6 Tiny Secrets to INCREASE Your Engagement Rate

Here are 6 ways I have found to increase youtube viewer engagement, including tips on how to make viewers stay longer, interact more (more comments, likes and subscribes), and improve viewer retention.

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the first thing you’re going to want to

do is get right to the point

especially if you are doing videos about

information or

skills where you’re delivering something

people came for a specific purpose or if

your entire channel is based around

searchable topics

you’re going to want to make sure that

you show them within the first few

seconds of the video

that you are answering why they came to

the video in the first place

you promised something with your title

and thumbnail why are they here

and show them within the first few

seconds yes you are going to get that

i’m going to assume because you’re

watching this that you want to get

better engagement on your youtube videos

so i’m going to show you howdy howdy

everyone nate here i am going to move

locations because my computer is right

here and it is breathing loudly while

it’s rendering a video file of

a webinar that i just put together for

you guys all righty there we go we’ve

got a new location here the second thing

you’re going to want to do

is use stories or humor in your videos

for example

with this video the reason this video

even came to about

is because i like to ask questions

periodically in my youtube community


and ask this open-ended question saying

hey what what are the things that you


people would cover more in this industry

and one of the ones that stood out to me

the most

was this one they asked specifically for

more tips on more

engaging videos now as far as the humor

aspect that comes out in your

personality right and i don’t know if i

would be the one to ask her that either


i don’t know i never try to do humor or

jokes in my videos

ever but if you do use humor or stories

in your videos make sure that it fits

you as the channel maker the biggest

pointer i can give you here is

practice and see what goes well with the

audience if you get reactions in the

comments on your videos

two jokes or things that you include in

your videos those are indicators that

it’s being successful the next aspect of

increasing engagement rate is moving

locations or visually changing the area

that you are recording you may notice

that often when i’m making videos i’ll

have two different distinct locations to

record i do that very intentionally

the one location could be where i

deliver the the majority of the content

of the video the other location

could be where i’m delivering more of

the data often i will also have

two different cameras and i will switch

off between one camera and another

camera so that i have variety because

anything i can do to do a pattern

interrupt and switch where the viewer is

seeing me from or the situation behind

me that’s going to be positive because

it adds variety to the experience

the thing i will say here is try to make

the location changes make sense with the

context of the video so it feels logical

in people’s minds

so no crazy location changes unless it’s


and fits the flow of the video so yes a

thing to avoid is having too many

locations in a row which of course i

just did to demonstrate a point but the

principle here

is you can have multiple locations and

perhaps if you’re stuck right now with

your filming with a single location

consider adding another angle or another

location that you can switch off

during your video it’s one of those

subtle changes that you can make in your

videos that add a lot

because you’re doing again pattern

interrupts and one of the keys to good


is doing something different every 30

seconds or less and in fact if you’re

more advanced it’s often every 5 seconds

or less

and i do not promise to be at that level


the next thing you can do to increase

engagement is something that you

probably would not have normally

considered adding to this list

and that is asking your audience to do

something because

literally what are you doing you’re

asking them to take an action which is

engagement which if this video is giving

you some good ideas or insights thus far

i would love it if you give it a boop so

it can spread to more people thank you

now i get it ideally in this type of

video i could deliver this information

in such a way that it was

demonstrated more fully and in order to

get that i would say watch some of the

other videos on my channel and take


of how i set things up

the next thing you can do to increase

engagement on your videos is add variety

in the post

editing that could include sound effects

visuals on screen

screen recordings or similar this is

especially important if your channel is

again more

skills based like a channel like channel

makers where i am giving information i’m

giving skills i’m giving tips

if your channel is like that it’s

especially important to have those

visuals to help people absorb what you

are describing

now the opposite extreme from this is if

you do entirely

visuals like if you were doing entirely

a powerpoint presentation

that’s not the direction i would

normally recommend either because

there is variety in that but not the

kind of variety that keeps movement

going and the last aspect of engagement

that i wanted to bring up is

again probably something that you did

not expect to have from

a youtube experts video about keeping

your engagement up in your videos

and that is you own the space

you own that location when someone is

there with you

and they’re watching you expect them to

want to watch you

i don’t often talk about the mindset

element here on my channel perhaps i

should maybe i should you know let me

know if you think that would be helpful

for you

but the way i want you to approach video

making from here on out

if you get nothing else from this video

i want you to keep this

you care about people which is why

you’re making your channel in the first


but also you deserve to be listened to

because if you really think about it if

somebody clicks on your video or taps on

your video to watch it

they want to watch it they wanted

whatever you were promising in the title

and thumbnail

they want to be there therefore you


to deliver that to them and they deserve

to receive it from you

oh you know right there the camera just

fell off my table

so really my goal here is to make you

successful on youtube

anything i can do to deliver those

skills to you in an effective way and

hopefully in an interesting way i’m

gonna do it and late

out but the principle here is but the

principle here is

the more location


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