How To Monetize On Youtube Without 4000 Hours & 1000 Subscribers in 2022

In this video @Jessica Stansberry is going to show you how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2022 without getting 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers. Learn how to make money on Youtube even as a small creator.

0:00 Intro
1:27 How to make money on YouTube as a small creator with affiliate marketing
3:56 How To make money on YouTube with digital products
5:35 How to make money on YouTube with Sponsorships

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Listen, I know that it’s like this
massive dream

for anybody starting on YouTube
to hit that 1000 subscriber mark

and that 4000 watched hour mark
so you can get monetized.

But I’m here to tell you
that you don’t have to wait

for that big moment
to actually make money on YouTube.

You can start making money on YouTube
as a very small creator.

And honestly, from day one.

So if that sounds like
something you’re interested in, let’s go.

Hey, how do you.

Hey, y’all.

What is up to me?

Jessica here
again. On TubeBuddy’s channel.

So pumped to be here.

I’m excited. You’re here.

And I’m super excited about today’s topic
because like I said

in the intro, so many times
people get started on YouTube

and think that they have to wait
until they’re monetized to make money.

And it’s honestly not true.

If you will play your cards right
and do things in the right way

and treat YouTube as a business
from the very beginning.

You can already be making money
by the time you hit that point.

We’re going to talk about

three ways to make money on YouTube
without being monetized.

Number one, and this is probably the place
that most of you will want to start.

And the place that I would recommend

you start from the very beginning,
and that is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

it is when you get paid a commission

to promote someone else’s
service or product or thing.


So if I’m doing a

YouTube video and I’m like, Oh my gosh,
these headphones are so awesome,

you should check out the link to them
below and it’s an Amazon link, then

any time someone clicks that link and buys
something, I will get a commission.

They don’t even have
to buy the headphones,

but if they click through that link to buy
something, I get permission from that.

Amazon is a great place

to start with affiliate marketing
because anybody can apply and be accepted.

There are some rules around
how much you have to sell in the first

like 90 or 60 days with Amazon,
but for the most part

it’s a pretty easy thing
for people to hit.

So Amazon Affiliates is a great place
to start with affiliate marketing,

but understand that almost every company
has an affiliate marketing program.

So on my channel,

if I talk about TubeBuddy and I’m like,
Oh my gosh, I love TubeBuddy so much

and I send people to the TubeBuddy link
that is my affiliate link.

I will get a commission from that.

Okay. A little like secret nugget here.

I would recommend that
you start with softwares

that are a monthly service
and charge people monthly

because generally they are going to pay
you monthly and then that can become

a really regular income stream
rather than hoping that people

constantly click your links
in the description for those headphones.

And if you’re wondering how to get people
to actually click your affiliate links,

there’s a few ways that you can do that.

One, you can verbally tell them to do that
in the video so you can be like, Hey,

if you want these things,
it’s linked in the description,

or you could pop the link
across the screen.

But the most common option is to just
constantly have your description

ready with the affiliate links
that a lot of people are going to want.

So, for example,
in the description of my videos,

I have a ton of links for like
my most frequently asked questions.

So what maximizing?
What camera am I using?

What lots of my using,
what softwares do I love?

All of these things
I’m asked on the regular so I go ahead

and put the affiliate links
to all of those in all of my descriptions.

Now, one of TubeBuddy’s tools
makes this really easy.

They actually have a book

Updater Tool you can bulk update cards,
you can bulk update your description.

And so if you have already
started on YouTube and you have old videos

that you want to go back
and put those affiliate links in,

all you have to do is use TubeBuddies
book updater to go in and say,

I want to update all my descriptions
to have this text.

So even a video from a year ago
can have the affiliate links you’re

promoting today with that tool,
which is really awesome

because if you had to go back
through all of them,

it’s going to be a pain in the booty
all right.

So second way
you can make money on YouTube

without being monetized
is with digital products.

I have talked a lot on my channel
about digital products.

So if you need more help there, you can
come on over and hang out on my channel.

However, the basics of this is that you’re
selling your own digital goods.

So things like templates like let’s say
Canva templates or Photoshop templates,

Lightroom Presets, workbooks,
really anything that you can create

and then put up for people
to purchase from

you can make you some great money
before you’re even monetized.

So as an example on this one,

let’s say you do a video on your channel
about how to grow on Instagram.

Like maybe that is your channel
and you want to talk

about how to grow on Instagram
and you do this video,

but you have Lightroom Presets
that you use and you know

that people are constantly asking you

how you get your photos edited that way
or how things look that way.

You can go ahead and create
Lightroom Presets

that can be shared with other people
and you can sell them.

So if you are creating this video
about how to grow on Instagram

and you know

that people are going to want your presets
after you show them your Instagram

you can totally mention it in the video
and be like, Hey, I have some presets

available for you there.

$5 or whatever the scenario is.

The link is below in the description,

and when someone watches that video
and wants to purchase as presets,

all they have to do is click
that link and you’ve made money.


So the third way that you can make money
without being monetized

and by the way,
this is not an exhaustive list.

These are just the top

three ways that I would recommend people
to start making money.

If you’re ready to make money
without having to wait to be monetized.


And also, even if you are monetized,
these will all work too.

All right.

So that third way is sponsorships
now with sponsorships

you are paid for your audience size.

So if you’re a smaller creator,
you’re not going to be able to make

as much money as someone would say 100,000
subscribers or 10,000 subscribers even.


But that doesn’t mean
you can’t do sponsorships.

It doesn’t mean that
you can’t get sponsorships.

There are a lot of companies out there
that pay micro-influencers

that specifically want to pay
smaller creators because they know

their audiences are really engaged
and that can be really worth their money.

So if there’s a system or a product
or a company that you just absolutely love

is not going to hurt anything to reach out
and see

if they’re interested in a sponsorship

You’re probably not going to be able
to charge what someone with more followers

or subscribers than you has,
but that doesn’t mean

you can’t charge anything
or that it’s not possible.

You can absolutely get sponsorship
deals from the jump,

especially if you have other social media

or other platforms that you can utilize
to sweeten the deal a little bit.

So let’s say you don’t have
that many subscribers here on YouTube,

but you have two
or 3000 followers on Instagram.

That’s not a ton.

However, that’s enough
to where our brand could potentially

see you as a benefit to them.

So sell it as a whole package
rather than trying to just, you know, say,

Hey, I want to do a YouTube sponsorship,
but I only have 100 subscribers.

Maybe see if you can bring other things in
to sweeten the deal.

So hopefully that helps put you
on the right path to making some moolah

and not having to wait for that 1,000th
subscriber like glorious moment, you know?

And I highly encourage
you to go back to any old videos

you’ve done and update the descriptions
with affiliate links

with products of your own, with anything
that is going to help you make money.

Because I promise you,
if you’re putting content on the Internet,

somebody has a question somewhere about
something that they see in your videos.

Or that you’ve mentioned that you’re
probably not making money from.

Very recently
I set out to buy some new audio equipment.

I think I was looking for
a new like podcast microphone situation,

and I went on YouTube,
of course, to like look at reviews

and see what people were saying.

And there was this one creator
who tremendously helped me

make my decision,
and he had no affiliate links

in his description to the products
he was talking about.

So that was a massively missed

So if you’ve put out those kinds of videos
before where you’re talking about

that you could be an affiliate for,

but you weren’t at the time,
or you’re talking about something

that you could create a digital product
for, definitely.

YouTube Buddies Bulk Update tool
to go back and add all of those things

to your description.

So if you log in to YouTube

and you go into your YouTube studio
and you’re on your content page,

if you have the TubeBuddy
plugin installed,

it will pop up
and give you some book options.

You want to go to the Balk
Fund and replace tool and then at the top

you can toggle
whether you want to find and replace text.

You want to add something to the beginning
or the end of your description.

If you want to replace
the whole description.

If you want to add something before or
after a certain line in your description,

and that’s where you can make this happen.

So if you decide, Oh,
I just want to replace

all of my description
and all of my old videos

with this new kind of template
that I’ve created, you can do that.

Or let’s say, you know that
in all of your old descriptions,

you have your Instagram link and you have
always put that in your description.

You could totally find that text
in your descriptions with this tool

and then add the new affiliate

links, add the links to your products
and services before or after that.

With this awesome TubeBuddy tools.

All right.

That is all for me.

Thank you guys
so much for hanging out with me today.

And thank you for TubeBuddy
for having me on your channel again.

If you want to come hang out with me on
my channel, I’ll put the link right here.

It is just forward slash
Jessica Stansberry

or you can just search for
Jessica Stansberry.

You’ll find me and until next time bye


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