Not Monetized? 5 Ways to Still Make Money With YouTube

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In this video, you will learn how to make money on youtube without adsense and without being monetized. These will work for making money on YouTube with a small channel.

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=================== text video ====================

— [Narrator] When you’ve
identified a niche that performs

that you like, now you
wanna start thinking

about how you’re gonna monetize that

because now you’re more
specific, you’re more clear

on the specific problem that you solve

and the solution that you have.

— [Male Voice] You got
to just press record.

— [Narrator] And specifically,
I highly recommend

that you think beyond just AdSense.

So ask yourself could you do
consulting or freelancing?

If people are already going to your videos

and let’s say you post
videos about hair care,

could you offer freelancing services

and go to people’s offer
to go to people’s homes

or go through Zoom and
help them style their hair

or if you’re posting
videos about video editing,

could you consult other people

on how to create awesome videos?

That is one stream of
revenue that you can do

because there’s always gonna
be people who want more

than just watching a
10-minute video on YouTube.

They’re gonna want one-on-one
interaction with you.

They’re gonna want mentorship, coaching,

freelance services, whatever
it is that you can monetize.

Digital products.

If you start getting
booked out of clients,

how can you scale further?

What if you packaged your expertise

and put that in a course
that you can sell passively?

And that’s what I’ve done.

And that’s also what Sean does as well

with his Video Ranking Academy, right?

There’s always gonna
be people who want more

from content creators.

Can you do physical products?

This is very common in
the beauty community

for makeup influencers.

They’ll end up selling their own pallets,

their own lipsticks and stuff.

Affiliate marketing, if
you have a lot of traffic.

You can put Amazon links,
whatever links that you can

to generate a portion of that revenue

for driving traffic to those retailers.

And then brand sponsorships.

You can sponsor with other companies

and get paid to promote their products

because they wanna get in
front of your audience.

There are so many ways
that you can monetize

your YouTube channel beyond
just making AdSense revenue.

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