AdSense for YouTube Creators

AdSense is a Google product that lets YouTube Creators in the YouTube Partner Program get paid. In this video, we’ll walk you through how YouTube Creators use AdSense, how to set up an AdSense account to get paid on YouTube, and how to navigate AdSense once you’re set up.

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0:00 Intro (what’s covered in this video)
0:18 How to YouTube Creators use AdSense?
0:54 How to set up an AdSense account
2:36 4 Steps to Get Paid in AdSense
2:56 Step 1: Provide Your Tax Information
3:31 Step 2: Confirm Your Personal Information (Address & Identity Verification)
5:40 Step 3: Select & Set Up Payment Method
6:20 Step 4: Meet the Payment Threshold
6:58 Tour of AdSense for YouTube

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=================== text video ====================

Hey Creators.
Let’s talk about AdSense.

The tool you need to earn money
and get paid for your YouTube channel.

I’ll walk you through
how YouTube creators use AdSense

how to set up an AdSense account
to get paid on YouTube

and how to navigate AdSense
once you’re set up.

So let’s dive in.

how do YouTube creators use AdSense?

Creating and linking an AdSense account

is one of the requirements to be accepted
into the YouTube Partner Program.

Once you’re in the program,
your AdSense account is how you get paid.

AdSense is another Google product
separate from YouTube

that allows people or companies to run ads
on their websites and receive payment.

But when it comes to
being a YouTube creator

it’s mainly used as a payment tool.

And you need an account to ensure
you get paid for the money you earn.

Whether that’s from ads being played
on your videos, YouTube Premium

Memberships, Super Chat
and Super Stickers, and more.

Now let’s walk through
how to set up an AdSense account.

Once you’re eligible to apply
for the YouTube Partner Program

we’ll prompt you to create and connect
an AdSense account

as a step in the application process.

Note that if you’re not yet eligible
to apply to the YouTube Partner Program

we recommend holding off on creating
an AdSense account until you are eligible.

When you’re ready to apply
to the YouTube Partner Program

here are the steps you’ll need to follow
to create a new AdSense account

and link it to your channel.

sign in to YouTube Studio on desktop.

Go to Monetization in the left menu
where you’ll begin your application.

From there, review and accept
the YouTube Partner Program terms.

Then, click «Start» on the «Sign up
for Google AdSense» card.

Then choose which Google account
you would like to use for AdSense.

Note that if you use AdSense
for reasons outside of YouTube

and already have an approved account

you should sign in
using that Google account.

If you’re not sure
if you have an existing account

select «I Don’t Know»
and complete the flow.

It’s important you don’t attempt
to create a new AdSense account

if you already have an existing one.

Because this can cause delays
in your application process.

Note that you can link multiple channels
to a single AdSense account.

Once you’re in AdSense

if you’re setting up a new account,
you’ll need to provide

your personal information,
including your address.

It’s incredibly important to enter your
payment address and payee name correctly

because we mail you crucial documents
to verify your information

at different points
in the AdSense setup process.

Once everything is entered

and you’ve checked to ensure
it’s all accurate, you can submit.

From there you’ll be
taken back to YouTube Studio

where you’ll see a message
verifying receipt.

After these steps are complete

You’ll see a confirmation under the
«Sign up for Google AdSense» card

that your AdSense account is approved.

Once your AdSense is set up and approved

and you’re accepted
into the YouTube Partner Program

there’s still a few steps you need to
take before getting paid.

To get paid in AdSense you’ll need
to provide your tax information

confirm your personal information

select and set up your form of payment,
and meet the payment threshold.

Let’s walk through
each one of these steps.

First, providing your tax information.

Sign in to AdSense using the Google
account you initially signed up with.

Go to «Payments,»
then «Manage Settings.»

Scroll to «Payments Profile»

then click «Edit»
next to «United States tax info»

and then «Manage Tax Info.»

Note, all monetizing creators on YouTube,
regardless of your location in the world

are required to provide
this tax information.

From here you’ll be asked
a series of questions

to complete the appropriate tax form.

If you’re ever unsure about
which forms you need to fill out

you should consult a tax advisor.

Next you’ll need to confirm
your personal information.

Confirming your personal information
consists of two potential parts.

Verifying your payment address
which is required for everyone

and verifying your identity,
which is only required in some instances.

Let’s first go through
verifying your payment address.

This will only happen once your earnings
reach the address verification threshold

which is $10 (US Dollars), or whatever
the equivalent is in your currency.

Once you reach that threshold

we’ll mail you a six-digit personal
identification number, also called a PIN.

It usually takes two to four weeks

for your PIN to arrive
to your payment address

but it may take longer
depending on your location.

Once your PIN arrives, you’ll need
to enter it into your AdSense account

by going to «Payments,»
then «Verification Check.»

If your PIN doesn’t arrive
after four weeks

make sure your account information,
including your payment address, is correct.

You can make changes if needed
by going to «Payments,» then «Settings.»

If all your information is correct
and your PIN still hasn’t arrived,

you can request for it to be sent again
by going to AdSense,

then «Payments» then «Verification Check.»

You can request your PIN up to three times

and have four months
from the date your PIN is generated

to enter it in to your account.

After four months,

monetization on your channel will be
paused until verification is complete.

If you continue having
trouble receiving your PIN

check out the Address PIN Verification
article in the AdSense Help Center,

or reach out to Creator Support for help.

Now, let’s talk about
verifying your identity.

The other potential step in confirming
your personal information.

Identity verification is only required
in certain countries.

But, if you are required
to complete identity verification

you’ll need to do so before you can
verify your payment address.

You’ll be asked to verify your identity
using information like your name

address, or date of birth.

If you need to verify your identity,
you’ll get an email.

And you’ll see a message in YouTube Studio

letting you know that this step
needs to be completed.

You’ll also see instructions
on how to do this

in the «Payment» section
of your AdSense account.

Note that if you don’t complete
identity verification within 45 days

monetization on your channel
will be paused.

Next you’ll need to select
and set up your form of payment.

To do this, you’ll first need to meet
the payment method selection threshold.

This is $10 (US Dollars)
for people in the U.S.

but the amounts vary depending
on your location and currency.

To see what your
payment method selection threshold is,

check out the Help Center article
called Payment Thresholds

linked in the description.

Once you meet the threshold,
you can select your form of payment.

Depending on your payment address,
you can choose between options like

a check, electronic funds transfer,
or a wire transfer.

To set up your form
of payment, go to AdSense

then «Payments,» and click
«Add Payment Method.»

And finally, you’ll need to meet
the payment threshold to receive payment.

The payment threshold is the amount
your account balance

has to reach before you can get paid.

This is $100 (US Dollars)
for people in the U.S.

but the amounts vary depending
on your location and currency.

To see what your payment threshold is

check out the Help Center article
linked in the description.

To recap,
there are four steps to getting paid.

Providing your tax information,
Confirming your personal information

Selecting and setting up your form of
payment, and meeting the payment threshold.

Note that these steps
can take some time to complete.

If you ever want to check your progress
in the payment setup process

you can always check
the Monetization tab in YouTube Studio.

Now that you’re all set up, let’s take a
tour through your AdSense account.

When you first signed in, you’ll land on
the AdSense for YouTube home page.

Here you’ll see a snapshot
of your YouTube earnings

and you’ll see the option to
go to YouTube Analytics

where you can see more
detailed earnings data.

Within your earnings,
you’ll see your balance and last payment.

Your AdSense account balance
represents any YouTube earnings

that have yet to be paid
prior to any deductions like taxes.

Your earnings will be added to
your balance

between the 7th and 12th
of the following month.

For example, if you’re in the
United States and you earn $100 in June

you’ll see this balance in AdSense
between July 7th and 12th.

Last payment shows the exact amount

that you were last paid out
after deductions.

Earnings are paid out between
the 21st and 26th of the current month.

As long as your total balance
has reached the payment threshold

and you have no payment holds.

Note that once you’re paid out,
your balance will reset.

For more info about how you’ll get paid

check out the Help Center article
linked in the description.

Other than the home page, the «Payments»
tab includes important information

for you as a YouTube creator.

Here you’ll be able to view your payments
and manage your payment settings.

Note that starting in early 2022,
YouTube earnings will begin appearing

in a dedicated YouTube payments account.

To view any historical earnings
prior to this change

select the AdSense account
from the account drop-down

on the payments page.

For more information about AdSense,
check out the links in the description.

Thanks for watching!


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