

thumbnail is good

but you could change the hue um of the

the green and that green could become

yellow or that green code become blue

and maybe you’re going to make some

tweaks to your thumbnail because you’re

like i really want to pop out and be

different on that feed um

compared to all the other thumbnails so

i don’t just get lost in the sea of


you’re exactly right i think when i use

this tool before

um when i was making this video i think

i had a red background and i just


it’s maybe a little too samey uh let’s

let’s try something radical and new and

i did that and uh

yeah i think in the end i think this

video did about a hundred thousand views

not quite a one million you have there

congratulations on another

uh mega star video but you know i think

this video

did okay and this tool just allows you

to get that

you know step ahead to to try and

evaluate your contents before it’s

published and

there are multiple ways you can use this

tool you can even use it to compare

how the video would look on the home

page i mean this would be against a

a random collection of videos and now i

think oh look i’m comparing against this

live stream right now sean

oh wow wow that’s pretty cool but i i

think it does a

a fairly decent job so researching the


and then uh applying what you’ve made

versus your competition

can be really really powerful

super powerful so we’re going through

five tips if you’re just joining smash

the like button

and super grateful to be partnering with

rob at vidiq today

um if you haven’t gotten uh vid iq

installed yet

you i mean if you don’t have the free

version installed on on your computer

like what are you even thinking

like it’s a tool that of course we’ve

been using for almost a decade now

um and you can check everything out at forward slash think and links

in the description down below but if you

also want to grab a trial

of one of the paid plans you can use

that link

on screen right now and some of these

more powered up features can really make

a big difference

especially in getting an edge over the


researching the competition identifying

opportunities and so check out

forward slash

think the uh recap of the tips

so far because we got five tips number


quantity leads to quality and so

just be posting videos done is better

than perfect right punch fear in the

face and start your first videos are

going to be your worst videos

but over time doing the reps you build

up those

skills the second tip was identify

opportunities and the third tip was

research the competition

specifically look at the other

thumbnails that are ranking the other

videos that are performing well and

think about

how you can maybe come with an

alternative cover

a different style of thumbnail because


is better than better but uh rob what is

tip number four

sean i love the way you’re able to just


my ramblings into like 10 seconds of

knowledge bombs it’s perfect thank you

very much

there was just a a couple more things i

wanted to add about the research in the


just to reinforce what i mentioned

earlier you know if you ask yourself

why you know why is this video

performing better why am i watching it

five minutes through

why did i click on this you know because

the thumbnail is so good

the answers become your next one

in improving your own content i mean a

recent example of this for me was um

i have filmed my videos for so long in


on on my camera and i just got to a

point where i was seeing other creators

and thinking

why do my videos not look that good why

is the colour science not quite

right on my content and so i just

decided to to say okay

it’s probably because i’m using

automatic so i went into manual

and you know it took me a couple of

hours to work out a decent look

and now i think hopefully i look a

little better you know it’s not

there’s not as much light splashing onto

the background and my skin tones look a

lot better

and then some very simple tips that i


uh suggest to new creators in terms of

thumbnails especially you know to win


click however long you’re spending on

your thumbnails

right now spend twice as long and

however complicated they currently are

you know with

faces colors objects make them

half as complicated because those are

the common mistakes

of new creators that they don’t spend


enough time on their thumbnails and they

try and fit

everything into a thumbnail and explain

the entire video

and it gets lost in translation so on to

the next tip here sean

what we’re looking at here is uh


momentum through content consistency

and what i mean by that is once you’ve

won the click

and you have people watching your

content you know we class these

as new viewers but the real key

to any youtube channel to start growing

is to convert those new viewers into

return viewers now i don’t know if any

of you’ve seen

on my uh on the vid iq channel but i

am running a personal crusade against

the concept of subscribers right now i’m

starting to think that

beyond the point that they’re important

to reaching milestones

including subscribe including

monetization absolutely

a subscription represents a single

moment in time

when somebody pressed a red button and

it leaves a permanent mark

on your channel but the real strength

of a channel is when those people

irrespective of whether they subscribed

or not

return to your content and

i wanna actually go into the youtube

studio here for a phenomenal tool

that youtube um released uh i’d say

about six months ago

now and it’s new viewers versus return


so hopefully as you’re pushing out

content all of the time

you’re getting new viewers but the worry


if you lack consistency or you’re just

making videos that you want to make

those viewers are not going to return

and so you’re just going to churn

through viewers without building any


so how i’m going to explain this uh

analytic is as follows the purple line


represents return viewers so those are

people who’ve watched your content once

and have returned to your content and

that starts to build loyalty again

irrespective of whether they’ve

subscribed i always call these you know

my active subscribers

and so the purple line here is running


average you know we released a video

here there was a little spike as you


expect you know as you publish videos

you won’t view his return

but look at what happened here huge


why did that happen people who’ve

watched my content have returned for

this particular video

what was it and ironically enough it was

a video about

reaching 1 000 subscribers okay

really interesting i made a mental note

of that we’ll move on and make some more


you know that purple line is is dipping

a little bit

you know how am i gonna bring those

viewers back

and we see another spike um would you

believe it it’s that video we talked

about a little earlier

how to get 1 000 subscribers so now is

the light bulb going off in my head

my audience reacts really well to

content i make

about that goal of reaching a thousand


and then at the end here another huge

jump and we have

another video about being under a

thousand subscribers

and this is how to get there so when we

talk about

building consistency and getting new

viewers to convert into return viewers

that’s the important thing i know we


approaching a million subscribers but

these are the viewers who are actually

watching our content on a regular basis

and i need to continue to help them

with their content uh and another

aspect of this is people start to worry

about alienating their existing audience

in terms of i’ve already made a video

about this topic

i’m i don’t want to make it again

because that’s gonna frustrate my


audience just remember that when you’re

making content for a target audience

you’re probably only connecting with

three four five percent of that

potential audience

when there is a huge untapped target


that you haven’t yet reached uh i mean

sean you you you play a fine line

between youtube education but also

uh camera and tech reason i’m just i’m

curious to know like

how you decide what the balance is there

to make sure that you

you’re keeping your subscribers and your

return viewers happy but also bringing


a new audience yeah 100 and so um

first of all that was a serious money

tip look at the

spikes uh look at the spikes of return

viewers because that’s an indication


uh you’re going deeper regardless if

they’re subscribers or not so i

you had me over here studying uh some of

our themes

and um i mean the biggest thing for us

rob is we’re really doing

two big strategies one we

our focus on our niche here on think

media is everything is through the lens

of youtube

so we recognize when we um

review a niche video editing software or

niche camera inevitably

it’s going to miss a lot of people

because if you’re not a sony person

you’re probably never going to watch a

sony video if you already use final cut


you don’t care about the imovie or

premiere videos we’re doing but because

of being a resource and a library

for all that different kinds of

education we’re committed to

building up that library in the long

tail of these videos performing well in

the algorithm

aware that there’s a level of a dilution

of audience because

one of the things we teach is never

upload a video your subscribers didn’t

subscribe for

but like at the same time we know the

rule and we violate it

intentionally because uh we’re covering

lots of different video editing

softwares or whatever but the big theme

is that it’s through youtube and what uh

lately we’ve been thinking

meaning it’s cameras if you want to

create youtube content video editing

software if you want to create youtube

content tips

for how to get more views on your

youtube content and

we are uploading five a week right now

and we talk about this at the think

media team now

we want at least two of those videos to


to a wide audience it can’t be a niche


it needs to just say could this video

apply to everybody and typically that’s

the more

when i do the tax update on youtube i

mean everyone wants information like

that or

when it is broader strategy videos

potentially even like this one

it’s kind of like youtube tips in

general and so we’ve got the two videos

we’re trying to

have applied to the widest audience

possible and then the other three

might be very niche search based content

because we’re covering a feature of

software the best lenses for a

particular camera

and so you know just like all of us

we’re just trying to figure it out i

mean there’s there’s so many different

it’s so important to understand how

youtube works and study the data

um and we’re always trying to pivot and

adapt our strategy but that’s a tension

that we manage

it’s not really something black or white

there’s some things are black and white

it’s like a gray area for us it’s more

of a tension to be managed

rather than a problem to be solved uh

here at think media

yeah and it goes back to the point of

like your youtube channel is not made of


you know as long as you know that the


of your channel and you know um what’s

going to bring in your return

viewers on a regular basis well hey that

allows you to experiment 20

of the time a lot of channels reach

a a point of success through


and then they’re terrified to do it

again because the they’re afraid of

losing what they won

whereas if they experiment a little bit

more you know they could

see even more success so i love that

idea of i think that you

use a word of tension there just finding

the right balance pulling

uh one way or another but not being

afraid to do it

so that was uh building momentum through

content consistency

and the final uh one that i wanted to

talk about

uh which i’m sure many uh

youtube educators have talked about it

it’s managing your youtube goals

because let’s be real about this

you know 1 000 subscribers is a

a ru it’s a whole you know you go into a

music gig

and that’s a whole full of people 4 000

hours of watch time i think if my maths

are still right on this is

240 000 minutes or a single person

watching your videos for 166 days

or something along that lines and so i

think that

if you make this your first goal then

when you’re

two months into your youtube journey and

you have 80 subscribers

and 400 hours of watch time you’re gonna


a little demotivated and you’re gonna

think wow

there’s such a long slog to go here

because you all you’re thinking about

is that target as opposed to the

successes you’ve already had and the

audience you’ve already built up and

you know the skills that you’ve learned

for your content

so i want to try and break this down a

little bit um i’ve used i’ve used the

my calculator in here and hopefully

these numbers are right i think i did

double check them so over the course of

a year because let’s say the target

might be to monetize your channel in a

year or less because you need

4 000 hours over 12 months that actually

accounts to

2.7 subscribers per day or

19.2 subscribers per week or 83


per month and you know to begin with you

might not be hitting

those targets you might be getting one

subscriber a day or you know

half a subscriber a day but hopefully as

you build that momentum

of content consistency you’ll start to

have five subscribers six subscribers a

day so

you’ll easily catch yourself up and then

the really interesting one

is watch time so i’ve tried to break it


into something that’s digestible here

to reach four thousand hours of watch

time over the course of a year

that’s 10 hours 57 minutes of watch time

per day which still sounds like a

monumental task

but if you put it into the world of


that could be 200 views per day

which sounds a lot more digestible and

of those 200 views

it’s each viewer watching your content

for 3 minutes

17 seconds or you know if you’ve got 300

views per day

you know that would reduce the audience

view duration and i think when you start

to look at it in terms of

the small goals and reaching those

targets then it feels a lot more


but we have so many um comments on our

channel about

you know i i’ve i’ve tried all of the

things that you you’ve suggested and

it still hasn’t worked you know and you

look at their channel and there’s still

so many things that they could

improve and they just need to have


and apply the the strategies and tactics

that both you sean and i and everyone


are encouraging at all times so it’s


it’s that classic one manage your

youtube goals but i’m

you know i’d be fascinated to know if

anybody’s seen the numbers uh

divided in such a weird and wonderful


no it’s really powerful for you to break

it down like that um because

kind of what gets measured gets improved

and it makes things

practical when we really see those

numerical goals

um if we’re trying to get out of debt we

need to know how far in debt we are

uh then we need to know what’s coming in

and how much we can potentially

save and commit towards that debt and

maybe it’s only a little a month

but little by little a little can become

a lot how do you eat an elephant

one bite at a time how do you get your

first 1 000 subscribers one subscriber

at a time

and i like to encourage people that

you’re also always

one video away from like changing your

life and your youtube channel

indeed yeah a lot of times it happens

out of the grind

of the quantity and learning and

sharpening your skills but sometimes you

don’t know which

which video was gonna pop off or blow up


especially sometimes if it’s a longer

video maybe you do

a live stream or a longer video about a

trending topic

um and maybe it gets a little bit higher

average view duration and watch time


uh one video can get to 4 000 hours i


it’s that’s challenging but we see that

happen when a video breaks out maybe

over a couple months if it keeps being

viewed if it ranks in search if

it’s being suggested by the youtube

algorithm and so i love that she made


practical um and i’d love to hear uh hey

if you’re getting value out of this


smash the like button uh b are you

looking at your clock

in the back end of your youtube channel

how many watch time hours do you have so


and where are you on your journey to

getting 4 000 so that you become

eligible for monetization um

i’m sure you have some tips and i want

to answer a question that came in from

super chat and if you’ve got a question

throw four question marks before and

after we’ll be able to take a couple

but rob anything else on uh this point

about managing your youtube goals

i would say that

your first goals well your goal should

always be something

that are attainable in

you know roughly a month so let’s say

for example you start your youtube


i would say that it it’s realistic to

reach you know 25 subscribers in that

first month

if you make 10 or 15 videos

and from the watch time hours


you may be looking at 50 hours of watch

time and although that’s not

you don’t think you’re gonna reach your

targets um

in the next year you know you’re

building momentum you know once you hit


then you’re thinking about 50

subscribers then 100 subscribers then

250 subscribers

and it’s so small incremental steps

that if you continuous continually hit

you know it’s like that little

adrenaline rush yeah

i’ve got to that one you know that now

i’m getting three subscribers a day i’m

on course

but i’m not going to stop there i’m not

i’m not going to sit on these analytics

i’m going to review them i’m going to

continue to research my content

and then pump out even better content

because as you say um

sean in terms of i call this putting


and time effort and content into the

youtube bank

sometimes you just don’t know when that

dividend is going to pay out

but when it does you know when youtube

finally recognizes your content

um it’ll it will pay you back in a big


a big way i’ve seen uh quite a few

creators say you know my

click-through rate is at 15 and i’m

getting 60

audience retention you know i thought

that was really good and my answer to is

it is it is be patient youtube is gonna

eventually figure out exactly who your

audience is

and then as you as you say sean one

video sometimes can be

can be the one even if sometimes you

don’t realize it you know you could

publish it and three months later

there it goes it suddenly hits the

search algorithm of the discovery engine

so powerful um in a second we’re going

to talk about some of your questions

we’re going to talk about

best software for thumbnails and youtube

shorts that question came in i’m curious

rob’s take um but if you’re just joining

the stream smash the like button

um and uh super pumped to be partnering

on this deep dive training make sure to

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with rob from vid iq and right now you

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a free month of any paid plan on vid iq

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think making data driven decision

decisions and having the best possible

tools is a great way to get an edge um

in a 2021

youtube landscape but rob i’m curious

when it comes to thumbnails how do you


your thumbnails and what are some of the

softwares you recommend this super chat

thank you

greggy for bringing that in about canva

which is a great web-based

software but what do uh how do you like

creating thumbnails

so i use photoshop

i actually have to give a lot of credit

here to uh jeremy vest

who um who helped me mentored me a

little bit in making thumbnails he

has lots of um really uh

helpful uh tips and suggestions as i was

building out mine

um i think canva is a an excellent

uh way of um making thumbnails and

i i think one of the best ways to

think about your thumbnail content is to


a template of some kind because what you

want is

consistency through your thumbnails um

which means that you know when somebody

sometimes you’ll get to the point where

a viewer doesn’t necessarily

care about what the content is they just

know it’s from think media

or vid iq and they’ll watch it

regardless and so if you have uh

instinctive association through the

style of your thumbnails

and that can really uh help with


and i mean if i was just gonna rattle

off you know a few

thumbnail tips in in this sense if

you’re gonna have a face on

screen make it uh as animated as


and you know make sure you see the

whites of a person’s eyes

in terms of colors try and limit it to

three dominant colors or less

because once you have more colours on


it turns into a very complex chaotic


when it’s reduced down to postage stamp


and then in terms of elements i think of

maybe having

no more than three or four elements and

that could be

a a youtuber face

an object of some kind whatever it is

you’re maybe talking about in a video

some text and then a background a

dominant background color and those are

your three or four elements

you might have it in from thumbnails um

i think camber

canva has some free options so that’s

certainly a good one uh and i think also

um is another one which uh is a

good starting point i i hear that’s

almost like the the photo the online


free version uh of thumbnail creation

what have

you got any suggestions sean um no i

mean you really hit him

i do think we we lean towards canva

because it’s easy to use web base and

the free version is powerful

um and then photoshop is what we use

here at think media

um but rob i’m curious this is the topic

we’re talking about

is how to get those first 4 000 watch

time hours

i’m curious your take on youtube shorts

right now and if you would recommend

channels that want to grow uh be


with youtube shorts or using that as

their way of growing their channel and

it’s gonna take a little longer to get

the watch time hours but if you get

high views at 60 seconds or less on some


um it’s going to add to your bottom line

what what’s your uh hot take on

shorts rob okay so we first have to


uh youtube shorts monetization and

the fact that if a video is watched

through the youtube shorts player

then any watch time from that video will


count towards monetization so i have to

be very clear about that

also um the

monetization mechanism for youtube shots

is going to be completely different so

when we’re talking

about the youtube partner program you

know getting to 1 000 subscribers 4

thousand hours of watch time

even if you are on a youtube partner

program and you make youtube shorts

you won’t earn any ad revenue from

youtube shorts

um youtube are going down a different

path where it’s going to be invite only

to some of the um i guess the more

successful creators

now hopefully in the long run you know a

year to 18 months down the line

then there may be

more accessible monetization

programs like a youtube shorts partner


but what i will say is that i have seen

some channels that make youtube shorts

successfully transition into making

um either short form landscape content

so it’s still like

40 seconds long or a minute and a half

but it is eligible for monetization

all move from shorts content to

long-form content uh an example i can

think of off the top of my head is a

channel called block facts

and they started making 27 second

minecraft shorts about every block in

the game

and they got billions of views millions

of subscribers

and earned less than five figures from

all of this because they weren’t getting


monetizable views but now they’ve got an


they’ve successfully transitioned that

audience to long-form content which is

ten minutes long

and they’re still getting millions and

millions of views because they’ve got a

very loyal community

and now they’ve really been able to

monetize it so yeah sure uh sean in

terms of

shorts sean’s that’s a say that fast 10

times um

it’s a very tricky dynamic right now


youtube shorts exists on the the youtube


in terms of how a creator is going to

monetize that

it’s a very different prospect and

proposition and we have to realize still

that youtube shorts is technically in

beta and from where it was this time

last year

in that it didn’t exist i think it’s

incredible now

that we’ve got to a point where i think

i i saw this

statistic yesterday that there are now

15 billion

short views on a daily basis which i

find incredible i mean

three months ago it was six and a half

billion so there’s still opportunity for


we just don’t know where the

monetization aspect of this

is going to be in the long term but

youtube is going to figure out a way

they always figure out a way to make


financially viable for the creator

yeah that’s a great point and i like the

big takeaway for me is that if you do

lean into them

shorts could lead to initial exposure it

could lead to some awareness some growth

some subscribers

and if you can transition that into if

that same audience would want to watch

some longer form

kind of traditional youtube videos then

that might be a way of getting noticed

right now um question for you from dr


and uh i’m gonna take it two places

can i make a bilingual channel about

medicine in english and

arabic or keep a channel for each

language so

should he do two channels should the

channel be bilingual

and then my question for you is does

keyword research and

uh tools like vid iq is it relevant for

multiple languages what are some of your

tips so i’ll answer a second question

first uh

as long as people are searching for the

content on youtube

irrespective of the language vid iq will

be able to provide you

with search results and data and that

type of thing

now in terms of a bilingual audience

think of it from the viewers point of

view or my point of view

if i watch a video in english

and then the next video is in a language

i don’t understand

that’s going to alienate me as a viewer

and then i don’t know when you’re going

to be publishing the next

video that i can understand so i

personally would recommend having

a separate channel for different


and we actually have experience of this


not only do i speak english but i also


spanish and russian because we have a

spanish and russian vidiq channel now

the truth of it is we

actually have a team called unilingo do

a fantastic job

they bring in um professional voice over

artists and they dub me

in those different languages and we’ve

grown a spanish channel now to 160 000


in itself which is incredible the

russian channel i think is about 25 000


because they really appreciate that

we’ve gone to the efforts

of fully translating our content and

we’re not just talking about

the voice dubbing uh we actually go into

the screens and change the language to

their native language

wherever we can so i would highly


segmenting your channels into different


i think mr beast has just done this as

well i think he’s just launched a

spanish channel

where again i’ve done done the dubbing i

have though

uh i i’m not sure if this is going to be

rolled out fully but i’m sure i saw

uh a couple of weeks ago on one of mr

beast’s videos that there was the option

to actually

change the um

the the language track you could change

it from english to spanish

but i don’t know if youtube are going to

be rolling it out and i think that also

has complications in terms of

you know translating your tags titles

and descriptions which you can do but

oh man that sounds really messy uh sean

i mean if i was to ask you the question

if you were going to start a

if you’re going to start dubbing your

language into another doubling your

content into another language would you

start with a new channel do you think or

would you try and merge it into the

existing think media empire 100 i would

um start a different channel because

again to the

principle of um never upload a video

your subscribers

didn’t subscribe for if i clicked


because i expect the videos to be in

english and then some spanish videos

start coming at me

i’m not ready for that and chances are

you would you know alienate your

audience or just miss your audience and

really mess with your click-through rate

and um people be skipping

over every other video or whatnot and so

yeah i think um

starting a second channel and i think

one thing that’s important to talk about

that as well rob i mean you mentioned mr

beast doing it

we’re talking mr beast and we’re talking

about a

multi-multi-million dollar business with

a huge team

uh editor’s infrastructure um

and you know some here a couple

questions came in about

um should i you know i’ve got two

channels like should i start a second

channel or

these are the two channels i’m working

on and i like to caution about trying to

do multiple channels

because it’s hard enough at the start

because it’s hard enough

to do one channel well and so when you

start to

divide your focus you lessen your impact

but it’s kind of like a quote from

michael jordan that says be a laser

don’t be a flashlight

so i think when you’re starting really

focus and

someday you might want to expand into

another language or

you bring in enough revenue to have

somebody help you do that because if

you’re already trying to be the solo

creator that’s getting all of one type

of content out

man if you start trying to do multiple

channels um

again it’s going to dilute the focus on


and i think focus is power folks

i want you to give me a thumbs up in a

chat if you think sean cannell

could should release a book this uh

holiday season called

uh my favorite quotes because every time

i watch one of your videos sean’s you

just come out with some

amazing quote that just makes so much


i’m not gonna forget that one now yeah

be a lazer not a flashlight love

it well uh rob i’m super fired up listen

if you’re just joining the stream hit

the like button

and uh today’s training was all about

how to get your first 4 000

watch time hours there’s five tips

quality leads to quantity

identify opportunities research the

competition build momentum through cons

content consistency and manage

your youtube goals you’re going to want

to watch the whole training to make sure

that you can see all the nuances and

details that were

shared within that and

we have time codes and chapters that you

can find your way around the video so

check those out in the description and


check out vid iq um it’s one of our

favorite tools uh today we’re partnered

with vid iq but

um years ago when i was before think

media had

nolan and omar and heather taurus and

tony areola and

before it was a team and before we were

doing five videos to seven videos a week

i was like how everybody starts on

youtube shooting videos in my bedroom

shoot doing the shooting doing the

editing doing the content creation doing

the topic research doing the video

optimization doing the video seo

and i’ve been using vid iq for years and

years and years so it’s super cool that

rob is here and that we’re collaborating


and i’m excited to be doing a lot more

stuff with vid iq um

in the future and so you’ll see him back

on the channel as well

but we have one or two more questions

and specifically

uh this one kind of goes into the

training rob the cello online says when

studying the competition

how do you narrow down what videos you

might also make

when the competitors videos are equally



so let me i’m just trying to

fully understand this how do you narrow

down the videos you might also make when

the compensators are equally

popular should you make the same videos

that uh they make are you trying to make

a spin-off

of them um one you when you go

and see the top five to ten ranked


um or videos being suggested to you how

do you

how do you synthesize that information

to come up with which idea you’re going

to make

next that’s my interpretation of the


yeah i i was just i was worried that you


we were going back to the concept of um

you know you’re comparing yourself too


to uh a competitor and they’re they’re

much further on in their journey in

terms of you know i’m looking at all of

these channels with

50 000 subscribers plus and you know i’m

here with a thousand

500 subscribers thinking how can i

compete with them

yeah i so i look at it from this point

of view in terms of

whenever you’re looking at somebody


content and you see they have success

even if you try and uh replicate their


as a creator you’re going to be adding

your own

um interpretation your own style your

own voice

i’m going to be open and honest uh right


i sometimes use think media as an idea

generator you know i’ll watch some of

their videos and i think

oh i really like the way the the title

list and the thumb

and the thumbnail there and i like the

content you know what i’m going to do

i’m going to make a similar piece of

content but i’m going to add my own

voice to it you know i’m going to

use the the the the humor that i

sometimes add to my videos and i’m going


make sure that i incorporate the vid iq

tools into this

so that i’m not necessarily trying to


vid um think media’s thunder but i’m

adding to the conversation

of the topic and you know it’s up to the

viewer at that point to decide whether

they choose

you know a or b or they choose both

in their um in their in watching their

their content so i i would say

don’t be afraid to look at um

other channels and what they the content

that they’re making and

i’ve also called this sometimes passive

collaboration you know you know a

collective community is making content

based on what’s trending

and what the discussions are but always

think about

how you’re going to make it unique

to your audience and unique to the

to to youtube as a whole and i again i

think that’s that’s developed through

you know just putting in the hard yards

putting in the miles and developing your

own voice

and your own style i hope i’ve

interpreted the question uh somewhere

correctly there

yeah i hope you’ve uh yeah your own

voice your own style and as a resource

that i would recommend um there’s a


great documentary a second version is

coming out called everything is a remix

um it’s pretty old now um and that’s why

i think

version two is um coming out soon

from uh kirby ferguson and i it’s it’s

been one of the most inspiring

um uh videos uh

documentaries i’ve seen it’s a

two-parter it came out in 2010

but it sort of was just this idea that

uh they even talk about

like a quentin tarantino movie like kill

bill and they showed

frame by frame how he had scenes with

the exact same composite

shot composition the exact same kind of


to old kung fu films and old western


of course he synthesized all of these

older uh inspirations from his favorite

directors or from his favorite

music producers producing scores and

made something new

but the idea of everything is a remix is

that you’re

again you’re not plagiarizing but you’re


all these different ideas um into your


original piece of content your unique

take your unique angle to

it and someone said you’re adding to the

conversation and uh there’s a lot of


to do that but anyways definitely you

can google that everything is a remix

it’s a fun watch

um finally as as we land the plane i

just want to thank silky feather for the

super chat as well

and i looked at your channel and i would

say um with the

around under 300 subscribers you have i

would um build on the channel that you

already have

now that you have a clear idea i think

definitely apply some of the thumbnail

advice that was in this video

um and uh start start plowing forward

like you’re not so far in building a

subscriber audience that you’d be taking

too much of a right turn

it looks like your videos have been kind

of random and you’ve certainly got some


get focused make that commitment and

then start posting those videos i’d keep

them on the same channel

um and uh smash like if you got video

today rob

the final word i want to hear from you

is just this idea

of man youtube is a marathon and not a


and in marathons we get tired

and sometimes tired eyes don’t see a

bright future

can you just speak as a creator yourself


accomplished in so many different areas

just a little bit of encouragement to

those on the journey

to get those four thousand watch hours

that maybe maybe some are just

at the beginning of the journey and

you’re probably like i mean you posted

seven videos man you got some work ahead

of you but

some of us have maybe posted 50 videos

maybe we’re over a hundred

we feel like we aren’t getting the

results yet can you just synthesize some


um for uh persevering on this journey

to monetization into 4 000 watch time


sure sean but just let me just write

that down first um tired eyes don’t lead

to a bright

future perfectly

um i would i would argue that uh youtube

is not a sprint it’s not a marathon

it’s an ultra marathon and

i would always say two things i always

start with is

first of all you’ve got to understand

whether you

enjoy making youtube content enjoy being


video creator because if you are

successful at it

you’re going to be making a lot of

videos over a long

period of time and it

to to use a quote from uh morpheus

uh from the matrix um franchise

there’s a difference between knowing a

path and walking their path

and again that’s why i encourage uh you


just get stuck in and start making

videos to understand whether you’re


enjoy making it uh 12 years and 2

000 videos down the line because i think

that’s where i currently am

in my journey i think

setting expectations to begin with in

terms of

investing as much

time and um i guess motivation into


to understand that the skills of making


and to then understand what an audience

wants to watch from you

can be really beneficial there’s going

to be plenty of time

to start building an audience but i


you have to make sure that you’re

you’re happy in yourself as a content

creator first

then when you start to build momentum

and i think again this is really


recognize that momentum and capitalize

on it

don’t make one video and then

go in a completely different path and

then go in a completely different path

and ignore what youtube is telling you

about the successes on your channel


by the time you’ve created 25 50 videos

you know some people even encourage

making 100 bad videos

you will have data to work with you will

have patterns

you know there may be 90

terrible videos that you’ve made but 10

of those videos

have performed better than you would

expect and those are your

i guess touch points those are your um i


the the uh excited eyes of a bright


and that’s what you really want to be

focusing down on saying right how can i


this successful content and make

all of the content going forward and do

similar things

and i think i’ll stop there because i’m

going to end up just rambling on

as much as i can i hope that was uh uh


i’ve sean always as always just sum this

up in five seconds what i’ve just said

rob no i appreciate you and thank you so

much for breaking that down and for the


training today think media i hope you

got value out

of uh this training if you’re just

joining check out

the replay right here on the channel

smash like um and

uh there’s another video that rob

created with some specific tips for

getting the first a thousand

subscribers and so you can click or tap

the screen to watch that one right now

check out show notes and links in the

description down below for all the

resources we talked about

and in the meantime keep crushing it

keep smashing it and uh we will

talk soon peace


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