Why Cathrin Manning Unfollowed A Lot of Influencers (including us)

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0:00 — Why Cathrin Manning Unfollowed A Lot of Influencers (including us)
0:30 — The Battle with Comparison!
1:55 — How Do You Get Over the Fear of Judgment
2:30 — The Trap of Comparison
4:13 — A Tip for Overcoming Comparison

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In this video, Cathrin Manning is talking about the comparison trap when it comes to her time on social media. She talks about how to stop comparing yourself the others, self-improvement, and the overall comparison trap. If you struggle with the comparison trap in your life, then this is for you!

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Media Podcast YouTube channels. https://www.seancannell.com/youtube-disclaimer how to stop comparing yourself to others

=================== text video ====================

— Man, that’s some really powerful advice

and I’m actually grateful

that you stopped following think media.

— You got to just press record.

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— Have you ever had any
challenges with comparison

or any mental battles of is it too late

for me to start when you started?

Did you maybe— we all process
maybe comparison different.

Did you look at other
people that were doing it?

One of the biggest challenges
we hear in our community a lot

are sometimes people can
spend a lot of time scrolling

and look at what everybody else is doing

and can talk themselves
out of taking action.

Has there been any
mindsets that you wish you

were just more confident
or quick in the beginning

and you didn’t worry about things?

Does anything like that come up?

— Yeah. So funny enough I
think in today’s day and age,

a lot of people have the
opposite problem with me.

When I got started, I was 23

and I thought that I was
too young, which is crazy

because now like Tiktok’s
out and I feel like

so many young creators are out there,

but I thought I was too young

that no one was actually
going to take me seriously

which now I’m like is totally crazy,

but I just, oh my gosh that was…

— So how’d you get over that?

Did it keep you from
posting videos for a while

or was it actually you’re taking action

but also just thinking about
it and having self doubt.

— Yeah. I mean, I just, I
kept posting, I kept doing it

but it was definitely like
this impostor syndrome of like

no one’s going to take me
seriously because I’m so young,

but I just kept going

and you just kind of have
to keep going no matter what

and that’s—

I mean I’m sure you guys get
this question all the time,

I get it all the time is
like, «how do I just start?»

«How do I get over my
fear of getting started?»

«The judgment of other
people», whatever else.

For me it was like if I don’t start,

I know I’m going to regret
it for the rest of my life

and I’m the only person to blame here.

So if I’m going to let

me thinking that I’m
too young hold me back,

that’s silly, that’s ridiculous.

And if I get started today,
I’m going to be so much

farther along compared to
if I started in a year or so

when I think that «I’m older»

and at the right age to start.

It was like such a silly
mindset looking back,

I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

But your other question
about comparison, for sure.

When I first got started,
especially with my blog,

I went to Google and I looked
up other successful bloggers

and then I started
following them on Instagram

because I wanted to know
what other people were doing

and I wanted to know what
made them successful.

But then that quickly put
me in the trap of like,

well why am I not there yet?

Like, I’m starting from zero
and I’m comparing myself

to these people that have
like 300,000 followers.

You can’t compare that at all and that

was definitely a learning curve for me.

I ended up unfollowing a bunch of people,

not because I didn’t like their content

but because I noticed
it was unhealthy for me.

And even when I switched
into the YouTube niche

before that I was subscribed
to a lot of different people

like I was subscribed to think media,

I learned a lot from your videos, but

I ended up unsubscribing

or I ended up just not
watching those videos

because I was like I don’t want to—

I mean the word is influencer

and we are really influenced
by the content that we watch

and I was afraid if I kept
watching think media videos,

then I was going to just keep

creating your videos over again.

Although that wasn’t my
intent, that was my fear

is my voice would’ve been too influenced

by what other creators were saying.

So I had to mute some people on Instagram

and I had to stop watching certain videos

because I wanted to be
unique in my own space

and I knew that that
comparison trap was not,

it’s not healthy and it’s not productive.

— Man that’s some really powerful advice

and I’m actually grateful

that you stopped following think media.

Not because, well, we
did miss out on the views

but I’m actually reading a
book called decoding greatness

and we’ll link this up in the show notes.

This book is really great in terms of

how the best in the world
reverse engineer success.

One of the tips is actually

limiting how many things you’re consuming

and it gives the exact
advice that you just said.

If you, especially in a world
where you want to be different

where how do I stand out
on YouTube right now?

If you are just an echo of the
other channels in your niche

then you’re really not bringing
something original to it

and we are influenced by what we watch.

So if we can also consume
potentially sources

that are entirely different, like I—

one of the things I noticed,
I think, in one of your videos

was you brought lifestyle content.

You said to YouTube tips

because some of us YouTube
educators were just educating

and we weren’t bringing that same flavor,

but you brought originality
and it’s shown in your numbers

and your results because
sounds like, now we’re learning

you stopped watching
everybody else in your niche.

That’s so powerful.

So I want to encourage,
that’s a super powerful tip

as well as what it can do to your mindset

because having a strong mindset,
having a focused mindset

most of us could probably
consume less and create more

so that’s some really brilliant advice.

— Yeah. Something that I did,
I think it was following like

2000 people on Instagram
or something insane.

I ended up unfollowing so many people,

I think I now follow maybe like 170 some,

it’s so small but I don’t follow—

now I more so follow more
people like I follow you,

I follow Roberto Blake
and other people that are

doing our thing here but it
took me a while to realize

my own voice to then be okay with

refollowing those people but
yeah something that I love,

I like to follow creators
that make me feel inspired

that are totally outside of my niche.

So Desi Perkins,

on YouTube I think she’s got
like 3 million subscribers,

she’s killing it, She’s
amazing, I absolutely love her

not that I know her
personally, but I love her.

Her content is fashion and beauty.

This— I’m not fashion and beauty,

but I absolutely feel inspired

and just creative energy from her.

So if that’s something you need to do like

find creators that inspire you,

not creators that you feel
like that comparison trap

coming on.

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