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In this video, Nolan shares how to get views on YouTube fast. This tutorial reveals what average view duration is and how to get views on your YouTube channel.

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=================== text video ====================

a youtube employee just revealed the

secret to getting views on youtube now

what is that secret well we know that

the youtube algorithm favors a video

that is watched 90 percent of the way

through versus someone who watches 10 of

a video this is called average view

duration and people are wondering what’s

a good average view duration you know

what kind of percentage do you actually

need to get into the youtube algorithm

and start getting views it could be 90

could be 70

perhaps okay now think really hard about

this one


i could see that as a very real

possibility 20

that’s just

now i’m excited to share these numbers

with you guys because this is directly

from youtube now todd actually leads the

discovery product team at youtube

responsible for the home feed and

recommendations so this is the guy who

knows what he’s talking about and at his

talk at vidsummit he actually gave us a

graph that gave us all the answers now

this graph shows us the median average

view percentage of videos anywhere from

three minutes long to 30 minutes long

now keep in mind every niche is going to

be slightly different you might find

some success if you have percentages

that are lower than this or you might

need percentages that are a little bit

higher than this but this is a general

breakdown of a huge pool of videos that

he collected to show us this data now

you can see in these median numbers they

range from 31 if you have a 30 minute

long video and then you’re gonna need

higher average view percentage as you

have shorter content now of course we

want to be better than average so that

we can actually get pushed out to more

people and get more views and grow our

channels so todd actually showed us the

top 10 percent of videos and what kind

of average view percentage they are

getting and these are definitely numbers

we want to be shooting for if we want to

be in that top 10 of youtube videos so

if you have a three minute long video

you want to be shooting for 82 average

view percentage if you have a 30 minute

long video you want to be shooting for

49 average view percentage but the real

question is how do you actually do this

well it really comes down to

storytelling and editing and the top

youtubers are really good at doing this

and you can click on the screen to

figure out how these youtubers are

editing their videos and then how you

can do the same exact thing


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