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Here are my fundamentals to growing your channel by 100 subscribers or more a week.

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0:42 Why People Subscribe
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5:02 How Not to Do It #1
6:23 How Not to Do It #2
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okay so this is going to sound really

simple but often the simplest concepts

are the most effective howdy howdy

everyone nate here the simplest method

to add 100 subscribers to your channel

in one week is to think of your channel

in terms of a triangle i call it a topic

triad so at the top you’ve got yourself

and what you’re very interested in on

one side you have your skill sets or the

things that you are very well practiced

in the things that you have taken time

to develop in your life and then on the

other side you have your unique

experiences or your unique set of

circumstances that are unique to you and

nobody else has them so we get that nate

you say okay that’s really simple you

may have even heard of a similar concept

in the past remember i warned you this

would sound simple but here is why it

works so well let’s take a step back

here for a moment and talk about why

people choose to subscribe to your

channel it’s not just because you ask

them to subscribe in fact when i look at

it i think of it like this one you enjoy

what you’re doing that’s plain and

simple if you’re enjoying what you’re

doing that’s the fundamental starting

point of why people would choose to

subscribe to your channel the second

factor is they enjoy what you’re doing

the topic and the delivery of what

you’re doing on your channel and then

the third and this is the most

overlooked overall is you make it an

enjoyable experience for them to watch

your content you see a while back here

in my youtube community here on channel

makers i ask you for the video that got

you the most subscribers on your channel

and i got a ton of responses and in this

i asked for a specific video on your

channel the one that had gained the most

subscribers on your channel so i could

see this is the video it got this many

views but this is how many subscribers

this one video gained and then in

addition i asked for your notes of a bit

of the backstory of why that video did

so well and what you will be interested

to know from all of these hundreds of

videos that i reviewed was that of all

of these videos many of the notes

mentioned some sort of event that led to

that video being a standout video they

accidentally caught on to a trend or

maybe sometimes intentionally caught

onto a trend other times they were

mentioned by another youtuber and that

led to subscriber growth for them and

other similar factors so it could be

easy to look at that and think well okay

i need some other channel to mention me

or maybe i need to go out and comment on

thousands of videos

or maybe maybe maybe maybe a lot of

other things i need to do to gain those

100 subscribers in a week but the crazy

thing here and i want you to take nate

seriously on this of all of these

hundreds of videos that gained a lot of

subscribers for their channel the

channel maker was already in the process

of doing something they had already been

producing videos and they had already

started to get a groove when a video

started to gain them a lot of

subscribers not before so what you’re

going to do is you’re going to get

really clear on each of those three

dynamics of the topic triad and when you

do that the likelihood of you gaining

those 100 subscribers in one week goes

dramatically up and why does it work so

well nate you ask well here’s why when

you have that topic tried in place

people are more likely to enjoy your

videos which leads to them watching more

of the video the natural result of

people watching more of a video is it’s

more likely for that video to spread to

similar audience when your video or

series of videos leads to more similar

audience it’s spread to more similar

audience then that means more views

which means more likelihood of the right

audience finding your content which

leads to you get this more natural

subscribers it’s what i call natural

subscribers people find their content

and they like your content and they want

to stick with your content the other fun

results of getting this really clear for

your own channel is that you’re more

likely to get mentioned by other

channels naturally and that is when you

start to see more of the exponential

growth on your channel which is very

exciting now obviously it’s never a

guarantee but your chances of that

happening is much higher i wanted to

show you this concept in action the

first one is from the channel nourishing

minimalism which as of recording this

video has over 180 000 views and the

channel has just over 25 000 subscribers

this video wouldn’t have been possible

as a standout video a video that spreads

to more people and gains more

subscribers if nourishing minimalism

hadn’t been already in the flow of

publishing good videos and discovering

and getting clearer and clear the tropic

triad and matching their content with

the right audience i hope you’re

catching what i’m saying here next

example this is from the channel



next example is from the channel

silveros which is just under 4 000

subscribers and this video got to just

over 45 000 views and the note on this

video from the channel maker silva rose

mentioned that they weren’t exactly

certain that this video would do well it

was fairly kind of out of the ordinary

of what they were normally doing but i’m

going to add because they were already

in this flow of creating interesting

content for a specific audience but this

video was something they knew they just

needed to say about this game because

they had established their audience

pretty clearly in their mind and they

knew how to speak to that audience i

hope you’re catching what i’m saying

here they knew how to speak to the

audience this video was able to stand

out and spread and with this channel

example i hope this point is being

nailed home for you the better you know

your audience and i call that defining

your topic triad getting really clear of

why they watch your videos and making

enjoyable videos for them the better you

are at that the more likely this is

going to work which if this is being

helpful to you thus far i would love if

you would boop the like button on this

video so it can spread to more people i

appreciate that thank you all right this

video would not be complete if we didn’t

talk about how not to do this because

there are some pretty big warnings that

i keep seeing channel makers do in an

attempt to grow their channel that

are not successful the first one is

commonly called sub for sub and that is

where you go in the comment section most

of the time on youtube videos and

comments will be made similar to hey i

will subscribe to anybody who likes my

comment or anybody who subscribed to my

channel i’ll subscribe right back things

like hey we’ve got this let’s grow

together as youtubers or the hardest

thing to have happen is to wake up to no

new subscribers now i am all for

supporting each other as youtube

creators but using that strategy as a

way to grow your channel is very very

ineffective and in fact on another video

on my channel i went through and i

looked at several of the channels that

were doing that method i could trace

they had commented on several videos

trying to use that method and across the

board it didn’t even work literally to

get subscribers for the channel much

less actually getting real views on the

videos now we have been fortunate here

on channel makers to not see a lot of

that happening and i am so grateful for

that and if you ever do see comments

that are like that i would encourage you

to go ahead and report that comment you

can click or tap the little thing to

report the comment not because we’re

mean but because we’re hoping to

encourage actual growth strategies the

next method that i do not often

encourage not that it’s inherently a bad

thing but i’ll explain why i don’t

encourage it here in a moment is

inviting all of your friends and family

to subscribe to your channel now for

myself i don’t even personally think

about friends or family watching my

channel and it’s always actually a

little bit shocking whenever someone

comments and says hey i liked your video

or my mom says hey i really liked your

video you published last week which by

the way thank you mom for watching my

videos but the thing here is i don’t

often even really think about it because

i’m looking to target the right audience

and friends and family aren’t

necessarily the right audience from an

algorithm standpoint so as you’re

implementing this on your own channel as

you’re looking to gain 100 subscribers

in one week here’s what it’s going to

look like it could be from one video one

video takes off gets a little more

traction but my encouragement for you is

don’t let that be your only video take

some hints from that video and keep

going the other option is what i call

the slow burn and it could happen across

multiple videos and this is where you’ll

start to see a gradual momentum growth

on your channel as you get clearer and

clearer on your channel audience and in

fact this slow burn second method of

across multiple videos is much more

common than a single video because

circling back to all of those hundreds

of videos i got from channel makers like

yourself the other big thing that stood

out to me from the comments were it

often caught them by surprise they were

working on their channel trying to make

really good enjoyable content for the

audience and then it clicked in fact one

of the best ways that i have seen to

make this process have a higher

likelihood of being effective is to

validate your channel idea what i mean

by that is pick an idea that you can

stick with long term for that purpose i

made this video for this year i did

extensive research and from all my

observations on youtube on the ideas or

the approaches to youtube that i see

being most successful this year it’s not

an exhaustive list but at the very least

it’ll give you some pointers to let you

know that either you’re headed in the

right direction or give you some ideas

to pivot or alter what you’re currently

doing so watch this video next and go in

the youtubes


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