4 Growing Creators share 4 YouTube Growth Tips (+Q&A)

We’re looking forward to sharing some YouTube growth tips with you, coming from a few creators who have been trying a few things on their channel and learning along the way. We’ll also be answering your questions, so join us, ask in the chat, and we’ll answer as many of your own YouTube growth questions as we can.

— Caroline Beck of, "Spain Eats:" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbem7mZCzat_gZmB532XoBQ
— Luke Weeks of, "Classic Man:" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCe4-dP7mdlI6JujEWRgNbw
— Neily of, "Neily on Nutrition:" https://www.youtube.com/user/NeilyonNutrition
— Lisa Chaves of, "Lisa Chaves:" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIgNjvvOXG3PM7p9hczXUg

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=================== text video ====================

hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to hang out with you again for

another video creators

podcast and live stream this time we are

live streaming this at youtube.com

video creators always a treat i haven’t

done this for a while i always get a

little little

little butterflies i’ve been doing this


for so long but this is going to be a

really fun

uh podcast episode and live stream to do

with you guys because i want to

introduce you

to some friends of mine that i’ve gotten

to know over the past eight weeks in in

video labs and

we’ve spent a lot of time working on

each other’s content we’re going to

each other’s videos and ultimately try

to answer this question how do we grow

on youtube how do we reach more people

with the messages that we’re spreading

how do we change their lives with the

content that we’re pouring ourselves

into and how do we

build businesses that make this all

financially sustainable for us

and those are such important

conversations to have and i’ve really

enjoyed having them

here with carolyn with lisa with neely

and luke

who some of you guys on the podcast

might know if you’re in the pawdience

but if you’re not in the pawdience and

you’re just here on the youtube

channel then luke is maybe a new face

for you he’s one of the new strategists

here on our team

and you’ll be hearing from him in a

little bit as well

but uh yeah so what we want to do for

you guys here is one i want to introduce

you to each of these creators

they have amazing stories amazing

channels amazing messages that they’re


and i want you to hear from them what

are they doing what are their next steps

that they’re taking to grow

their youtube channel to to to take what

they’re doing to the next level to reach

more people

and change more lives and i can see some

of you guys who are in the live chat

i’ve already been that through that good

to see casey a.m

hoops and uh he’s a graduate from the


session i think if it was the last one

or two sessions ago i don’t remember but

i know it’s this year so it’s fun

hanging out with casey and

good seeing you live you guys again so

if you’re not familiar with what video

labs is before we jump in just to give

you some context it’s our eight week

advanced youtube growth training

where it’s kind of like our small group

coaching where we’re going to have up to

20 people

in a small group and each week you’re

going to get some training you’re going

to watch you’re going to

join a live session zoom call with us

every week for eight weeks

and you get tons of assignments and

maybe they might

moan over the assignments a little bit

kayla’s already nodding her head like oh

my gosh yes

so it’s not for the faint of heart

necessarily uh

what would you guys say about i’ve been

saying like five to eight hours of

homework assignments but everyone’s

like no 10. how much it’s what you put

into it i think

yes really you can you could

you could put in like how many well i’d

hour-wise that’s hard to say but yeah i

would say at least five to eight as


mentioned like even more like carol’s

going no

more but i think it’s it’s also the more

you put in the more you get out

yeah and that’s the thing i tell my kids


all the resources that are included

click on them

go through all of that because they all

add a lot of value to what you’re doing

and you can

you can go through you can just watch

the videos that are in the course

and and save some time but you’re not

getting the same exposure to

the healthy resources yeah so

maybe 10-ish hours my point is it’s like

it’s for people who have a

who are like really ready to take this

to the next level and really ready

to dive in so if that’s you and you’re

ready for that next advanced level

growth training on how does the

algorithm work in and how do i

position my videos to rank better in

search and home feed and suggested and

and how do i craft good content that

captures someone’s attention and makes


have an emotional uh reaction to my

content into my brand

how do i use my analytics spot more

opportunities for growth all of that

in eight weeks we’d love to have you and

we have only two more left

this year if i’m not mistaken we have

one that just started we have another

one that starts with me in august i

think we have one more with ingrid

and then after that then the shutter

speed after that i think we’re done for

the year so only two more this year

go to videocreators.com video labs if

you want to check it out see if it’s

right for you or not

there’s a link to that in the show notes

as well and also in the show notes

you’ll find links to each of these

creators channels as you hear their

stories if you’re like oh my gosh

neily like i need more of your channel

in my life well just go down

to the show notes click on it you can go

check out her channel and follow along

with her story as she’s continuing to


so with that said those of you who are

in the chat we also

want to make sure that we are answering

your questions

and we are like we’re going to go

through some stuff here to help you out

hopefully here in just

in just a second but we really want to

spend a lot of time answering your

questions we want to be here for you

help you

understand like what do you need to do

to move forward and it’s not going to

just going to be me

one of the things i really love about

video labs it’s not just about click

here click there

and it’s not just about like oh here’s a

secret hack for

the algorithm whatever it’s about

ultimately if i’m going to boil it down


something it’s how do we craft content

that makes a human connection with


and makes them feel like oh like i love

this channel i love these videos how do

i get

more of that and we want to do that with

you guys here so if you have questions

as we’re going through it

please leave them in the chat here and

luke is going to be keeping up with it

throughout this whole thing you have

questions you can be copying and pasting

them putting them from a google doc in

front of us

so that we can make sure that we have

ample time at the end to get through as

many of your questions as possible to

help you

take the next step with with your

channel so

as you guys are leaving the questions in

the chat for us to help us so we can

help you out

i first want to introduce you to the

people that we have here

and each of them have a growth tip that

they want to share with you as well


actionable practical that you can use to

move forward with your channel take it

to the next

level as well so we hadn’t we didn’t set


order so i’m just gonna pick randomly

how about lisa we’ll start with you tell

us a little bit about your channel

and what you’re doing on youtube hello

okay i’d love to

well i’m lisa chavez and i have a

natural movement

youtube channel that i’m very proud of

and i

educate inspire and empower others to


naturally in their home or in their


any natural environment and i teach ways

to get strong and fit

but fun ways yeah it’s not like just

like oh i gotta bulk up and do all these

heavy weights and buy lots of fancy


that you can’t afford and that really

just ends up sitting in my closet you’re


you can kind of just do this anywhere

you want you know like

yeah that’s awesome so if you guys are

interested in that her channel’s linked

up down below definitely go

check it out lisa what is what is

something that you are really focusing


as a tip that you would also provide

other creators of like hey this is

something you guys really need to think

about and focus on if you want to grow

on youtube

playlists playlists okay

playlists um i just find it’s so

obvious we want people to stay on our

channel we want people to come to our


and have the most fabulous experience

when they’re there

and so we have to make it easy for them

it can’t just be

a bombardment of information

and videos it has to be structured in

such a way that people can go to your


and binge watch you and enjoy it from

beginning to end

so in terms of creating playlists we can

keep them short and sweet

pick out your top five six best videos

put a great title at the top of the


and the beauty of the playlist is that

you can

reference the playlist during your video

so if you’re creating a new video

and you’ve got this great playlist at

the end of that video you’ve got to


and say this is where you need to go to

find out more about this

topic and you’ll just give the best

experience to your viewers

yeah that is what most people think

about youtube growth

not too many people might immediately go

to like oh you know what it is

playlist that’s it but you are you’re

you’re really onto something though it’s

really important that a lot of people

miss and and don’t realize is like

we’re trying to get people to click on

one video and another video and another


and playlists are like the perfect tool

to get people to watch one video and

then another video in another video

a lot of people they they craft their


as like uh as as tools for organizing


like here’s all of my you know vlog

videos here’s all my exercise videos and

they try to like just work

or use it to organize content but what

you’re saying i really like

lisa which is like okay you can do that

but it’s really like this is an

opportunity to craft the viewing session

for someone

so um tell us a little bit because you

skipped over it pretty quickly this is

really important

the pointing to it at the end tell us

more about

the benefit of that and what that does

for your channel and

and and then i want to ask you another

question about what happens

well let me just do one question at a

time yeah so tell us more about doing

that at the end

well the end screens are another great


playlist end screens they go hand in

hand so at the end of your video

you’re going to put an end screen and

you’re going to make it be the playlist


has something to do with the video but

by pointing

at that end screen and saying this is

where you need to go you’re

giving the audience a very clear


of where they can go to find out more if

it just pops up on the screen

you’re not really going to let them know

that this

is the path for you to have the most


experience on my channel after loving

this last video

so that pointing is just it just will

probably bump you up by

10 30 10 20 30 of those

people that are going to end up clicking

on that end screen

i mean and it does you know you can you

should say something

and say this is where you wanna go i

myself i like to just do mainly


and so i put a nice like bright white

arrow that points up to where that end

screen is going to be

and it’s clear that that’s the call to

action that’s where people need to go

for more

yeah so instead of being like hope you

like my video comment subscribe

like smash the like button let me know

what you think and

like people are like oh this video is

over i’m out what you’re saying is like

don’t let them go be like hey here’s

another video for you and you’re doing a

pitch for that video rather than like

just click on any of the videos around


and they’re like well youtube’s already

giving me plenty of other options i

don’t need you to give me another one

but you do have an opportunity to give

like a verbal pitch for that

uh content and get them into that that

playlist how

i’m going to put you on the spot lisa

the question how long should your

playlist be

you know it’s nice to have it somewhere

between like just something that they

can consume

in one sitting so maybe it’s three to

five videos

depending on the length maybe they’re

all very very short videos

and maybe it needs to be more like five

to eight videos yeah

gotta be your strong videos it’s gotta

be tough

i used to think also it’s a category

just pile in all of them

right and no it’s got to be very

specific as to

what people will want to watch after

they watch that last video

yes yeah so you’re again coming back to

this idea that it’s really not about

like just organizing all your all of

your videos about let’s say

um stretching and uh becoming more

flexible like

in in one playlist although you could

have that you’re saying just take your

best three

or four videos that will actually get

them to click on one video

to the next to the next and put that in

front of them

and we didn’t get into it here and we

won’t because um

um but you if you guys who are

interested in going to the next level

with this

youtube gives you all the same analytics

you have about your videos about your

playlists too not all the metrics but

most of them so you can see exactly what


exit rate is in your playlist you can

see which videos are causing abandonment

in the playlist and use that information

to better optimize that viewing session

to make it more likely for what for

someone to go from one video to the next

based on your analytics

so get a little nerdy there for you but

yeah thank you lisa you guys will check

out her channel link to that down

below um neely tell us about

your channel what you’re doing on

youtube thank you

um neily on nutrition is about helping


mostly women develop and build a


relationship with food and which


it’s not really the reason i started my

channel i mean i started my channel a

long long time ago

because i am in the world of nutrition

i’m a dietitian

and a certified health coach and i

there’s a lot of

really confusing information on out


on the internet i decided to go back to

school myself

to study nutrition almost three decades

ago because i was confused and this was

long before the internet

so having um so that was i i originally


but the world of nutrition it’s a it’s a

huge topic i mean there are so many

different things

so through 30 days um with your 30 days

a youtube channel that and then

segwaying into video labs what i’ve


done is honed in more on my um on my

target audience

and um and my value proposition which

instead of you know helping you know

provide relevant

nutrition information blah blah blah so

people can make educated decisions i

decided to go back to what my business

is about which is helping women

and develop a healthy relationship with

with food as well as

taking the fear out of food there’s a

lot of stuff that’s just

you know making people crazy and don’t

know what to do and should i eat carbs

or should i not eat carbs is gluten bad


all of that stuff so i’m trying to


the the the two of them so i need that

because i was actually thinking about

you needly because

i i’ve been trying to lose weight like

which you know and then

last week i had one of those screw it on

i don’t care anymore weeks

a lot of emotional eating just to be

totally honest and transparent

and um and maybe tmi but yeah it was uh

it was it like it went up three pounds

i’m like man it took me like a month to

do that

and now like one week it’s all gone so i

think the stuff that you’re providing to

people can

literally change people’s lives and make

a really big

really big difference so thank you for

for what you’re doing and just

just throw something out there too i

think one of the the biggest

issues that people have it’s like they

go on a diet they’re going to change

their eating habits change

everything and it doesn’t matter i mean

you can

you know not eat right and and i don’t

use it i just did a video about cheat

meals which

i just that those words just don’t

resonate with me well it’s like you know

we’re gonna have a fun food or fun meal


i think really people like okay so it’s

over with it’s done with just you get

right back on track

and whether it’s that next meal that

next day you know monday is never going

to come you know that’s

so or if you do think of that monday and

people are going to think of um

you know sunday is going to be like the

last supper day you know we’re

just cowing down and everything so

really it’s just really

helping people in that regard yeah your

message has a much

more healthy approach than most that

i’ve i’ve heard so

i think it’s i think it’s great really

hope it helps a lot of people

as you’re growing your channel moving

forward what’s what’s like your tip that

you have for creators based on what

you’re learning and experiencing that

you think would be really helpful for


so many i mean just to like what lisa

was talking about first of all the


yes i had carbs i had protein i had fats

and so changing those making them you

know more

smaller and more manageable but um but

analytics in particular because you can

learn some stuff

on youtube watching some binge watching

some videos but

what going even deeper in that and and


and really the why for example like um

i haven’t had the growth that i feel

that i should have only

it’s probably because i don’t have the

content that people are gonna watch so

i’ve learned that

but it’s like no one’s going to get to

the end of your video

to watch that end screen unless they

click on

your thumbnail in the title so you’ve

got to have you know because and

and len looking at your um the

click-through rate

okay you know how many people see it how

many people click through it if it’s got

a lower

click-through rate ah maybe i should

change it so

learning about that and then you know

maximizing the videos and i’ve got a lot

of old old videos that i haven’t

you know that i’m not going to do

anything with but there are some that

have gotten some views a lot of my

information is very evergreen so it


really go away um so um so yeah so

looking back on

on more popular videos on my channel and

optimizing um

and then in the end screen too it’s like

did somebody get to the end

and i realized when i started my channel

youtube didn’t have the

cards and the end screens it was you

know i don’t even remember what they had


so a lot of my videos didn’t even have

any end screen

so and through the analytics i learned

that it’s like okay this has gotten some

traction get some you know decent amount

of views

i should add an end screen down here now

it’s not going to be as good as me

saying like oh watch this one next

because i’ve already done it

but um yeah so going forward you can do

kind of what lisa was saying which is

like hey here’s the next one give an


good call to action where you’re you’re

creating more tension

more in curiosity like oh how does that

work what happens next there and then

getting them to

click on that yeah exactly yeah and

that’s just all just

you know trying to learn on my own and

it really wasn’t until

you know video creators that i really

kind of put that stuff

into place um yeah and also when i first

did my videos i had like a little intro

and then i did my thing and then i had

an outro and

the cool thing about youtube is you can

edit and like

get you know trim that stuff so i’ve

taken a lot of those

endings away because you look at your

graph it’s like

like that everybody’s like see ya bye

i know yeah you know i don’t know if

we’ve talked about this inside

video labs or not i know we didn’t in

our group sessions but i don’t know if

it’s in the training video

where one of the clients that we work

with has

at this time of the story they had about

six million subscribers and for them

they were like

tim help me figure out the difference

between for them

a 300 000 view video and a million

view video and they’re like sometimes i

put a video up and it

stops at 300 000 sometimes i put a video

up and it goes to a million what’s the

difference how can i predictably

understand is this a three is this a one

million view video or a 300

000 view video and it all kind of came

down to

one of the main things that we saw uh is

what you’re saying neely is

and lisa you’re you’re alluding to this

is as well which is

it was if they had a certain percentage

or lower of click-throughs on their end


it was a 300 000 view video if they had

a certain percentage

of click-throughs or higher on their end

screen it was a million view video

and there was a pretty big gap right in

the mirror in the middle it wasn’t like

it wasn’t like we were kind of reading

into the data it was pretty obvious

that we could start predicting pretty

quickly after he published the video

is this going to peter out around 300

000 or just going to go

past a million and and it came down to

one are we getting people to the end to

see the end screens in the first place

and then yeah if yes

then number two are they clicking to

want to want to watch

more from you and those are both very

positive signals in terms of watch time

in the viewing session for youtube for

them to figure out like oh this is a

valuable video

and and it engages more and more people


um yeah a lot of people are


that uh now you mentioned titles and

thumbnails as well

that’s also really important um anything

you want to mention there

well i think carolyn’s going to talk

more about the thumbnail so yeah

yeah yeah yeah really good yeah guys

analytics data you can’t overlook this

stuff like this is how you can figure


are like what actually is happening with

my with my content it’s

the non-sexy side of youtube that most

people don’t really get that excited

about and don’t spend a whole lot of

time watching

and don’t because it’s creative i’m i’m

this exact same way so i get it

we just want to make cool stuff and

publish it for people

and then go on to making the next cool

thing and the next cool thing and we

don’t really

want to sit down and look at the excel


of numbers that aren’t lying to us

our commenters often do oh this is my

favorite video this is so good

you know like i don’t understand why you

don’t have more subscribers well

if you deserve more subscribers and more

people wanted to subscribe you would

have more subscribers

and the data can often reveal exactly

what’s what’s going on

so really important to get into into


uh and learn how that works or at least

hire someone else to do it not that i’m

doing another plug but we do do that for

other people so there you go

carolyn tell us about your channel and

what you’re doing on youtube

uh thanks very much tim my channel is

all about spanish cuisine

it’s designed to focus uh target

american women

who want to explore

what it’s what life is like in spain

what cooking is like

in spain but do it from an american


and this came about a year ago when a

non-profit organization

in the united states asked me if i would

help them

promote spanish culture and i’d never

done a video before so i

said okay i can go for this and i’ve

been doing it for a year now from the

ground up

um the class has been extraordinary for

me because

i knew nothing about uh

how to do these things how to organize

them my first step

was the 30-day course which was


but what i learned was i’m one of those

people who need

deadlines and need interaction and need

a push and the video labs course we took

while it starts off with making sure

you’ve gone through the 30 days

it’s so much more than that because you

held me accountable

you gave me a lot of homework and yes i

did spend more than five to eight hours

a week

you’re welcome and i’m sorry i guess but

i wanted to and and the beauty of the

this course is everybody that was in it

did it according to what they could fit

in their lives

and i have the time to be able to fit in

a lot so i learned

a great deal about it that’s great

so that’s that’s about it i i

do do a better job with more uh

life about spain and life on the farm

but so far it’s videos that are related


recipes but given to people from a point

of view they can understand because i

was an american for many many years so i


yeah that’s great so as you’re growing

your channel

i know you’re in the beginning phases of

really ramping this up what

what have you been learning that you

would pass along to another creator

about hey you really pay attention to

this and think about this

in order to grow um interestingly

my tip is at the beginning of the

process and

and so far we’ve done a lot of talking

about the playlists and the end screens

and all that

and my tip is about the importance of

the thumbnail

and the title and

the way i understand it from everything

we learned

the it’s really simple thing to think

about a thumbnail and a title

has a single objective and the objective

is to stop somebody and get them to

click on that

video because if you don’t get them to

click it doesn’t matter if your video’s

good or bad they won’t see it so that’s

number one that’s the objective and uh

and then the strategy to make that


as you taught us tim we’re kind of


first is spark curiosity get

people to think wow that looks really


that’s one part be intriguing enough to


make them think whoa what’s that about

and the other part

that you taught us is about

understanding your audience

well enough so that that audience looks

at that

and says wow this is exactly what i’m

looking for

and if you can catch either one of those

two things

that’s really interesting or man this is

exactly what i need

they will click on it and they will get


the video so when i went through


with the course the things i learned uh

it’s a little long-winded but i think

there’s six

tips that are are important about


and titles and they’re all based on


the first one is you got to as soon as

you figure out what your concept is

for the video you want to create you’ve

got to sit down

and craft the thumbnail and the title

before you ever pick up the camera

i’ve got about it the opposite way and

that’s never helpful because the next


important part of that is if you

convince somebody to click on that


and read that title and they click and

you haven’t you’ve set an expectation

that you don’t pay off within the first

20 seconds

they’re gone so if you come up with your

thumbnail and your title

before you film then you have a chance

on film to answer exactly what the

thumbnail and title convinced

them they might get if they clicked on

it so i think that

to me that that was really fundamental

because i hadn’t done that before

the second part and the second tip is

um and this is my term but i think of

thumbnails and titles like real estate

youtube is giving us the space for free

but the only way to make it work is if

you maximize that

and which means don’t put the same text

in the thumbnail and the title don’t

make those two overlap

make them complement and that was

another really important point that you

drove home that it took

me a long time to get to to recognize

there’s two key elements here and if you

make them both say the same thing

you’re losing 50 percent of the value so

that’s another one

in my channel review uh luke pointed out

some really important things that are

good to use and those are power words

like i use secret trick to tell


a way to do something or this is awesome

or this is a great five minute

whatever but the most important thing

that luke told me

to do was you can say all those things


don’t make them click bait if it’s not


right don’t put things in there

the fourth tip i learned i’ve seen

lisa do a great job of that in fact lisa

the video you

launched today that said nine great


to your back will be happy i can’t

remember all the words

but it’s using list of what you know

what they call listicles

and a listicle does to me does two great

things when it’s in a title

one it sets an expectation and two

if it’s three things or nine things

somebody expects to go through

all those nine things and you get them

all the way to the end of the video

so i think those listicle ideas are


for making that happen and the fifth tip

is something that you’ve talked about so

much tim

in all the different levels of content

creation and that is

inspiring change or behavioral change

and that is a how to do this

or doing the flip side never do this

and that makes me curious about how they

do that in

in one of your videos on your channel it

was blake doubled his

subscribers in five months so you

someone has an

idea in their own head that’s

inspirational to them

oh wow i want that too or i want to

learn how to do that

and the final tip which i’m nowhere near

getting to yet because i have

very few subscribers and even fewer

views is

testing when it comes time to figuring

out what thumbnails perform

and so i know it’s important but i can’t

speak to

how it works because yeah

but it would be great if someone else

could grab the baton from me

and talk about the value of

testing different ways and thumbnails

and the analytics of that

yeah testing we talked about in in

the analytic one of the analytics weeks

in video labs is using groups

and setting up groups if you’re not

familiar with that is if you’re looking

at advanced mode of your analytics in

the upper left corner you can click on


your channel name little box around it

click inside that box and this drop down

appears and one of the

tabs in there that appears is called

groups and you can group

say all of your videos that have

thumbnails with faces and then make

another group of all

of your videos that have thumbnails

without faces and then use the compare


button on the right side and then the

advanced analytics to compare those two

groups side by side

and you can see like oh wow overall

videos that have faces

those thumbnails tend to get this

click-through rate versus that um and so

you it makes it a little easier to

start comparing some of those those

things together uh

right in there so you can start a b not

it’s not a b testing in sense of like


true a b testing but you can start

comparing the data

based on any parameters you like and

based on the videos you select and put

in those groups

whether it be faces or thumbnails or

opening hooks or

end screens or whatever it is that you

want to evaluate put in those groups

yeah one thing too about the listicles

is um

i don’t know if this isn’t super

commonly known but last i

read it was prime numbers tend to work


i’m not sure why but like three five

seven eleven ways to like i think it

just feels

weird be like oh that’s 11 that’s an odd

number like there must be 11 good things


or seven you know is a little no no it’s


from magazine stands newspaper headlines


um advertising copy in general prime

seemed to

perform better last i saw interesting

cool well thank you carolyn you guys

want to check out her channel

link to it down below and evaluate her

her title thumbnail game as she

continues to grow

she’s making uh like oh my gosh space

but yeah

her channel is down there we’ll hear

from luke in just a second but to remind

those of you who are in the chat

that we do want to spend some time

answering questions we got some good

ones already and it’s been so fun to


those of you who have been like i went

through 30 days was the best thing ever

video labs and um so thank you guys for

for being here i feel like we attracted

a whole bunch of video labs uh alumni


which is which is fun so uh good to have

you guys but yeah put your questions in

there and then we’ll

jump into them in just a second after we

hear from

luke so luke is one of the

he’s the newest strategist on our team

youtube strategist and getting ready to

start doing consultations with uh

with a lot of you guys and as he’s been

training in

we’re like hey luke let’s let’s start a

new youtube channel together

and go through our process so as he’s

learning it with us he’s just

executing it on his own content his own

videos on that channel

and uh so luke why don’t you tell us a

little bit about that what that channel

is all about what you’re doing here

thank you tim um so

my channel is called classic man and it


hobbies and practices that develop

charming characters so that you can be a


who leaves a legacy so the content is

kind of centered around

more traditional type things more

classic type ideas and

things i enjoy things that i hope things

that i think helped develop me

for my family and in life and so one of


biggest elements that i took away from

going through video labs

a few times now is storytelling

we talk in the course we make references

to the book

story worthy by matthew dicks

everyone needs to read that book i i

think if anyone does any communication

in general they need to read that book

so they can learn the difference between


anecdotes and real stories the part that

sticks out to me the most that matthew

dix talks about is

what makes a story a story is the

five-second transformational reference

right so you can tell a story you can

tell a sequence of events and it’s

it’s really just reporting a sequence of

events but when you tell about

where you start and where you wind up

and what changes whether it’s the

environment that changes

the character that changes or even the

whole point of view that changes through

an experience

viewers connect with that story


and where i see it play out is in the

retention graphs and i ask

i ask our clients whether they’re in

video labs or we’re having consultations

i ask them like hey where you’re

focusing on story

what does your retention graph do and

what i’ve seen it do for me and i don’t

have a whole lot of content because it’s

a new project

when i started telling stories where

there was a transformational portion

or there’s an element that shows this is

what it went through and that’s what it

turned out

i get straight lines on the retention

graph and i know that as views go up

those lines will get a little more wavy

but like where you really keep people’s


is because they’re going on a journey

with you they’re experiencing something

that connects them at the heart rather

than just watching information play

across the screen

so if there’s anything that i could tell

anyone that says hey how do i

keep people on my channel how do i keep

people watching my video what what can i

do to engage my audience more

be real and tell stories about

transformation if if that’s the case or

or if you’re doing tutorials

show a product that goes from wood to a

desk if it’s like a diy

tutorial type thing but do not miss out

on applying storytelling to the content

that you’re creating

luke you opened up a can of worms i want

to jump into it but i’m going to resist

because we could spend five ten more

hours talking about

the impact that this has on people’s

content in terms of building a human


in terms of holding people’s attention

from our watch time

in terms of building brand loyalty in

terms of understanding the brand

uh in terms of like edu a lot of us who

are educators

i know it’s hard at first it’s like

actually let me put this on on carol and


and neely here just spread your hand um

when we started going through video labs

and you start we’re first we go through

all the algorithm stuff how the

algorithm works and we get into

like um okay now that you know how it

works what are we gonna do to actually

capitalize on some of these principles

you say and then or and you’re like


like but i’m just trying to teach

something i don’t really

so any of you want to speak to that

experience because it’s usually very

common i know anyone listening to this

who’s like yeah all i want to do is

teach people how to cook

or how to get fit or how to lose weight

or whatever and then you’re telling me


how do i that feels like a square peg in

a round hole is that kind of what your

your reaction was at first too and then

where are you at with it now

i’ll jump in so one of the things

absolutely i mean storytelling is

it it’s i’ve heard time and time again


listened to like so many of your

podcasts but it wasn’t until really

getting in and diving into learning more


it did i really start and the the um

the guidelines that you give us and the

graphs and how

to to to do that and also introducing us


to people um like um luke had mentioned

uh matthew dicks and others that are you

know experts in the storytelling

really opened up my mind to


you know what to do how to do it i am

far from

there yet but i think first it starts


the awareness of what you need to do and


hopefully i’ll be able to execute um

more on that

yeah i’ll admit that

no sound i’ll admit that i was

um what tim and luke would refer to as a


and one of those people who i just

thought now

i’m doing videos on recipes how

can i add story to that and i was


to do that sort of thing but i have to

say by the end of this

exercise that we all went through on


i do understand that people want more

than just seeing it straight uh

um on the counter or in the oven they

they want to understand what it is about

me the a makes me an expert or b

that makes my struggles

in the kitchen more visible to them so

i’m now anticipating having some

bloopers in there like

when the paella falls on the floor i

it’s i don’t have to take that out of

the cutting room because

it humanizes you people are like oh i do

things like that too

good yeah totally well if you guys want

to follow along with

luke as uh he develops that channel

classic man link to that in the show

notes as well

go check it out let’s jump into some of

your questions here now

um just i think i explained this a

little bit upfront but

one of my goals with video labs is not

just to teach people

how where to click and what to do it’s

more like how to think i’m more

interested in

equipping creators to know how to

strategically approach their content

and their channel so that and equip them

to be successful

long term on the platform as the

algorithm changes and

as viewers expectations change and

the platform just continues to evolve i

want to equip people to be able to stay

on top of that for the long run

and so what i want to do now with asking

them your questions

is this is kind of like not their final


or test but they’re kind of being put on

the spot to think about questions that

we likely

didn’t even cover maybe we did cover but

um that maybe we didn’t even cover in

video labs maybe they’d never even

thought about or considered before

but because we’ve taught them this

process of how to strategically approach

youtube and content strategy in a more

timeless manner i want to see how they

come up with

answers uh for these questions that you

guys are asking based on those

principles so

no pressure you guys but uh here we go

okay just jump in whoever wants to take

this first one it’s from

dennis crewey i think it’s how you say

it and he asked is it still advisable to

pitch my lead

my email lead magnet and a related

playlist at the end of all my videos are

only my playlist

so should he have lots of things that

he’s promoting at the end

or just one and how does he know which

one which thing to promote

no no yeah that’s um one of the things


that learning and um through the courses

is understanding okay you’ve got like

three buckets you’ve got your discovery

videos and your community videos and

then like your sales video

so a sales video is going to take

somebody away from youtube

and if you’re trying to grow you don’t

want them to go away from youtube

so the discovery video would be you know

if you want

that then pointing to a playlist and

just a playlist

um would be or a video i don’t know if

you can do a

playlist playlist alone i think it’s got

to be with a video

but anyway i think you can use just a

playlist but yeah you do you can do both

there yeah so you’re saying like

no just focus on one thing yes

yes yeah it’s i yeah that’s totally

right neely like

you ask people do multiple things

they’re less likely to do any of them

and especially if you’re trying to get

people to

end the viewing session as well as

increase the viewing session those are

two conflicting viewer signals so i

would just

if you want that video to go be as

discoverable as possible

just yeah link to the playlist yeah and

then you want people to go to the magnet

do a video that just leads people to the


do it that way perfect love it cool

let’s get keep going thank you neely

yoyofinds asks which are more important

description or tags

if you want to grow which one’s more

important where should he focus

his attention all right

you guys aren’t going to jump in


police and carolyn if you’ve got

something i mean this is something

that just blew my mind and i don’t know

what week it was but

youtube doesn’t care what your tags and

your description and your title say

because they know when you’re uploading

it through

artificial intelligence this just like

like one of those

moments that oh my gosh um they know

you know what’s in your background they

know what you’re saying they know

all of that so it really doesn’t matter

i mean it matters a bit

but not as much i think as people think

it matters

yeah yeah so we did in video labs is we

showed them

exactly here’s what’s happening behind

the scenes and how youtube takes

a piece of footage and interprets what’s

happening in it all on its own even

while it’s uploading before it’s even

done uploading like this is what they’re

figuring out

so you said something really important

though neely which is

you didn’t say that they’re not

important they’re just not

important for the reasons you thought

they were which is for

the algorithm so anyone who wants to

jump in here

what is important about

well is there anything important about

this but you included titles in that

in that too neely so when we think about

titles we think about descriptions and


um let’s just go to titles i guess and

make it easy here let’s let’s say yes

you’re right description

tags don’t really get a whole lot of

weight in the algorithm

if any at all but titles do matter again

not algorithmically but because

why why why are titles still important

god lisa

so it’s not so much that you need to get

all those key words

into the title like we once thought it’s

really more about making sure that

you’re communicating

what it is that you want to deliver to

your target audience

if you can communicate that clearly then

you’re going to get

that audience to click on that video

and then you’ve got to deliver in the

video but if you’re just trying to put

together a title

that’s it’s not so much that youtube’s

going to look at that title and the

words that you

used in order to promote that video and

push it to different audiences they’re

going to put that video in front of the

people that want to see

what you’re putting out there they’re

the people that are starting to like

follow the stuff that you are creating

so you’ve just got to be a little bit

mindful of like making sure that you’re

communicating to your target audience

and making a

connection with a human as opposed to a

connection with

the world of youtube robots the youtube


yeah was one of

uh that’s one of my favorite uh phrases

tim that you use

in many many of the lessons we’ve had

think of it that you are you are

promoting to a person

not a robot so if you’re stringing a

bunch of keywords together

thinking that the robot will use that

they won’t use it

but if you write to the person the


that you have that will spark curiosity

that will make it intriguing that will

make them wanna and

and do it in a way that’s in their

language in a normal way that you talk

to anyone

right exactly yeah a lot of people think

that youtube

is trying to find viewers for your


but it’s actually the other way around

they’re trying to find

which videos does this viewer want to

watch it’s a viewer centric

system not a video centric system and so

we are trying to align our content

strategy with youtube’s

how youtube works which is let’s focus

on the viewer

and let’s optimize for people not for

robots and so that when those people


they’re enticed to click now the keyword

might matter because someone is looking

for a certain value they want to consume

and thus they expect to see a certain


in the title like if they want to watch

a a

a video about weight loss they would

expect to see weight loss in the titles

not because that keyword was in there

it’s just that it communicated

accurately the value of that video to

the person who wants to consume it

so it’s still viewer centric in that


cool technical massam

i don’t know i’m so bad you guys have

been in live streams before

like this is just going to be a ritual

that we’re just going to have i’m sorry

how it says how to start getting views

like how do you get more views you’re

just getting started like

what what advice would you give for that


good lisa you’ve got to start off by


pinpointing exactly who it is that

you’re trying to reach

and what it is that you’re trying to

deliver to them

so in our course we learned about target

audience and really fine-tuning who it

is that you’re trying to connect with


also learning exactly how to create your

value proposition

what it is that you want to deliver to

that audience so

in order to really be able to create the

content that’s going to start getting

views you have to be

very specific about who you’re trying to

reach and what you want to give to them

and then they will come yeah

all right start so it starts with the

viewer yep exactly yeah

after that people are like okay what

kind of videos should i make

that would start getting views how might

someone go about thinking

about which videos to start making

what i thought what i thought was

interesting about what lisa just said

and it was transformative for me was

originally i was making the videos that

i was interested in making

not necessarily the videos that my

target was interested in having me make

so to the point of knowing who your

target is and providing

something of value to them to me the

most important thing is

what are they looking for that’s and

you do you don’t want to just chase

everything that you think someone

might be interested it’s got to apply to

your category and your area of expertise

but it’s all about what they’re looking

for not necessarily what

you want to create a video on

yeah if you happen to be in your target

audience that can work well

but most of us if we’re experts or

educators in our space we’re not our

target audience anymore

so we have to think yeah a little

differently about it

great cool say one thing tim about like

trying to create

a little bit of energy around your

videos a nice way to kind of

look at youtube and then decide what

videos you want to create

is find some channel that’s in your

niche and see what they’re doing and see

especially if it’s a

a channel that’s just up and coming like

maybe they’ve got about 30

000 subscribers but they’re starting to

get some videos with some traction maybe

like 100 000

views then you might have a video that

might complement

that video so try to create that video

it might be like

a follow-up or it might be a prelude to

the one that’s starting to get some


and then youtube might start seeing that

your video

connects in some way and the viewers

enjoy watching your video after seeing

this other one that’s taking off

and then they start might start

recommending your video

and then your numbers start to grow

yeah and that’s great and then another

doing that

known unknown connecting like this is


i’m doing is that kind of what you’re

saying or is or is that something


i make sure

going from like connecting was unknown

to what’s known so like

a good way to get traction started

beginning also is to be like

hey i’m uh making videos about

um getting in shape and no one knows

maybe who

whom i am yet on my channel but they

know who maybe jillian michaels is

so i’m gonna make a video reacting to

why she’s wrong or why

she’s right or uh or tweak it this way

or to improve

like so people click because i know

jillian michaels but in the process then

get introduced to you

so it’s tapping into other people’s

audiences and other communities that

already exist

and connecting that to your brand can be

really good too okay way to get started

and i think it’s it’s um

talking about um like finding like you

were talking about lisa getting the

finding those channels that are in your

niche that are getting you know good


and you know not making the identical

video but making stuff like how could


do it in your own way and your with your

own personality

to um to do that or well yeah

that and how can you do it better yep

great mr m senior community asked

keeping up interest keeping the interest

up for people to get the end screen how

do you do that how do you get how do you

hold people’s attention to get to that

end screen in the first place what does

that look like

well storytelling is one good way

but also ensuring that within the first

20 seconds that you’re delivering

what your thumbnail and title is

suggesting is going to be delivered

so within those first 20 seconds it’s

clear that this video

if they watch it to the end it’s going

to deliver on what it is that they are


yep great yeah story can do a really

good job of holding people’s attention

and then setting it up well with a lot

of intrigue

creating tension curiosity in the

beginning of the content especially but


but then holding that intrigue to the

very end is really important

i think i think too and just i mean i’ve

i’ve done a lot of speaking and

teaching and it’s kind of like the whole

idea it’s like when you’re talking it’s

like tell them what you’re going to tell


tell them and then tell them what you

told them you know

that doesn’t really apply to youtube and

you’ve really got to

get in there and not be so redundant

with a lot of the content which i found

that myself that i was doing too much of

in my older videos

so yeah cool time for tech

asks could you break down the difference

between discoverable community and sales


and how often you should use each so we

actually go

into depth about this not in video labs

it’s actually in a more fundamental

course called 30 days to better youtube


which you can find at videocreators.com

30 days three zero days

and in that course we break like here’s

an overview content strategy we call it

the three bucket strategy

and every video you do should fit into

one of these buckets

so what most people do is they they have


15 goals for every video they publish

they want every video to get lots of


get lots of subscribers get lots of

likes get lots of comments

rank number one hit the home page go big

on reddit rank in search and you know

they got like

like send lots of traffic to their

website and their email list generate

sales so like they’re trying to do all

these things with every piece of content

and we’re like whoa that doesn’t work

anywhere marketing world let’s design

one specific goal for this video and we

break it down into three different goals

so we have

some videos that go into the

discoverable bucket which these videos

are intended to go out

and reach people have never heard of us

heard of us before and then we have

our community bucket which is where we

uh primarily grow the no like and trust

factors with our existing audience that

we already have

and then we have our sales content which

is the videos that are

the only call to action is leave youtube

go sign up download buy

register whatever the case might be it’s

an off platform action that you want the

person to take and there’s a lot of

reasons why we do that besides what i

just quickly went through

um but i’d love to hear from one of you


about how often should you do a

discoverable versus a community versus

a sales video um i’ll

i’ll take the first whack at this for me

because i’m just starting out the most

important thing i can do

is create discoverable videos because i

want to

build views and build an audience i’m

not ready yet for community

views videos because i don’t have

enough of a community to attach

to that and i’m not doing sales videos


so i think a lot of it has to do with

where you are

in the life cycle of your channel if

you’re new like me

discovery is what it’s all about if


moving along and you’ve got enough of a


that you want to establish familiarity


a branding iconic kind of relationship

then you can do some community videos as


but my point is start with discoverable

if you’re starting a new channel even

even though carolyn even if you’re not

a new channel like i if you you know if


channel’s been a little stagnant and you

want to start growing again

those discoverable and i actually had

this question for you in one of our um

classes tim i was like how and i think

you gave me like a three to one ratio

three discoverables to one sales

and but you know i do have something

that that you know that was kind of the

so that’s why i’m trying to focus on

myself right

yeah and in different industries and

different audiences have different


for that as well so some some audiences

are just really intolerant for sales and

sometimes because of the audience but it

could also be

the way you’ve cultivated that audience

and the expectation you set

for them to have with you and your brand

uh so that can

be reversible but it’s sometimes pretty

difficult but very generally speaking

yeah three uh

one sales video for every three videos

is uh value

driven videos can be great yeah cool

uh happily a mama asks a question that

i get asked a lot and i want to hear how


these people answer it happily mama says

how many videos should i be uploading a


does it matter do they need to be

uploading a lot of videos every week

or yeah what should a good video posting


b go ahead lisa it should be

whatever you said it to be and then you

should stick with that

and you should let your audience know

when you’re going to be posting and

stick to it so that they can rely on you

and they can come to you

come to youtube looking for your videos

and it will be there

so let me you’re right let me uh let me

push a little bit further

so this is like bonus question for it


um does the will the

will youtube’s algorithms reward my

channel and help it grow if i publish

more videos per week

um yeah let’s do that will i grow faster

if i publish more videos per week

good uh i don’t care uh guys

i the most important thing that i’ve

learned from this

is it’s less about volume and youtube

doesn’t care about volume

and it’s all about quality when youtube

started it was

quantity because they were building

their own business and they needed lots

of videos

now they don’t need any videos at all

there’s billions being produced every


but what they need is for viewer


they need people to stay and people will

stay on youtube

if the content is good if the content

isn’t and there’s a lot of it

then people won’t be there so the short

answer is

you can do as many videos post as many

videos as you want to

provided they all are the same level of

quality that you want them to be

exactly right yeah you nailed it good


it’s about like uh yeah it’s

youtube just is really really really


satisfaction as the one the key metrics

that they’re looking at in terms of

how we decide what this video is that

we’re promoting is it not promoting


they figured out like hey we can get

people to watch a lot of videos and

spend a lot of watch time and session


and then they realize like the videos

that do that or a lot of these


theory videos and before long people

are like in the wee hours of the morning

so watching youtube having this crazy

long session

by the end of it they just feel a little

icky and then they’re less likely to

come back to youtube two days later or

next week

and so their youtube is not willing to

sacrifice someone’s ability to come back

to youtube for the sake of a longer

watch time reviewing session so

satisfaction is really really important

and we talked a little bit about how

they measure that inside of video labs

when we talk about the algorithm and

things but

yeah that’s exactly right let’s take one

more question here and this is a really

good one to wrap up with

from claudio calderia

what’s the best way to what’s the best

way to storytelling method for

educational content

so each of us here educators we touched

on this a little bit

but in terms of a method or a process

that someone should consider

actually how to do this as an educator

any advice that you would

have for that person okay lisa

we we learned a few different styles


um that you could use for storytelling

like three different styles

but i don’t know if it’s so much of a

particular style as long as it


clearly shows a transformation that has


i think that’s just the number one rule

when it comes to storytelling is that

it must clearly show show first of all

what the stakes are what’s at risk if


don’t make this transformation and then

show that the transformation

does happen and when it comes to

educational material

there’s there’s many ways you can insert

a story it doesn’t have to take up the

entire video it might even be just the

first couple of minutes

and finish it up at the end you can be

creative with the way you tell it within

the video

but it does need those components what’s

at stake

and what is the transformation

yeah good they said carol or caroline

neely have anything after that

no no i mean that’s that’s it really um

i think one of

the challenges i have is that because i

can use

clients that i’ve worked with and but

the issue that i have is that that they

come to me for a reason

and then they change in the time they’re

working with me but

those are kind of more sales videos

going to take people away from my

channel and i don’t

i’m trying not to do that so i’m trying

to figure this out

myself um and just in in different types


of stories things that aren’t so

major yeah yeah lisa that’s really good

and the only two it’s like this

transformation and it doesn’t have to be


thought doesn’t have to be this using it

could just be how you set it up how you

set up the video

it could be um like a couple of examples

we use in video labs which is like

um instead of just being here’s how you

draw a face he just opened it up with

my wife just says that she can’t draw

faces well

maybe you feel like the same way too

here she is drawing a face

before i told her this i forget i’m not

quoting exactly this how to do this

and then here she is showing after this

one simple

tip let me all right and then the rest

of the video is the tutorial but what he

did is he set it up to show

transformation from the very beginning

and like my wife just thinks she can’t

draw well maybe you feel the same way

he’s getting right into a character who

has desire

and obstacles and stakes she just feels

like i just can’t do it there’s just

like this internal struggle

obstacle so uh or if it’s

uh a woodworking channel whereas like

instead of just here’s how you build the

thing it was like my wife’s out of town

this week and she really doesn’t like

this this dresser in our room and she

just asked me could you make a dresser

like this

i’ve never built like dresser like this

i don’t know if i can do it but let’s go

find out

right and the rest of it’s the tutorial

and now you’re watching

what’s the wife gonna think when she

comes home and now you’re in

you’re in for that transformation of uh

both of both characters the wife and the

guy who’s creating it so

it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be like

this major thing it’d just be a little


could be could be a could be really

helpful yeah

well you guys you want to follow the

channels links down the show notes below

go check them out

follow along with journeys they continue

to grow from here and we’d love to have

you the next video lab

session the next one starts with me and

the end of august i believe

i forget the exact date i probably

should have that ready it’s like

mid to late august and it’s uh


video labs if you want to start with me

then we have one more after that and

then we won’t be running anymore for the

rest of the year

so we’d love to get you uh into these uh

this next one or two

and work with you for and smoker brother

creators help you grow your channels

take it to the next level

as well i apologize everyone who’s in

the chat was like what about my question

i know

luke did a great job we have so many

questions here in front of us

and we just don’t have enough time to

get to all of them but thank you each of

you for being here and for those of you

who are in the potty audience thanks for

hanging out

and we’ll see you guys again next week

for another video creators

podcast episode see you guys then bye


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