New to YPP? Improved Resources to Get Set Up to Earn and Get Paid!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re talking about new features we’re introducing in Studio to help creators better understand and optimize for their earnings if they’re new to YPP.

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=================== text video ====================

getting into ypp is an exciting

accomplishment for any growing channel

right you’ve got the subscribers you’ve

got the watch time and you’re in good

standing with the platform what’s next

we’ve heard it could be a bit

overwhelming to know exactly what to do

once you get into ypp so today we’re

going to talk a little bit more about

improvements we made to the experience

to help creators navigate the youtube

partner program with a little bit more

confidence first and foremost we want to

help creators understand how to turn on

ads learn about different ways to earn

on the platform how to see and

understand your earnings and how to get

paid to do this we’re introducing a set

of modules in the studio monetization

tab to educate creators on what they

need to do when they first join ypp

these modules will cover ad basics like

different ways to earn revenue share and

how to receive your first payment

information about the various types of

ads and if ads make sense for your

channel how to earn by engaging with

fans through different monetization

products like super chat super stickers

channel memberships and more how to

understand your estimated earnings in

youtube analytics and your final monthly

earnings in adsense and finally how to

access support when you need it so once

you start earning revenue on youtube

there are several payment details ypp

creators need to provide in order to get

paid in adsense with the new getting

paid module in the studio monetization

tab will let you know when this

information is needed this can include

verifying your personal information

setting up a form of payment and

submitting your tax information even if

you’re already getting paid you may

still need to provide your tax

information to google as of june of this

year it’s important to highlight that

there are no guarantees under the

youtube partner agreement about how much

or whether you’ll be paid earnings are

generated based on a share of revenue

generated when viewers watch your videos

or make a purchase your first experience

once in the youtube partner program

should be an exciting one and we’re

working to make sure that creators feel

like they have the guidance and

resources they need to understand how to

get started in the program and how to

maximize their potential earnings so if

you have any questions or feedback

please feel free to leave them in the

comments below


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