How to Approach Your Dream Brands for High Paying Sponsorships

Brand deals and sponsorships are a great way to make money for your channel, even if you already have a business around it of your own products and services. When you’re not in the middle of launching your own next course or promotion, you can leverage the down time to do brand deals, make more money, and introduce your audience to products that are useful for them.

Today I talk with Justin Moore about his experience in working with brands. He shares his process for reaching out to brands, pricing, and making money with sponsorships on YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok.

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13:32 | Brian’s strategy after 10K subscribers & the MOST important skill to grow
16:58 | What took Brian trial and error to work through for growth
20:31 | Brian’s strategy for 100K+ subscribers
21:55 | The importance of reinventing yourself
22:56 | How to approach and negotiate with brands
31:07 | How to price yourself to brands
41:22 | How important is audience size when it comes to brand deals?
46:04 | Join 14 Brand Deal Secrets!
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if you want to work with brands to make

more money around your youtube channel

your instagram your tick tock this is

the episode for you today i’m

interviewing justin moore a guy who has


many millions of dollars in brand deals

for himself and also for other creators

30 other creators that he represents to

brands bringing them together as a small

agency doing brand deals for them he’s

helped other creators generate over 2

million dollars in brand deals and today

i’m going to interview him about how

does he do that what does that look like

what are some of his top brand deals how

do they come about what when should you

go after the brand how do you handle it

when they come after you and then when

they when they when you are going after

them like how do you do that how do you

approach these brands and how do you

present yourself in a professional

manner that makes them feel like i need

to work with this creator like we need

to get in front of their audience he

gives me a step-by-step process for what

that looks like for him we also talk a

lot about pricing in this episode

because pricing it’s like the biggest

question everyone asked is like how much

do i know like how much do i charge and

how do i know what my worth is my value

is it’s a very complicated answer

because there’s so many variables but we

do get into that here in this episode as

well as many other things to point you

in the right directions or resources and

just lots of stuff so i am definitely

excited to introduce you here to justin

and dive into this conversation about

how you can approach and work with your

dream brand on youtube instagram tic tac

wherever that’s what we’re talking about

here today


welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delana

hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to see you again for another video

creators podcast episode like we do here

every monday on youtube and apple

podcast and spotify and soundcloud

wherever you listen to your podcast we

are there love hanging out with you and

doing these more deep dive sessions into

topics surrounding how you grow your

business on youtube how you reach more

people and change their lives with the

message that you’re spreading and the

business that you’re growing and one of

the ways that you do that is by making

money that supports those efforts and

also supports other brands and other

companies while introducing your

audience to tools services apps


and all this stuff that enhances and

enriches their lives

as well now we’re going to jump into

this conversation with justin here in in

just a second but before we do that

justin and i worked really hard to give

you guys a resource that is exactly what

you need to learn everything you need to

know about starting brand deals and

delivering on them all the gotchas and

and contracts and everything in fact he

and i collaborated we worked together uh

and put together it’s a free course for

you it’s i think it’s like 18 video

sessions or something like a free course

not even like a mini course it’s like an

act like a whole full-blown course on on

14 brand deal secrets we’re calling it

and it’s everything you need to know in

order to start doing brand deals and and

really start executing them on your

channel there’s a link in the show notes

um i just kind of wanted to set that up

here because we’re going to refer to

some of those things in the course

inside of this this podcast

episode in this interview in the course

we talk uh the 14 segments 14 brand deal

secrets as we talk about one knowing

your worth and how do you start going

about figuring out what that is number

two we talk about how do you find your

ideal brand partners that you want to

work with number three we talk about how

you need to update your social media to

attract brands so that when they find

you they’re like oh my gosh i want to

work with these guys like we need to get

in front of front of their audience

number four


the fourth session in the course is

talking about how do you create a

compelling media kit what does that look

like we’ll show you examples and walk

you through that number video number

five is influencer marketing terminology

what are what is all the speak the

language the acronyms and things that

you need to know in order to confidently

work with brands and know what they’re

talking about when they ask you certain

certain things number six we talk about

okay the brand deal pitch like that’s

gotta work right and so we’ll go through

strategies on how to pitch that brand

deal to to the person that the brand

that’s reached out to you that you have

made contact with number seven what

about when the brands are like okay

great we’ll give you free product you’re

like no no no i’m not free product

anymore we need to do a cash exchange

video number seven in the course is how

to convert those gifted things that

people brands want to give you into paid

deals video number eight session number

eight in the course is how much to

charge how do you go about starting to

figure that out

huge question very important question

number nine then as we talk about

exclusivity and rights who like what

rights are you gonna give the brand to


what like what are you gonna allow them

to do with your content with your

material for how long and if you make it

exclusive or not what are those types of

terms you need to consider video number

10 in the course is we go into the most

important clauses in the brand deal

contract that you just need to know and

understand because there’s a lot of like

legalese in there that if you don’t know

what they’re talking about you can

certainly get screwed over and that

happens all the time so we want to point

out what some of those things are and

those contracts you should be looking

out for in video number 11 in this free

course we talk about content creation

and accuracy what does it look like to

actually now integrate the the brand

into the content and then video number

12 we talk about how to get paid faster

so you’re not just kind of sitting there

waiting for the money to come and you’ve

you delivered everything that you’ve

said you’re going to do and now you’re

just waiting for payment how do you

speed up that process video number 13 is

als is now about analyzing the

performance of that brand’s campaign

with your audience and how do you do

that and and what metrics should you

look at and what should you go back and

tell the brand so that they’re like oh

my gosh this was amazing we need to work

with them again and do another deal


and then finally video number 14 we

talked about how important it is to

continue to educate yourself and

increase your knowledge in this area

starting with this episode right here

we’re going to talk a lot about a lot of

these things with justin on kind of

higher level

but uh the course is open now it’s a

part of our video creators academy which

is our monthly membership program it’s


a month but it does come with a one

month free trial so you can use that

link in the show notes here of this of

this uh of this episode to go over the

video creators academy and create your

account for free and you get 30 days to

go through this 14 brand deal secrets

course as well as a lot of other courses

we have courses in there about how to

feel confident in live streaming um how

to set up a monetization strategy for

your channel we have a course in there

about like all the equipment and gear

you need to like really take your

content to the next level a professional

way without overdoing it we have

interviews in there about patreon and

using paid ads on your videos it’s just


i think there’s like 14 or no 18

different courses and you can see them

all when you get over there

and we’re now adding this one about 14

brand deal secrets to the mix so get

access to all 14 of those courses plus

more we’ve got titles and thumbnail

courses coming up that we’ve been

working really hard on we’re excited

we’re doing a lot of research on that

right now so that we launch it it’s like

the best course in the world on titles

and thumbnails so we’re adding regularly

content there and some q a stuff we want

to help you out there as well so it’s

it’s not just content but you do get

some access to us as well so yeah check

it out see if it’s right for you or not

at least for the 30-day free trial go

through this course that justin uh and i

put together and um so yeah i feel like

i’m doing like an ad up front don’t

really mean to do that but more sense to

set up the context of what justin and i

are going to talk about when we start

diving into like how do you reach out to

those brands and and how do you make

those work and what does that approach

look like i asked them like

um in my notes before we hit record like

i i said justin i want the step by step

like what does this look like and so

he’s going to talk about that here but

just want to set up that context for you

before we dive in go check it out go to

video creators academy link in the show

notes below you can sign up register

there and get access to this course plus

a whole bunch of other courses

that said now let’s jump into our

interview with justin to help you guys

start approaching and working with the

dream brands you have

well you know what i mean brands you

dream about working with on your channel

justin thanks for hanging out with us

here today it’s good to absolutely about


yeah for for people who don’t know you

and who you are where you come from and

how you got to be here on this podcast

episode yeah give us the back story of

how you got started on youtube and how

you got to be where you’re at today with

being like one of the industry leaders

and helping creators understand what

their worth is and how to sell it to


can you be my hype man forever tim that

was a really good idea i could do better

you want me to take it dude

i can type it up anymore it’s been three

million dollars in revenue for justin

i’m not lying this is true right

right oh my goodness it is it is you’ve

helped other creators do over two

million dollars in brand deal revenues

you now collect brand deals for other

creators to do and you give it to them

for free

every single week in an email newsletter

and you literally have courses on this

stuff and teaching this stuff and you

know so

um and you gotta yeah so that’s


the fee later um no i appreciate that

man i’m stoked to be here yeah my um

how this all started is my wife april

actually started her first youtube

channel in 2009 back in the day when

there was no partner program

you could not make money on youtube that

was not a thing that people did um and

it was very much uh a hobby it was very

much an evolution so her first channel

was around beauty skincare cosmetics

that type of thing and i was very much

in the background i was going to

business school i was i’m an engineer by

by background um and so i was in medical

devices right out of school and i but i

kept encouraging my wife april i was

like you got to try youtube she was

watching it and i was just like you’d be

perfect for this you should do it and so

finally i convinced her after about a

year um and she made her very first

video with our webcam i remember it was

like terribly pixelated we edited it

with like windows movie maker hilarious

right i remember yeah i remember these

things right yeah windows movie maker

avi was the format i think yeah and like

it’s funny hilarious you go back and

look at our first video it’s like got

the letterbox you know like it was like

square on youtube yeah so it’s like way

back in the early days but um you know

brand started knocking right first it

was free products which she was like

stoked out of her mind oh they just came

to you you’re just like we’re doing our

thing and they just showed up yes first

first and what year’s race this was 2010

probably ten okay um and so this was

very much early early days um and so her

you know some of her early videos got

quite a bit of traction in the kind of

the beauty product space she would be

reviewing products and things like that

so that was one thing is like in the

early days because of the niche that she

was in it’s very product driven you know

like talking about skincare and

cosmetics and beauty products and stuff

like that and so those brands got it

pretty early with with free products you

know it’s like oh we get this like we’ll

send this person they’ll talk about it

we’ll make sales like they they got it

you know some of these other industries

it took a long a little bit longer for

them to kind of realize the value there

but yeah early days like it was very

much free product but then when the

first brand said hey like we’ll actually

compensate you to talk about us

my wife was just like oh what do i do

and so here i was i was in i was in


yes yeah

yeah exactly and like i was in business

school and here i was like i put my

business school hat on i was like i

couldn’t handle this and so i was like

looking at the agreements and like no

idea what it no no one had any idea what

we were doing in the early days at all

and and so we were like kind of bumbling

our way through it and we made pretty

much every mistake in the book that you

can imagine and yet we we started

learning we we you know we got better at

it i started an influencer marketing

agency in 2015

so pretty early on also that i was like

there’s this gap

all these brands who you know we are

working with they’re really keen on

working with creators especially ones

that are wholesome ones that aren’t you

know controversial swearing in their

content posting crazy stuff on instagram

whatever um and so that’s going to be my

wedge i’m going to say we are it’s

called trending family it’s all about

family friendly creators and and that

was um it took off you know there was a

lot of you know consumer cpg consumer

package goods companies retail consumer

electronics like they were all really uh

excited about working with the the

creators that um it’s honestly in the

early days it was very much just like we

went out and like emailed all of our

other youtube vlogger family vlogger

friends and we were like uh hey like

will you let i i said will you let me

pitch you to brands or agencies and like

let’s all try and make money and it was

like 30 of us in the beginning they’re

all like sure and so that was like my

roster at the beginning you know okay um

and so and so that’s how we started

getting deals for people and so yeah

it’s fast forward today you know

millions of dollars of deals for for

other creators um but

there was this like itch that i’ve been

wanting to scratch for the longest time

of the you know decade or so that we’ve

been on social media which is that i

just see so many mistakes being made you

know i’ve now exchanged

you know thousands of emails with brands

personally for our creator business

tens of thousands of emails with other

creators for my agency um and i just it

blows my mind how how many mistakes are

being made and so i was like you know

what i’m gonna just start making some

youtube videos i’m gonna start making

some content to educate people around

how to be professional how to negotiate

how to think about contracts how to you

know um you know how to price yourself

all this type of stuff that i i wish

someone had like put their hand on my

shoulder at the you know at the

beginning of our journey and be like hey

this is how you do this thing don’t do

that do this instead you know and so

that was the point of it it was it was

it was nothing beyond that it was very

much i’m gonna make these videos and

then it’ll be done and then what

happened was people started requesting

more videos hey can you talk about this

and then people would dm me hey can you

coach me hey could you make a course and

i was just like wow like this is totally

unexpected and so yeah you know over the

last two years things have just kind of

exploded and now i am a sponsorship

coach i have like knighted myself um and

i’m just having i’m just i’m having a


i decided that i am going to do this and

everyone else decided yes you should do


that’s awesome

so when you were getting started with

these you know brands just started

coming to you but that i don’t feel like

that’s a lot of people’s experience

uh it feels like a lot of them are like

i would love to work with these brands

and i see all these other creators who

are working with brands but

why does everyone do squarespace

or how do i even get started

with with these with these these deals

uh what does that look like for you i

know some of them came to you but did

you ever go after any of them yourself

oh yes absolutely we have always yes in

the early days we definitely had brands

coming to us but we’ve always augmented

those opportunities with cold outbound

pitching so we’re this is actually us

reaching out to the brands proposing a

partnership um and you know uh basically

trying to forge the relationships uh

without them ever knowing who we were

and kind of doing the dog and pony show

dance like telling that you know

convincing them why they should they

should work with us and so yeah and i s

this is something i still absolutely

advocate no matter where you’re at in

your creator journey so there is this

concept that i think it’s really

important to discuss which is that i’ve

created called the sponsorship pipeline

okay in any other business sales focused


you have to have deals

at different stages of your sales

pipeline and they’re all you know summer

initial conversations some are in the

negotiation phase some are in the

execution phrase some are in the

production phase some are then the you

know invoicing phase so if you look at

this if you think about yourself as a

business when you’re a creator which you

really are if you’re making income from

it um you have to look at your

sponsorship strategy in the same way so

you cannot just sit on your hands and

wait for brands to knock on your door or

send you an email that is a

unpredictable lumpy way to manage

sponsorship uh your sponsorship strategy

you have to augment that and be having

conversations with brands and

advertising agencies at every point in

that journey and so you know with near

certainty that if you say okay and in

four months i know this is what my

income is going to be from sponsorships

because this is where the my current

conversation or opportunities are at in

the process and so it’s really important

to kind of shift your mindset if you’re

looking at other creators who are

getting opportunities it’s not like you

can’t you can’t just wait for them to

come to you because oftentimes again


tens of thousands maybe hundreds of

thousands of creators out there um so

unless you’re doing something that’s

like incredibly unique making waves out

there um you can’t get upset if they’re

like well i was using a square face for

two years before that creator it’s just

like well how on earth is the brand

gonna know that unless you’re talking

about it organically on social media so

that’s like one of my most important

tactical tips is that if you want to get

on a brand’s radar start talking about

them organically and a lot of people say

oh like yeah but if

if they don’t if i’m already talking

about them for free why would they pay

me and i need you to hear me this is

very important i need you to hear me

which is that when a brand hires an

influencer for a paid collaboration

there are talking points there’s

messaging there’s things that they need

you to say that have to do with that

campaign maybe it’s a summer promotion

maybe there’s a promo code or a discount

code or something that they want to talk

about they need you to say very specific

sound bytes so that they can cut down

your youtube video into a 30-second ad

that they can run on social media or on

youtube right so there’s very specific

reasons why brands will pay you for

things and so the best way to get on

their radar is just start talking about



and then do you then reach out to them

and send them like hey i started talking

about you here you go

like now pay me


that’s exactly what you do tim yes and

so for the beautiful thing about this is

that with the beauty of something like

instagram you can tag the brand

oftentimes they will like slide in your

dms thank you so much for tagging me

there you go there’s your foot in the

door to start a conversation hey can you

introduce me to your influencer

marketing manager for example right

and then yeah same idea if they don’t if

they don’t respond to you yeah go find

their you know their influencer

marketing manager contact or their

influencer coordinator on linkedin

do a cold you know connection connection

with them send them their video just

want to let you know look every single

time that you reach a brand it doesn’t

have to be a pitch you could just say

hey i just want you to know like i made

this video for you i’m a big fan that’s

it initially right because the goal of

you reaching out

okay should not be to get a deal let me

say i say that again the goal when you

pitch a brand is not to get the deal

it’s to establish

the relationship because let me explain

how these things work okay

when a brand decides that they’re going

to run an influencer campaign let’s say

they run one per quarter okay

the active recruitment period where

they’re actually trying to hire an

influencer for this campaign is probably

like a five to seven day period okay

they decide we’re gonna work with

influencers let’s go out let’s go email

50 people we’re probably going to move

forward with only 20 of them we have to

get everyone’s rates we have to like

hear if they’re going to be a good fit

if they’re like available right and then

they’re gonna move forward with those

20. and that’s like a again a five to

seven day period so when you reach out

on random

april 20th or whatever the chances of

them actually being in an active

recruitment phase is extremely low so

the goal is so you do not get dejected

when they say hey we’re not working with

creators right now in a paid capacity

yada yada that’s fine now you’re on

their radar for when they are okay so

it’s like

you got to hear it’s not no it’s it’s

not yet this aligns very closely with

how we

recommend people reach out to other

creators for collaborations which is

it’s not like

ask and you’ll receive i think now it’s

give and you will receive so that looks

like like reaching out for collaboration

it’s like even if you reach out to the

big creator you want to work with

they’ll be like hey let’s do a

collaboration will you promote me i’ll

promote you you’re not going to get a

response but if it’s like

hey i love your stuff and i want to i’m

going to talk about you in this upcoming

video or podcast or email campaign or

whatever is there something that you’re

working on right now that i can help you

promote or that i can help bring

attention to you like

that’s going to get a response every

single time right and so the the concern

people have which is what i i’m guessing

aligns with the concern you get too is

like but what if i promote them and then

they don’t reciprocate and they don’t

i’m like well


the worst that happened is that your

audience thanks you for giving them for

introducing them to something that’s

helpful and valuable to them


but what usually happens is now your

your point is exactly right it’s like

there’s a relationship established where

these people are like oh like the other

the creators in this or the brand in

your case is like i feel like

they like me like they want to support

me and money hasn’t even entered the

equation yet you know


and uh but then even later you can like

it’s another excuse to follow up with

them later look hey i promoted the thing

that you were doing here’s my email

here’s the video whatever my audience

really liked it like i think there’s a

some great opportunity here to work

together we’re both from the same team

trying to do this same thing or like

whatever and that relationship can

continue from there so they give it

sounds counterintuitive because it’s

like why would i do this for free

why would they pay me then after right

you’re exactly right like it’s about

relationships not about like trying to

extract value from people you get value

after relationships are built well the

other thing too i just want to clarify

it’s a really important point there is a

big difference between you doing it of

your own volition right as an authentic


of this brand or product and them

reaching out and saying here’s free

product talk about us that’s a very

different story okay and that’s not what

i’m talking about that’s a different

thing what i’m saying is getting on

their radar by you being making the

first chess move to get on their radar

that’s right yeah


after you make that initial contact what

does it look like after after that

you’re just like hey

um i

i want this wine cooler swine freezer so

like i’m gonna post a picture on my

instagram about it and then you reach

out and be like hey would you send me

one of these i posted about you on

instagram is that how it works


this is a really important mindset shift

um which is that the vast majority of

the time

what creators are saying in their

pitches are all are very me me me focus

it’s right it’s like here’s this little

tiny box of how you can work with me on

my channel i do these integrations i

place them at one minute into the video

and you know i’ll do it for 45 seconds

and it’s two thousand dollars here’s my

media kit right right like that’s what

most creators do right

here yes paypal me here here’s my

address um and like to a brand that

doesn’t feel great right because it’s

like what if they have a completely

different objective in mind

right um and so the most important

thing to hear is that you don’t lead

with all of that you lead with

a research based assumption of what you

believe their marketing objective is by

working with creators and the way in

which you do that by the way is go and

analyze the other partnerships that

they’ve done with other creators you

look at you watch the video what is the

creator talking about you watch the

types of creators that they’re working

with you go to the landing page that

those youtubers are driving to what are

they talking about what are they trying

to sell and then you can make a relative


based on all this body of knowledge that

you just spent five minutes researching

and you could say okay looks like this

brand is trying to drive sales on this

particular product line for this the

summer they have a summer campaign

coming up or something like that right

so that’s the pitch the pitch isn’t hey

work with me on this little integrated

video and yada yada i have this i have

this series on my channel people love it

yada yada they don’t care

sorry i don’t want to sound callous but

like i’m giving you the the honest truth

here is if the brand doesn’t care how

can you help them accomplish accomplish

a very specific business objective that

they have because that’s how they’re

gonna get you’re gonna get them to

respond they’re gonna be like oh yeah

we’re running that campaign in their

heads right they get this email this

creator gets it they’re offering to help

us promote that in this way because

that’s the pitch the pitch the proposal

is i’m gonna help you accomplish this

business objective by doing this

integration on my channel and yes you

can still throw out how you know you

have this series and all the stuff but

it ties into their to the brand’s

business objective so again shifting

from like me me me to all about them

them them and it’s a game changer what

if you’re it’s a brand that’s maybe like

a smaller

regional brand or they’re not really

active on social or something like that

that you really want to work with um and

they don’t have much going on would you

you can’t figure out their business

objectives would you just make more

general requests of like hey i love your

stuff i use it every day here’s a

picture of this thing in my living room


whatever and i would love to talk more

about you to my audience i think they

get like this kind of value out of it

like that type of approach or what does

it look like in that case you say hey

can you jump on a zoom call with me

i would love to learn a little bit more

about your marketing objectives and you

let them talk you have a list of various

you have a very simple list of you know

questions to ask them tell me about your

marketing strategies tell me about

what’s you know what have you have you

worked with any creators if not tell me

why like what are your what are your

hesitancies with that let them talk so

you could maybe they say oh we’re

concerned like they won’t give us you

know a preview of the content before it

goes live oh your answer is well i can

do that right right so it’s just like

there’s all these questions that you can

ask them that are very simple things a

lot of creators are nervous to do this

type of thing especially in the

beginning when they don’t have a lot of

experience but

you don’t have to be nervous about this

stuff believe me especially if it’s an

up and coming brand that doesn’t have a

lot of experience

you have so much expertise as a creator

that you don’t realize you think that

this brand is like super intimidating

well they’re very intimidated by working

with creators believe me right so you

having 5 000 10 000 followers on or

subscribers on youtube or whatever is

super exciting for them because they

don’t have a lot of experience working

with creators so put your consultant hat

on as a creator and just help them help

educate them not a lot of creators are

willing to put in that work but those

who do will be rewarded handsomely yeah

so you’re saying

don’t go at them saying this is what i

want to do for you always go at them

listening either figuring out ahead of

time what they’re trying to accomplish

and what you can do to join them in that

or if you can’t figure that out and it’s

not obvious then instead make sure you

figure that out with them before you

just like hey i want to do xyz and you

might find out no we’re actually really

focused on television but we’re

struggling to hire


the budget get the budget together to

get a whole film crew together and

you’re like

i can do that one evening at my house

right which is literally that’s exactly

what happened to me in one of our deals

that we uh


that we did in the beginning of covid a

lot of these agencies had trouble

getting production

done because there was like all this you

know spacing and like six feet whatever

mask and everything and so like well how

do we get these these these television

ads and these and these facebook ads

going when our agencies can’t produce

the content anymore in these bigger

budget things so one of them a regional

like couples tri-state area type of

brand reach out to us

and they’re like can you you guys are

youtube people and you’re local in our

area can you shoot something i’m like i

can shoot that in one evening like just

it was a restaurant like pay give us a

free meal and it’d be like this x number

of dollars right and so we went to the

restaurant it’s only not too far away

from us we picked it up and we just

filmed our family working hard together

with our chickens and stuff and then

coming in and sit down and enjoying a

really good meal take home meal from

from the restaurant and it took us an

evening and they’re like that would have

taken us like a week to produce and i’m


how i don’t even know how i could

stretch that longer than an evening so

it was way cheaper for them

and they got like good quality content

because we know you know we have some

better nicer cameras and stuff and it

looked more real and natural

than their agency would have tried to

reproduce in a very expensive way right

like you could spend a lot of money

getting a natural shaky hand cam type of

field so yeah it’s crazy man like my

wife and i have been part of some like

major film production shoots with 50

people on set and like you know us as

the talent and this kind of thing it’s

just mind-boggling the amount of money

that’s spent on some of these

productions when it’s like creators

listening to this you have

so much value that you can

i never encourage you to like make a

direct cost comparison so it’s like you

should pay me this because it’s so much

cheaper than like a higher crew you

don’t wanna that’s not the value

proposition obviously but it’s just like

important for you in your perspective

when you’re putting these proposals

together to have that understanding and

it’s important that like going back to a

point where you’re making is like you

gotta listen to get that understanding

because otherwise i would have pitched

like you know a four video youtube and

they have no interest in youtube right

now right so but when you listen they’re

like oh we gotta figure out how to make

something for tv i’m like

i’ve never done that but like let’s try

this and they’re like that would be


so listening and giving is is

is really

important and asking those types of

questions that you that you mentioned i

think is really key to hearing what are

their objectives what do they need and

then how can you

assist them now

one more

one more quick thing because i want to

this is very important which is that

i am proposing to pitch something i’m

not saying that you email them and say

like oh like what do you think like all

this stuff but based on this no like you

could say yeah it’s going to be one

integration it’s going to be you know

here’s the usage i’m going to give you

and yada yada ya i do propose that

because you need to give them something

tangible because if you don’t you’re

basically throwing the ball in their

corner and you’re you know on their side

of the field hey you figure it out right

so i’m not proposing that i’m just

saying that that’s the starting point

because they’ll almost never say oh

let’s do that thumbs up they’re gonna be

like oh well i like that part about it

but let’s change and tweak this right so

it’s just like uh the the listening part

is kind of the next step after you hook

them yeah

so a big question that comes up with our

audience here is the pricing

right and i know that’s a really big

subject matter and we’re not going to go

deep into it here but i don’t think we

can not at least address it which is

how do you determine

what a fair price is and how much you

should charge

for just a quick mention versus a full


versus you know

something yeah how do you even start to

approach that

whole thing that is just so overwhelming

and intimidating for creators when

they’re getting started with this stuff

yeah so so first and foremost um

i think you really need to take like

give yourself cut yourself some slack i

think creators are really hard on

themselves about this that like you know

they did an integration one time it was

for super cheap and it’s just like even

for my wife and i like we had no idea

what you were doing in the beginning and

we made every mistake in the book charge

like way too little for a lot of deals

and so it’s like yeah there’s resources

out there but like first and foremost

don’t be too hard on yourself like why

would why should you have any experience

doing this like it’s it’s you know that

you you can only go up from here

basically is the first point

the second point is is that

understanding what should be some of the

major price drivers associated with

setting your rate and i i love acronyms

and rules and naming stuff that’s just

my like how my mind works and so i’ve

created something called the do rule the

it stands for d-u-e

and the d is deliverables so what

exactly do they want you to do is it an

integrated video or is it a dedicated

video that’s different amounts of work

right is it going to be an instagram

real is it going to be a photo carousel

is going to be five tick tocks or 10

tick tocks a lot of brands will reach

out and be like oh we just want to like

forge an awesome partnership we’ll do a

couple of posts and we’ll do yada yada

no like how many posts what platforms

what’s the format integrated dedicated

you have to know that stuff because it’s

just different amounts of work right so

that’s the first thing um the second

thing is you which is usage rights right

this is a lot of creators don’t think

about this which is that what do they

want to do with your content aside from

you posting it on your social media

platforms do they want to regram it on

their instagram do they want to cut it

down into a 30 second ad that they put

50 000 behind on youtube ads this

happens right they’ll put so much money

behind the content that you’re creating

creators don’t realize and that’s

something that you should be charging

them for for the privilege to be able to


um and then the e in the do rule is

exclusivity right is the brand saying

that you cannot work with their

competitors for a certain duration well

there’s an opportunity cost associated

with that if they want you to be

exclusive for a year

that’s a really long time

especially for categories that are

really broad my best example is like

let’s say that samsung reached out and

they want you to like

uh you know talk about their

latest smart fridge or something

right and they say hey we want you to be

exclusive to any competitors of samsung

well samsung makes a lot of things they

make microwaves they make phones right

so not gonna cut it you need to confine

the category to smart fridges right and

so it’s like these are all levers that

you have as a creator and it’s

completely reasonable for you to ask for

these things okay a lot of creators feel

like they the only thing they can

negotiate is the price and that couldn’t

be further from the truth there’s all

these things that you should be thinking


yeah and when it comes to your price

it’s not just like i i think a lot of

creators just go to cpm how much should

i be charging per thousand views on my

channel and

it’s so much more than that it’s like

well where else can

this brand access these people right and

how authoritative is your voice within

how much credibility do you have in this



what other opportunity costs do you have

like for me i charge a lot of money for

a sponsorship

that no one would it’s ridiculous

because like if i do a pitch for 30 days

about our youtube channel like our

foundations level course is for 197 on

our youtube channel and and convert uh

you know about one percent of that

audience into a sale for

197 dollar purchase one percent of a

thousand is 10 sales at 200 each

basically that’s a 200 2 000

cpm right like or revenue it’s more

technically rpm and

no one

is going to pay i haven’t bumped in

anybody’s willing to pay me that yeah


i’m like all right if you want me to not

promote my thing then it’s gonna have to

pay way more than like a 50 cpm or

something right because it’s got to be

making and that’s why i don’t really do

sponsorships here on the podcast and

other places either because it’s it’s

more it’s more profitable and

more fruitful for my audience because i

get to for me to sell my own thing

because it’s something that’s exactly

what they need and i know it’s

totally aligned with the value that

they’re listening to here and the

conversions are higher um and it’s also

like the price is kind of dependent on


do people buy when you talk about it and

i’m one of the things i’ve experienced

with a lot of brands or a lot of


who don’t sell their own thing is they

have no idea how to price themselves

from the perspective they don’t even


do i convert it five percent or one

percent or zero percent like and and if

and i can go to a brand and show like

here’s my conversion rates i know how to

sell to them and this is what works and

what doesn’t now that makes me able to

charge a lot more as well because i have

that experience and they’re more

confident that these are the numbers

we’re going to get so there’s so many

variables to consider when it comes to

pricing that you can’t just say like you

know and i know the temptations people

are like well guys you’re not being out

tim justin i hate you right now just

give me a freaking number so okay let me

give you let me give you a a concrete

example of something that just happened

two weeks ago um or three weeks ago um i

just sold a newsletter sponsorship


for two thousand dollars for four blasts

okay and i’ve got about three thousand

creators on my newsletter and no this is

not youtube focus but it’s a it’s a

perfect example of like i have a very

specific type of yeah exactly on my

newsletter which is someone who is

business-minded someone who is trying to

make money from being a creator it’s not

just some per person messing around on

tick tock for a hobby this is someone

who’s on the newsletter for a reason

they want to make money so all these

creator economy startups out there all

the platforms shopify and all these

folks who are trying to like find

audiences of creators who will start

using their tools this is a perfect

investment for them because it’s a very

specific type of audience and so they

will be willing to pay a premium for

that and so like extrapolate this for

any creators listening to your own niche

to your own audience like you likely

serve a very particular set of people

that there’s a lot of brands out there

who they’d get really excited about the

fact that yeah maybe you only have 5 000

subscribers or 10 000 subscribers or

whatever but your audience is a

concentrated remember

you as a creator are the conduit for the

brands to access your audience who are

prospective customers of their brand

right so like they don’t really care

really about partnering with you sorry

like they they want to access these

people in your audience and so you have

to you can’t just like give them the

keys to the castle like you have to

charge accordingly for that that’s right

yeah and

this is such a hard thing to figure out

in terms of the pricing in in the email

list versus the youtube channel versus

the mention versus the integration and

so at your course at

you have calculators that people can use

to figure out you can coach them through

this and so it’s and i i just say that

guys i don’t want to leave you hanging

and being like no one answers this

question well it’s because it’s like not

an easy

like if we just told you yeah fifty

dollars per thousand views that’s what

you should do some for some of you like

me that’d be way too low and for some of

you that would be way too high

and you won’t get anything so

it’s really so dependent on a lot of

this yeah so it’s really important to me

the reason why i didn’t want to just

sell the calculator on its own is i

really made an intentional decision to

like have it be part of the curriculum

that comes with the education because

there’s a whole section that i go into

in week two around the different types

of pricing strategies that a lot of

creators use so like for example a lot

of people use what i call a competitive

pricing strategy where it’s like i just

asked my friend how much are you

charging right and they’re like well i

kind of have a similar subscriber ship

to that person like i guess that’s what

i should be charging and then you’re

both charging too little yes that’s an

absolutely terrible weighted price and

so it’s just like again like there’s you

can’t it’s very difficult it’s an art

and a science but you need to kind of

meditate uh you know with a group of

other peers to be able to talk about

this stuff uh to be able to to figure

out where you need to be yeah there is

everything called price fixing

here where you get together with

everyone else

we’re creating collusion we’re going to

raise our prices to this number

but no i’ve had that same experience

talking this is a few years ago but

talking with another

youtube educator in my space and they

told me what they were charging i’m like


i charge way more than that

you know and like and part of me was


stop charging like you’re undercutting

me you know like

making me look greedy like raise your

prices for my sake please

but uh but yeah going out just looking

at what other people are charging is is

not the way to do it so

another real quick point which is that

you communicate a lot by the prices that

you’re setting so if you for example tim

are 10x what someone else is

you know yes one response from a brand

could be like well this other creator is

charging this why aren’t why can’t you

do it for that or the brand could say

wow like what is tim offering that’s 10

times better than the subject yeah

so like that

yeah so that’s that’s been my approach

so like for example when i i do

one-on-one consulting i charge a

thousand dollars an hour right and so

it’s like it’s a very i’m very

transparent about that it’s like and

it’s a it’s because like i i can say

with my chest puffed out with all the

confidence in the world that if you

invest in me for an hour i’m going to

help you make ten thousand dollars like

easily yeah so it’s just like so so you

know when you know where the numbers

come from

you’re you’re basically telling a brand

or a partner whoever you know hey these

are my rates and i stand behind these

because i know that what i’m going to

deliver is amazing well here’s what a

brand told me because i do charge higher

than the most they said uh this is a few

years uh two years ago now or something

they’re like hey tim

we you were the smallest creator we

worked with in this campaign we were a

lot of creators and you were

the smallest but your audience converted

18 times higher

than the largest creator we worked with

wow right and i’m like i know

like because i sell to them they’re used

to it it’s not a hard left turn

and uh the value hopefully is aligned

with exactly what they’re looking for

and what and what they need and and so

so i know how to to to do that so you

just can’t look at audience size and say

like well the larger the audience the

more money i make i mean maybe in one

regard that’s true but it could be that

the larger your audience the more

passive they are and the less they’ll

convert too versus like let’s say i’m

making up these numbers a channel

five million subscribers might have a

really large but passive audience but uh

but a channel with 50 000 subscribers

might have a very intimate and highly

engaged audience and and they feel like

they have a direct connection to that

creator and thus their conversions could

be a lot higher than the 5 million

subscriber channel just because of that

connection and the size so there’s it’s

not as easy as just size of channel

equals more money you know well let me

tell you one more cheat code tim which

is that

a brand most a lot of brands in a lot of

agencies this is actually the cheat code

that you know i teach my course as well

as like my wife and i have experienced

over the years is that um art like our

level of influence quote unquote or our

viewership on youtube is basically the

lowest it’s ever been in the last 10

years right like the amount of views

that we’re getting and all that stuff

right and yet we made the most money

that we’ve ever made by far

for every subsequent year right so it’s

like these it’s like these intersecting

trend lines that are going the opposite

direction our viewership’s going down

our revenue is going up and so the

reason is is that

brands will always pay a creator who is

reliable and responsive and creates high

quality content

over a creator who is not even if they

have 50 000 more followers they’ll make

that deal any day of the week and that

is how we that is that’s been our our

business strategy is like just be

amazing and professional and

communicative and you know more than 50

of our our deal flow every single month

is from agencies especially that keep

coming back to us over and over and over

and over because they know april and

justin will get it done and they’ll

trust you and you’ll yeah and and the

other thing too i assume this is true

about your about your brand is that if

you have a brand that means something

and stands for something it has like

this creed behind it brands will pay

more to have their brand associated with

your brand if it’s like

like there’s there’s something more

behind us like we’re gonna work i’m

making this up right now we’re gonna

work with uh

tim and my wife dana because like they

have seven kids and they are trying like

their brand is all about helping moms

overcome the chaos that they feel in

their life right and this brain is like

we want to be associated with that

message they’ll pay more than if it’s

just like another married couple have

also have seven kids but the brand is

just like

you know what they do every day or

something right so yeah the brand creed

also lifts your evaluation

i i have this exact i can give you a

concrete example of this tim which is

that i have this uh led ticker over my

shoulder for those of you guys who are

listening um and it’s it’s a i can put

any messages that i want on here okay

and the reason i bought this is because

i have recently created a mission for

myself that i want to help

creators big and small land a million

sponsorships by 2032. so in 10 years

okay and like it was very intentional

the way and so this this little led

ticker is gonna be my running total my

mcdonald’s hamburger counter of like how

many sponsorships i’ve helped facilitate

and so i am on a mission to

eliminate this scarcity mindset when it

comes to you know sponsorships that oh

if that person gets a deal that’s bad

for me somehow right no it’s like gonna

be you next week right and so i want to

like create a community and help us all

rally around each other for these

billions of dollars that are flowing

into this space that everyone can win

and so if there are brands out there who

want to partner with creator wizard with

me they are going to look at that ticker

and be like we want to be associated

with justin in his mission because those

are the types of creators that we want

to advocate for yeah we tend to attract

us to video creators people who want to

reach people and change lives

and do it in a profitable fulfilling way

because that’s that’s our message and so

yeah all that to say guys it’s like

it’s not a cpm it’s like a lot of

different things to figure out to get to

pricing so i’m sorry if we left you

frustrated but you can go to and sign up for

justin’s thing and he’ll work with you

to help you figure out what that price

is uh based on a lot of those variables

uh and more and we’re gonna jump into

our our power tip for the week here in

just a second but just want to leave you

guys with a reminder that you can use

the link in the show notes of this

episode to go sign up for the video

creators academy get your one month free

trial and go through the 14 brand deals

secrets course that justin and i put

together mostly justin i’ll be honest

i was there i’m there for a little bit

especially justin uh and that’s just

gonna help you guys figure out like your

worth and finding your ideal brand

partners and using your media kit and

your to attract social and distracting

social brands no using your social media

to attract brands

what’s in the contract that you need to

look out for the gotchas you need to be

aware of um and

and rights and exclusivity and

managing the brand deal contracts and

putting together the creative and the

accuracy and getting paid faster and

analyzing the performance and invest

and one thing that you said here too

justin that you talked a little more

about in the course was like just be

professional and being professional i

feel like i’m

pre like i’m scolding someone now sorry

if it sounds that way oh i just get like

worked up like yes because it’s so true

like being professional it gets me

irritated too i don’t know a few of us

too a little better with teams and

justin but like

the way you one of the things like main

ways that i’ve discovered how you grow a

successful business is you just treat

people with respect

like and through your customer service


even if it doesn’t make sense

financially you do the right thing

anyway that’s how you grow a successful

business and that’s why i feel like

you’re saying with this is like just be

professional and what does that mean

what does that look like justin’s going

to give you some very tangible things in

the course so it’s free for you guys for

a month use that link down the show

notes to go check it out and um and

justin i talk at length and more details

about a lot of these things too so that

you can win with brand deals you can

make money around the audience even if

you have products too you can still do

brand deals when you’re in between

launches or

whatever uh makes sense for you

you can sell other things with podcasts

and instagram when you’re not selling on

youtube and things so go check it out

link down there there’s nothing for you

to lose other than your email address to

sign up

just to get into it just being honest

right so

but no there’s not a whole lot there’s

not an email sequence that comes and

pitches you a whole bunch of stuff it’s

really just it’s just it’s the login

that’s all it is so

so go check it out link in the show

notes and then uh yeah we’ll see you

guys over there and we’ll wrap up here

with our



power tip of the week something

actionable and practical that people can

take and use right now

on their channel and their brand deals

what do you got for us i got one for you

all right two things to do uh go to your

youtube about section and i want you to

write a sentence or sentence or two in

there about how brands can work with you

make it known to them that you are

someone they could hire i can’t tell you

how many times through my influencer

agency we have tried to figure out a way

to contact someone either they don’t

have an email address in the about

section they don’t have any emails and

their bios on any other social platform

it’s not obvious that they’re someone

who works with brands but they’d be p a

perfect fit for the campaign and we

can’t figure out like how to contact

them so number one just make it

advertise it advertise that someone can

pay you for something okay that’s number

one and then the number the number two

thing is that if you have a blog if you

have a website instead of just a contact

page contact me or whatever which is

often geared towards your followers

typically um have a separate section

called work with me or partner with me

where you can it’s almost like your

media kit almost where you put

testimonials and you put examples of

past work again you put the same

sentence or two that you put in your

youtube about section about the types of

i do integrations i do dedicated videos

i do account takeovers or whatever it is

whatever types of services that you

offer as a creator put that on there as

a way for brands to under because brands

do so much tire kicking of creators

before they ever reach out to you they

sometimes literally will steal your

profile photo your your bio put it into

their pitch deck that the agency then

goes and pitches the brand and be like

hey we think tim would be a great great

person to hire and the brand says sounds

great and then they reach out to you

right so it’s like look at from a very

objective eye if someone was just like

landing on your profile and they don’t

even contact you yet would you hire you

that’s the power tip

love it guys go do that right now on

your channel pull over pull out your

phone go to the youtube app

update it

that’s great thank you justin and if you

guys want to find out more about justin

there’s links to his stuff in in the

show notes here

including his youtube channel where he’s

publishing content to help you move

forward including the 14 brand deal

secrets that you can get for free for

this month and go sign up for it and

check that out as well as uh brandi

wizard and um it’s also we didn’t talk

about this but i’ll put this in the show

notes as well justin’s got a his weekly

newsletter where he’s just sending out

brand deal opportunities to people for

free right so

you got a lot of homework to do as a

result of this episode lots of things to

go click on and check out thank you for

letting us be a small part of that and

we will see you guys again next monday

for another video creators podcast

episode see you guys then


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