Grow on Youtube when a Channel is Stuck w/ HopeScope

Come learn the tips you need to grow faster on YouTube in 2022 and how to get your Channel unStuck. I will talking with HopeScope on what she did to break out of the rut. We will be focusing on answering your questions you have as a creator. Including: How to Grow on YouTube. How to get more Views, How to get more subscribers, and more.

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here we go i am super excited to be back

it’s 20 20. been off for a little while

been doing some really cool projects

and i’m right here right now going to

help you really succeed on youtube

especially for those content creators

that you feel like you’re stuck you

can’t grow you’re you’re not willing to

um you’re willing to do everything but

you’re like you just don’t know what to


today we’re actually going to jump in

and really define some core principles

that you need to and these are actually


in my book the youtube formula like you

can get get this on amazon you can get

that anywhere

there there is a course if you want to

buy it through

you can actually get uh this little mini

course that goes in it coincides with

the book itself

um and ultimately

my goal is like i don’t need to be here

uh but i want to be here because my

heart is here to really help you guys to

succeed on youtube

to really understand the mechanics of

what it takes to really grow on youtube

and so for me it’s it’s all about

helping you

be successful on the platform now i’ve

been on youtube since 2005. i’m not

going to go into the details of it but

i’ve seen

creators come and go

and i’ve seen them extremely frustrated

at times before they actually leave

they’re ready to give up they’re ready

to quit

and i’ve been able to see a lot of data

i’ve been able to peer into analytics

and i was able to see the point that

they’re able uh to make that rash

decision and they had no idea how close

they really were to really succeeding

just because they were frustrated they

didn’t see any movement they weren’t

looking at the right things and guess

what they quit

and i just look at the lost opportunity

that they could have had

when it actually comes from uh the the

platform itself from youtube and also

the the opportunity to to really gather

an audience to grow an audience and to

leverage it in a way to be super super

impactful in whatever your ideas are um

and so over the course of my career

doing consulting i’ve worked with some

of the top brands and youtubers on the

planet but i always get these help me

darryl moments help me daryl help me

daryl i get those like on twitter i get

it like on dm on instagram and facebook

and people are like i i just i just hit

my limits and i want to introduce you to

someone that did a help me daryl like

they reached out they paid for a very

expensive consultation one hour console

and i know i’m not cheap

uh and they’re like okay we’re ready to

give up we’re ready to kind of throw

everything aside this is our last chance

to make make sure that we’re doing this

right but first off we’re sick of what

we’re doing and and and we don’t see how

we’re able to grow it and so i’m really

really excited to have uh hope on from

hope scope how you doing hope hey good

hi everybody

so i i before we just jump into your

story um and it’s a really powerful

story of really aligning yourself

with the principles that you need to to

be really successful on the platform

could you kind of tell everybody what

you do uh and then and then

the moments just leading up to uh doing

a consultation with me and just being

super frustrated

yeah for sure um i’ve been looking at

the comments in the chat and i know a

lot of people

are frustrated right now and it’s not

just you there’s been so many changes on

the platform and just with audience

taste in general over the last two years

so i totally get how you’re feeling it’s

exactly how i was feeling about a year

and a half ago

so i started youtube in 2000

and i started with a really really niche

community i was reviewing activewear and

that was all i did never deviated from

those videos and it was working out

really really well for me over the next

two or three years i slowly gained an

audience of about 400 000 people which

is crazy to me that 400 000 people

wanted to watch a channel about liking

so things were going really well and


2020 hit and everything plateaued i

wasn’t having those videos that were

bringing me explosive growth anymore and

if anything i felt like my audience’s

interest was kind of dwindling

and the worst part was my interest was

kind of dwindling like three or four

years is a long time to talk about one

topic so i was starting to get

frustrated especially because i didn’t

have a plan b i don’t have another job

but i dropped out of college twice like

i was all in on youtube and i wanted it

to work i needed it to work so

i was scared there for a minute that was

my help me daryl moment

but since then over the last year and a

half i have like 20xed well well let’s

not let’s not jump to conclusions here

let’s not like have everything go but i

want to talk about how you felt because

i think there’s a lot of content

creators that feel the same way yeah uh

it’s almost robotic systematic you know

here’s what my audience wants i’m gonna

go ahead and do legging videos and i

know that when you and your husband

reached out to me and you’re like hey um

really want to meet i remember going

through your channel and i says i

i didn’t even think it was possible to

do hundreds of videos on leggings and

here we are doing leggings and then you

came on like i have all my uh you know

consults do it um you know kind of a

survey and you’re like i’m ready to give

up i hate what i’m doing you know blah

blah blah and i’m like okay so when i

was going through a couple of videos i

thought oh these are pretty good

and it hit me that i believed you didn’t

know your audience and um i i believe

that you didn’t really understand who

that audience is

but i want to talk about

kind of some aha moments because i know

in that first console i was i was

helping you try to understand

that um even though that you thought you

knew your audience i didn’t believe you

really did because you’re like no all

they need is legging videos i’m like no

no no and you know we’re having those

conversations but do you want to kind of

just cut uh talk through that just uh

for a minute yeah when we were on the

call you asked me why do people watch

your channel and i was like

because they want the legging reviews

they care about these brands and they

want to know my opinions and you’re like

hey stop right there what did you just

say and i said they want to know my

opinions and you’re like that’s why they

watch you and i was like huh

and actually had talked to a couple

other people before you just like random

those management teams that reach out

and we were getting their opinion and

one guy was like super he was like you

need to go fitness you need to make

fitness videos that’s what’s blowing up

right now and i was like i hate fitness

i don’t like fitness i like the clothes

you wear to go work out but i don’t like

to work out so i got a lot of bad advice

before i came to you so that was the

first eye-opening moment was realizing

people don’t necessarily watch my videos

for the leggings and it’s it took me a

little while to wrap my head around it

even after i talked to you i was still

terrified to put out something that

wasn’t liking related because i thought

for sure it would flop and everyone

would be like what are you doing

so that was definitely the first moment

so so really um and one thing that i

cover in my book and when i work with

students uh hope’s a student of mine and

she’s crushing it right now but one of

the things i want to do is help them

understand who’s one of watching

who’s end up watching your videos who’s

going to be that that person what kind

of needs that they actually have

and i remember very vividly of um you’re

kind of stuck in your your rut

of no this is what they want i tried

other things it just it just doesn’t


and um one of those things that you told


that i i had to smile and laugh a little

bit i just didn’t like kind of throw you

under the bus on that consult was you’re

like i just need to make better

thumbnails and i’m like

oh girl

you got a long ways to go but you want

to kind of talk about that because like

that the whole mentality of

all they need is better thumbnails if i

can get the click i can earn the view

yeah and just kind of go through that

i think

sometimes we get caught up this is a

trap that i found myself in when i was

feeling the most frustrated as i got

caught in the trap of focusing on the

numbers and it was turning into this

numbers and analytics game and you

almost forget about the person that’s

actually watching your videos so i

definitely got in that mindset of like

oh youtube hates me the algorithm hates


i what do i need to do to like get the

algorithms attention so they don’t

shadowband my videos when really the

reality was i just needed to make better

videos and pick topics that appealed to

a wider audience so for a little bit

after talking to daryl i just hyper

focused on thumbnail and title i thought

that was the solution that if i kept

making my legging videos but the

thumbnails were more catchy that that

would save my channel and it got them to

get more clicks initially but another

problem with my channel is it was very

the videos were short-lived people would

click on it right away and then once

that product or topic was irrelevant

like the video just dies so i got in

that cycle of like just getting a boost

and then it dying and there it is

yeah the arrow the arrow is when the

consultation once and you’re kind of in

a downward trajectory yeah

you’re like

i gotta put out more videos i’m like no

no you don’t need to put out so many

videos yeah um

and i want to talk about this moment


uh this is um

this is something that i really do love

um about you hope um is

you you had a spark of of

you had a spark of hope

there you go

um but no it was like oh i’m finally i

finally got some information i didn’t

have before and i told you that your

thumbnails and and titles sucked

uh it was very direct and i said look

they’re horrible

let’s like really work on them and and

so you thought oh all it was was

you know i need that click and and there

was much more than that because i was

like what is your audience is going to

respond to both in the title and

thumbnail but more of the video content

right we need to be able to have that um

i do want to show

uh one thing though because i think i

think a lot of people

i don’t know if your analytics looks

this way

you know that you’re just plateaued you

know you’re stalled out um i want to i

want to show you

this moment right here like let me just

let me go to this this moment right here

because i like that the reality is is

there’s two moments of when that hit


and i want to i want to kind of explain


um hope was able


uh to to really get some really good

advice jumping in and and really start


it’s all about the viewer it’s all about

the viewer and really understanding

what makes them tick

you know the demographics the

psychographics what they do online

offline and i remember very vividly

we went way into that of all the things

that you need to understand and i

remember you’re going oh well well uh

the people that like leggings like this

this this and this and they’re looking

you know at these types of sites and

they’re on instagram over here they’re

following these people and you’re really

gathering that information and i go okay

so you’re starting to get it now that

they like yes they’re looking for the

best deal but they’re more looking for

cute leggings and you know different

things from there and it was like more

like seeing them as a person instead of

a number and i do remember when we had

that conversation it just it just like

dawned on you like wait a minute there’s

actually people behind

um these videos and you want to kind of

talk a little bit about that

yeah so the first

the main two things that i kind of dove

into to figure out

who my audience actually was was looking

at what they were saying in my comments

but then

just as importantly if not more

importantly what their actual

actions were when they were on my

channel so i was reading through the

comments and i was starting to notice

there were an awful lot of people that

were saying things like i don’t even

work out i don’t even buy this stuff but

i like watching your videos and i was

like huh

maybe daryl was right

and then maybe maybe

i went to my most popular videos sorted

most popular to least and the top videos

i was noticing some patterns and people

were interested in my legging videos

that had to do with celebrities my

legging videos that had to do with

getting something

nice high quality or that looked

expensive but for a deal and i was like

maybe i can take those two core things

but with a different topic and maybe

it’ll resonate with them so that was

kind of

my first little experiment i posted a

video that was i bought kardashian

clothing their used clothing had nothing

to do with leggings but i was like if

they’re interested in like celebrity

legging brands and what the celebrities

are wearing for their workouts why

wouldn’t they be interested in their

regular clothes too so that was that

experimental video it actually didn’t it

had a little bit of a spike when i first

posted it but it was this little spike

right here like you can’t see my arrow

but there’s like a little spike before

it is a delayed um like a lot of people

think that

um the growth was coming from the two

videos that were released there it was

actually the video right before that

um and the the thing that i want

everyone to understand is like

uh the the ai uh what controls youtube

needs a little bit of time of gathering

data and it was looking at oh people are

responding to this in a different way

than ever before let’s get it out to

more people so get an impression what an

impression is is when someone sees the

title and thumbnail for longer than a


and it noticed that on the home page

um you know it was getting great great

response with a specific demographic now

this i want to i want to make it quite


this was by far the demographic that we

were looking to go after when when hope

was able to identify their avatar and it

was excluding all the the cringy guys

that were watching legging videos and so

it’s like totally pushing them outside

it was really going after the core

audience and so youtube it took a few

days it was seven days to be exact

before it started to really uh take take

off and then

it just it just went like it was like

the best video you’ve ever ever produced

um and and it was getting all this

momentum and i remember thinking okay

finally you understand what’s going on


what happened next i mean this is a

like you thought okay finally you know i

can make contents yes it’s leggings yes

it’s celebrities but you know i’m still

kind of in the legging space like give

me what your thought process was

yeah so


initially i was like i can’t just like

totally jump ship and not post legging

videos anymore everyone’s gonna be so

mad at me so i posted that video

went back to a few more lagging videos

and it just instantly went back down to

my little plateau at the bottom there

and then i do an experimental video and

the algorithm was very confused so i

don’t i don’t want anybody to think it

was like oh it just shot up and then it

was all history because that’s not the

case every time i would do an

experimental video

that one took seven days but some of

them took 21 days for the algorithm to

actually like figure out so if you’re

doing these experimental videos don’t be

frustrated if they don’t take off right



yeah but i think the most important oh

go ahead no no no i i i was going to

lead to the question that you’re

probably going to say so go ahead i

think the most important thing when

you’re coming up with these experimental

videos is make sure that your current

audience is interested in those topics

too because a lot of people they’re

playing around with the idea of do i

start a whole new channel do i start a

shorts channel or do i post my new

content on my current channel and that

was the most important thing was the

people that were watching my legging

reviews were the exact same people that

were also interested in like the

celebrity clothing or

the now the returns palettes lost

luggage that i do if it’s a totally you

can’t go from like pokemon to football

like a totally different age 17 to 55.

you need to make sure that it’s

keep a viewer in mind and make sure that

you’re still making for that same viewer

or else it might hurt your channel if

you get a little too experimental i

guess yeah no and i think it’s more


okay what is your value proposition

is is the viewer the viewer that you’re

going after are they going to find it

valuable or is it going to be

disconnected is it going to appeal to

someone else and

part of the strategy was hey you can do

this and this is where it worked but she

freaked out because she goes well i

don’t know if they will want to watch

any more of it and she you’re really

unsure of yourself and i’m like

snap out of it girl like like you here

you’re you’re paying a lot of money to

to be mentored by me like snap out of it

but i think you’re resistant and i want

to talk about that because i think a lot

of i think a lot of content creators get

resistant with hey i have like years of

doing it one way and now you’re telling

me to do it completely different and it

just doesn’t make sense

yeah i was thinking i can still be a

legging channel and just like sprinkle

this new content in because i thought

that was my strategy was do these

explosive videos get these new people

that’ll come watch my legging reviews

but that wasn’t happening it was still

the same little audience watching the

active orbeez it honestly wasn’t until


maybe five

six months ago that i just cold turkey

was like i’m not doing legging reviews

anymore and that was hard for me because

i had this reputation that i built i

called myself the legging queen i was

working with all these different

activewear brands so

that was really scary to cut off

a big

yeah but but let’s just like like i

understand it was scary like let’s just

let’s just cut it out and and really get

to the meat of it because yes it was


but what happened five or six months ago

with your growth like seriously like i i

want everyone to know this because once

you decided to go all in which you did

uh what happened to your growth yeah

once i figured out i wasn’t a liking

channel anymore that’s when it really

took off

and we’ll show you that we’ll show you

the data like the data doesn’t lie the

data does not lie okay um but uh when

when um for anyone that knows me you

know that i’m like way into goals and

i’m a huge goal setter i plan through

your goals and you know i have a really

solid action plan

uh for three years and um a lot of the

projects that i do

make make uh you know

very big uh movements like we just did a


theatrical release of a christmas

special we were number one in the box

office um and it wasn’t necessarily gold

to be number one but that was a

byproduct of a goal uh that’s kind of

the ripple effect that was there and it

was like okay this is really cool and

there’s a lot of opportunity uh to seize

the moment and seize the opportunity to

be that much better so when hope came on

and any of my students come on for me to

mentor them i actually have them go

through their goals uh and really define

what they want i says what is your

finish line what does it look like and

hope i would would you be would you

would you feel comfortable like sharing

a couple your goals i don’t know

i mean yeah i’d love to i’d love to uh

have people understand


to be successful on the platform it

starts with mindset i i 1 million agree

with that and so do you want to kind of

go through some of your goals

yeah i think

i think goals are actually

after i got off the phone with my help

me daryl call a couple months later i

like i wrote out all my goals long term

and short term but i think this is

really important because


like you have to understand i could have

stuck with leggings i could have figured

out a way to reignite that love and i

could have pushed through and been the

best legging reviewer and made a lot of

money and had had a great little

community but i started to realize

i don’t love leggings anymore i love

making youtube videos i love

storytelling so my goals from what they

were a year ago had completely shifted

and i realized

i wanted to reach more people i wanted

to tell stories i wanted to get really

creative with my videos so i think you

need to figure that out first is what is

like your ultimate end goal with youtube

are you just trying to create because

it’s okay to create just a niche

community of people that you want to

have a massive impact on or do you want

to go super wide and be a huge youtuber

you have to kind of decide that so

i wrote out some short-term goals the

stuff that i wanted to accomplish over

the next few months and then i also

wrote out where i wanted to be in the

next two or three years do you mind

sharing maybe one or two i mean yeah

you’re comfortable i mean i know how

personal goals are yeah i set these


when was at the beginning of 2021 like

january literally literally channel jump

start on the yeah december yeah

of 2021.

um so

what i noticed with goals is for a lot

of my short-term goals i overestimated

what i could accomplish in three months

or six months and then i severely

underestimated what i could accomplish

in a year or two years so

for example i think my favorite goal was

i thought in two years i’m gonna have a

channel that’s successful enough that

daryl’s gonna ask me to speak at bid

summit and i’m talking i thought maybe

end of 2022 maybe 2023 and daryl texted


literally like three months after i

wrote the goal and asked if i’d speak it

the vid summit twenty

yeah i want to make it quite clear i i

did not um

i did not know that that was your goal

and you didn’t tell me

until at vidsummit like not even asking

oh that’d be great or whatever or

whatever you know just like evidence of

your like oh by the way this was one of

my channel jumpstart goals because you

know i’m like ah that’s so awesome but

um but i the reason why i did is because

you had an amazing case study of

understanding how to pivot content when

when you thought you’re stuck in a box

right and and you’re able to expand out

and like for me that was one of the most

powerful sessions i think was at

vidsummit because i think all of us can

relate at one time or another um you

know with where you were at and what you

were able to do to tackle that so i love

that love that a lot okay so let me ask

you one other question on your goals

like give me give me something like what

would you what type of goal you know we

go into goals a lot with my mentoring

program but like

what was that other goal that was just

like okay that was so amazing i can’t

believe we we actually accomplished this

um obviously i had a subscriber goal

that i thought i had hit in six months

but it actually took me like a year but

i mean looking back i i wouldn’t have

done it any different i feel like

everything worked out exactly how it was

supposed to and i wouldn’t trade the

journey that i’ve been on over the last

year for anything so that was a big one

was that hitting a million subscribers


yeah and then i had

i had a lot of goals that just had to do

with the content in general and the

impact that i wanted to have on my

community in general so high quality

content i’m confident and i didn’t want

to spit out reviews anymore i wanted

content that was quality it almost feels

like you’re like watching a mini tv show


the type of content that people walk

away feeling like they experience

something or they learned something

i had a lot of goals like being able to

give back to my community


and just to go from being a legging

channel to being an honest and

entertaining fashion

review and experience channel with

pieces of lifestyle mixed in so there

were like there were numerical goals but

they’re also just how do i want my

audience to feel how do i want to walk

away feeling for my content those types

of goals too so

i can i can honestly say that um like

i’ve been obsessed with goals since i

was 12 years old and i do believe that

it can create a path of success and

happiness in all aspects of your life

and so when i really mentor someone uh

like like hope i

the first thing i tell them this is the

most important thing it could ever teach


has has has application outside of

youtube uh has

you know in your relationships

spirituality you know temporally

whatever like you can do this and you

just got to put it out there and then

have a plan to do it because i think all

of us we want things but it’s not a goal

you know we dream of things but we don’t

make them reality and so to really make

them a reality we have to put a plan in

place we need to know what we want and

we need to have a plan in place and so

for me every every july i i set my

three-year goals and i do a lot of

three-year goals and it takes about six

months of really refining how the plan

is going to be is the goal exactly right

just to really lock it in and then come

january my three-year goals are

activated and then my three-year goals

that were done the prior year become my

two-year goals my two-year goals my

one-year goals my one-year goal is six

month goals my six month goals is what

i’m doing right now uh in my business

and i can tell you that

and if you really look back at

uh what we were able to do on every

project you can see that it works in a

three-year increment and i think anyone

can turn their life around

um anyone can turn relationships around

you just got to put in in the energy and

effort and a plan to improve and so i

want to i want to talk about your

content because um one of the things

that i noticed um when you really

started to break out

um was you’re starting to see content

differently and that’s what i want all


students to do is like hey you need to

see content differently you need to see

it through the lens of the viewer and

this video took off and it had

2.4 million more than normal more than

usual okay and what was interesting was

it continues to climb

and and then two

um as we go to this one you know you you

had 1.6 and you were actually starting

getting millions of views per video at

that time or 800 plus thousand views per

video but then you had some really

really good performers and i want to

talk about

content because i i do believe

i personally do believe that a lot of

content creators think their content is

good and they’re not really analyzing it

through the lens that they should so do

you want to just take a moment because

like i know you fit into this category

because i remember you know when you’re

coming on to channel jumpstart and and

we started that 12-week mentoring

program that your mind was blown in the

sense of my content really isn’t that

good and so do you want to kind of do

you want to kind of go over that

uh yeah it was just

it was good for the little community

that i had but as far as reaching a


audience it wasn’t and there was no

thumbnail or title that could save that

so i did this kardashian video because i

was like everybody knows the kardashians

whether you like them or you don’t

everybody knows them so i kind of knew

that would reach more people and the

interesting thing about reaching more

people is my comment section took

a big turn because i i had this really

tight-knit community about leggings and

everyone was like super supportive and

positive and then this video goes and

reaches three million people a lot of

those being new people and my comment

section was pretty negative and i was

kind of actually we always focus on like

the good things about having content

take off but this breakout video

these new people were seeing it and

there was a lot of negativity in the

comments and it wasn’t necessarily

directed at me some of them were some

people were like oh this video is such a

waste of money i can’t believe she did

this but most of it was

i hate the kardashians these clothes are

ugly i can’t believe

that their fashion icons when their

stuff is so ugly and i was feeling

really frustrated for like weeks and

months i was like what do i do now like

people hated this video like they’re

watching it i think they hate it what’s

going on so did that lead to your like

uh to your moment of like maybe i need

to go back to do the you know liking

reviews because like this is so out and

people were were so passionate and left

a comment in a negative way not not

geared towards you but geared towards

the kardashians but it gave you that

false facade of hey maybe this isn’t

going to work yeah i need to go back to

my safe content that everybody’s happy

when they watch like getting emotion out

of people

freaked me out because i wasn’t used to

that i was just used to kind of surface

level talking about leggings

type of response from my community and

then i something clicked i’m sure it was

just from talking to daryl but i

realized i need to

take advantage of this comment section

and the fact that this video got people

so emotional and figure out how to make

another video of that so my next

kardashian video was i bought the

ugliest used kardashian clothes and


thought it was hilarious and i finally

realized people weren’t necessarily

angry in the comments they

they just they wanted they had an

opinion and they wanted to share it and

once i realized that i feel like i was

able to kind of have fun with them and

bounce our opinions off of each other

and i wasn’t so

afraid of reaching new people and

reaching new opinions and comments so

yeah i want to i want to talk about that

specifically because

that’s one of the things that i want

every creator to understand like you

need to you need to process why are they

leaving a comment and how do you engage

a community because they if they felt

that way i mean in the if you would have

released that video

sooner you would have really left your


um and and once you’re able to do that

now what was that this is really

important i want everyone to hear this


what was your average views that you’re

getting per month at that time when when

that legging video the i’m sorry the

kardashian video took off yeah when i

was just doing legging videos

posted the kardashian video i was

averaging one video per viewer so that

just went to show that people would

watch my review wait your first sauce

first off

i gotta stop you

you’re such my student i i just

okay so most people will say hey my

views i get like a million views a month

i don’t know if you caught what she just

said i only had one view per viewer like

okay so like double underline that if

you’re taking notes but go ahead sorry i

didn’t mean to cut you off but there’s

actually one point two if you wanna

let’s get technical you get points

you’re watching 1.2 so i did not have

the type of channel that people were

binge watching videos that’s what that

number means it means they would post

they would watch one video and then

they’d bounce off my channel which i

didn’t realize at the time that that


normal that wasn’t good that wasn’t

healthy for the growth of a channel so

that’s where i was at before

i pivoted yeah and you’re you’re

probably uh like on a good month a good

month how many total views in that month

would you get i would post eight videos

a month two videos a week and i would

get a million total channel views in a

month when it was the review content so

i want everyone to listen to this so

that that’s what she was doing a year

ago ish you know from from uh you know

deploying it uh the new strategy which

was focus in on a viewer really

understand it look at the comments but

look at it how do you how do you

actually weave it in so they feel a part

of something more from that um how many

videos did you get or how many video

views did you get this last uh this last



in january i’ll hit 18 million views

this month okay so so i’m going to go

ahead and hit this real quick so you’re

at 16 right now

um and and to put it in context i think

that a lot of people think that this is

impossible like like they think oh no

you know uh you know that works for her

but it doesn’t work for me


actually at the end of the day when

you’re when you’re

really breaking it down

it’s there’s a disconnect somewhere and

you need to really analyze what it is

and for your disconnect was i’m stuck in

a rut i can only do legging reviews well

people can only watch so many

much legging reviews in fact they can

only watch 1.2 videos when they discover

you in a 28-day period so the whole

thing was what is the viewer’s journey

like from the click to the the value

proposition in your video what were you

going to do and i know uh your goals was

uh completely around that of how to make

better content and you started to hone

what works what doesn’t work what

engages your community what doesn’t

engage your community

and i think this is a a perfect time to

kind of introduce the analytics king on

your channel which is tyler is he there

can he jump in real quick okay so so

tyler there you are tyler um so here’s

tyler um and so he’s he’s more looking

at the analytics and talking to hope you

want to kind of kind of talk about what

you were seeing

once you start

well let me take a step back

do you want to kind of talk about how

your eyes were open to really understand

data once i was able to teach you where

to look and how to look and then

how did you translate that back to to

hope and also the channel so that you

can make better content

yeah so

it’s it’s hard cause like you look at

the numbers and they on the computer

they just look like numbers but there

there’s actual a person there

behind each every every single digit

there’s a person behind and so i think

he just helped me realize that yes we’re

going to look at the analytics but we’re

optimizing for people

we’re not necessarily optimizing for you

know an algorithm we’re optimizing for

every human every you know hopes viewer

19 to 23 year old girl that’s in college

or college age just has her first job um

or or about to graduate i mean that

that’s the viewer that we’re optimizing

for so


looking at the analytics

her her videos would get a bunch of

views and then they would just kind of

die off


daryl really helped us understand where

the traffic’s coming from


and and and what and what those

different traffic sources mean because i

had no idea like i’m like what is a


feature what is channel pages what is

suggested videos what who are the people

that are are searching and a lot of

hopes uh views were from people

searching for a certain brand to see if

that’s something that they should buy um

but but we we learned pretty quickly

that we wanted a lot of uh suggested

videos we wanted a lot of browse views

because i think a lot of people look at

the end result as just the number of

views right and you fell into that


and then two

uh in my book and and i’ll just do it

once again because this is this is a

gold guys let me um do a little banner

here so you can see this

um you know super cheap you know you get

it at but in my book i

uh went very specific on traffic

features or traffic sources sorry um

just because

youtube has a separate algorithm for

every traffic source but also

the viewing habits of viewers are

different how they’re coming in and so

i’m very sensitive of you know what’s

happening right now and where

that traffic’s coming from i went in

depth on the book on this and so you

were able


um realize wait a minute um we had a lot

coming from search

and we need to get more evergreen videos

you know because when they come on the

whole value was in the video that they

found so that was that 1.2

uh you know average view per viewer and

then once you created a plan right now

you’re at 4.5

average view per viewer so like the

average view when someone discovers uh

hope’s channel or when she comes on when

they come on and watch a video they

watch 4.5 videos

now think about that for a second it

went from 1.2 to 4.5 and the reason why

was because

this this this uh this principle i want

everyone to know which which tyler just

said you gotta focus in on

shifting the viewing uh experience so

instead of giving them exactly what they

need in a in a review video that they’re

searching on youtube you’re going to

leverage it into more a suggested

type content so could you talk about

that i mean you could talk really in

depth because i cover everything in the

book so

yeah so when someone searches for

lululemon legging or whatever right

they’re trying to find out should i buy

this yes or no once they get the

information from that video they’re out

of there and they don’t and they don’t

come back right

um but if someone’s you know bored

scrolling on youtube sees a video that

pops up says i bought used kardashian

clothes huh i wonder what that is

they’ll watch the whole video all the

way through and then another video pops

up says i bought the ugliest kardashian

clothes they’re gonna click on that one


and so it’s just really important to

understand who’s watching your video

where are they coming from um i mean

just think about what you do normally

like if i try to fix something you know

i’ll search on youtube how do i fix that

and you know google show me the segment

of the video i’ll watch those you know

29 seconds and then and then i’ll bounce

um but if i’m looking you know to be

entertained and i see a video that’s

suggested to me

i’m gonna gorge on that video uh and

probably watch another two or three or

or four videos i’m not sure our

analytics are helpful because according

to the comment section on that video

people hated it and they were masking

productions but according to the data

they keep watching those videos so it’s


that’s why it’s really important to

understand the analytics yeah and i i

want to i want to kind of go over your

strategy um so your strategy was um you

know you still buy leggings but you kind

of buy them in bulk you did an amazon uh

specific video do you want to talk about

that one let me see if i can find the

the video itself but do you want to talk

about that one because i think that

right there was kind of that uh moment

um that you’re like starting to get it

so i bought amazon for cheap yeah that

was like super not related to leggings

but i think i did use like some legging

brands in the thumbnail so that kind of

was a tactic in the beginning was like

using the lululemon logo because like i

built my audience on that topic so it

was important to like kind of sprinkle

and i still do i still mention leggings

here and there and kind of sprinkle that

in for the people that were there since

the beginning is like a fun thing but

yeah that one for the most part

but this was a test because i think i

think what you’re looking at is i can

experiment i can try this if it doesn’t

work it’s not a failure so that was an

experiment an uh experiment i bought

something on amazon you know the returns

and this is what i got awesome that’s

great right um so how did that shift

your strategy because now

um it took you down uh where you’re

starting to develop a bucket and what a

bucket is we we talk about it in depth

in the book which is content that is the

same it has the same um you know this

the same type of uh content structure

and then also the same type of themes

throughout and so you had kind of this

amazon uh purchasing like what what went


into your thought process because you

started to deviate quite fast away from

leggings at that time yeah

um this was another thing i had pushback

on you

with though because the first kardashian

video took off and you said you need to

make another one like drop

make another one of these videos and i

was like what does girl know what he

doesn’t know anything

seriously i was like nobody’s like i

already did that video if i do the same

video they’re not gonna watch it and

that was so hard for me to wrap my brain

around like make it a little different

but like if you pull up if you go on my

channel and pull up my most popular

videos you’ll notice a very interesting

pattern and it’s that it’s the same

picture of me every time if you look at

all my titles they all start with i

bought so i’m officially over that and

you have to realize like if something’s

working you don’t need to change it

keep keep making what’s working it’s

really that simple you’re not going to

exhaust your audience obviously they

enjoyed the first video they enjoy that

type of content from you they’d love to

see more but yeah that was prior to the

beginning i thought i need variety i

need to switch it up and we missed a bit

excitem think about the wish video that

you posted in like 2018 we missed a huge

opportunity there because that video got

a million views yeah and i was like hey

why aren’t you no i already made that

video you know and we talked about that

a lot and yeah and that we could have

done it way back then but yeah and i

think it’s just more capitalizing on the

on the momentum right and so yeah uh the

key of this is is there needs to be

consistency and that’s where the bucket

system works i pretty much have all the

case studies there in in the book but

what i want to get at is there was an

indicator of buying these these things

on amazon was um is is is getting it

fast enough and then number two the

expense of it um and we were talking

about that very uh directly and what i

loved was and this is probably my

favorite um case study from you

was um you

said look i can’t do it but i can window

shop and i want to talk about your

window shopping because that one during

the pandemic i i i thought that was a

brilliant move it didn’t come for me it

came from you it was like one of these

things i’m like man you really

understand your audience and that window

shopping was pretty epic so you want to

talk about that for a little bit

yeah because some some people make

content that it’s a really easy

turnaround to make another video if

they’re just talking about something but

like you said with my videos i usually

have to do a ton of research find a

product spend a bunch of money on it

have it shipped sit down film it so it’s

really hard for me to get a quick

turnaround like that so lately i’ve been

finding ways to

find content what’s the word for it well

we don’t have to spend seven thousand

dollars on

to make one video

because it just it’s just just let you

know mr beast will spend a million

dollars like a million two million

dollars on a video why why can’t you

spend seven thousand come on now yeah

it’s but it’s like i mean at some point

though like unless you’re mr beast

becomes insistent unless you want yeah

if you want to get caught up in that but

i’d like to keep a balance a little bit

so i’ve been like inserting these videos

that are about that topic but i don’t

necessarily have to go buy something and

that was really hard for me to figure

out in the beginning so the window

shopping was something that i

incorporated because it was a way to

like react to the stuff on the website

without having to buy it ship it i want

to talk about that because this this is

human nature 101 and i think this really

will help content creators really

understand how you need to look at

something um i know

uh i i’m not a shopper i literally will

go on amazon hit the nine dollars that i

need to pay for six of these black

shirts and then i’m good to go like i’m

like literally gonna go however my wife

you know she’ll go out

and she doesn’t do this a lot but she’ll

go out with the sister-in-law’s and

they’ll go uh shopping and they’ll come

back with some stuff but it’s the

experience to talk about the different

styles and the different things and

going out to dinner

that’s happening and i remember you

saying hey

i don’t know how this is going to go but

this is the type of experience i want to

create where they’re just kind of window

shopping with me i don’t have to buy

something but if i do

okay that’s great but like this is the

moment that we can do how did that

change it because i i believe that was

the moment

that in your head you realized that it’s

not about leggings it’s about the

community and then two um it’s more

about people that want to just come hang

with you and and they’re interested in

what you’re interested in which is

fashion yeah yeah that’s exactly what it

was i realized people

they just want to feel like they’re

hanging out with me and they like my

opinions they like sharing their

opinions on the comments and then i

don’t necessarily have to go out and

spend a bunch of money to get that


yeah so like in my a more recent example

is i bought

i did spend seven thousand dollars on uh

an unclaimed cargo

container full of stuff

and then like that’s that’s a lot of

money for me still and then in my next

video i went and had everything

authenticated which cost me zero dollars

but people love that video just as much

that’s kind of an example of how you can

leverage content that’s succeeding

and come up with a follow-up video

that’s not necessarily the same amount

of effort but

it’s just as good of a video just as

entertaining of a video

yeah no and i think that’s where it is

it’s just getting the right pacing i do

believe that you need to have videos

that you put a lot of time energy effort

and money into those are what youtube

used to call hero videos

um you know i do believe that you need

to have a bucket that that you’re

spending a little bit because it it will

get the return on it even if you break

even it’s just like it brings in the

momentum or whatever and then you can

pace out other buckets that kind of fill

in the gaps that you’re not spending as

much it’s just more engaging with your

community in a different way but i wanna

i wanna explain to everyone i i don’t

know if you realize

uh the value that you’re getting here

from hope and tyler and i want to be

able to just put it into uh two ways one

would be looking at this graph so when

they really started to take off this is

a big bump who who in the live stream

right now put it in the chat that you’d

be excited if you saw this type of

momentum on your channel okay just put

it in there

and the reason why i want you to do that

is more because of

the um the opportunity that really

happens when the ai understands who’s

wanting to watch your videos and then

two you as a content creator you’re

seeing what viewers want to watch you’re

engaging with them and you can almost

anticipate the amount of views that’s

coming in based off of the idea

and that’s something i teach my students

like i wanted to have like this youtube

sixth sense where they’re like oh no

this i really need to do this and i

never i never push back when a creator’s

like no this is going to work and if it

does or not it doesn’t matter because

the data will tell us if it’s going to

work or not and i want to i want to put

it in context because i think the best

way to do that is to show you

that that peak so you remember saw that

huge peak i want to i want to give it

perspective wise of what it really

looked like let me just go ahead and do

that um do you see this is uh um you can

see this is the the beginning date and i

want to show you where that peaks at i

think it’s just pretty shocking it’s

that one right there

and look at all the growth after that

she made a mistake and was trying to do

this stuff

like i won’t hold it against her in the

sense that she didn’t listen to me but

it’s okay

uh but you can see that peak but look at

the peak again but the the peak even

goes higher when you really start

breaking it down i mean you’re able to

see that’s that peak once again uh so

there is momentum there is cycles in

youtube and she was able to go from

barely a million subscribers a month to

uh close to 19. he’ll be 90 she’s on

track to get 19 million uh video views

this month right now because of a very

important aspect of what all creators

need to understand it’s not about the

view it’s about the viewer and it’s

creating that viewing experience from

beginning to find you whether that’s

discovering you on home page whether

that’s seeing you in suggested videos

whether it’s searching out and seeing

your video right there but it’s creating

a flow

of how to get them to become an active

viewer because i don’t care about

subscribers at all in the sense of the

number of subscribers i care about the

active viewers

um and increasing the their their

experience the best way to increase

their experience is to see

what happens when they actually discover


do they go through the binge watch and

right now

on hope’s channel the reason why she’s

growing is because five months ago six

months ago it just hit her i’m not a

leggings channel anymore i need to go in

this other direction um and and she was

able to take the training wheels off and

then that’s when all the growth started

to come in because she was really

thinking about the viewer that intense

and i know she was because she’s one of

my students and i’ve been able to see uh

her thought process and what she’s been

going through and it was just like how

do i make better content how do i make

better content oh i need to do this and

i can tell you she did videos that


but she learned from it and she was able

to analyze it oh this is where i was a

disconnect oh this is where i was

thinking and you would adjust it and

that’s where it started to improve and

some the people that now discover you

the average is 4.5 i can guarantee you

it’s like you’ll have some people that

are uh on the top end of that or

watching 10 or 12 videos of yours uh in

that realm now i want to i want to give

everyone a since they’ve been on for a

little bit of time here

a couple tips we’re going to be

answering questions here in a little bit

but we’ll have hope answer your

questions and i’ll answer your questions

too but before we do i want to i want to

share with you

something that i didn’t even know about

youtube that mr beast taught me at

vidsummit vidsummit’s conference that i

put on every year uh and i bring the

brightest the the the smartest the

people that have the most amazing case

studies together and put them on stage

and hope was one of these uh individuals

uh this year that was able to get on

because like she was able to really


but mr beast was on and he actually uh

taught me something about this that i

didn’t i didn’t know um and he says hey

and i i think a lot of people weren’t

listening to this but it it made my ears

perk up but he said i go and find a

comment of a person that says oh i just

barely found this channel where’s this

channel been my whole life

and then he follows that comment you can

actually use the user and put it in the



comments uh

where you sort and you go to see it you

can see their journey on it and he he

bases his his volume of new

discoverability of new people coming on

and how they consume you know and some

of those comments are like i just

watched 12 videos well that’s a data

point that you’re not going to get in in

youtube uh you’re going to get it

through comments and unless you you’re

able to see oh i found this channel i

can’t believe i fairly found it and you

start seeing their comments come in you

can see how new uh viewers come in now i

would do the same thing but i didn’t get

that granular like that that is like the

the most granular way to look at it i

would do it in a totally different way

um more on a on two steps back but he

was like getting right in on one person

and so uh for me since he he did that

i started to

really uh pay a lot closer attention to

a sample size of new viewers journey

where you’re able to keep it on an excel

spreadsheet and go back put their

comments in and really start to

understand their thought process and

that one tip alone for me on one channel

i was able to get another four million

uh video views in a 28 day period

because i started to see a theme of what

they were asking for and i started to

provide for it and then it was like very

very constant on it and so um i know we

get super granular um hope on this on

um hope and tyler uh on this and i know

that you know when i teach you as a

student i want you to do it on your own

but be able to

uh have discussion with your creators

that will help you make better decisions

you want to talk a little bit about

that type of atmosphere of why it’s



bounce ideas off of other creators that

let me let me uh i got to be careful i

don’t want you to bounce ideas off of

people that don’t know what the heck

they’re talking about because you don’t

want better data

but talk about who do you want to talk


and and then two why it’s important yeah

being a youtuber can be extremely

frustrating i’m sure some of you are

feeling that because

it’s hard to know like you have the

analytics but i i thought i was doing

great i had no idea what a healthy

amount of traffic from recommended

should be or what a healthy retention

graph should look like so that’s where

these conversations are really useful no

there wasn’t a how to be successful

handbook on youtube until daryl came out

with his book of course

so that’s why it’s important to to get

books like that to tune into streams

like that to if possible get involved in

communities with other creators we’re

like in a text group with people and all

morning we’ve been sending thumbnails

back and forth and getting their opinion

on them and

it’s so helpful it takes the guessing

out of it and you can learn so much from

people that are having good results they

can share with you here’s my retention

graph from this last video and it’s so

eye-opening to realize like oh if i can

increase the retention in the first 30

seconds by 10 percent like they did

it’s just it’s awesome

yeah and i think it’s just more knowing

that process of um knowing the data and

talking about the right type of data

because i think uh what you would have

talked about a year and a half ago isn’t

the same type of conversations you have

today tyler you want to talk about that

a little bit

um yeah i mean we focused in i mean

hugely on like the thumbnail

click-through rate like that was the

only metric that we like looked at you

know yeah and uh yeah and then and then

the first 30 seconds you know of the

video percentage watched and uh there’s

just it’s like barely even scraping the

surface of of what you should be

focusing on i think you know like i said

before going back to the traffic where

are they coming from um you know 70

75ish percent of all the views on


come from youtube’s ai suggesting a

video to you

and that’s where you need to be if you

want to get a lot of views you have to

have your videos suggested by the

youtube ai and the ai doesn’t hate you

you just need to make improvements on

your videos and your thumbnails yeah and

i want to i want to put this disclaimer

out because sometimes it gets

misunderstood a lot of people say that i

hate search and that’s not true i i

treat search for what it is

it’s it’s a way of discovery um and and

people are finding you but the

difference would be is i don’t put all

my real estate in search that’s the

dumbest thing i’ve ever heard because

if you’re saying 75 of all views are

coming when youtube recommends it why

would you want to do it and you’re

thinking well no all they want is to

search i’m more of a utility channel in

the sense of

resources and i can only be found

through search and i’m going to say like

realistically i’ve i’ve had

hundreds of students in channel


well almost a thousand i guess we’re

close to a thousand and and i can i can

i can honestly say that um these utility

channels once they switch their mind

from that

uh they were growing just like you guys

maybe not to the numbers of millions and

millions and millions of video views you

know on releasing the content but we’re

talking you know that they have massive

growth and you know i i mean

it really is i i just i look at every

aspect and so it’s more about

understanding the the viewer journey of

how they discover you and then get them

in from just a one-off viewer to someone

that wants to you know be in watching

all your videos and so you have to be

very uh very cautious of what you

release and the type of community that

you’re creating

and search is a great place to start

because i think we skipped the part of

like how did i get from literally zero

to 100 000 subscribers and it was search

it was i picked brands that i knew

people were searching for reviews on and

that was what i made my content in so i

think that is a great way to get that

initial audience but then to take it to

the next level that’s when you have to

figure out okay i built this little

community of people that found me

because i’m solving a problem for them

how do i keep them in my library and

keep them watching more of my videos

that’s where the recommended comes in so

search is awesome

nothing again um we’re getting quite a

bit of people about asking about channel

jump so i’m going to put in um the link

or can i have one of my moderators just

put in the link real quick um to channel

jumpstart do you want to talk about it a

little bit like


this i don’t want it to be a sales pitch

because that’s not what it is i just i

just want to know it’s it’s it’s not a

program you know what is it like it’s

not a course what is it

i think there’s a comment on one of your

last live streams we were reading it

last night someone said it’s youtube not

daryl does it for youtube

well or somebody in this chat asks okay

how do i find these creators and i have

to laugh because we always joke about

like we pay for our friends

but it’s it’s worked out great so

um yeah we did channel jumpstart i did

the call with daryl paid

a stupid amount of money for it and it

was awesome and then he tried to push me

into channel jumpstart and initially i

was kind of like

he’s trying to sell me a course what is

it what does he think i’m i don’t have

i’ve been doing youtube for a long time

what could he possibly teach me about

youtube but i finally

swallowed my pride yeah tyler helped out

a lot but i finally swallowed that pride

join channel and it it really has been

it’s so much more than a course it’s

yeah and and i think the big thing for

me is like i

i got i’ve moved away from one

one-on-one uh and i wanted to help more

people and to impact them and

uh for me it’s more about you know

navigating the complexities of youtube

like like there’s a lot of complexities

a lot of it deals with uh content and

really growth

but i i want to put it this way because

you invested a lot of time energy and

money into making better content um how

much you don’t need to give numbers but

how much big of a difference is that now

in your business versus before



we made our money back

22 times in six months

from channel jumpstart yeah

um and i can’t even add it up now i mean

it’s it but but the thing is like i’ve

bought a lot of courses in my life a lot

of courses and some are with giant waste

of money but

um this one you it’s not just like oh

i’m gonna get on and watch a bunch of


you get a talk to daryl you get to talk

to justin justin’s a huge resource you

get to meet all these other creators

that are are going through similar

things that that you are you get to help

other people that you know you know it’s

like you in the past that but there’s

some people that are like you in the

future it’s just amazing to see you get

to look at people’s retention graphs and

yeah what we’re doing what we did now

with my analytics we do that every

single week but we go even deeper and

it’s incredible to actually

dive into somebody else’s and your

youtube analytics and have a group

discussion about it and what can be done

better it’s unbelievably helpful so you

get the step-by-step process of

everything from setting goals to

creating a better video but then on top

of it you get that the weekly

conversation with yeah other people well

let’s just let’s just kind of uh dive in

like this isn’t uh supposed to be like a

sales pitch for channel jumpstarter at


all day long i know i know it’s just

like i i i think that people don’t

realize what they’re getting into and

and if you’re interested you can just go

fill out the stuff on channel jumpstart

so now it’s time for questions because

here’s here’s the reason why

um i did channel jumpstart is i wanted

to have conversations at a very very

high level after people know my system

and hope knows my system i literally

trust her and tyler answering your

questions and i thought hey what would

be a great idea of having my students

just jump on and answer your questions

because the growth that she’s getting

right now is ridiculous like she crossed

a million here 1.1 1.19 million

subscribers you’re crushing your goals

you went from a million views last year

at this time to you’ll be pushing 19 20

million uh video views

uh in a 28 day period and so you’ve

learned so much and i think a lot of

people uh are looking for advice and

they might say oh well daryl doesn’t

know what he’s talking about but they

can look at your number and you’ve got a

million subscribers not seeing all my

gold play buttons in the backgrounds and


packed out everywhere but it doesn’t

matter because it’s about people and the

viewers so if you have your question go

ahead and put it in the the comments

right now uh and we’ll have hope and

tyler um answer your the question i’ll

also do it as well so uh my i’ll i’ll

start out the questions because it’s

gonna take a minute or two to to kind of

roll in

and then i’ll have to start curating but

what was the biggest aha moment for you

when it comes to shifting your content


it was when i made a video this was the

biggest risk of a video i did because we

flew out to alabama to go to the lost

luggage store where you can buy people’s

unclaimed bags

and that was when i really fell in love

with making youtube videos and i that

was when i realized i don’t i don’t love

leggings i love telling a story and

creating and the editing process so that

video was definitely the point that i

realized this is what i need to do like

views aside like i was just having so

much fun again and i think that’s the

most important thing like if you

subscribers are great but like when you

post something and you are proud of it

and you feel fulfilled i think that’s

what a lot of us are looking for because

you can’t get out of a if you’re not

enjoying what you’re doing

amen to that for sure okay so catherine

has a question i started a few channels

trying to find my niche

uh i think i’m paralyzed but by where to

start in terms of what content to make

uh what advice do you have for catherine

yeah i’ve been there when i when i first

started my youtube channel

i i was totally just doing it for fun i

made like a travel vlog we went to lake

powell if you guys have ever been there

and then after that i was like i really

like editing videos but what is my

channel going to be about so i did some

fitness videos i did some cooking videos

i did some makeup videos so like it’s

okay to have that period of like just

kind of throwing stuff against the wall

and seeing what sticks not only for an

audience but also what do you have fun

with and that is what happened to me

with leggings i was like i’m not really

seeing anybody talking about this

specific topic so

i started making those videos and they

started getting recommended from people

searching for them and that was when it

really took off so yeah just to try a

bunch of stuff yeah no i i think trying

is is really important i think with me

it’s like if you don’t know where you’re

standing uh definitely get my book uh

and and you start really understanding

the type of content you create

i personally like to just uh analyze

okay what what am i passionate about and

and what’s going to get me excited so

what’s going to when i wake up in the


what am i going to go oh my gosh i can’t

wait to go to work like that that you if

you find that that’s great and it

doesn’t matter the view count because if

you can get that passion that’s there

then you’re going to start to understand

there’s other passionate people that

will be looking into that space and so

yeah if you look at my and i’ll i’ll

have to kick you guys out just for one

quick second here uh let me go here but

you can look at my background i have

like star wars uh stuff that’s going on

um and and i’m a huge star wars fan but

it’s like

you know um the last uh episode five of

the book of boba fett is is literally

some of the best content i’ve seen on

disney plus and i’m not gonna do no

spoilers right now or anything like that


the the reality is so good is because

here you had someone that uh did uh

three other um uh mandalorian um uh

episodes uh who’s the daughter of ron

howard but she’s a star wars geek she

she literally is

and and bryce like did a really great

job at directing to to put the the

easter eggs and the homage to to star

wars that made me get so excited that

i’ve probably sent out 14 texts

14 freaking texts because that content

was so good and so i want you to

understand it’s like you have to be

passionate about something because if it

ignites the passion of somebody else now

14 people are now saying oh i got to

watch it and i’m here to tell you that

um that when you do a disconnect so

rayne johnson needs to be run over by a

bus um uh just because of what he did to

star wars universe but i’m here to tell

you i almost walked out of the theater

of his his his uh you know direction

that he was doing for star wars but i

watched this episode of the book of boba

fett four times now four times and it

just barely came out so okay i know i’m

passionate about it but anyways find

your passion create content in that

that’s what i would say to do okay so

let’s do another question here uh if my

niche is about to explode

what should i do to capitalize on it

a part of being a youtuber that nobody

really talks about is

studying and researching youtube

i spend

every day i spend an hour two hours i

don’t even know how long just

watching youtube and noticing what other

people in my niche are doing and people

outside my niche i get so many ideas

like the returns palette thing i got

that idea from somebody that does tech

videos so cert researching what people

are doing in your space and outside of

your space is so valuable i think when i

was doing legging videos i used to steer

away from that i was like i don’t want

to watch anybody else’s videos because i

don’t want like my opinion to be

influenced or my like style to be

influenced but

i think research is huge yeah but but


don’t be afraid to make multiple videos

about about the same topic yeah that’s

one thing that we were super afraid to

do like oh we did that video once like

we can’t do it again no you can’t happy

you can do it your title similar

thumbnail similar just keep giving


the con the value proposition needs to

be different if not it’s the same video

that is for sure yeah yeah

yeah but um okay so uh

one uh one thing that i always teach my

students i i talk i have a whole section

in the book called recon and research

but one of the things that

um i do with my students very

specifically that i mentor is the recon

and research phase a lot of people just

do it once they might do it once a month

but you said you do it daily and and

you’re doing it to watch youtube but how

are you watching youtube like like you

don’t need to go into the mechanics of

it but it’s more about what are you

actually looking for

um i look at what other people in my

space are doing lately we’ve been

watching a lot of

interviews calling on smear videos with

other creators that i really admire and

look up to so those are two of the main

things it’s just the people in general

that i look up to people in my space and


patterns that was something that helped

me out hugely in the beginning was

literally i had a notepad of like talk

about all that stuff yeah things in the

thumbnails that were all similar things

about their backdrop that was similar

the pacing of their videos like you

start to notice the things that are

working across

all youtube videos and you figure out

how to incorporate those into your own

and if you notice the the face hope

makes on her thumbnails it’s all the

same every video and we learned that

going through looking at other people’s

top performing videos they were all

making the same face it was the same

exact facial expression and it might it

might have only been like

one or two videos on their channel that

they made that face and those are the

best performing videos so yeah that’s

where we learned that was just from but

you’re never gonna figure that out

unless you just dive deep into other

people’s content so yeah okay so the

next question is coming from learning

tech with frank did your channel fund

the course prior to enrollment did you

use revenue to buy the course well first

off it’s not a course frank it’s a

mentoring program for 12 weeks that kind

of rubs me wrong because like i think

well it doesn’t rub me wrong for your

question it’s there but it’s like a

course is something that you consume

this is a way of thinking about youtube

and it’s more of a community and a way

of really understanding youtube and so i

don’t i don’t kind of view it the same

way i know it’s semantics but anyway go

ahead and answer the question yeah we

took the money out of our savings

account yeah out of our business from

youtube revenue so yeah but i mean it’s

not like i mean we saved that money for

a minute yeah but yeah for sure okay

tony’s asking how did you dial in your

avatar what did you look uh at first

like what was your how did you dial that


uh comment section is really helpful the

people that i saw most frequently in my


the people because at the time there

weren’t a lot of people binging my

videos but i knew of a few girls that

were like my die hard people and those

were the ones that i really narrowed in

on i narrowed it on one specifically

and i think that’s the easiest way to do

it is pick one type of person give them

a name

and figure everything out about them

what other than like the youtube video

that they’re watching of yours what else

do they like in their life what’s their

relationship like what other videos

types of videos do they watch watch

their stories yeah yeah what i love

about what you just said is youtube’s

giving us some amazing tools i honestly

think they have the best analytical

tools when it comes to a social platform

and one of the things that we’re seeing

now is like the viewer

crossover data so we’re able to see the

viewer crossover david the channels that

they subscribe to or that they watched

in the last 28 days that there’s

crossover but also the video types that

are there

um here’s the biggest mistake that most

people do they they don’t click on those

videos and read the comments like i

always go hey i want to see to read the

comments to see what people like the

people that are actually a crossover

what are they actually liking about

those videos where did they miss the

mark you know because if you do the

video again you’ll have a lot more data

there so yes sometimes we don’t watch

the video we just go read the comments

i i’ve done that too

okay okay so this question is how do you

apply uh data instructions with uh as a

small channel with your data very very


i think the numbers are relative

obviously like if you have one video

posted then like you don’t have any data

but if you have to have a library to be

able to notice the pattern so you just

kind of post some videos yeah

yeah i think the biggest thing is try to

make the best video possible and try to

get people to finish to the end and

click on to watch another video yeah so

those those that’s data that you can

track and so your average v per viewer

that you you can definitely do that and

you have to

youtube moved it uh and it’s frustrating

that they moved it but you just click in

the advanced mode you go in there and

there’s a little uh plus icon that you

click on and it’s in that menu of of


um but yeah all you need to do is like

look at that and then two

um what you’re trying to do is get that

number to increase but also the

retention so you get a you know really

really refined getting more people to

finish the end of the video and if

you’re only getting a handful one or two

or three uh views uh you just keep on

making videos until it starts to to

increase and all of us start at the same

point we all start with zero uh the

difference was uh when i uh start a

channel i start a new one every year you

know kind of you know we get two

actually and we get very very tactical

with it um we just want to know how

people are going to respond to videos

before and we make a whole bunch and as

soon as one takes off it just lifts up

the whole thing because it’s good

content because good content is good

content it just takes a while for it to

pick up so yeah i think retention is

really good one to start with

um see where people are bouncing out of

a video is really helpful i

didn’t realize i used to do two minute

long intros to my youtube videos where i

was like hey guys welcome back to my

channel here’s what’s been going on in

my nobody cares

i remember i’m like don’t even do that

later in the video but i don’t even have

intros anymore i just get right into

videos like literally six seconds here’s

what you clicked on here’s what we’re

doing so those are things you can do

right away even if you have a smaller

channel okay so let’s go ted’s saying

when do you uh for sure know that the

ideal that you have an ideal audience

was there a time


where was it working but you kept

focusing in on that audience

i mean the audience has changed quite a

bit over the last and it’s still

changing so it’s just kind of always

people’s they’re kind of evolving but

but i think that we knew we had the

ideal audience probably like three

months ago there was a comment that

somebody said

why does she have so many leggings yeah

and that’s probably the best comment

that you could actually get

i know like they don’t even know where i

still the majority of my subscribers now

don’t even know where i started which is

kind of crazy so but yeah i think you

just you’ll just know you’ll know from

reading the comments and and and you’ll

know from your from your viewership and

how if they’re watching the whole video

or not

uh stupid question there is no stupid

question hope are you filming in your


oh where’s oh i can’t move my camera

this is my legging wall so that’s why

people always ask are you filming or why

do you have so many leggings technically

it’s in my it’s in our bedroom but

it’s like

built-in shelves that’s funny yeah that

was my background for years though

because like obviously i was lagging

queen i needed to show off my leggings

but i’m gonna need a new youtube

background because this doesn’t make

sense anymore it doesn’t make any sense


maybe you need to get like this storage

container or something like that yeah

seriously i need to think of some cool

stuff for the next background okay so i

i know we’ve been uh one hour 12 minutes

into this um i want to give a couple

um you know a couple other questions um

and then there’s really really important

things i want to talk about

uh let me pull this up all right so this

one’s coming from drew

how do you do all this with music videos

covers i literally only see you smiling

when it comes to music on youtube at

derral eves okay so

um i i got uh i i worked with the piano

guys way back when they just did piano

piano and cello covers for it there is a

way to do it um and and i think the key


um i do believe uh with all my heart if

you want to just make music

um it’s going to be hit or miss but if

you’re like a music influencer that your

music is your hero piece that it’s more

about your journey of creating those

covers and you know what you’re doing

that’s more interesting from from me and

i i do believe you’re gonna see a shift

in that where people will get more


your your music your content and then if

you do a diss track i’m not saying you

do but i’m just saying you have your

audience right right behind you or

whatever but it’s just like that’s

that’s what i would look at for sure so

great yeah i think the the process the

behind the scenes the journey on youtube

and then push the actual music on tick

tock yeah no i i i love it i love your

your thought process for sure i’m a big

tick-tock fan okay um let’s do a couple

more and then we’ll


i’m trying to get a good one here


okay here we go here we go um

later on

what are your thoughts on starting

youtube uh now versus then is it easier

or harder

i don’t know the space is more crowded


i think there are more resources than


mr beast even said like we’re just we’re

at the beginning like it’s just gonna

keep exploding over the next 10 years

technically you’re still early so much

as more people than ever are more people

than ever are creating but more people

than ever are consuming so there’s space

for everyone even if you feel like i

want to do makeup videos but you feel

like there’s a lot of people doing those

there’s something unique about your

voice and your opinion that’s going to

resonate with people in a way that

nobody that’s out there yet can so yeah

i think more people are posting on

youtube but but they know that youtube’s

important but they’ll just put up a crap

video honestly i mean

i feel like there’s a lot of that going

on so that might even give you make it

easier for you if you have a strategy


yeah and i think that i think the big

thing too is i think it’s easier now

than then because there’s a lot more

resources like you you have nick nimmin

that’s like literally will teach you

every little thing that you need to know

in the basics and there’s other great

content creators that you’re able to get

a lot of resource uh information you’re

able to go to vidsummit it didn’t exist

you know or it did it was so small that

you didn’t even know it it’s like

there’s a lot of great resources out

there but um i i get people all the time

it’s like hey it’s oversaturated


i don’t necessarily believe in that i

believe that always good content will


and good content will gather and and

that’s something that i’m i’m super

bullish on i don’t think it’s ever going

to change you’re going to have people

that’s just going to come out of nowhere

and really take off i just i literally

just found someone that was able to get

four million

i guess two two million subscribers in

about six months

um and i i was excited to find him

because i found him on tiktok and it was

funny and it was engaging and he’s

trying to build a youtube audience and i

i thought it was great you know so i

think there’s there’s ways to grow but

you just have to know what what is value

how you’re transferring that value in

content and how you’re gonna you really

succeed so there’s so many videos that

have not been made yet i’m amazed that i

like there’s been a few videos that i’m

like nobody’s done this that’s crazy to

me but there’s there’s

still so much space

there there really is um and i

um what i normally do and this leads to

this question hey daryl how many videos

do you publish in average for your new

channels that youtube ai understands

your viewer and suggestion kicks in

i’ve had it where suggestion kicks in on

the very first video that i’ve uploaded

it basically goes puts it on the

homepage it might take like 14 days or

something like that to 14 21 days or


but it just takes off it just

just blows up and then every video after

that just really explodes then i had

others that might take three or four

months of really just kind of

hitting into it uh one that we started

last year at this time

um you know it literally took 90 days

to get the momentum that i was looking

for that

my number one traffic source wasn’t uh

search it is now not even in the top

five so it’s just like you know it took

a little while to do that uh but it’s

more about understanding buckets you

know you can find all the information

um in the book uh you know youtube

formula let me just give you that one

more time because like this is an easy

entry level you know getting the book uh

it’s uh wall street journal best seller

uh you can get at comes

with a mini course


the the whole thing is it’s more about

making sure your content’s the best um

and then releasing it and then learning

from it and um we i’ve had students that

start brand new channels that get a

million subscribers or million views

immediately out of the gate and then

others start a new channel and take

sometimes six months sometimes a year so

that’s kind of that’s kind of where

we’re at it’s just more about you know

really understanding your audience

really connecting on a level and then

youtube’s always look at those

indicators that you’re you’re able to go

from there so

look we went through so many different

questions but i want to be able to kind

of circle this back uh to goals because

i believe the number one thing that you

as a creator need to have is a good goal

and create an action plan that’s what i

teach my students first thing i think

it’s the most valuable thing ever

i want to share one with you um

you know i have a passion project

and the reason why i haven’t been on

youtube as frequent you can go back and

see the date it was like literally uh

three years ago uh three and a half

years ago um that i diverted a lot of my

energy on a new project was a tv show um

and i wanted to get it first off

crowdfunded build an audience well build

an audience crowdfund it and then you

know figure out monetization and working

with really smart people um as as

partners and you know it’s just not me

that’s doing this but i had very

specific goals on on doing that

uh we we’ve been able to

uh have a really really big

international hit um it’s called the

chosen it’s out there it’s it’s

unbelievable what it’s doing um like

it’s just

it’s just good content and people been

wanting that and then two we had an idea

to do a christmas special and hope and

tyler was able to be some of my guests

at a premiere um well it was just

in the theater in utah

but not only did we we crush every

record in a private screening

but we got number one on the box office

and that all came from uh really

focusing on goals and then really

realizing what’s going to stop us from

our goal uh could you pull out your

books i noticed that your goals are in

your channel jump start uh workbook

would you just would you just read

well i’ll get you another one like

you deserve another one but would you

just write little thumbnail drawings

exactly but would you just read some of

the the things that’s going to stop you

from getting your goals would you just

kind of read that

i think everyone focuses what they want

yeah they don’t focus in on what’s going

to stop them to get there

because i believe you know goal setting

process is knowing what you want and

creating a plan and part of the plan if

you have a proactive

uh plan of

you know

when something hits you and you know an

obstacle hits that you can go from there

so do you want to you want to do one

yeah so for my i wanted to hit a million

subscribers my obstacles were

negative self-talk procrastination

slacking and not asking for help for our

main obstacles

i love that

um let’s talk about let’s talk about

some of those procrastination and so

when you have

a main goal of getting a million

subscribers and you say i’m a


um this is where i teach my students to

go have micro goals because how do you

need to create

a rhythm or a cycle of business so

you’re not procrastinating um there so

what did you do because uh you

apparently you got the goals like how

did you stop procrastinating on the

things that you need to do


i don’t know what do you think well the

next the the solution over here says

fail forward from the wilt from the will

smith video i don’t know if you guys

remember that i remember that that was a

really good one awesome video um but but

i think that’s it i think we just put it

out and then i mean a lot of it didn’t

work honestly i mean there’s and i kept

putting the hard things on the back

burner so when you would say go make

another one of those videos and i’d be



well let’s talk about that do you put it

on the back burner anymore

no no you don’t and the reason why is


it is a lot of work but it’s a lot of

work but it elevates your standing when

that momentum hits and that like to r

that reaction time is so important we we

had this mastery call with my students

um and we went over the right type of

timing and there’s so many people that

had that happen and every time i go and

review a channel i say oh you had that

moment and you just didn’t capitalize on

it and so it could be that moment to

take you from a million subscribers to

19 million uh i’m sorry a million views

a month to 19 million videos a month you

just got to get that momentum and then

it’s just the way that youtube works is

it there’s like these barriers and once

you cross a barrier then you’re

basically having that unless you have

really poor content but if your

content’s good you’re kind of within the


you’ll kind of level out a little bit

and then it’ll pop up again and then you

have that opportunity to really put in

that momentum that we’re looking for so

we really did i mean we probably had

like two or three or four maybe

opportunities that we just kind of

procrastinated on but it’s just i think

it’s just knowing okay here’s my here’s

a shot let’s take it off the back burner

and light it on fire like

let’s let’s go

any last thoughts hope

i think that’s about it all right so for

the people that are frustrating this is

your last thing to tell them that they

were they are where you were at you know

a while back before you you did a

consultation and jumped in my uh

coaching program but

kind of give them kind of that heartfelt

you know


it was bad i the call that i had with

daryl we haven’t recorded and i still

haven’t gone back we should probably go

watch it but i

haven’t gone back and watched it because

i was like

in tears almost the whole call like

holding it back

so frustrated

and at the time

it was so painful but i’m really

grateful for that pain and that

frustration because i don’t feel like

you can make any real changes in your

life until it’s emotion driven so

if if you’re that frustrated it just

goes to show that this is something

you’re passionate about and if if you’re

passionate about it you can do it it

sounds cheesy but if you have emotion

behind it and you want it more than

anything it’s gonna happen you’re gonna

make it happen

yeah and i think it comes back down to

setting goals setting your sight on

something creating a plan and then being

consistent and and really looking for

those opportunities to really analyze

your uh data and make improvements so

thank you hope appreciate it uh for all

those um and tyler thank you too

but for all of you uh here’s here’s the

thing um at the end of the day

uh if you really want to succeed on

youtube if you’re really stuck it’s

really understanding it’s about the the

viewer um you know how are they finding

how are they discovering for you um you

know you know how are they engaging with

your videos engaging your content and

what are they doing next so i want you

to get in the process of really

understanding who your viewer is how to

engage with them at that level so that

you can start to anticipate what they

want when you start to anticipate what

they want then that’s when you’re able

to really grow on youtube that’s when

you’re able to really take it to a level

that you’ve never had it before and

you’re able to take it on a level where

it connects with them and they’ll do

what i did of watching episode 5 of book

of boba fett it was like contacting 14

people watching it several times that’s

what we want to engage in this journey

this is what we want to do here now you

might think my content does not deserve

it and i’ve never seen a channel’s

content once they understand the niche

and the audience that they can’t that

they they don’t have uh uh passionate

viewers that watch every single video

that they put out that’s what we’re

trying to do is when they see your title

and thumbnail on the homepage that want

to click it because they’re like they

have that experience and then you’ll do

what uh marquis brownlee says it’s like

hey that’s your first opportunity to

tell a new viewer where you’re at and

want to engage and so there’s so much

that you can do

and so um look get the book it’s it you

can get it on amazon you can get

if you get on it comes

with a little mini course and stuff from

there but the reality is is this

is you can succeed i just met with a


that i’m looking to partner with

every year i kind of try to partner with

one or two

creators and i told them hey you have

what it takes you only started about 90

days ago and i said you have what it

takes to be successful on your own you


like you do

you don’t need me um you can figure

things out you’re smart enough and i

like your content but i told them this

says but you don’t have to go through

all that that those challenges if you

have someone mentoring you and helping

you and giving you the resources and

really thinking that more strategically

you can literally bypass and get closer

to that finish line where you want to be

and that’s where it’s all about so

regardless if you’re not coming into my

ecosystem with channel jumpstarter

that’s fine but surround yourself with

people that are

um really net positive type of people

they they want to contribute they want

to give you know they want to help

that’s why i try to surround myself by

we have an application process in

channel jumpstart and if they’re

negative nellie’s or toxic tags they

don’t i don’t care about their money i

just push them aside because i don’t

want to surround myself with people that

don’t get it and then two um i i don’t

believe in scarcity um and this is

something i want every content creator

to understand if you’re if you’re

thinking that if someone’s getting

success that it’s taking away from your

success i don’t want to be surrounded by

that either i want to be surrounded by

people that like good for them they did

this so oh that’s so amazing you know

you’re just looking at that as um you

know of an abundance mindset because

that’s what i am i have an abundance

mindset i don’t think that oh they’re

taking the last you know pie or whatever

they’re taking the last slice or

whatever i think we can order more pie

or we can make more pie you know that

that’s the way i look at

the world and the pie is just getting

bigger it really is and you know it’s

all about really helping each other and

i love

that hope and tyler were able to see the

success and i love it that they were

able to come on and help you guys uh

just kind of break out of the norm a

little bit see that it is possible that

it’s just hey here is the way to do it

and then two the things that she

actually um


at vidsummit was so so important because

it’s how you guys feel can you even

deviate when do you understand the niche

how do you understand the avatar the

depth that you need to go into really

your content itself because at the end

of the day it’s about your content and

if your content is not performing

there’s some things you need to look at

differently and

sometimes nine times out of ten it’s not

your title and thumbnail it’s like

literally you’re missing the mark on

people of how they will engage with that

title and thumbnail and how they engage

on the video so guys thank you so much i

really am excited for 2022 got some

really big goals this year i’m going to

try to get doing live streams a little

bit more like this

because i i love it like youtube’s in my


even though i’m so busy doing tv

productions and and other things that

are out there but i do love what i do

and i love helping you be successful on

youtube thank you everyone and we’ll see

you on the next one


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