YouTube Monetization: WHY IS REVENUE DOWN!?

Your YouTube revenue is a down isn’t it? Even though you’re getting the same number of views, if not more, income is down. Let’s find out why you YouTube revenue is in the bin!

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0:00 — Your YouTube Revenue is down!
0:58 — Why is YouTube revenue down?
2:19 — Why revenue is up for some
2:54 — What you can do to avoid this?
4:06 — Stop relying on YouTube ad revenue
4:57 — Why YouTube ad revenue is amazing!

=================== text video ====================

— If you monetized your YouTube channels

sometime in the last 12 months,

you’re probably freaking out right now,

trying to figure out why
the income on your videos

has suddenly collapsed.

Well, I’m sorry to say this,
but it’s your own fault.

And let that be a lesson for you.

Don’t trust YouTube AdSense.

Let me show you what I mean.

This channel is running
up to the end of the year,

with a daily revenue of
between eight and 11 dollars,

which is fair enough.

But the moment we see the channel
tick over to the New Year,

daily revenue drops to between
five and seven dollars,

a more than 25% decrease.

Now you may argue,

that this has something
to do with views, right?


Over the time period in question,

views were incredibly stable.

If anything, they went slightly up

and yet the daily revenue
for the channel clearly

and suddenly drops.

So if this has happened to you,

let us all share in
this collective misery,

by adding your stories
in the comments below.

And while this video is
mostly about the trials,

tribulations and pitfalls
of YouTube AdSense,

do make sure to stick around to the end

because I have something
truly mind blowing

that’s gonna put all of
this into perspective.

So what on earth is going on here?

Is 2022 gonna be a nother year of YouTube

sticking it to creators, whenever
they get the opportunity?

Well, obviously no,

because if you’ve been monetized

for any longer than 12 months,

you will know that this
decline in ad revenue

is somewhat of an annual
YouTube tradition.

In previous years for
the channel seen here,

the ad revenue drop has been even steeper,

and you know what?

This is gonna happen next year

and the year after that,

and a year after that and so on.

And there’s one very
simple reason for this.

Everyone’s run out of money,

although I do have this
lovely Vid IQ sticker.

What do you do in the run-up
to the holiday season?

You buy gifts, of course, for
yourself, family, friends,

pets, everyone, except me.

And you often do that

under the influence of advertising

and YouTube is no different.

Brands will push their products

as aggressively as they can
while people are spending money.

And then come January,

everybody gets their
credit card statements

and goes off into financial hibernation

for a couple of months.

And it’s pretty much the same
scenario for most brands.

They spend the majority of
their advertising budget

in the final quarter of the year.

Now, if you look at the YouTube algorithm

or recommendation system

and how video views fluctuate over time,

one of the major factors is seasonality.

And it’s exactly the same
for YouTube ad revenue,

seasonality affects what
adverts are shown to viewers

and how much it costs
to put them on YouTube.

And for most brands,

this seasonal advertising inflection point

comes around like clockwork,

every single year on the 31st of December.

But not every brand.

(indistinct chattering)

— I’ll take this

out of your way.
— Still going.

No no no.

— Yes, if you’re in
the business of selling

a New Year’s resolutions,

then now might be peak advertising season.

If there are any fitness
channels, diet channels,

or any other channels who
are experiencing an increase

in ad revenue and CPM,

do let us know in the comments below.

And enjoy it, you’ve earned it.

But generally speaking from
a creator’s perspective,

what can you do to mitigate
this sudden unavoidable,

inevitable plunging
revenue every single year?

We can create a little smarter.

The amount of advertising
in your video topic

is pretty predictable over
the course of the year.

So if you know when CPM

and ad revenue increases
in your video space,

then make content you know
our audience is going to watch

during those time periods

and make as much of it as possible.

Just as a simple example,

there is a reason why tech channels

do Black Friday live streams

and gift buying ideas

over the course of November and December.

Then when ad revenue starts to decline,

reduce your video output.

If you don’t do that,

then the logic is
unfortunately pretty simple.

You’re working just as hard,

but being paid a little bit less.

Instead, invest the money you earned

during those lucrative ad revenue days

and the time you’re gaining
by not making videos,

and re-invest it all back into a channel.

That could be through buying

and learning how to use new equipment

for your YouTube videos.

It could be taking a online course

to improve your editing skills
or your on-camera presence,

or simply take a break,

recharge your batteries,

come back when ad revenue
starts to stabilize.

And it will, it always does.

But perhaps more importantly
than anything I’ve just said,

here’s what you need to
do with YouTube AdSense.

You need to stop relying on it.

You have almost no control

over how much you get paid for adverts

on your YouTube videos.

The only solution to that
is to get more views,

and even then you still
might not get more ad revenue

depending on the time of year.

And YouTube holds all of the keys,

they can flip a switch and it affects you.

Instead, seek out a brand
deals and sponsorships

where you at least have the power

to negotiate your own value.

Develop products, services emerged

that you can sell
directly to your audience.

And if you talk about and
review products in your videos,

make sure to set up affiliate links,

so you get a little bit
of kickback from them.

In most cases, Ad Sense revenue
makes up a small percentage

of the total income of a
successful YouTube channel.

But all of that requires you
to turn your YouTube channel

into a business.

Remember, create smarter.

Now having said all of that,

YouTube ad revenue is
incredible for one thing,

long-term passive income.
Let me show you what I mean.

The revenue data I showed
you earlier on in this video

all comes from my old
YouTube tech channel.

When I joined Vid IQ,

I mothballed the channel

and haven’t published a single
video in almost four years.

Fun fact, one of the play
buttons from my shelves

comes from that channel.

Anyway, have a guess how much revenue

I’ve earned from that channel,

since I last published a video?

I’ll give you five seconds.

(gentle music)

Without lifting a finger
in almost four years,

the channel has generated
more than $28,000.

And you know what?

I think I’ve invested that
money very, very wisely

in some pretty awesome NFTs.

And if you wanna learn more
about how to earn money

beyond YouTube ad revenue,

then check out this video over here,

it’s awesome as well.