You WILL MAKE MORE MONEY — Massive YouTube Monetization Update!

Every creator wants to know how to make money on YouTube and with this new monetization update you should be able to do just that. Say hello to Super Thanks!

0:00 — Juggles 4 cash
0:34 — What is Super Thanks: The Creator Perspective
1:42 — What is Super Thanks: The Viewer Perspective
2:35 — Super Thanks income and rollout
3:10 — The Super Thanks ‘Tax’
5:23 — How creators might use Super Thanks

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=================== text video ====================

— Look at this, you’ve learned
something new about me.

I can juggle.

And you know what, I think
that’s worth of at least

(cash register ringing)


(upbeat electronic music)

Do you think I can juggle
for the whole of this video?

Let’s find out.

Now then, hey folks, I’m Rob.

Welcome back to vidIQ,

educating you on your
YouTube journey as always.

And today’s lesson is all about

how you could potentially
earn a lot more money

from your videos via a tool
that YouTube teased ages ago.

Back then it was known as Viewer Applause,

and it allowed viewers to
donate money to creators

on a video by video basis.

But this was all over
a year and a half ago,

and boy, hasn’t the world
changed a bit since then.

And so has Viewer Applause.

Not only does it have a brand new name,

but it’s also ready for a full release.

Ah, dammit.

Super Thanks joins
Super Chats and Stickers

as part of your monetization features

within the YouTube platform.

So obviously, you do need to be part

of the YouTube partner program,

and you may need to accept new agreements

as you can see on screen.

Once you’ve done that, and
as of time of recording,

it’s a very simple toggle
called Super Thanks,

which you can turn on within
the monetization screen

in the YouTube Studio.

As far as I’m aware, this
will turn on this feature

for all of your video on demand content.

When you go to the monetization screen

for individual videos,

there does not appear to
be any Super Thanks toggle.

But of course, this could
change in the future.

I want another go at this.

(ding sound)

So that’s how you turn Super Thanks on

from a creator’s point of view.

But what does it look like for the viewer?

On the desktop viewing experience,

you’ll see this button below the video,

which allows you to donate
a set amount to the creator.

I’m not entirely sure
if these amounts vary

between currencies and
when you go to donate

through one of these options,
you do need to be aware

that there may be a little bit of tax

added on top at the end.

(ding sound)

The mobile experience is almost identical.

You’ll see a Thanks
button below the video,

and once you’ve gone
through the payment process,

two things that will happen.

First, you’ll get a funky
little onscreen animation

thanking you for the donation.

And a comment is automatically
added to the video,

indicating the viewer who donated

and the amount they donated.

As far as I can tell, you
can’t edit the comment

of the Super Thanks and you can’t send

a Super Thanks anonymously.

It feels like two upgrades

that YouTube may wanna
consider it in the future.

As mentioned earlier, this
feature has been available

in a beta state for a very long time.

And as proof of concept,
YouTube shared how this channel

was able to create a
brand new revenue stream

through Super Thanks,

that now accounts for 15%
of their total income.

Super Thanks is now rolling
out to all of these countries.

I can’t be bothered reading them all out,

that would be boring and
I’m too busy juggling.

But if you want to read
up on more information

about this new tool,
then check out the links

I’ve left in the video description

just below the Like button.

As for Super Thanks and YouTube Shorts,

(buzzer sound)

I’m afraid that’s a big fat no.

But hey, let’s not get too
negative about this, right?

Because any opportunity
to further maximize

the monetization potential of your content

that’s seamlessly integrated into YouTube,

is surely a good thing, right?

Well, let me explain what I mean.

From the viewer perspective,
the Super Thanks feature

makes it appear as if you are
donating a selected amount

to the creator.

But in reality, only a percentage of that

goes to the creator thanks
to YouTube’s revenue split.

Now this is not a new thing.

Revenue split has existed
in AdSense for a decade,

and it also applies to
Super Chats and Stickies.

And the split currently is
70 30 in the creators favor.

But what I feel a little
uncomfortable about here

is the context.

I feel as if the intent of a Super Chat

and Sticky is twofold.

Yes, you do want to donate
something to the creator,

but you also want to get
your comments highlighted

at the top of live chat.

But a Super Thanks feels
very different to me.

As far I’m aware, these
special thanks comments

can’t be edited and
they’re not prioritized

at the top of the comments list.

So it doesn’t feel as if
it’s a way to grab attention

for the commenter.

This by its very name
is a digital tip jar.

It is a way for the viewer
to say to the creator,

thank you for the
content that you provide.

But YouTube is gonna charge
a 30% tax on that thanks.

Now don’t get me wrong,
it doesn’t make sense

for 100% of the Super
Thanks to go to the creator

because YouTube needs to
make this financially viable.

But I had to do quite a
bit of digging to discover

that there was a revenue
split on this feature.

So I’m assuming most people
who actually use this

will have no idea that there’s money

going both to the creator and YouTube.

I think YouTube should be
more open and transparent

that this Super Thanks
is going to be split

between both YouTube and the creator.

And it feels like more of a 85,

15% split would be fairer in this case.

Now that’s just my personal opinion

on how I think a Super
Thanks is communicated

to those who are gonna use it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts

because I could be completely
off base with this.

And again, let’s not get
too negative about this

because up until this point,

video on demand content on YouTube

has relied solely on AdSense revenue,

which is quite unreliable.

The fact that you can
retroactively add this

to all of your existing
content is fantastic.

And just imagine how people

are gonna try and leverage
this in the future.

Up until now, creators have
used engagement tactics.

If we get 5,000 likes on this video,

I’m gonna do this in the next video.

Well, now you can monetize that.

If we can raise $100 on this video,

I’ll do the next one entirely as Ironman.

And you know how people are
always asking for shout-outs?

Sure, let’s monetize it.

Oh, Rando Channel 784 now does exist.

It will likely be sometime

before we learn the true potential

and impact of Super Thanks on YouTube.

And instead of sending one
of those Super Thanks to us

in this video today, we
prefer it if you just write

thank you in the comments
as this video’s codeword.

And if you think I’ve been
juggling for all this time,

then you’ve just been owned
by my video editing skills.

(hip hop music)


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