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5:12 Update #2
8:24 Should I unlist videos that have copyright claims?
10:30 Update #3
16:22 Does it matter where my watch time comes from to qualify for monetization?
16:54 Update #4
20:10 New Report on the Creator Economy
24:36 Update #5
28:50 YouTube Shorts: Tips and Lessons We’ve Learned
36:11 Update #6
37:49 YouTube Community Tab: Tips & Updates
46:54 Should YouTube creators also have a blog?
52:15 YouTube Business Advice: Taxes, Business Licenses, and Earning More Money

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In this video, Rob Wilson from vidIQ share practical tips how to get monetized on YouTube and new monetization updates.

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=================== text video ====================

autumns there is no better place that

rewards their creators with money than

youtube and in this video we’re going to

be sharing some new monetization updates

that you need to know including

new requirements to be eligible for

monetization here on youtube what

exactly does 4 000 hours of watch time

mean and

what does that include we’re going to be

talking about a new way youtube’s always

adding new features that can give you

income and there’s a super cool new way

to stick around for and there’s some new

updates to the mobile app that you need

to know about

there’s some a brand new report on the

creator economy that’s giving us insight

about how much creators are earning and

so much more to come on this video so if

you’re fired up to be here today on

think media my name is sean cannell

smash the like button check out

resources in the description as well as

time clothes if you’re on the replay and

i’m excited because today i am joined by


wilson from vid iq rob you’re back on

the channel how’s it going

hello everybody thank you for having me

on as always sean welcome think media


and yes this is somewhat of a small face

reveal i’m getting old i now need to

wear glasses does this improve the look

or not do let me know in the comments

i think that’s an improved look i think

it’s it’s that helpful i’m ready to

learn all about monetization you’ve got

five tips for us today and so let’s just

dive right into it and we’ll share your

slides and uh what are we learning sure

absolutely so um

the youtube partner program as it is

known to us monetization to most people

and there have been a lot of

requirements that have been in place for

a long time now a thousand subscribers

four thousand hours of watch time but

youtube have now added an extra two

i guess requirements that were probably

there in the background or um are now

being introduced to improve security uh

and you need to make sure that you meet

these and they’re rel relatively simple

to follow but things that you do need to

be aware of so the first one of course

is two-step verification this might be

where you put in your password when

you’re logging into youtube and then it

asks you to confirm your password

through a mobile device or a physical


titan key for example uh now the

restrict rules on this according to uh

what youtube are gonna do is that

starting november the first so uh very

soon to where we’re recording this maybe

what four days beforehand

monetizing creators must turn on

two-step verification on their google

account if they don’t i was watching a

creator insider video yesterday they

said that if you don’t then you may not

be able to view edit upload videos so

this is really crucial if you are

monetizing your channel do make sure to

turn on two-step verification i’m sure

you’ve already received some

notifications to do that if you are

going to monetize your content in the

future when you reach these requirements

then you need to turn on two-step


as for community guidelines

well i think this is pretty


but youtube just haven’t officially had

these um requirements in monetization

now you must not have any community

guideline strikes on your channel at the

point of application if you do have a

community guideline strike it will

expire 90 90 days after the date of the

offence so you will just have to wait

for that guideline strike to end but

interestingly in the wording for

uh these this new requirement it says


copyright strikes do not impact

eligibility which i thought was really

interesting what it doesn’t go on to say

is whether or not copyright claims will

impact your eligibility and i’ve always

been of the opinion but this is just my

personal opinion i don’t work for

youtube so i can’t confirm this i think

the more copyright claims you have on

your videos the less likely you may be

accepted into youtube partner program


effectively your content is already

being monetized by the copyright owner

but that’s just something to bear in

mind the important thing here is that

copyright strikes do not impact your

eligibility so that’s point number one

really the the the major requirements

that have been coming in uh for youtube

over the last couple of months

and rob a question from earth central

how do you check to see if you have

two-step verification active

great question so with all of these

requirements if you go to the youtube

studio on the desktop browser you’ll see

the monetization screen if you click

there it will show you your current

state how many subscribers you’ve got

how many hours of watch time you’ve got

and then whether or not you have uh

these two things enabled and i’ve

actually taken the screenshots here from

the youtube studio so this is what it

would look like with the green ticks

excellent what’s the next point


the next point is is an old point but

something that is one of the most

popular questions and it’s tweaked often

by youtube is

the question of 4 000 watch hours what

does that actually mean

and i’ve taken the wording here directly

from youtube to make sure it’s 100


and they talk about 4 000 public watch

hours so that that is essentially

anything that is on your channel that is

currently set to public

should count towards your 4 000 hours

for youtube partner program requirements

what it doesn’t include is private


unlisted videos deleted videos

any videos that you’ve put ads up


any video that’s watched in the shorts

or stories


now if a youtube shot is watched in the

normal youtube player that would count

and then also live streams that are

unlisted deleted or not converted into

video on demand for example when sean

and i finish this live stream it will be

converted into video on demand so watch

time would count from there but if it

never gets converted then it wouldn’t

count and we’ll touch on that uh a

little a bit later and then finally

another question that people often ask

about four thousand hours of watch time

is what does it mean by the last 12


so basically look at it from this point

of view

whatever today’s date is for example as

we recall this is october the 27th go


365 days and all of a watch time in that

period counts even if the video was

published years and years ago

if it’s watched in the last 365 days

then that watch time will count but i’m

sure sean will get lots more questions

about that in the q a section

yeah absolutely and um that’s

interesting to me so youtube short shelf

views like we just had nolan on the

think media team had a short go viral

yeah i think you know 2.4 million views

or more than that so it got a lot

of watch time because even though it’s a

short amount it’s so many views but none

of that counts none of that counts but

there’s a very good reason for that

which we’ll come on to later and then

the this live stream does not count

unless it’s converted to video on demand

and then watched as a replay

yeah so an example of that this might be

let’s say you uh one of these channels

that puts on relaxation music or um and

you live stream it for say

16 hours just because you want something

that’s really long and it’s gonna help

people fall to sleep for example but

then once that live stream finishes

because it’s a certain length it may not

get converted into a video and that

means that the watch time wouldn’t count


i’ve kind of

i wanted to tease this later on but


uh if your live stream is longer than 12

hours then youtube will not be able to

they call it archiving but essentially

means putting it into video on demand

and so that that may be relevant to some

channels who do long live streams

awesome and then a question came in here

about uh should i unlist private videos

that have copyright claims before i


let me see so should i enlist privates


i i guess because

uh the content already has copyrights

claims on it it’s

probably i think as long as it’s on your


uh regardless of whether or not it has a

copyright claim on it

when youtube reviews your channel

human reviewers are going to take a look

at it so they’re probably going to be

able to go into a back end and notice

whether or not

there are copyrighted videos on there um

i’m not telling anybody to do anything

radical with content that is that has a

copyright claim on it like delete it

it’s just something to be aware of

because sometimes a lot of channels get


for the reason of reused content that’s

not to say that it’s copyrighted content

but it already exists somewhere on

youtube and so that might be a reason

but i don’t want to give you any hard

answers because you know i’m not a

youtube employee

awesome and so um we are going to get

into point three four and five here in

just a second but um if you’re getting

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making and what are some quick insights

that can inform my next video we also

the new daily ideas tool is out and

we’ll talk a little bit more about that

as well later but uh rob what is the

next tip we need to know and update with


so monetization

you’re watching this live stream right

now what you may be able to do is give

this live stream a super chat uh which

is an awesome way of

acknowledging the creator and supporting

them in a financial way


with video on demand content there

hasn’t been a similar solution until now

and if you’ve been watching any of think

media’s videos recently you may have

noticed uh certainly on the desktop and

mobile experience

where the likes and dislikes are and the

share button you may have seen this new

feature called thanks and this is called

youtube’s superfanx where you

can don’t um donate money to the creator

be it two dollars fifty dollars

and i like to think of it as a digital

tip gel now currently youtube is still

experimenting with this it’s not freely

available to all creators but i have

seen many creators of different shapes

and sizes get this feature and so over

to you sean at this point really think

media i mean you have it are you trying

to actively incorporate it into your

content right now or you’re just testing

to see what happens with it what’s been

your experience so far

yeah so um this is what it looks like

and um you can see this video is playing

here and we’ve got our likes dislike

share and then the thanks button and if

someone clicks on that then they could

kick over two dollars five dollars ten

dollars or fifty

and um then that shows up in the

comments and we are always super

grateful we we can reply back we can put

a heart on that comment and say thanks

so much for supporting the channel um

you know rob you bringing it up is just

a good reminder ay i know that uh let us

know in fact tell us in the comments

have you got the thanks button on your

videos yet i know it’s beta it’s kind of

rolling out to different channels we

have never done an intentional call to

action we’ve never educated about it but

we’ve probably received 10 or 20 thanks

a lot of times two dollars here or there

which also just kind of reinforces that

point that if you’ve clearly

defined the value you’re trying to add

to the viewer and your videos are adding

value it is that tip jar i mean and i

know that if you’ve got value out of

think media thank you if you’ve

supported the channel that way or with

super chat during this live stream and

so i actually think it’s going to be a

really cool thing that’ll uh um be

eventually available i’m sure to all

creators depending on their monetization

status and uh you just reminded me to

start educating about it because um

people don’t know what they don’t know

and i know there’s a lot of gratitude

and people that want to help support the


i have been wondering how creators can

use this inventive ways in the past

we’ve had creators encouraging

their viewers to oh if this video gets

up to 500 likes i will

share my hair next uh video

now you can almost monetize that and say

look if if you if i get enough super

facts here to get up to 500 i can afford

to do this in my next video

i think there is one caveat here and i’m

a bit

not disappointed but i think youtube

should be a bit more transparent with us

with the superfans in that there is a

quite a significant split 70 30. so even

though let’s say you donate fifty


not all fifty dollars goes to the

creator it go you know thirty percent of

that is going to youtube so that is

something to bear in mind and i i just

wish youtube would be a bit more clear

that you know

yes a creator is getting some money but

also we’re going to take a bit of a cut

of it but you’re never experimenting

with it maybe they’re going to improve

up in the future

so that was uh the super tip jar and if

you’re okay sean i can move on to the

next one straight away yeah before that

i want to just clarify a couple things

you need to be monetized crafty rick’s

recyclers asking you need to be

monetized to even be eligible for the

tip jar correct correct yeah it’s um it

is another a branch of a youtube partner

program in terms of you know super chats

memberships um if you go to the

monetization screen in a studio and

you’re monetized you should maybe see i

think it’s under the supers tab

you will see whether or not you’re

eligible and whether or not you can turn

it on

yeah so there is a if you you may have

it in the back end but you haven’t

turned on supers we on think media once

we qualified for super chat uh our think

media podcast channel we were on there

from a couple months and i was like

shoot all of our coffee with candles

people didn’t even have the option to

super chat because we just had not

turned it on on the back end so that’s

definitely a huge tip you want to make

sure you go into your back end

monetization see what’s there make sure

it’s turned on um but the second

question from dan uh

asks is it is it expected or a question

asked when is it going to be rolled out

and we do not know correct

correct yeah i mean

this first surfaced i’d say about two

years ago i seem to remember uh making a

video about it at the beginning of 2020

uh when i it was called something

different but i can’t remember what it

was called uh and then it started to

become a bit more public three or four

months ago and i’m just looking at the

eligibility and it still says that

superfans is in beta and available to a

group of monetizing creators so it

doesn’t even say anything about how many

subscribers you need what country you

need to be in it’s just fingers crossed

maybe you’re going to be invited into

the programme

and uh next question from jason thanks

so much for the super chat i know

another question came in to be clear

super chat is what jason just did five

dollars thank you so much

that is during the live stream if you’re

watching this video on the replay you

could actually do a five dollar thanks

and so thanks is on a video on demand of

a live stream which would be the replay

of this video or just

any video you have uploaded so this is

just a normal upload and people are able

to put

do a thanks a super thanks on this think

media upload but jason asks rob

does it matter if my watch time comes

mostly from external views compared to

youtube search when i go for

monetization in terms of those 4 000


i would say as long as that watch time

is public

it doesn’t matter where the traffic

source is from unless it’s shorts that’s

one exception

if you get most of your views from

external that still counts

all right rob well let’s dive into the

next update

yeah so this is uh just a quickie one

really um

i don’t know if you uh remember when

youtube was transitioning from a classic

studio to the new studio hands up

anybody who can remember the classic

studio i remember taking tons of

screenshots in case i want to do like

some nostalgic

piece for vid iq sometime down around

about how it used to look um but one of

the things that it prevented the youtube

engineering team from doing was really

plowing a lot of time into the mobile

app i don’t know about you sean but in

the last i’d say six to 12 months

the mobile studio app has

changed beyond recognition and it looks

absolutely for phenomenal now and it

feels as if it’s almost a carbon copy of

the desktop experience to the point now

where as you can see or on the little um

gif that i’m playing in the background

it’s showing you like all of the little

cards of your revenue and you just

didn’t get that sort of detail in the

past so as along with lots of other

analytics if you are monetized and you

haven’t been using the youtube studio

app the mobile app then it’s definitely

something worth checking out

yeah and so here’s your action item if

you’re on android or

you know apple you want to go to your

app store and make sure you’ve

downloaded the youtube studio app so let

us know in the comments has that been an

app did you even know it existed is that

an app you’re using it’s different

than the youtube app on your phone

and it’s it’s for creators and it gives

you analytics secondly though you might

not auto update your apps i don’t i’d

like to manually update my apps i pick

which ones i want to update if you

haven’t updated it your mind is going to

be blown by all of the updates and i

definitely agree rob not only um you

know if i head up top and i go into my

analytics i love looking at real-time

views and even the ability to click on

the specific video click on the specific


uh analytics and go into that deeper

swipe over on the revenue of the

analytics and i know this isn’t really

meant to be a tutorial but it’s uh you

know hard to see here and it’s just

amazing and so get your youtube studio

app and get the youtube studio app

updated and now when you’re standing in

line for coffee or you’re in your car

getting gas or you’re in your tesla

charging your battery uh you can um get

really clear insights the youtube studio

app was actually kind of weak it was

sort of frustrating because you just


you didn’t get that good of data they

overhauled the whole thing and it looks

like they’re putting a lot more um

energy into it and and the updates are

rolling out frequently

definitely definitely and who else uh

confession when they launch a video

do they spend the next 60 minutes

refreshing the dashboard to see what

your video is going to be ranked

i really need to stop doing that but

refreshers anonymous just just

the cycle like how’s it going how’s it

going is it all right should i pivot the

title what did i do wrong what’s going


are notifications going out am i gonna

be okay like yeah no every new upload

why is it oh nine out of ten oh

and then it starts rising or or going


the journey is real thanks brett for the

super sticker and uh let’s head to that

next tip


let’s have a little quiz with all of you

here i’m gonna ask you two questions i

want you to answer as quickly as

possible they come

from this new report that youtube

released about the

creator economy on youtube and it is

absolutely fascinating and both stunning

as well so my two questions to you are



do you think

the youtube creator economy is worth

from 2020

so just think about that

think of a number let us know what it is

and also

how many full-time jobs

do you think youtube supports in the us

alone so sean i’m going to ask that

question to you uh what do you think

what do you think the answer is before i

reveal unless you know the answer is a

youtube creator economy in the us in one



billion uh 20

nope nope uh yeah yeah 27 billion

dollars 27 billion and how many

full-time jobs do you think that

accounts for 30 000

all right so you were close with one but

way off

with the other one here are your answers

so it’s contributed in 2020 20 and a


billion now i had a little fun with this

and i i i equated this to gdp and i

tried to put it into a country context

and i think youtube by itself came 116th

in gdp in terms of in terms of um

you know the value of it but that is an

astonishing number there nearly 400 000

full-time jobs it supports in the us

alone and i think it’s about 1.5 million


in the world at large which is more

employees than amazon worldwide which i

think is phenomenal as you can see

78 of creative entrepreneurs reported

youtubers had a positive impact on their

professional goal those are just three

of the

thousands of metrics that this report

includes it not only looks at the u.s i

know it looks at the uk canada there’s

pdfs that you can download it also has

stories of how creators have leveraged

youtube to turn it into businesses much

like sean has done with think media i

think for any creator who thinks it’s

either too late to start a youtube

channel or doesn’t understand how they

can turn a youtube channel into business

needs to read this report because i’ve

been i’ve been digesting it for weeks at

this point

so to be clear um and i just you may

have to refresh the video

um i just updated the youtube

description and i’m also going to drop

it in the comments

and um

that is a new report on the state of the

crater economy you may have heard of one

a while back from signal fire this is

brand new super fresh done by oxford

economics i think it’ll inspire a lot of

things as rob kind of mentioned it’s not

too late to start a youtube channel this

next decade is going to be the best

decade on youtube the critter economy is

maturing there’s a lot of money flowing


um the the equivalent of people making

this their full-time job is just more of

a clear reality than ever before we’re

not trying to overhype that it’s going

to be easy we’re not trying to insinuate

that it’s not going to take work

you need the right strategies you got to

put in the work it’s definitely i think

it takes sacrifice to start a youtube

channel and i know so many here in the

think media community

you’re putting in the work you know what

it means to have a full-time job um and


after taking care of the kids and once

the kids go to sleep work on your

youtube channel post your videos

but i do want you to be encouraged that

this is so real and this is not our

opinion so um check out the youtube

description and it’s you could just

read the report it’s a pdf

and um there’s a lot of nuances you

might have a family member that’s like

is youtube like a real job like come on

why don’t you get serious and you’re

like no this is a real job like let’s

talk about the economic societal and

cultural impact that youtube is having

let’s look at the data and let’s make a

game plan for uh turning you know going

to the next step with our youtube game

plan so i’m excited about this and um

definitely check out that report all

right rob where we going next

well here’s the insane thing all of what

you see in this report is for 2020 and

it doesn’t include something that has

taken youtube by storm in the last 12

months whether you like it or not it is

here to stay and that is

youtube shots oh yeah there are some

amazing numbers that are coming out

about youtube shots apparently i think

the latest view count is that there are

15 billion

shorts views

every single day which accounts to

trillions of views a year which i still

just cannot get my head around but

here’s the really important thing

everything we’ve spoken about so far in

terms of uh requirements and superfans

etc etc

forget all about when it comes to

youtube shots it is not part of the

youtube partner program whatsoever

that’s the bad news but the good news is

it now has its own



system and it’s called the youtube

shorts fund

and it’s amazing to think that this time

last year nobody knew what a youtube

show was and now 12 months later youtube

has been able to monetize that platform

and this is just the beginning and the

way they want to encourage more creators

to make youtube shows is to have this

100 million dollar fund that they’re

gonna distribute out to creators over

the next year and

as a creator you could earn

either a hundred dollars or ten thousand

dollars that’s the maximum

now there is no way to really track this

you know there isn’t a target of

millions of views or billions of views

to reach these um requirements

essentially what’s going to happen is if

you’re creating shorts and you do well

over the course of a month

youtube are gonna are basically gonna

contact you you know if you’re getting a

lot of monthly shorts views for the

right audience in the right areas then

this is what’s gonna happen youtube’s

gonna send you an email

saying that um you

eligible for the youtube shots bonus and

we’re gonna send you x amount of dollars

claim this bonus and you’ll receive that

email between the 8th and the 10th of

each month

you’ve got until the 25th of each month

to claim that bonus

but here again is a really intriguing

thing about all of this

it’s not part of a youtube partner

program so you don’t already have to be

monetized on youtube

uh if you start a channel today and you

get millions of views over the course of


uh youtube could send you an email in


welcoming you to this fund the only

things that you need to do once you

receive a bonus is accept terms and

conditions and link your youtube channel

to your adsense account if you’re not

already monetized and then you can start

earning that revenue just to give you a

few examples of uh money that’s been

done so far


i’ve been seeing creators reporting that

if he

if they get like five million or seven

million shorts views in a month they’re

getting a couple of hundred bucks

as for jake fellman

a 3d animator who gets in the region of

300 to 500 million

shorts views a month

he hasn’t got ten thousand dollars he’s

come close to that um ceiling but he

even he hasn’t made it so

i couldn’t tell you how much you’re

going to earn but the fact that people

can earn revenue

from these shorts in such a short space

of time is incredible and then going

forward who knows how else youtube is

going to be able to monetize this


yeah and our friend pat flynn um with

his uh pokemon

card channel

deep pocket monster i believe

uh reported that with around four

million shorts views he earned around

250 dollars yeah let us know in the

comments or have you started creating

shorts do you like youtube shorts

um are you planning on creating youtube

shorts and

uh one insight that we’ve kind of

learned i think media we’ve been

experimenting with them we maybe are

between 20 and 30 posted

and we actually can now share

that um there is a lot of opportunity

there a lot of those shorts if they’re

on brand for us they which they are we

want them to still just add value even

if you’re watching on desktop they don’t

seem to bother anybody if you still add

value even though it’s vertical um we

get those desktop views because that’s

where our kind of subscriber base is and

we’ve had videos get a few views on the

shorts feed which is kind of a new

traffic source

but just in the last few days we did

have a short breakout and this can

illustrate just the power of what it

could look like with one short that

could really uh produce for you so nolan

created this and you can see that in the


even uh 14 days basically it just kind

of stayed flat uh and and did decent

with about 28 000 views but then you

could start seeing the algorithm started

to test it and then it just shot up in

fact there was a million view day in one

day this short was viewed by a million

people and then it’s also actually

continued to grow and you can see on the

right side of the screen here it says

shorts feed 36 of the traffic and then

browse features that’d be

home page uh views i suppose and people

are still clicking on enjoying the video

but that massive growth in the middle

this revenue right here

is from desktop viewers correct rob this

is correct yeah and we are waiting and

we nothing has happened yet that i know

of as far as a notification if we will

earn anything

from the shorts fun uh for this video

and we still may or or we may not i

don’t know if you need more than one

short producing the views this one

certainly this has done 2.8 million

views but what’s also kind of cool

because people say why what’s the point

is this video has generated seven point

four thousand uh seven thousand four

hundred new subscribers

and uh my friend chris doe in fact if

you haven’t actually subscribed to our

other channel it’s called the think

media podcast channel we go into deeper

dive conversations and youtube strategy

and chris doe at the future has been

doing a lot of shorts like nine a week

with one longer video he said some of

his shorts that have broken out have

brought new people into the world of his

longer content so that’s not the topic

of today’s video but uh that gives you

uh it’s pretty powerful and 7400 new

people discovered think media because of

one break out

short well we got more information to go

into and if you have a question throw up

four question marks before and after

your question related to youtube

monetization but uh today’s video if

you’re just joining is all about new

monetization updates and it’s brought to

you by vid iq and so um if you have not

got your free

month-long plan 30-day plan of vidiq

boost head to forward slash


and you can sign up for that the cool

thing about vid iq

is it gives you a suite of tools that’ll

give you an advantage and an edge

over other creators and so um right here

once you have vidiq installed and on

your your boost plan you could get to

tools like the channel audit tool

and you can see here at a snapshot it’s

a very cool kind of dashboard where i

can see how’s the channel doing with

nice up or down but what i love is it’s

content to double down on what types of

content whether it’s views per hour

should we make more of okay maybe some

more home office desk accessories type

videos but also what kinds of videos are

getting the highest engagement rate

maybe that’s building community more

where what about most subscriber gained

versus most views

what also are happening amongst our

competitors and i create a list of

competitors um so i can watch what

they’re doing and then i can pull up

videos from them which i might pull an

idea out of here there’s rob this insane

subscriber hack is insane and wow we’re

both making the same face right there

and this is our thick media podcast

channel which we also study so i can

look around and say okay are we gonna be

talking about the a74 should we talk

about the

uh the m1 macbook should we order one of

those up you know

what are maybe some other videos so that

is really just scratching the surface of

how quickly you can start getting

insights and video ideas um the new

daily ideas tool is incredible and there

are some great uh videos we have on

think media training you on that so

anyways forward slash think if

you haven’t got that boost plan



let me know if you’re here and you love

vid iq and some of the things that you

use it for

rob we’re talking all about new

monetization updates that we need to


and uh what’s the next one

hey quick congratulations on uh all of

the numbers being in the green there on

the channel audits 79

up in views

it’s definitely uh tech toba isn’t it

for uh for channels such as yourself for

all of these new things because anyone’s

that short though that short

disproportionately blew up our numbers

but hey i mean we’re we’re here for it


i i i i i just gotta think about i just

want to mention a really quick super

hack um because you saw on the channel

that way you have my um face doing that

that was from a actually a shorts hack

that we learned from um

jake fellman who what he’s doing is he’s

repurposing his shorts as youtube


and i can’t quite believe what he’s been

able to do here sean but he um his

youtube partner manager told him yeah

just release some of these um shorts

that he made six months ago with stories

if within 15 seconds and he started

doing that and within two weeks

his stories had got him a quarter of a

billion views and

300 000 subscribers by repurposing his

stories his shorts and stories now i

know that’s only going to apply to

certain creators with 10 000 subscribers

but what an astonishing kind of little

backdoor hack that is for subscribers i

can’t i can’t believe it unbelievable

when rob you can’t understand the guilt

you’re making me feel right now and i’m

i’m kind of offended because uh man

youtube stories once you have 10 000

subscribers it’s just one of those

things that like has opportunity you

might as well do it you might as well do

one to two stories a week so you can

re-promote a video or you can even point

to another channel or maybe somebody you

want to collab with you shout them out

just to kind of start that relationship

because of the tags today youtube

stories is not the topic of today’s

video but uh every time i look at

my hair’s all messed up and i’m on the

couch and i’m like ah i need to do at

least one story this week and every day

i look at it i forget every day

and now i’m personally offended because

i feel like you’re shaming me and so

but and now i want to redo shorts there

though that’s super smart

you have that one viral camera once if

you can somehow squeeze that into 15

seconds you know in a couple of months

just put it on stories and see what

happens i mean it’s in the queue i’m

doing it now that’s why that’s why we’re

here i’m here to learn from rob and uh

be reminded of leveling up my channel

taking things to the next level okay

let’s talk about where we’re next where

were we so there’s just a few any other

business um questions to talk about in

terms of monetization uh this top one

happened actually earlier on in the year

creators who weren’t yet monetized were

suddenly realizing that youtube was

putting ads on their videos and they

were saying hey what’s up with that


simple as this it’s youtube’s platform

they can do whatever they want if you

want to make content on youtube platform

they can monetize those videos even if

you’re not in the yet in the youtube

partner program but that is good news

because it means that youtube values

your content enough to put adverts

against it and once you’re monetized

then hopefully youtube is going to be

monetizing all of your content and then

you can share the revenue with them so

don’t get too despondent if that’s


this is the thing that i mentioned

earlier in terms of live streams if

they’re longer than 12 hours then

youtube may not be able to archive them

so the hours from those live streams may

not count towards monetization

requirements and finally people are

always asking once i apply for the

youtube partner program how long does it

take to get accepted youtube’s official

line on this is typically a month but we

often see that channels get accepted

within 48 hours 72 hours but it can take

as long as a month and if you are

rejected from the youtube partner

program youtube will give you a

vague answer as to why that is it’s

often not that helpful but it means that

you can


fix your channel over the next 30 days

and then you know then able to reapply

and then one final thing that’s kind of

about monetization and kind of not is


it used to be that you needed to get to

1 000 subscribers

to monetize and get access to the

community tab to start doing social

posts but the good news is that

requirement is being lowered to 500

subscribers so that was introduced i

think at the beginning of october so do

check how many subscribers have you got

do check whether you’re using the

community post tool because it can be a

really valuable way of reaching a wide

audience when you can’t post a video

every single day i guess similar to

stories if you have 10 000 subscribers

yeah and i think community tab is one of

the most

call it slept on tools that especially

now you might have 500 subscribers now

if you hit 500 subscribers

it does take they say about a week it

might take longer but you should know

you’re in the queue

um let us know if you see community tab

posts here on think media but some of

our best practices we upload square

a square version of the thumbnail

because uh or you can drag you can

actually upload a rectangle but square

is kind of the

best format image for the community tab

we um

we ask questions we promote like we

actually have a live class that i’m

doing tonight and so if we do special

monetization classes or youtube web


we’ll promote those we it’s a great

place where we engage we ask questions

we will promote videos we’ll cross

promote channels because we have our

think media podcast channel and so we

premiered a video over there and use

think media to po

you know send traffic over to the other


page and so this is what our community

tab is and uh one of the things we love

and vidiq does these really well they do

them a lot is you could do these cool

surveys and you could get um you know

audience feedback this one’s more

inspirational but a lot of times i’ll

ask you know um we get different

insights about maybe where you are in

your journey so

utilize the community tab i know it

seems like a lot but there’s so many

tools inside of youtube now not only so

many monetization tools here

eventually get your channel monetized

super thanks super chat um you know

super stickers plus you can um use

community tab


and shorts and so i know there’s a lot

going on but uh the more that you build

up that momentum and that connection

with your community here utilizing all

those tools you can kind of get into a

rhythm and a cadence uh to where you

just make your rounds to all these

little features and um leverage them

because it’ll help you grow

um rob uh

we have a couple questions coming in

all right

anything else that we uh need to know

about monetization though right now

nothing uh strictly speaking uh

regarding updates other than to say

as always

when you uh monetize your channel i

think the dynamic and the relationship

between you and youtube changes because

it now becomes a business relationship

and so you have to realize that there

are standards that you must follow in

terms of

community guidelines monetization


there are a lot

make sure you read them before you apply

for the youtube partner program because

that’s when it starts to get serious but

on top of that i’m sure if you continue

to subscribe to think media and watch

all of their videos


just on youtube is i would say often the

icing on the cake when you can start to

put together an affiliate deals

selling your own products and services

courses things that

youtubers use as a funnel to direct

those viewers to

then it’s an entirely different business


great advice thank you on the tap sports

for the super chat uh really appreciate

congratulations almost to 10 000

subscribers that’s the unlock of stories

uh and uh our memberships i think is it

do you get memberships at 10 000 as well

you would be you would know it’s a lot

to keep up with

there’s a change in the requirements on

that as well i think

because it wasn’t 30 000 so they’re

reducing it to 10

yeah and i think gamers can get it even

less but i think it’s time i’ll check in

the background but i’m pretty sure it’s

10 000 at the moment meanwhile good

power tip from professor nez i agree

this is one of our favorite uses of the

community tab which you should have

access to if you have 500 subscribers


and he said schedule your community tab

with older videos to give them a boost

with new viewers works like a charm

because if you think about it


you know how many new subscribers are

you getting a month 10

you know 50 100 thousands

new people meet you and of course

algorithmically some of your videos

might be being suggested to them some of

your uh past library but maybe there’s

some videos you know we think about it

here at think media this number might

shock you but we get over 20 000 new

subscribers a month or sometimes closer

to 30 000

so that’s a lot of new people that are


me omar nolan heather for the first time

and we have tried to add so much value

in our back library so the community tab

is one of the ways to point people to

they have present questions that maybe

you’ve already answered or content

you’ve created in the past you could

share some of your greatest hits of the

past or maybe you need to share that

slept on video that was like it was so

good but people didn’t even really know

and it could reactivate it so you’re

sending it’s just a great way to have

kind of a current conversation with your

community and maybe you want to

re-promote some old videos great tip

professional professor nez and thank you



sharing that hey if you’re getting value

smash the like button and then rob

what’d you discover

so uh according to youtube’s latest

informational memberships it’s now

available to channels of a thousand

subscribers so that is something i

didn’t even realize in my research

however i don’t think it’s just been

released to all creators all at once i

still feel as if there’s a bit of a

rollout going out there that they’re

testing a little bit and it’s only

available in certain countries as well

so yeah maybe um the channel is about to

reach 10k they may already have

files may already have channel

memberships but that’s an entirely

different question about when you want

to start to

open up memberships and whether it’s the

right thing you know whatever you want

to do on youtube or patreon


sean i’m sure you’ve done videos on that

topic in the past and check this out

lego danny bob says yeah memberships are

available at a thousand i just got it

so uh let us know if you go into the

back end of your

youtube uh studio if you can see channel

memberships if you can switch it on if

it’s just immediately an option

you do have to set it up like we

actually have not started channel

memberships here at think media um our

our preferred we have um

our membership community is just off

platform um but uh

but let us know in the comments if

you’re there uh awesome super chat thank

you so much

almost 10 000 subs uh subscribers and

i’ve quit my six figure nine to five job

it’s real my gosh uh rj wow that’s a

killer story super inspiring i’m sure to

a lot of people here in the community uh

not only that at under 10 000

subscribers uh that you are um you’ve

got that many subscribers but you quit a

six figure job you’re sixteen you’re not

a 95 to go all in and so uh man that’s

super inspiring and

i want to encourage you think media

community again i know that the grind is

real and i know that the mountain can

seem large and there’s a lot of pain and

sweat and editing and work and whoops i

didn’t turn on my microphone and i just

lost two hours of footage and i have to

reshoot the whole thing

it’s it is a struggle and that’s one

thing that any real youtube creator

knows that this isn’t easy like it takes

a lot of work um but it’s so cool to be

here live with you and have you sharing

how real this is and if you are just

joining there’s a brand new report on

the creator economy we linked it in the

description down below it’s just a pdf

you just click the link it’ll open up

read it study that this is real data and

i think it’s kind of powerful to be able

to make um you know when you have

friends and family members uh you got to

be practical about this of course you

need faith probably even a little bit of

delusion a little bit of just wild

courage to run out there and really go

after making youtube your full-time

thing but it also has a whole data

backed side of practicality and that’s

why reading that creator economy report

will show you this is the fastest

growing small business type like this is

a real job there’s real step-by-step

process uh to to this and so um rj

thanks so much for uh sharing that uh

report or sharing for your results and

um really really grateful for you

stalking my pantry says do you recommend

going all in with youtube

or also posting content on your blog my

take on that is

um it’s hard if you’re a solo creator to


uh do too many things at once

but i would i think that’s a best

practice if you can write good blog

posts there’s a google


uh relevancy to


to creating blog posts and embedding


video there’s a um

a blog post i’d recommend you checking

out stalking my pantry or a blogger who

also makes youtube videos



channel back link

right brian dean

and when brian dean does like blog posts

he’s got images in them he’s got text in

them he adds massive value

he goes on he’s got videos embedded that

are not youtube videos that are just

little playable videos

uploaded with like a wordpress player i

assume that’s his hosting


i know this looks like a lot of work but

i would call this

not my term the skyscraper method it’s

making really really rich


that’s going to rank

on google

when you pair that with making a really

quality youtube video and embed that

youtube video as well you potentially

could kind of create a circle of traffic

and so with saying all that you might

have been like dear god sean i mean i

was just gonna like throw the blog post

up that might have some value but yes

absolutely if you could combine quality

youtube content with uh really quality

blog posts the search based traffic you

could get kind of from both

could be absolutely


rob you guys have a blog over at vid iq

and you have incredible value too

they’re they’re that’s i think the thing

they’re really well written blog posts

that educate and and there’s you know

they’re not kind of thrown together what

how often do you guys post


we have an in-house uh blog writer

uh and i think uh her name is lydia and

i think she posts uh tries to aim for

about two or three um blog posts a week

and we do sometimes have some

cross-collaboration uh in that i’ll make

a video and she’ll turn that video into

a blog or very recently she made a video

about 14 ways to avoid demonetization i

thought that’s a damn good uh blog i’m

going to turn this into a youtube video

so it’s almost like i had the script

there for me so that was um really

helpful i guess if i was going to add

something to this conversation it’s

always a balance between time and money

and maybe

uh if you

don’t necessarily have the time but you

can afford to outsource this maybe to uh

somebody who can write the blogs for you

i guess that could be an option as well

uh but yeah it’s it’s much easier for us

because we have a team uh who however is

but we’re really working together all of

the time in that sense and yeah quick

shout out to brian dean he makes one

youtube video a year and it’s always the

best one and i always try and steal as

many ideas as i can from it for my

videos no doubt and uh rob to reinforce

what you said book of alpha alpha

rhonomy dr boa just dropped this 25

super chat i appreciate that but he’s

dropped a lot of wisdom here and he said

this he said be careful you don’t

overestimate your content output

capacity i’ve lost hundreds of channel

members due to inability to deliver

content perks uh learned lesson and

shared full-time creator thanks so much

for the super chat and um that is a

great summary

of what we should be whether you’re

trying to also write blog posts or also

do channel memberships and maintain your

youtube schedule notice what rob said

they have a dedicated team member that’s

helping them write blog posts so if

you’re gonna make that a part of your

strategy be really think about the big

picture and think about if you have

really the time to sustain it it also

could just be

using the skyscraper method it could

just be every once in a while because

brian dean’s strategy i believe is not

to write as many blog posts as he can

as many youtube videos as you can is to

create something that’s so high value

one video a year as far as rob said that

it just keeps getting viewed so maybe

here and there you go man this is a hero

concept this is a hero big idea this is

a skyscraper it’s a big i want to

dominate this topic so i’m going to make

a really rich blog post maybe even try

to rank it on or something

like that and i’m going to make a really

strong youtube video to connect it all

together um hit like i’ve got one really

big question about should you have a

business license or anything like that

when getting monetized that i want to

answer um but if you happen to just be

joining catch the replay it’ll be posted

here and

let us know in the comments have you got

monetized yet how many uh subscribers do

you have what’s your watch time

clock at how full is your watch time

meter let us know


also check out a bunch of resources in

the description down below including a

brand new uh report that every single

creator needs to read on the state of

the uh crater economy just dropped from

oxford economics so kelsey k asks or

says asks

is it wise to have a business license

from the start or wait until excuse me

you apply for monetization

i’m nervous about starting on the wrong

foot so i think it’s important to give a

disclaimer and say i’m not a cpa i’m not

a lawyer i’m not an attorney and this is

not business advice this this advice is

for entertainment purposes only but



you know probably the business license

you would get and i’m also speaking to

the u.s would be a limited an llc a

limited liability company and actually

the purpose of an llc really is to

protect you

as far as liability um

some people say there’s tax advantages

there there aren’t necessarily many

because you can still take tax

advantages um here in the us as a sole

proprietor which you already are if you

just use your social security number um

as as your kind of business number

and and you itemize your taxes which a

good bookkeeper could help you with

meaning if you didn’t know think media

community you should be writing off your

cameras your software your computers if

you join one of our programs like video

ranking academy that’s education that’s

a write-off

if you’re buying books you should write

off your vidiq membership these are all


and legitimate write-offs check with

your cpa

or acpa

but you can write all those off and when

you start to think this way this is how

you want to be thinking as not just a

content creator

but as a content entrepreneur or a

youtube entrepreneur


uh i asked

once uh from a cpa friend where i had a

full-time job i was working at a church

and i asked her

i said we’re making money on the side we

had affiliate money coming in youtube

money coming in even some freelance work

and i said hey do i need to incorporate

do i need to start an llc

and she asked me two questions she said

um do you think you’re gonna get sued do

you think that uh are you are you doing

construction is someone gonna break

their leg on your property

are you doing something really

controversial um and i said no i i don’t

think i am

facing much legal you know ramifications

she said well that’s that’s to separate

you know the liability furthermore

you’re probably not a target unless

you’re a target you know

apple gets sued every day you know the

company uh multiple times a day because

the bigger you get of course the more of

a target you get so i don’t need

protection liability wise

uh and then secondly she said are you

earning six figures a year

and i said no i’m not earning at this

time six figures a year i was probably

earning 10 or 20 or 30k on the side for

while i had a full-time job and so she

said i i in my opinion kelsey kind of a

long answer i think that a mistake new

entrepreneurs can make is trying to get

all the focusing on all the wrong things

they try to get a website ready a

business card ready their business set

up they try to get a plaque on the wall

that they’re in business to me none of

that has to do with being in business to


getting your first sale getting approved

for monetization getting some income

getting some cash flowing

is the first step

in a way create a little bit of chaos

create a little bit of momentum first

and then organize it later again this is

just my humble opinion but i think that


worrying about a bit i do not think you

need a business license nor does google

so what’s going to happen in the u.s is

you’re going to get 1099 income

which is separate from your w-2 income

and your it’s just going to come to you

that way so what from amazon affiliates

that’s how it’ll you’ll be paid as well

from google that’s how you’ll be paid as

well and that’s also why you should

reduce your 1099 income uh to

uh by by having write-offs because maybe

you earn 10 or 20 grand from youtube you

could probably zero that out and not pay

taxes on it because you write off your

camera you write off your education you

write off the plane tickets to go to the

conference grow a video live dot com

2022 gary vaynerchuk speaking here in

las vegas it’s it’s a business trip and

you zero out your

1099 income my gosh is this deep do you

like this kind of content um and if if

there are any cpas here definitely uh

let me know your thoughts in the

comments and your advice for that but

kelsey i’d say go make some money focus

on making your next best video um and

then once it starts uh actually coming

in on a consistent basis you could put

some organization around it not that you

were going to do business cards but it

illustrates a point you don’t need a

business card you don’t need a photo

shoot for branding yet maybe you do but

uh whatever your brand is like sometimes

we focus on every single other thing

that we think is entrepreneurship as

opposed to going

straight to generating income what is

the shortest path to making money how do

i make the best video possible to get

the most watch time possible to get

monetized as soon as possible and then

i’ll build a business

around that


you know i always i always feel after

when somebody says this is uh for

education this is this is for

entertainment purposes only you know at

the end of it i feel as if a gift should

appear where russell crowe and gladiator

says are you not entertained

just to confirm that it wasn’t

professional advice it does raise an

interesting point now in terms of going

back to youtube and monetization um you

know we talked earlier about

once you monetize it you get into a

business relationship with youtube

and something that’s very very important

is honesty and when you’re signing those

terms and conditions uh for youtube you

actually have to state your country of

residence as part of that because there

are tax implications depending on

whether you’re in the us or you’re

outside of the u.s you need to fill out


in adsense to make sure that you’re

taxed the right amount on your ad

revenue uh so you know it goes back to

the idea of just being honest and

truthful in what you say and then going

all the way back to a person who’s

talking about memberships and a mistake

he made i think the one rule of thumb

there is make sure anything you do is

scalable because imagine when you if you

start a membership thing and like when

people spend uh join it for five dollars

i’ll do a custom drawing of you because

i’m an art channel and then you have 500

members who are joining every single

month and you realize that you can’t

draw 500 pictures every single month

there’s always those lessons to be

learned in terms of when your

relationship changes with your audience

because then you’re making they’re

making a financial commitment to you and

there are certain expectations that if

they’re not met then you’re kind of

breaking down that relationship that

before was just easy fast free and


man uh i hope you’re getting value if

you’re enjoying content like this let us

know drop a super thanks or uh hit that

like button and i would um also say you

know we do have a program called inner

circle i would encourage you it’s not

for beginners it’s for once you start

getting into things like tax advantages

structuring your online business um we

just know that you will

uh get a 10x 20x 100x return on your

investment in our monthly coaching

program because um you can save money on

things like taxes and make sure things

are set up right so monica correct uh

you know speaking from the u.s you don’t

need an llc to write things off you can

itemize your uh deductions as a


as a sole proprietor which you can be

instantly uh with just your social

security number the moment you start a

business is not when you start an entity

the moment you start a business is the

moment you get money

a business starts when a sale is made

when your seven-year-old is selling

lemonade the moment that they get handed

that five dollar bill they’re in

business the irs probably won’t hear

about that and that’s between you and

them i mean obviously but you know it’s

but technically the moment there’s an

exchange of funds and that’s also what

would be called like 1099 income versus

w-2 income and so without getting too

deep into all of that stuff if you want

to learn more about inner circle we’ll

link that up in the description down

below and and in in that program monica

and others there’s also opportunities

and and please go research this info on

for yourself

if you’re earning forty thousand dollars

uh a year in your online business as an

entrepreneur you should start an s corp

and you could start saving when you set

things up right with a good cpa

um you could probably save as much as

five thousand dollars kept in your

pocket by having an s corp and avoiding

some self-employment taxes that’s the

kind of thinking

come on think

think that we want to help you think

different here

at think media so i mean we’re here to

help you win in the creator economy to

help you build a real business that’s

also not based on trends and some viral

hit but that’s based on uh you really

adding value building your personal

brand being super clear on who you help

being super clear on what problem you

solve and being full time doing what you

love while making a difference with

youtube so if you have if you’re not

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