How Does Roberto Blake Make Money on YouTube — Monetization Strategies #Vishow 63

Today on the Vi Show, Benji is joined by Roberto Blake! They’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how Roberto makes money on YouTube by monetizing his content!
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what’s up influencers that’s right we’re

talking about monetization

on youtube we’ll be talking about money

making strategies with a very special


roberto blake with over 30

million plus views on youtube over half

a million subscribers

and almost 1300 videos uploaded

this man has learned a few things about

making money on this platform

roberto will be sharing his favorite

monetization strategies

for his youtube business as well as his

tips for you

to determine what is the best way to

make money for your business and channel

on this platform we call youtube all

that more coming up on the vi show

right now

that’s right influencers welcome to

another episode here on a saturday

morning we’re helping build your

influence income

impact with online videos sean and i

started this channel to help you crush

it on

youtube we’re also the co-authors of

youtube secrets the ultimate guide to

growing your following and making money

as a video influencers

get your copy on amazon audible

we appreciate those reviews and without

further ado

roberto what’s going on thank you so

much for being on the show

like thank you for having me benji sorry

there i had myself uh muted

no thank you appreciate y’all most

people they don’t leave themselves

uh uh un are muted and then you can hear

them during the intro

but appreciate you being here i’m

excited to get into the conversation

about monetization because you know one

thing i’ve always been a fan of is don’t

be coy about making money

because making money is what fuels the

dream and makes it sustainable however

my first question for you roberto

is i love watching some of your old

videos from like 10

11 years ago and i’m not going to show

it today but

my question for you is this what was the


way you made money on or off of youtube

from your youtube channel

services it was still services uh

back then back in the day i i was still


full-time freelancer for many many years

on youtube

and so i was doing client work video

editing graphic design

doing photo editing uh doing a lot of

writing actually for different

uh publications it got to a point to

where i could make about

250 or more dollars per article once i

started getting really good at it it

didn’t start

with that much money by the way started

doing it very modestly so it was a lot

of freelance work and that’s actually a

really good way to make money online

it’s something i still

try to talk about because it’s benji

it’s the most

reasonable and accessible way to start

making money online is to produce

results for other people

yeah totally and we’re gonna actually

get into some of your favorite

monetization strategies

for other people because i think you

know after a decade

it’s interesting one of the videos i

watched of you you were talking about

you know the reason i’m making this


is because the last good video is about

five or ten years ago

you know and five or ten years from that


here you are right and so so much has

changed on this maybe i need to make

another one of those

yes make another one in fact i i think

that’d be fun to pull up it’s one which

video was that

um mutually maybe you could look for it

keep it on the side by side right now

but it’s

one of his first videos it’s about

graphic design work or something like

that he’s like in this room

looks like you shot it with a smudged

lens it’s like a gray background anyways


yeah things obviously have changed on

the platform

and i was just curious at the very


you were monetizing by offering services

right like as a freelancer

contract work what’s your favorite

monetization strategies for yourself

right now

and why i would definitely say that for


it’s probably affiliate marketing for

software as a service and the reason is

because it becomes

if you do it right it doesn’t happen

overnight mind you but it becomes true

passive income and i know a lot of

people oh passive

income that must be a scam it’s but no

commissions that you get

for the relationship you built with


that you keep getting paid for for the

lifetime of that relationship

lifetime of account with great brands

like tubebuddy

or convertkit or kajabi or other

software as a service companies you know

everybody uses their

software and they pay for their software

to do

business so as long as they’re happy

with their software it’s fine and it’s

fair that you keep getting paid

and a lot of these companies give you 30

or 50 percent

of whatever those monthly accounts are


so for me once you’ve done that by

creating value with tutorials and things

like that

for me i feel like it’s my favorite

because it means i know that i have

kind of a guaranteed minimum income

every month and with

tubebuddy that’s for me about five to

six thousand dollars a month that i know

that regardless of

how much work i do or don’t do how much

i hustle how much i sell how much

content i make i know that that’s the


income i can use either for living or to

support my business and to pay my people

so i like having that kind of assurance

whereas youtube ad revenue is up and

down depending on how much content you

make how interested people are what

is going on with the advertising

industry there’s not as much control

when it comes to youtube ad revenue yeah

i like the control that comes from

passive affiliate marketing and then

probably after that e-commerce

and then services that’s what i like

yeah you know one of the things

i love that you brought up affiliates is

because i would say it’s one of the

easiest because you don’t have to manage

anything on the back end

you can really focus on the video and

the one of the reasons i agree with you

completely that is one of the best

especially for a beginner is if you

focus on doing a product review

that is adding a lot of value it’s very


it’s covering all aspects of that

product the next logical step

is for someone to purchase that thing

that you’re talking about

and if it’s an affiliate deal you know

potentially that video could go viral

just because it’s

so focused on this one need and even

when you don’t have your niche

figured out and say you’re just testing

things great way to monetize

would you agree that is probably the

easiest way to make money

on youtube with as little effort as


in addition to adsense and i got a

couple things to say about adsense

um but last time affiliates i’ll put you

like this benji and i’ll tell you a

story now

amazon ad affiliate rates used to amazon

affiliate rates used to be very


uh many years ago it’s since uh

especially following

uh the pandemic god down significantly


um in terms of how they pay you but back

back in the day back in the old days

when i was first doing um

youtube in any consistent way one of the

things i did was i did budget camera


um you might be familiar with that and i

did a couple of buyers guides and

sometimes even companies with loan me

cameras or camera gear usually the

rental companies

and sometimes i’d rent stuff myself to

review it and what happened was

those videos were so evergreen and so

useful for people trying to get into

their first camera for photography or


that that was the first time i actually

started making over a thousand dollars a

month from doing

anything on youtube because i wasn’t

getting paid that much in ad revenue i

didn’t have a big audience

back then we’re talking when i had less

than 30

000 subscribers i was making over a

thousand dollars a month in amazon

affiliate revenue

because every week i was doing some kind

of tech video every week

in addition to other stuff and with the

camera review stuff even now today

if i were to get somebody to buy a

professional camera lens

it could be 150 commission benji if i

get them to buy a professional camera


it can be anywhere from a 50 to 150


for every single sale so you don’t need

a huge audience when you’re doing

something like that

to start making the kind of money that

pays rent

for sure it’s a great point and this is

for any niche

this is for any type of genre on youtube

you know

my wife and i we have a family vlog and

oftentimes people are asking me what

blender i’m using

for my green smoothie and so this is a

friendly way

to get your foot in the door for

monetization even when you don’t have

your business model

kind of figured out the last thing i’ll

say too with amazon specifically i’m not

that familiar with the other

forms of affiliate commissions but

i remember sean telling me a story that

not only do you

get commissions from that product that

you’re reviewing if they buy

anything else afterwards right like

immediately afterwards

you also get a a referral commission

from that

and somebody once bought like a gold

coin so you know like gold coins can you

get pretty expensive so that commission

was pretty good so

yeah high priced items uh great


and then you know there’s the discussion

about books

um or courses and so that can be big

money because sometimes people set up

their own commission like for me

for example like i’m totally okay

offering 50

commission on a digital course because

that’s a sale i probably wouldn’t have


if it wasn’t for you roberto like

promoting that

um do you do anything there because


even more profit and like you said now

that’s more sustainable because it’s

more predictable

if i had done that and been early to

that i’d be a millionaire already to be

honest with you

um if i have a biggest all-time business


it’s not um doing a youtube course

once i hit a hundred thousand


um because back then when i did that in


it wasn’t saturated it wasn’t a lot of


skeptical about stuff and i think i

still could have given and would still

today i’m still planning to do this now

given some of the best information

advice realistically on youtube because

i can talk a lot about the business

stuff i can talk about different ways to

make money besides adsense

and as you know i tell the harsh

reality of what being a content creator

is so my course would have been

one of the more um there’s nothing wrong

with the courses they exist by the way

i’m just saying that mine would have

been a different vibe for the where

youtube was as a culture back in 2016.

so i don’t do that right now something i

do offer is i have

a membership for group coaching and i do


group coaching calls i’m sorry

one-on-one individual coaching calls

in addition to doing the group

membership but

eventually i will get into the courses

and there will be an affiliate program

for that because you’re

absolutely right about how scalable it

is how profitable it is

but it’s also one of those things where

for those individuals

courses work for the people that courses

work for and there’s no reason not to

deliver on that value

if you believe in the product that

you’re making one of my focus is right

now however

is because my background in photography

and design

is making an e-commerce website that


on graphic design templates and

resources exclusively for creators

whether they’re youtubers or streamers

or doing instagram or whatever

that’s awesome yeah one of the things i

really respect about you is you

you’ve got your hand in so many

different you know monetization

strategies that’s why i picked this

topic for you yeah um

so this is the one i love yeah

affiliates obviously is your favorite

right now

what is your second go-to or what is

like the big money maker for your

business right now

in addition to affiliates i would say

it’s the combination

of doing e-commerce memberships and

courses by being

not courses uh coaching yeah by the

courses would come later in the

e-commerce bundle

like by doing digital products in terms

of the

uh template bundles like i have my own

youtube starter kit and

that’s a 99 product and it’s not a

course it’s a template bundle with over

100 download resources mostly photoshop

files right

then i have my membership with awesome

creator academy where people pay a

monthly or

yearly to be a part of that and be part

of a group coaching program

and then there is the um

then after that there is the one-on-one

coaching where people pay to work with


uh that started in late 2017

and so year after year year to date it’s

been a hundred thousand dollar

a year uh business without us doing the

you know five hundred dollar course

which that’ll come later and i’m sure

it’ll probably double the revenue when

we do that

but um i would say that that business

austin crater academy by having those

uh three things e-commerce a service

that we provide in terms of one-on-one

coaching and now we have a second coach

and a group membership program those

do a hundred thousand dollars a year


and i have complete ownership of that so

i’m not beholden to youtube

so that’s something um that we do and i

use kajabi as the platform to do the


uh yeah you know digital courses digital


is personally my favorite way to


any kind of business on youtube just

because just like with affiliates

there’s almost

no work outside of managing the platform

you know i prefer teachable

i know that you use kanjabi sean uses

that as well for some of the courses

we’ve got

but digital courses you know that the

thing is i do

products uh physical products and you

deal with

storage right uh stock fees uh


um you know uh returns international if

you’ve got it international it can get

like to be a nightmare but digital


it is the best way and you can even

offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

and it’s not a big scalable it’s super

scalable and

people are literally becoming you know

six-figure businesses if not

millionaires by doing just digital


so i know for sean i can speak on his

behalf between the affiliates

and the digital products that help them

become a millionaire just

that in itself um i need to expand more

into digital products

there you go bro uh well well thank you

so much and hey if you guys are

listening to this on clubhouse welcome

raise your hand we’re going to be doing

q a very soon here

we’ve got the roberto blake talking

about monetization

um if you’re watching this on the vi

show on video influencers

leave your questions in the chat box

and we’re going to be collecting those

for the the end

hit that like button subscribe for more

interviews with people crushing it on

youtube this is video influencers so um

i want to move on to one more thing i

want to discuss

because shawn and i were actually

updating youtube secrets

uh for anybody that wants to actually

purchase it right now get the audiobook


um and then that way you can update the

audio book and

you’ll get the second version i believe

for free but uh one of the things that

we talked about in the monetization


in the seven seas for uh youtube success

is the significance of adsense

you know when we wrote that book in 2018

we kind of downplayed it

but now five years four years later

adsense i know for me specifically as a


just as a youtuber has been such a go-to

foundational income source

that now i don’t discount it because i


especially in certain niches the adsense


can be really handsome it can be like a

big part of your business

and again like affiliates and to a

certain degree digital products

you don’t have to manage it like google

has figured it out

this is google adsense these are the

commercials that play on your videos

these are ads that pop up in different

numerous places but uh one of the things


every other platform doesn’t have but

youtube does so well

is adsense what are your thoughts on

this especially for somebody that’s a


you know it takes a lot of views to like

make it worth your while but over time

it can be really significant

um do you feel like it’s maybe


no i think it’s overrated still over

over the player we might disagree

i still think it’s overrated yeah tell

me tell me what your thoughts are on

adsense and why

the average youtuber as you know does

anywhere from a dollar

to five dollars on an average cpm rate

which would then mean

like or let’s be generous let’s say two

dollars to five dollar cpm rate which

means they have

a one dollar to two dollars and fifty

cents rpm rate with the average of that

tending to be lower which means that

every view you get is worth a tenth of a

penny if every view you get is worth a

tenth of a penny

to be able to make any significant

amount of money uh

let’s say even your first like 100

on youtube for the average content

creator because let’s face it benji not

everyone’s gonna do

content that is either one very very

brand friendly

or two very lucrative like a graham

stefan where the monetization’s very

handsome or even with me where i get

like these 20 and 40

cpm rates and uh these 10 15 and 20

rpm rates not everyone wants to make

that kind of content they want to make

goofy videos on the internet

they want to make memes they want to

make entertaining content

they want to make lifestyle content they

want to do gaming

those things are wildly saturated so

there’s more ads to be spread around

there’s not concentration of higher tier

ads so they end up at the lowest common

denominator they end up at the lowest ad


and as a result of that that means

you’re working your tail off to get

a hundred thousand views only to walk

away with 100 bucks now

i know that for a lot of people 100

bucks extra a month is 100 bucks extra a

month and it can feel really good but i

want you to consider

how much effort time and energy you have

to put into making the youtube video

and then for the average content career

that’s about somewhere between four and

eight hours per video if they’re lucky

so by the time you really think about

well how many videos and how much effort

you have to get to even get to a hundred

thousand views

you know get that first thousand

subscribers even qualify for


in terms of sunk labor cost you probably

end up at thousands of dollars in the

whole of sunk labor costs before you get

your first 100

check from youtube and for that reason i

think youtube adsense is overrated and

it’s a carrot that gets dangled in front

of creators

only for them to largely end up being

disappointed with how much it makes i

mean they might initially be excited

especially if they’re very young

but i think it’s very impractical when

you compare that to

if you got one percent of a hundred

thousand views

to turn into um someone buying a t-shirt

or your e-book or a poster

design or clicking an affiliate link

it’s severely more lucrative in almost

every other way to do that even if you


people to donate if you got one percent

of your viewers to donate you

even um like a dollar it would be

significantly more buy your cost

off of the tenth of a penny per view you

know uh well by the way this is why i

brought up adsense

after those other monetization

strategies now

ironically both on clubhouse and people

that follow here

i’d say most of our viewers are


that could offer a service sell a

digital product uh take advantage of

affiliates right the reason i bring up

adsense is i actually don’t uh

disagree with you um especially if

you’re in another country

oh my lord it’s horrible right it’s

worse and that’s what’s

interesting to me even after a decade

the advertising industry hasn’t caught

up to the value of

youtube videos and this platform because

i know google is offering this in those


however the caveat to all this is

it’s a pretty nice you know icing on the


i’m sure even for you now you called

that your niche being more valuable

but i would say that most of the people

that we speak to

in fact i don’t like at least here on

video influencers we’re not really

talking to the pranksters

or the even vloggers or people doing

like funny videos we

we’re typically talking to entrepreneurs

who have some

like professional skill to offer we’re

talking you’re in a professional niche

adsense can be great on top of

everything else that you’re doing

because you’re getting paid to market


and that’s my point with adsense and i i

i don’t expect you to share what you

make on adsense but you were one of the


yeah tell me so tell me what’s your

average amount so we

you talked about how some of these other

incomes can be like you know anywhere

from a few thousand

to you know five figures um what’s your

adsense on top of it

so benji it depends on whether i take a

break if uh to be very real with you it

depends on whether i take a break

versus if yeah like give me your average

your last 12 month

per month average does that make sense


i mean we could theoretically i mean i

literally just read off these months or

i could even just show you i could

screen share and i could just show you

or we i could just read them go ahead

yeah definitely read it off for the

clubhouse people but yeah so

yeah so in the month of june because i

actually uploaded in the month of june

but i didn’t upload that much mind you

in the month of june i uploaded twice

and i did two live streams

okay that is not good for me i’m

supposed to upload

at least once a week i would love to go

back to uploading three times a week and

i would

also make more money uh but uh so i

uploaded once a week and i live streamed

once a week i took a massive break

still in june and i did three thousand

eight hundred and forty one dollars

and thirty one cents in the month of


and that’s on a slow month right not yet


very slowly and that is with i’ll tell

you how many views that is so

that was two hundred thousand views

because i did not upload hardly

i have like me live streaming twice and

uploading twice

is nothing yeah like it’s nothing it’s

it’s less than nothing

and so like very bad you’re actually

making my point right now

because one of the powerful parts of

this platform

that we realize even since writing

youtube secrets is

you’re planting these seeds that could


bear fruit years down the road or

ongoing right we call these evergreen


and so sean and i have experienced it

here on video influencers you know my

wife and i on our vlogs on my food

channel videos that just keep getting

your views

and that’s significant because again

like the affiliates you don’t have to do

any additional work it’s this one time


and i agree with you if you’re if you’re

the type of content creator

who is uh competing in these very

saturated niches

yeah definitely not very lucrative but

even then right like even you just heard

uh roberto’s uh testimony of even in a

slow month

that’s still really significant when you

put it on top of everything else

and i guess right on top of everything

else yes and the one thing the

last thing i’ll leave it with and then i

would love to hear your thoughts on

you know just tips on monetization and

how to do it

i do want to tell you about what a

really really bad month and a really

really good month

yeah yeah so like so let’s actually just

dive into my last point i want to make

is the fact that

you guys youtube is a search engine

first in in the mind of most people that

use it as a utility

so you can count on videos that are

valuable now

potentially being valuable later as long

as it doesn’t get knocked off

and if you add those up with your 100

plus uploads right as roberto would say

then that could be really significant

for your business

and it’s again another income stream to

diversify your portfolio roberto give us

a good month for you all right so like a

really good month

is closer to like um what i did

in both january

and february at the beginning of this

year where i was crushing it because i

uploaded seven videos

in january and i uploaded six videos

in february and so that

january was 6812.89 so almost 7

000 and then february and by the way

january is usually a slump

month when it comes to youtube ad

revenue just so everyone knows but in


i did 6 317

with six uploads so not a fluke so i

know that if i do

um in a and it’s like yeah and like i

think two of those were live streams on

each of those so

the thing is i know that if i were to be

consistent benji

and not miss a week and i upload at

least once a week

live stream at least once a week for an

entire month so that i have like

eight pieces of content that are solid

pieces of content

i know i will do handsomely well in

youtube adsense if i were to actually do

two uploads a week and a live stream

every week or three uploads we i know

that i could do

maybe as much as um maybe as much as

like 10

000 in a month if i did that just based

on the math and i don’t have to hit a

million views to do any of that

i have to hit about half a million views

to do about

seven thousand dollars at this point in

ad revenue alone and

obviously those things also help with


more with getting new members more with

the e-commerce side

getting new coaching clients uh all of

it and then of course we haven’t even

talked about brand deals in this

conversation but

that’s that’s what helps with a good

month what my 2020 looked like benji was

from all my income streams i did twenty

five thousand dollars a month

average across all my income streams i

did three hundred thousand dollars in


which sounds immodest to say especially

in a year that a lot of people lost jobs

in a pandemic but

i’m not saying at the brag i’m saying it

to say this is what’s possible for

someone like me who used to make thirty

thousand dollars a year

working a job that i didn’t really love

because of the people i liked what i did

i didn’t like

the people i worked for or worked with

most of the time

and so when you think about i could in


than a decade go from making you know

thirty thousand dollars a year

to making three hundred thousand dollars

a year doing things i actually like

that’s a significant transformation in


but it’s about you know a really

good eight ten years of grinding

yeah and by the way it’s so interesting

how we started this with a disagreement

even though i think we both a hundred

percent agree on this point

it does take a while right all these

things i think affiliates you can get

going right away if you make a banger of

a video and it’s just a perfect product


um and it’s a great segue to the video

that i found of you that i was watching

a little bit earlier on new to go ahead

and put that up on screen i don’t know

if people will be able to hear this

but this is the video was referring to

this is you in 2011

go ahead and usually you can bring it up

i don’t know if it’s going to play or


there you go so you’re uh so this is a

little bit different but still

the point is this when you made this um

probably about 2 000

lemonish or similarly

uh did you ever think 10 years ago did

you ever think

that you would have a 30 grand per month

business you know no i did not believe

that back then

i didn’t believe that that was in the

cards like not

not without being like 50 not without

being like 50 and having a company with

a bunch of people running around

and you know having all the gray hair

and all that like no

i did not i don’t even think i’ll be

like fully gray hair at 50

and like at this point yeah and

did you know that the creator economy or


content creators in the creator economy

is the number one growing industry

in the world right now yeah and even

though i know that you’re trying to grow

your team

because you want to scale up one of the

things i love about

uh talking to you with is the fact that

you are

basically a solopreneur at least to like

the recent um

uh few years most of my career was i got

to six figures as a solopreneur

and that’s the difference with youtube

as a platform on top of

adsense on top of affiliates on top of

the digital courses

on the all these different tools that

you can use you mentioned even brand


you start stacking this stuff right and


as a single person can manage a business

that’s doing

multiple five figures and that’s exactly

why i have this conversation

um i do have one more question for you

before you get to

we get to q a is there anything else you

want to add

uh brand deals um so i’m at a point


it’s looking like about a hundred

thousand dollar a year in brand deals

but that’s through

very strategic relationships i would say

the thing that a lot of people

are pursuing aside from adsense

especially when it’s inconsistent or

doesn’t feel enough and they want

something stable is

they look at brand deals now i’ve

actually done a lot of videos on my

channel about brand deals specifically

they don’t necessarily pull a lot of

views but i guess it’s not something a

lot of people feel they’re ready to


but you can you can do very well with

brand deals while still being very


and you just have to be very specific

and particular about your partnerships

and you have to learn the ropes you have

to learn how to negotiate

if you are a smaller channel a smaller

content creator

and you get into brand deals and you

don’t know how to go negotiate and you

don’t understand

the business you understand how to value

yourself your content and your

what your work is um you will get taken

advantage of

um one way or another and even if you’re

a smaller youtuber there’s so many

instances when you can do that benji

because like when i

one of the other reasons adsense was not

great for me this might have actually

been why i started helping content


because i didn’t really make videos

helping content creators too well after

i had like 30

000 is when i first made the first

youtube help video i ever made as i had

30 000 subscribers

um i didn’t really lean into it probably

until i had a hundred

thousand subscribers already and i can

tell you that it was probably because i

got into a multi-channel network deal

benji that took

fifty percent of my money for two years

and it was the two years that i had the

most growth

um in my early youtube career wow 50

because in those two

having about 14 000 subscribers to

having 100 000 subscribers

was it 50 of your adsense or brand deals

50 of my adsense

dang and it’s because they promised to

help me get brand deals and promise to

help me get collaborations and they

never really did oh yeah

unfortunately 50 of the adsense i was


yeah that whole season of mcns by the


now you should not share your adsense

with anybody i don’t care where you’re


unless they ink guarantees of what

they’re going to pay you

which is very rare unless you’ve got a

huge audience

in which case you probably don’t need

them exactly right it’s funny

they need you and one thing i always say

about just brand deals in general i

think that mcns go

hand in hand with this is they need you

more than you need them

roberto is a great example of one a


of sharing some of that rhythm but two

ultimately not needing

anybody to have the success um you know

of course respect

anybody that did help you along the way

if you did any collaborations

um obviously respect to the sponsors

that do work with you

but it’s them wanting to work with you

of course there’s strategic


but all starts with the views secondly

it is about the audience in your

community and roberto has such

a a raving fandom in terms of his


and that is what the sponsors want to

tap into and the same thing with the


one of the i’ll tell you a little dirty

secret of the mcn world everyone

why you don’t want to get into it and

why they’ll talk there’s a big talk

their goal is to get as many people onto

their roster as possible

to make that portfolio look really

impressive so they can go and sell it

so they can show like hey we’re

connected in this huge network of


and they don’t actually really by the

way i’m making a general statement here

i’m sure there are some mcns we were

part of one of those mcns

that let us keep a hundred percent of

our income right

but generally speaking this is why i

don’t think the mcn model even for them

worked out inevitably is because it was

a big

uh money grab for them and we know this

because it’s public some of these mcns

have been in the news and they made tons

of money

and majority of raising money from

investors and then they sell it off and

then the next person who gets it does

the exact same thing

and it’s all this news about how much it

sold for it so then it’s value goes up

and it’s another round of raises and

then they sell it to the next person

so it’s this pyramid scheme built on a

ponzi scheme

there you go so that’s a that’s a bonus

tip for anybody

that gets approached by mcn i’d say for


of people doesn’t make sense you do not

need it they’re going to tell you all

kinds of stuff but none of that matters


it’s inked so um i want to acknowledge

some people we’ve got some regulars here

mr camera junkie a plus russian road to


um you know shout out to everybody on


go ahead and raise your hand now because

we are about to start the q a section

but my last question for you roberto in

terms of monetization is this

for somebody that just starting out or

maybe like even a seasoned creator

who’s trying to figure out what

monetization model they should implement

into their

channel into their niche or genre what

are some of the things to consider

to choose the monetization strategy

because in the beginning

it’s kind of hard to juggle so many

different uh you know

income models when you don’t have any at

all right maybe no experience you have

no contacts maybe you don’t have a lot

of business

experience what’s your advice for

somebody to pick the monetization


that match what you’re doing on youtube

i’m gonna tell you straight up benji

that they need to look at services

and affiliate and then the royalty

commissions from youtube or whatever

because then the reason i say that is


cash flow is king cash flow is king when

you’re starting on your bootstrapping

and you’re broke

because i’ve lived it long enough i can

tell you i’m not gonna like bs anyone or

paint any fancies for them

when you’re starting out and you don’t

have a lot of money and you’re broke

cash flow means everything in the world

to you even if you’re not broke and you

are starting a business venture on the

side you work a 9-5 job and you’re a

professional and you have

good money if you’re going to take time

to put into something that’s not going

to be

either for your own personal development

or for your family if you’re going to

take time away from your kids if you’re

going to take

time away from your significant other if

you’re going to take time away from

building yourself up

to go after something that you want cash

flow is king

and the fastest cash flow method is the

services it’s doing freelancing it’s

doing stuff like fiverr or even doing

gig work if you don’t have a

creative skill that you think is good

enough yet or that the market hasn’t

said is good enough

doing doordash or um ubereats or

whatever there’s no shame in it

to go ahead and use that to finance

buying the camera gear that you want to

upgrade to

or to be able to hire a video editor if

that’s not your skill set or to take

your course or to go to a seminar

whatever you want to do to learn this

stuff if that’s how you learn

if you if whatever you have to do to

invest in this

the cash flow is the real key to this

and you need to be able to justify the

time that you’re taking away and cash

flow allows you to do that especially

when you’re not getting a lot of views

at first

so that’s why i think to get into the

creator economy

the realistic foundation for most people

is to offer a service

online from the skills that they have

already and try to get paid for that

in a way that is not an hourly wage so

they can separate their time from money

and get paid for results instead

so that’s where i would start after that

it’s affiliate because you don’t have to

make a product yourself can i add


to that minimal skills and you can just

learn to be a better sales person or

learn to make better tutorials or

product reviews you can learn to be


without having to be at a high level of

skill to be able to make a product of

your own and you can get those good

commissions whether it’s

five dollars on audible um

you know you have that there are other

things like web hosting and people sign

for websites you can make

uh sixty to a hundred dollars between

bluehost or skillshare wix for every

paid sign

up but the problem is that those things

pay out 30 or 60 days later so again

it’s another cash flow issue

good news is you can also sign up for

multiple affiliate programs so instead

of getting one paycheck maybe you’re


five paychecks you know even if it’s


little it could add up and you could

always stack it over time

combining with that with services and

then after that is stuff like adsense

after that i think it’s stuff like

adsense and maybe

um like donation streaming and things

like that things like buy me a coffee

or or patreon you know

potentially is another one

so like that’s kind of the order that i

think of things in is because of

cash flow and consistency yeah i think

is the biggest anxiety point for people

just starting is cash flow and

consistency and also reasonably

sometimes you have to be able to justify

this to your family whether that’s your

parents or your significant other or

justify it to yourself if you’re taking

time away from them

drop in wisdom yeah uh i was gonna say

one thing

why that first tip is so good and


because the cash flow is really to get


freedom to be able to commit to this

thing we call youtube

because when you have more time you can


what other income opportunities are

going to fit with you and more


you can make more videos you know i tell

people that

you know even just being like you said

nothing wrong with ubereats

or doing some kind of like contract work

the best thing to do though is to create

income within the niche

that you’re in so say you’ve got a

full-time job

i’d rather take a pay cut and do

contract work

around the niche that my channel is

about so like you said if you’re a

graphic designer just on the side

but maybe you’re working at like a legit

salary job somewhere else

but has nothing to do with your youtube

channel if you want to make the


going all in is okay just try to create

that cash flow so that one you can


because there’s nothing worse than

having to go back to the job go back to

40 hours a week

and so if you can just get by you can

start planting those seeds on your

youtube channel

for other opportunities down the road

but i

i think that is a great piece of advice

for people anything

else you want to add and then my second

question on top of that would be

once you get going and you do have that

cash flow uh

talk about you know how do you figure

out which one

works for you because of course i think

it makes sense for anyone can do


anything else you’d want to add there

play to your strengths and pay

play to your skills you can watch all of

my like how to make money

i’m actually about to make uh how to

spend how i spend my 25 000

a month income and then i’m gonna make a

video about how i pay how much i pay in

taxes on it but

what i would say is first of all if you

start succeeding definitely learn about

how to pay

taxes properly and just hire an

accountant and a cpa and all that good


but um i would say that one of the

things is

you can look at other people’s business

models but you have to be honest with

yourself about

playing to your strengths so i obviously

watch you

and sean and even our friend our good

friend pat flynn and

vanessa lau and jade and how everybody i

know how everybody makes their money and

i know

you guys have talked with me privately

about how you make your money and you

have to play to your skills and your

strengths but also your personality

yep i had to come around and i actually

believe it or not

i had to i had to be i had to be brought

around and convinced that the next step

for me

is to build a course because the thing


i actually do believe in online courses

i understand the skepticism around them

and i just like um

because like i i watch like some stuff

and i watch like people

um like be so like cynical about it it

made it made it a turn off for me but i

actually really believe in the value of

it so

i had to get to a place where i was

comfortable to do something i’m

believing in

that’s going to make money so one of the

things i would say is you have to be

able to not only play to your strengths

your skills and your personality but

also look at what your boundaries are

what your integrity looks like to you as

far as

how do i do this the same thing i do

with my brand deals is i only work with

companies that i actually like and

believe in

and i feel are in the best interest of

my audience i’ve been offered

so much money benji i’ve turned down

hundreds of thousands of dollars like

you know and it’s because i’m truly

invested in the well-being of my

audience and i think that’s the only way

to run a proper

business is to be invested in the

well-being of your consumer so

um when it comes to well what do you

pick what’s right for you you have to

think about

what are my personal boundaries um in

terms what feels good and what feels

right and what feels ethical and then


what realistically can i do consistently

and do well and feel proud of like what

i’m making and what i’m doing

and i think that that’s really important

and also just not

i guess over burdening yourself with

what you think you’re supposed to do

versus what actually makes sense word

yeah and uh great advice obviously for


first off you gotta just survive you

gotta get those bills paid

uh that cash flow is king and secondly

make sure that you’re working on the

monetization strategy that fits for you


yeah there’s nothing worse than doing

something you hate right

and so there’s so many different

monetization strategies

that you can apply to different

businesses and so um by the way we’re

gonna start bringing

people on if you’re watching this on

youtube the replay

we do the live question q a free for


um but the replays are for vi members

only club

so it’s exclusive so make sure you join

by hitting that join button down below

but with that being said make sure you

guys go check out roberto’s channel it’s

one of the best

in the business when it comes to

monetizing especially as

a beginner as a solopreneur as somebody

that’s in

like some kind of design work or in the

the artistic field

and you’re trying to make that

transition from just doing contract work

out in the world

to becoming a content creator and making

youtube your full-time



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