Work/Life balance is impossible for creators. Try this instead.

The work/life balance thing is a lie. It’s impossible. It cannot be done as a business owner, family guy, and YouTube creator, who has a sustainable life. Instead, we should focus on a different framework for creating momentum in the various areas of our life.

Let’s get into a one hour private YouTube strategy call and help you determine what you need to do next to grow your channel. We’ll study your channel before the call, will take notes, and come ready to discuss your action steps:

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0:00 The problem with work-life balance
0:35 I feel this personally
1:00 The system I want instead
1:23 The One Thing
1:57 A better system
2:59 The guiding principle
3:50 My one thing
4:57 Your action step
5:22 Let’s define it together


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— The problem with this is that

if you want to get better
at creating at your work,

by definition of a fulcrum,
your life has to go down.

If you want your life to go up,

then that means work goes down.

So it’s impossible

for us to have a work/life
balance as a creator,

and today, I wanna share
with you a better way,

better solution to think about this

that will make you more
productive in your business

and on your YouTube channel
and in life overall.

(electronic music)

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer.

Welcome here to «Video Creators.»

We’re all about helping
you grow your business

and your YouTube channel

so you can reach more people
and change their lives,

and I feel this all the time.

I’m a dad of seven kids.

I own a business here at «Video Creators,»

where we worked with over
630 clients last year.

I’m growing this business.

We’ve got rental properties
that we do stuff with.

We’ve got so many things
going on in personal life

and marriage and in family.

I feel like this can never actually work.

It means I’m gonna be
average at both of them.

I want a system that my work can go up

at the same time my life is going up.

I wanna raise both of these together.

If I’m honest, I actually don’t
even really want these to be

in like, I want them to be merged.

Can we do that and have just work in life,

just kinda like as a one category
bucket going up together?

Is that even possible?

Well, I recently read
a book by Gary Keller,

«The One Thing,»

and this book was like

this cannot work because by
definition they’re competing.

One goes up, one goes down,

and you will never be able
to get this to actually work.

He looks at lots of successful people

and like, what do they do?

The people who are
growing the big companies

and look like they’re
accomplishing so much.

Is it like a checklist?

Well, no, it’s not a checklist.

Is it like more discipline
and more willpower

to just like really work on the things?

Is that it?

No, none of those things work.

Here’s what the research and the study

and the science actually reveals.

You actually need this.

This is a red line.

It’s less about trying to
keep everything in balance

and more about priorities.

and there’s gonna come a point

and you’re like, okay,
this, this and this.

Yes I can do.

But all of the rest of these, nope.

Can’t do it.

Can’t do any of those.

So there’s gotta be a red
line in our lives as creators

when we’re trying to grow this business

and we’re trying to engage an audience,

we’re trying to keep our real life

in check and in balance as well.

We’ve got marriage and kids,

and maybe you’re doing
a side hustle as well.

What Gary says in his
book is you actually need

to focus on really just one thing.

This is the one thing that
we really need to focus on.

Now, there might be a
few other things below

that we could pull off before
we get to the red line,

but there’s a lot of things in my life

that fall below this red line.

I get this question all the time.

Tim, how do you do it
all with the business?

And we’ve got like 70
some chickens right now

and a garden and too many
strawberries than we can eat.

How do we manage all of that?

I like what Gary says in his book.

And he has this really good line in there.

This is kind of what
it all revolves around.

What is the one thing such by doing it,

everything else becomes
easier or unnecessary?

You’ve got all these different levers,

all these different knobs and dials,

that you can leverage and you can pull

for different effects,

different outcomes in your life.

What he is saying is not every lever

is equally as important.

I know that these all feel urgent.

These all feel like I really gotta do this

and there’s no way I cannot
do all of that stuff.

He’s saying, if you wanna move forward,

you wanna have a healthy life,

you wanna have a successful business,

you have to say no to things
that feel urgent and important

so that you can say yes to the things

that actually are important.

We have to identify that one thing.

In my life, I’ve got this one thing

and that changes from quarter to quarter.

What’s the one lever that
we can pull this quarter

that such by pulling that lever

everything else becomes
easier or unnecessary?

And we spend actually two days as a team

really focusing on that.

But then also on my team
here at «Video Creators»,

we do that personally as well.

We look at our own lives
outside of work personally

and we tell each other
in our work environment,

we’re like what is the one thing I need

to work on personally such by doing it,

everything else becomes
easier or unnecessary?

I’m just looking at my life.

I’m being like this time,

like this quarter, for
me, my personal ones,

I need more life giving
activities in my life.

That is the number one thing,

that if I had more life
giving activities in my life,

everything else would become
easier or unnecessary,

with my relationship with
my wife, with my kids,

and having fun in the summer,

doing fun things as a family,

and working on the
business and everything.

Like I have more energy for it.

So I had to defined what
some of those things are

and I said, this is what
absolutely must happen.

That is the number one
thing for this quarter.

And I have some other things,

like I’m still making videos

and I’m still doing these other things,

but none of those
compromised the one thing.

So what I want you to think about

is what is that one thing for you?

And what do these things
are that you’re like,

what’s that red line?

Everyone has a red line.

We have limited bandwidth,

in time, in energy, in
capacity, in attention.

We can only give so much attention

and energy and time to so many things.

You have to start making
choices as a creator

and as a business owner on YouTube,

what are those things going to be?

If you want us to help you with that,

we’d be happy to.

You can book a session.

The consultation with us
was linked down below.

We’d love to dig into your
channel with you for one hour

and just help you figure
out the practical next steps

you need to take to really
reach your goals on YouTube.

Figure out what that one thing is

for you on your YouTube channel

so that you can experience the growth

and reach the people and change the lives

and grow the business
that you are all trying

to do here on YouTube.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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