When you’re stuck in the grind of YouTube and business growth

The YouTube and Business grind can get HARD… These two things that once felt so invigorating & passionate, can start to feel like more of a job. Why is that? We discussed exactly that in a private conversation between, and we want to share that with you in hopes to enlighten and encourage your journey through business and YouTube. Enjoy!

0:00: Podcast Intro
0:48: D’Laina’s Intro: Welcome to the Podcast!
2:28: What burnout looks like for creators
15:03: How to know when you’re burnt out & what to do about it
36:07: Ending thoughts

Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller: https://www.amazon.com/Every-Good-Endeavor-Connecting-Your/dp/1594632820/ref=sr_1_1?crid=32ZZMIIU97FCC&keywords=every+good+endeavor+tim+keller&qid=1643851884&sprefix=every+goo%2Caps%2C96&sr=8-1

Making Ideas Happen: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Ideas-Happen-Overcoming-Obstacles/dp/1591844118/ref=sr_1_1?crid=17LK34T5GWQC5&keywords=making+ideas+happen&qid=1643851943&sprefix=making+ideas+happen%2Caps%2C92&sr=8-1


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welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators it’s great to see you

again and welcome back to another video

creators podcast episode where we give

you next level tactics so that you can

grow your views grow your subscribers

grow your audience and your business so

that you can reach people and change

more lives and this week i have an

interesting episode for you because we

do this internal thing called strata

chat and it’s where all the strategists

on our team get together and we have

internal conversations to edify each


and learn from each other and what we’re

working on with clients and and

everything in between and we had a

session just last week of our strata

chat which we ended up recording

actually for a team member that

couldn’t make it to the meeting so we

wanted her to have

all the discussion and everything that

we had talked about but during this

conversation we came to the end of it we

were like man we feel like this could be

immensely valuable to so many creators

that we that listen to us on a regular

basis so many creators that we

personally work with we feel like would

find this immensely valuable and

encouraging to you so we’re actually

going to share a large majority of that

conversation with you and since we

weren’t planning on sharing this at the

time of recording we did talk about

clients and some other uh specific

details that are a little bit more

internal which we will be bleeping out

so if you hear that that is why we just

want to protect private information from

anybody that we’re working with as well

as um things that may be going on in the



i wanted to talk about burnout because


at video creators jalen made a crack and

joke about it yesterday it’s like we

teach you how to grow your youtube

channel but we avoid ours like the


and like that that’s a reality and i

want to hear from you guys what burnout

looks like because tim’s gone through it

ingrid’s gone through it delano’s

doing it


and so i’m finally as a creator i’m

coming around to like i’m editing now

i bashed batch shot videos because i

kind of got this breath of inspiration i

was like hey i can do this so i’m

editing but i’ve got videos queued up to

launch and to publish

but i’m seeing everyone on the team

having come out of or being in the

middle of this i can’t do it anymore and

like that’s gotta i hear that from my

clients too

they get in there and like they just

kind of have this

i don’t even know like i don’t even know

if i’m gonna pull the plug on this

channel like that’s the worst

consultation to join because it’s like


i’ll help you with as much as i can but

ultimately if your drive is gone this

strategy won’t help and so i want to

hear from creators that maybe not delana

you can just keep it to yourself for now

like everything else um but maybe you

can uh

tell me what that burnout looks like and

if there’s any way

once i realized this wasn’t for the

public i was like here we go are there

things you see coming now because tim

i’m sure you got this a few times

ingrid has been creating for years

do you know when it’s coming is there

any way to remedy it or what if you’re

into elena’s position

what changes to help you overcome that

stuck feeling of being burned out like

that i have thoughts on this it’s

obviously something i’ve been thinking

about a lot as i’ve

gone through it and

i think that there’s like multiple


things that can drive burnout on the

platform i think a lot of what we face

with our clients is them feeling like

they’re putting in so much work and

getting like this much in return for it

and it’s hard to stay motivated whenever

you’re like

why do i even try

it’s not gonna go anywhere nobody’s

gonna watch blah blah blah blah

so i think that that’s a huge factor


the other

side of it that can be whether you’re

growing whether you’re experiencing good

growth or not is just that like as a


you especially with

a lot of the things that we teach invite

pull more of you into it what’s your

story stuff like that it just becomes

you start to like put this pressure on

yourself that you have to do and say and

present and be a certain way

on your platform and that just like


that just like gets exhausting where

you’re just kind of like i just kind of

want to like live my life without being

on display at all you know or my

personal struggles and stuff like that

like you just kind of want to

you’re on display a lot and sometimes

just being on display whether you’re

sharing a lot of your story or not it

just gets tiring and you’re just like

all right i’m gonna back off and crawl

into a shell for a little while i’m kind

of i’m kind of going through exactly

what she just said right now because

it’s not that i don’t know how to shoot

a video it’s not that could i just shoot

a tutorial yeah absolutely i can sit

down and do that any day

but i’m in the middle of pivoting


into different kind of content and

it’s not so comfortable

and it’s

i know what to do

i have no problem talking to other

people about it all day long

but yet for some reason i’m struggling

with even hitting the record


which is interesting

um it’s something that i’m i’m working

on right now

what holds you back from hitting record

because i know what that perspective

looks like as a new creator like i

wasn’t a creator intensive you’re a

creator now like i know what that

tension looks like because it’s like i

don’t know how to do this

i know what to do but i know how to do


part of it is pressure i have been

digging into

trying to find new drivers

for creating content um so personally i

have been working on

because for me it was all about the art

and the technique and what can i teach

before and now all of a sudden it’s like

everybody’s so stuck and everybody’s

like i need motivation and it’s kind of

shifting that way


it’s not necessarily 100 comfortable

place to be considering i’m going

through it myself which is literally

what i should shoot but that’s not so

easy to do it feels very vulnerable and

the content itself has become very

different and i don’t know uncomfortable

a lot of pressure

i don’t worry so much about the views

and that kind of stuff at this point

because i feel like it’s an

experimentation phase and i’m okay with

that but i guess it’s just the

uncertainty and i just even though i

know what i’m doing i feel like i don’t

know what i’m doing if that makes any

sense whatsoever sometimes another part

of burnout for creators is is

like they may not be feeling pressure in

any way and they may also be getting

fine results but they may a lot of

creators will start getting results

from things that they’re like not the

most passionate about like they had one

or two videos get really really big and

now they feel like they just have to

create that kind of content over and

over and over again and they start to

feel stuck and um

they do anything else that just in their

words it just tanks you know and um

they that becomes really demoralizing

for them and then they feel like they

have to

they don’t feel like they have creative

power anymore it doesn’t really feel

like their channel is their own anymore

you know they’re just kind of like i

think it becomes more of a job

for them uh and and and with that it is

their job often you know and so like

they have to keep going

and so i think they also get stuck in

that um how do you keep the excitement i

remember talking to i had a consultation

um with a creator last spring

and he was in complete analysis


and he hadn’t turned the camera on in

months he did he did a video on zoom and

it became like the one of the videos

when covet hit

of how to even operate zoom

and it wasn’t necessarily what so it’s

very much like what she just said he

kind of got pigeonholed in this thing

and then it was like

how do i

is that what i’m doing you know and it

was working through that and he even

went through video labs and still didn’t


which i found interesting


it was a shame because he was really

good but you know what’s that thing that

pulls them forward i don’t know

i think burnout happens

in a

few different ways

one way is

everything in our life just goes through


you know like

relationships do unfortunately unless

you pay them to keep hanging out with




like favorite foods and even music

tastes and

when you’re having children like there’s

seasons built in there and

interests i mean things go through

season so i think there’s some

people who burn out because that season

is what they needed like youtube

and then that season’s just over and

there’s nothing wrong with that and for

them to extend that season

makes you feel burned out really fast

because you feel like you have to stick

with it when it really be better for you



and to move on so i think that’s one

because that’s exactly where i felt like

i was because i was like this thing

served me really well for

it gave me exactly like the creative

release and everything and even led to

me being here today you know and then i

felt like i was

the way that i put it at the time i

don’t know if you were there for it luke

but i was like i feel like i’m

trying to squeeze more juice out of

out of a lemon that’s already there’s no

juice left in it like it’s time to just

grab some new fruit so


yeah there’s this unspec there’s this

unspoken or even spoken i don’t know

expectation that like you work so hard

on this and you got to keep going you

haven’t achieved all that you could have

achieved and everything and we think

that was the purpose and the goal when

really it was like something we just

need to express ourselves creatively for

a little while

all right good i got i got what i needed

out of that and i can move on you know

now people don’t think that i think we

have this mentality that we

start a book we need to finish the book

right we uh

same thing and i’m like i don’t

i’m over it


whatever um


uh so if i like i got what i needed from

this like i don’t have to finish it but

there is a

thing in our society that’s like you

failed if you didn’t finish or you were

a quitter or something i don’t i’m like



the the point wasn’t to finish this

thing or get to a 100 million

subscribers the point was for me to have

a creative outlet and i and so one of

the things we talked about here

um and you guys are for this analogy

before from the pumpkin plan but we kind

of took the analogy of the seed to the

distractions that are disguised as

opportunities to grow the big pumpkin

thing most people don’t know what the

big pumpkin is

and so

they just think that they’re supposed to

do is get more views more subscribers or

more money

but that’s why we started asking

questions like all right well if you

have more views money subscribers like

what would that do for you and try to

get to like the deeper root thing i’m

like oh you actually just want to feel

this way

okay well you don’t need more views and

subs to feel that way you actually just

need to do this other thing over here

and we if we just go with the surface

level like this is basically what this

thing we’re just might be perpetuating

the thing they think might go after this

ultimately going to drive them into the

dirt and they’re not actually going to

achieve the big pumpkin thing because

they haven’t even identified what it is

and thus they don’t know what’s a

distraction and what’s an opportunity

it’s hard to define those things if you

don’t know



that’s one thing that’s going on another

thing that’s going on

besides the seasonality thing


i think people are

looking for meaning i think they’re

looking for purpose i think they’re

looking for fulfillment

and we all want that we all need that

and sometimes people subconsciously

think that if i have more money or i

have more friends

more popularity or

bigger house or you know whatever

less weight whatever the thing is


i would be happier

and so

they grow the channel

and they’re finally experiencing success

and they’re finding out i’m not happier

i thought that this would lead to that

and it’s not and then that leads to

burnout because now you’re grinding for

something that’s not serving like you

were excited when you thought it was

going to get you here but when you start

getting disillusioned like that’s not

going to lead here then you start

burning out right i had another thought

that i was thinking about this actually

whenever i think of my client

not that they

behavior not that they feel this way at

all but i noticed like myself like

projecting on them which was they filmed

like everything in their lives like her

having a baby and like all the stuff

like every thing that happens in their

life is a content opportunity and i

remember whenever i

was creating content and like kind of

wanting to go a little bit more that

direction i was like i literally could

not see my life any part of my life

without it through the lens of like is

this good content is this a content

opportunity should i be filming right

now you know like

all of these things and that got really

exhausting that was the thing that was

like i just want my life to be my life

you know like and that was really hard

for me because i think that there’s like

this this pride element that comes into

it where it’s like

oh but i’m gonna show cool things that

i’m doing and it’s like


what if you just don’t you know what if

you just enjoy it you know



that’s been really really healing for me

like for me to just kind of like let

that go and not

do what i

in my mind people expected of me

are there any obvious triggers

that have let any of you know and is

there any way to get a desire

to do it



hey i don’t think the results are worth

i don’t think the juice is worth the

squeeze anymore i’d rather any way to

resurrect that before it goes all the

way under or is that just here it comes

i think you can either take a break from

it and like i did for like a year year

and a half now

i think ultimately for me it’s like just

giving myself the permission to like not

do it anymore go build something in my

workshop and build like a new desk for

dana or something

so and i don’t want to make a video

about it even though everyone on

instagram’s like you should make a video

channel i’m like no that would defeat

the purpose of what i’m doing here


more is not always better bigger is not

always better

and i think there’s something to be said

for being content

like yeah i could make more content and

take this to a much bigger business and

serve a lot more people on the other

hand like i gotta start serving myself

at some point


i’m not gonna sacrifice

my energy for the sake of like what

would what if i made twice as much money

what would that do for me

like not really that much of anything

like nothing would really change

right right


i don’t need twice as much money

and i don’t really want what it would

take to get to twice as much money now i

don’t want to like decline i always look

backwards and i want to make sure that

you guys are enjoying what you’re doing

and that this is a fruitful productive

energizing place for all of us

but that’s why i think we also keep

having these zone of genius

conversations because those things

change for us over time what did it for

delena when she was first hired is not

what does it for her anymore and though

she’s not doing that stuff anymore right

so i think there’s like this tension

between like maximum efficiency and

profitability and trying to keep

crushing it grinding it and you know

kill it and drag it home type of thing

and i get the point in that but i don’t

really want where that takes me so yeah

i’m just going to say i think when you

hear from creators you know words like

grind language

a language shift that’s usually for me a

sign the fun isn’t there because at some

point it becomes work

versus it’s about getting it’s about the

edit it’s about you know getting the ctr

and analytics coming to the picture

whereas before it was just about the art

yeah it’s a really good book called

drive by daniel pink that talks about

this i read mostly in the context of how

do i i read it mostly to

get better at how do i

um work with you guys like what drives

and motivates you but when i came out

with it one of the biggest points

is um he tells the story of

these artists who um

half the paintings were commissioned and

half weren’t and they’re all like world

class artists and they have these judges

come in and evaluate them without

knowing which for which

and the commissioned art always scored

lower than the expressive creative art

even though no one could tell that one

was commissioned and what was not and

you would think that paying someone

money to do something would actually

motivate them to want to do it better

but the opposite actually happened and

that’s really what’s interesting about


is that when i got started on youtube

there was no there was no partner

program there was no money here it was

just people doing it to creatively

express themselves

and to

kind of join in this conversation that

was happening on this platform

and then they introduced money to it

which i think was smart from a business

perspective but it has this other


um thing that they maybe they couldn’t

have foreseen this is an influence of

like now people are doing this

um for money and

and that changes the way that you create

he bought this horse and buggy because

he really just loved

um going out and uh

taking this nice quiet ride through the

backcountry roads and just it was really

relaxing and life-giving for him and so

that was his hobby and this other person

was like oh i’d love to have that too

like could i pay you to take he’s like

oh yeah that’s cool like now i get to do

this and make money at the same time

and so he started

getting paid to take people on these

nice horse and buggy rides to the


and then the more he did that the less

he actually enjoyed the thing that he

actually gave him life because once you

introduce money to it it fundamentally

changed how he

why he was doing the thing he was doing

the experience he was getting out of it

and he ended up it turned into a job for

him and he ended up disliking the horse

and buggy rights

um if he had just said no to the money

and just left it be the thing it was

intended to be for him the life-giving

thing like woodworking for me

like then

then that thing would continue to be

life-giving but money actually has this

reverse it does not drive people and

motivate people after a certain amount

of money giving them more money does not

change the way they work or their

behavior or even their satisfaction with

their work it actually just

can it doesn’t always but it can lead

them to

a darker place and so it’s really

fascinating to read that from my

perspective as a business owner but also

even for me personally i’m like no i

don’t want to be to create

i don’t want to build tables and sell it

for people that’s the people who i want

to build it and give it to them like

that’s more life-giving for me

and it does what it’s supposed to do


100 percent why i never went into

professional cooking

because that is always that thing for me

that is my number one hobby and it’s

something that i excel at and every

single person anytime i ever cook for

people people are like why are you not

why do you not have a restaurant

exactly because i would take the fun out

of i’ve ran a restaurant

but that would 100 take the fun out of

cooking for me

so that’s why i don’t that’s why i never

went down that path so that makes i very

much relate to that to them

very much relate to that so i have you

guys all going to work for free now is

that where we’re at we’re going gonna

say it’s a weird way to roll out the new


you guys will enjoy your job better i



you can automate tim’s life

that actually reminded me of a video

that i was watching from my uh

previous client ali abdel he made a

video on

i forgot exactly what it was like what

the title was of the video but

in it he talked about like

this principle of

you know all these things that humans

need to feel

satisfied and feel like their life is

valuable to them and to other people and

stuff like that

and um he was talking specifically about

in the workplace

he said although


may get

value from your job and feel like you’re

contributing to something valuable in

your job ultimately you’re there for

money like if you weren’t getting paid

you wouldn’t be there or at least you

wouldn’t be there

as much as you are you know and he was

talking about it in terms of uh and i

like really wrestled with that because i

was like i can’t i can’t

do something like me and my brother are

actually real we talk about this because

we’re both like we just cannot do

something that we’re not passionate

about it literally feels like that we

know people who are just like fine to go

to work and they just like yeah i do my

job is my job and what i do at home is

what i do at home and they’re like

perfectly content with that and i that

took me so long to wrap my head around

because i was like i can’t like i cannot

spend the majority of my time doing

something that i’m just not like on fire

about you know and


so i i still don’t know how i feel about

that whole sentiment where i’m like

would i be here 40 hours a week if i

wasn’t getting paid probably not but

would i do it and would i do the same

thing in other ways i probably would

i would that’s that’s for me like i the

thing i like doing i think you guys know

is taking complex systems

and making them and reproducing

consistently results with a system like

that results that most people find

difficult to get

um and you guys know all my stories in

different parts and i think that’s part

of why i’m kind of curious to try this

doing this with volley is like

oh like this is a new

a new way for me to see if i can help

them unlock this thing in a month and


take that skill and

i’ve never tried to grow an app before

you know like can i do it there too it’s

like the same thing

reverse engineer everything

yeah you guys have worked for free just

so you know like i do value each and

every one of you and

um and

the value you bring to our family and to

our clients and our business and

everything too so

just to make that clear we already sent

a text message about

guys get paid you don’t have to if you

don’t want to

i thought this was just a recurring gig

from video labs

the thing that i do that does keep me

wanting to keep going though is not the

more money because i told you i don’t

really need more money but it’s because

i the more money is a indicator that

we’re serving more people better and

that to me i get excited about not

because what the dollar signs do but

because of

like oh we we get to serve more people

and help them change more lives and

that’s that’s the theme i think that

kind of like threads together everything


that i do but yeah i think if you don’t

know the big pumpkin is i think it’s

really easy to hit burnout because

you’re going to be stuck in the hamster

wheel not really knowing where you’re

going and if you what happens when you

actually get there or if you’ve ever

arrived so you just stuck in this grind

because um you haven’t defined


what a win looks like like i read the

book built to sell years ago and in that

book he talks about like you should

write down the number you’d be willing

to sell your business for

and put an envelope and put it in a

drawer and and then he said in years

later take it out because the

the temptation is like let’s say you

write two and a half million on there

you’d be

that would be a life-changing amount of

money for you and like that would help

you accomplish all the goals let’s say

for example that you wanted to hit

and then you get an offer for two and a

half million but then you’re like but if

i just did these like two more things

for like another six months maybe even

eight months it would be worth five

million then and then you’re tempted but

then like if i did this thing it’d be

worth ten and then you actually never

get to you know you never hit the

contentment point because there’s it

could always be bigger and then in the

process of that it starts slipping

backwards and then that forces like oh

why didn’t i get rid of this one i have

the chance of two and a half million you

know and so he’s like write the number

down and when it gets to the point where

it would change your life to the

and hit the goal you actually built this

business for

then be content to sell it if that

opportunity arose and and presented

itself um don’t get stuck in the trap of

more and more and more better better

better so i think that was helpful for

me to define that’s what the big pumpkin

would look like if i if it got to that


and not that i can’t continue to grow up

past that but i can at least tell myself

i’ve done what i set out to do

and i’m going to keep doing this because

i love it i enjoy certain elements of

this more than i do others um i think

just as all of us do but i don’t have to

keep pushing myself to the point of

burning out to get to this thing i don’t

even know if i really want it anymore

you know that’s what uh marty bird’s

problem on ozark is like he honored

eight million and then it just never


there was never a point where

he could buy out but i actually i’m

teasing because i was just talking about

this terrible show that we watched but

it does make sense so he never stopped

even though

he had plenty and that’s one of the

things that sticks out to me it’s uh

warren buffett you know from the cameo

appearance on the hit show the office he

he was asked um how much

how much he needed to make to be happy

and his answer is just a little bit more

that doesn’t make sense especially when

you’re warren buffett

but it also makes perfect sense because

apparently he’s after more sounds like

an exhausting life

yeah actually it does

i would but i was thinking about your

original question of like how

do you know whenever it’s coming on like

that burnout

and i don’t know if it’s this way for



i feel like i feel like i can feel the

difference between i just don’t feel

like doing something in that moment

versus i think about this thing that i

feel like i need to do

and it literally immediately feels like

it’s sucking the life out of me

just the thought of going to do that

thing is like feels like it’s just

draining all the energy for me to go and

do it and that’s how i know that it’s

like burnt out and something else is

going on here versus oh i’m just not in

the mood to do this thing

um it’s great um most of the time

whenever i’m just not in the mood to do


uh i can just like put it off and then i

just feel good like okay well i’ll just

do this tomorrow and um i feel okay with

that i actually just did that on monday

there’s stuff that i need to do and i

could not bring myself to do it so i

pushed it to tuesday and i had no

problem doing i was like okay cool i got

the energy to do this now and um or i

have the ability like i have enough

willpower to overcome it versus it takes

a mountain of willpower to do something

that feels like it’s just sucking the

life out of me


and so that’s the difference for me but

i think that the the remedy for that to

be honest i’m not sure that there’s any

like oh do this thing and then you’ll

want to do it again i think the only

solution that more people need to be

willing to do is

they just need to be honest with

themselves why do i feel this way do i

still want to do this thing that that i

wanted to do before do i feel like this

is the only option for me of all and

just like literally just being

completely transparent with themselves

in order to actually get somewhere um

because sometimes you’ll be completely

transparent with yourself and once you

say i just don’t want to do this anymore

then all of a sudden it’s just kind of


well actually i do kind of want to do it

but um i

i think i’m just going to take a break

you know like like different feelings

can come out once you’re just flat out

honest with yourself and you can get

down to

what you’re actually feeling i feel that

creativity is an ebb and flow


you know

when i’ve been doing what i do on my

channel in some form for 25 years and

last year was the very first time that i

came up against the wall


i think that sometimes there are a lot

of external forces

because i’m not burnt out i still want

to make youtube videos i still want to

serve my audience i still have more to


but sometimes there are just other

things that get in the way

so it may not always it may present

itself as burnout but it may not

necessarily be burnt out what’s this

break look like for you and how do you

know when the break’s over

um i don’t think that my break is ever

over because um i


the only thing that felt right was

like closing the door but then also

but not locking it you know what i’m

saying like closing the door but saying

i’m done and i don’t know if i’m ever

going to go back in this room again but

i can if i want to like that that option

is open but as far as everyone else

knows i could never come back you know

and that was really freeing for me what

i honestly whenever i did that i had no

freaking idea

i was just like i know that this thing

needs to close but i don’t know what

else i

what else is the thing

it’s been kind of confusing but like so

clarifying in other ways because i knew

that that needed to close and i also

felt that this that




and was i guess you could say

i really don’t like christianese but you

could say feel called to do something

um more outside of

uh you know

that’s my own thing and so i knew that

there’s like something

there’s something for me but i don’t

know what it is and i don’t know how

it’s to take form or

anything in between and i just knew that

this had to close in order for me to

make room for anything else to

potentially come in and so


i just need to take my eyes off of this

thing and so i had no idea like i was

like maybe i never become a content

creator ever again i don’t feel like

that’s what’s gonna happen but i was

honest with myself and i was open to it

you know and um

i feel like those are always the moments

when something big happens we’re just

kind of like you know what

i’ll stop trying to control the outcome

just you know take me where i’m supposed

to go and um


was actually at this point getting

really really

anxious and i was just but just this

past week because i started messaging

lennon and i was like

i was like i feel like i just get off of

work and i’m just okay to be off work

and not do anything else not like work

on anything else and other than like

cleaning my house and basic human living

things you know

and that was super weird for me i’ve

never felt like that before and for me

to be that content for that long

in doing living that lifestyle was very

odd so

all of that to say that like i had no

idea how long it was going to be

if it was ever going to come back or

anything like that um

and i was getting really anxious with

the idea of

it potentially me potentially never

having anything else when i felt like

there was supposed to be something else

until this past week where i told you

guys that i was like i think i may have

found the thing i won’t know until next

week but

um i think i

i’m maybe

like it feels like right now this is the

perfect thing that that i made room for

um but i won’t know until i actually try

it next week so sorry to be vague on

that front but

i’ve had to keep it like like i got two

hooks from her in a few days

this is exactly why i felt like i needed

to keep it to myself is because it’s all

been so confusing for me to like let

this thing go and not know what else is

supposed to come in and stuff like that

that i felt like i was looking at

everything like

is this it is it that no that’s not it

you know and then especially if i share

that with somebody else then i felt like

there was extra light on this thing that

could potentially be it in my mind and i

just needed like all of that to not

be in play for me to which is why it

felt so important for me to not share it

so i had a very similar experience i

took this job that i didn’t really know

anything about but everyone’s like no

you’re the guy okay okay

um and

tim’s like all right make a channel i’m

like up about what

and like that pressure for me was tough

and he actually quit asking me about it

and just said i think it’s important for

you to be regularly creating and it hit

me on a day where i didn’t have any

consultations i was like wait

i’m creative


and and like it’s funny when that

pressure is not there it doesn’t feel

like there’s an extra spot like what are

you working on i don’t know yet i don’t

know yet yeah

but i i think it’s headed that direction

and like my value problem probably

changed to be real honest because

i think i was trying to mimic other

things and it’s not it’s finally gotten

to the point where it’s like well i do

like this stuff

it’s interesting that you said when the

pressure wasn’t there

you know that’s when you realized you

were creative which is very much

what delana opened this whole

conversation with

just the pressure you know i still like

to create but i don’t want to create the

stuff i’ve been creating for eight years

now or more for me it started 2009 yeah


over a decade now

but then it’s hard to break out of that

whenever you’re trying to create

something different in the same context

doesn’t it

like you’re like i’m okay i’m here in

the same place but now i’m trying to

switch into doing something completely

different so that i feel creatively

satisfied and you’re just like ah but

this doesn’t make sense in my brain at

least how that was for me uh well for me

it makes sense in my brain if youtube


was hit by an atomic bomb

and you know

tick tock no it wouldn’t be tick-tock

either we’d have much bigger problems

actually but

i wouldn’t

i think i would just make a podcast

talking about family life

and business and marriage stuff you know

which i kind of have but i make one


once a month or something like that

so i would i

i could

i would turn that into a business if i

wanted to i don’t mind making money at


i feel like that was such an important

conversation that so many creators do

need to be honest about themselves and

obviously a lot of us personally even on

the team through our content creation

journeys we have felt the weight of that

and i really hope that it was just as

valuable and encouraging as it was to us

now every week we like to leave you with

a power tip just something small

practical that you could take action on

today if you wanted to and in light of

today’s conversation i actually wanted

to give you a power tip of recommending

a couple of books if you are going

through exactly

what we had talked about in this

recording i want to recommend a couple

of books that might actually help you

the first one if you are a faith-based

uh i mean even if you’re not a christian

um i feel like the faith based aspect of

it would probably still resonate with

you and that is the book every good

endeavor by timothy keller it talks

about um



having a driving purpose behind what you

do but more importantly it talks about

the importance of rest so if you are

dealing with any sort of burnout please

please please check that book out

another really good one if you’re

dealing with burnout is making ideas

happen by scott belski now this one may

sound counter-intuitive how can it be

good for burnout if we’re talking about

making ideas happen but specifically

this book speaks to the creative heart

and mind and

it speaks

to the idea of workflow

a reactive workflow versus a proactive

workflow those are two totally different

things and i see so many creators and

people in my life that get so burnt out

because they are in a reactive workflow

and they don’t even know it and so

getting yourself out of a reactive

workflow so that you have the room to

work on passion projects and shift

things and change and reinvent yourself

and everything in between

shifting to a proactive workflow and out

of a reactive workflow is one of the

most important things that you can do so

i recommend both of those books buy them

on amazon i’ll have them both linked in

the show notes or in the description of

the youtube video thank you guys so much

for listening or watching wherever you

are i hope that you enjoyed this episode

and i can’t wait to see you again next

week bye


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