We’re Hiring! The 5 C’s We Look for in Think Media Leaders

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⚡️We’re hiring! Check out the available positions & apply now: http://WorkWithThink.com/

📘 Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink

0:00 Intro
2:30 Character: The foundation of all other virtues
6:08 Chemistry: Are you a good fit for the Think Media culture?
9:55 Competency: Are you able to get the job done?
12:42 Capacity: Are you able to work fast and handle pressure?
15:28 Courage: Are you ready to step out on a bold adventure?
18:55 Outro

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=================== text video ====================

we are hiring at think media and in this

video i’m going to be talking about

the five c’s that we look for in think

media leaders and team members and i

also believe if you don’t even want to

apply for think media you’re going to

love this video because we’re going to

be talking about the secret to

accelerating your personal success

how to build a strong reputation in the


and essential leadership qualities that

will help every content creator and

entrepreneur you gotta just press record

of course if we happen to just be

meeting my name is sean cannell i’m the

founder of think media ten years ago i

just started shooting videos in my

bedroom as a college dropout and today

we’ve grown into a multi-million dollar

media company we have 18 team members

and we are hiring again and i’m going to

be talking a little bit about our vision

and our values and i believe that

whether you’re just want to be a fly on

the wall whether you’re a leader from

another organization that wants to learn

a little bit about how we do leadership

and what we look for

in terms of the culture and team we’re

building or whether you would like to

apply all you have to do is actually go

to work with

think dot com to see the current job

openings and

you can apply and i’ll tell you a little

bit more about the specific positions

later you know our mission at think

media is to help 10 000 purpose-driven

people create a full-time living

doing what they love while making a

difference in the world with youtube and

online video but sean

what are some of the things that you

look for these are really the five c’s

we look for in all think media leaders

and it’s important to say why do i say


because actually we really have a

leadership culture we believe that

leaders create leaders not more


and we want to build leaders

we want to develop leaders but we also

are looking for leaders we believe

leaders are change makers we’re looking

for change agents

and so we speak about and speak to our


as leaders and we want to call we

believe the world needs leaders and so

these are five things we look for and

think media leaders even if you’re like

well if i applied it for an internship i

might not be a leader yet well first of

all we’re going to call that leadership

out of you

but we are looking for leaders and um

number one

is character number one is character and

the five c’s number one’s

character this is the foundation of all

other virtues you know i’m going to get

into four other c’s but if you don’t

have character

you’ve already lost before you started

now listen this isn’t some kind of

you know we expect people to be perfect

we’re not perfect we got a lot of flaws

but you can imagine on a surface level

it’s like

if i can’t trust you to not steal money

right it doesn’t matter how skilled you

are at anything else

that’s kind of a surface level of

character like if you if i can’t trust

you to to not be

just trustworthy and speak you know not

gossip and tear down the company from


what it doesn’t matter if you have the

highest skill set in the world like if

you don’t have character

then you already lost

so character is the foundation of all

other virtues and we’ve also

specifically noticed that in influencer

culture and youtube culture is one of

the biggest missing elements in a lot of

people’s lives for example you know

charisma and popularity

without character will eventually lead

to a crash


recognize and and it’s kind of a less

talked about see

that we’re looking for people of

character so what does that mean it

means your word is your bond

that if you say you’re gonna do

something you do it

um that means you take extreme ownership

so we’re trying to build a culture a

great book by the way by jocko willink

instead of you know if something goes

wrong do you blame others or do you take

responsibility what was their fault well

leaders actually take extreme ownership

it’s characters having a whatever it

takes attitude

oh i know it’s so hard i don’t know if

i’m gonna be able to get it done

as opposed to like whatever it takes

like hey like i don’t know it’s gonna be

challenging i don’t know if i can solve

the problem but i’m gonna do whatever it


character is you’re trustworthy

character is we’re looking for people

who if they’re gonna represent think

media they have a reputation of being

loyal on time and hard working

characters having a strong work ethic

a strong work ethic isn’t as evidence of


laziness is not an attribute of

character flakiness is not an attribute

of strong character

so having a strong work ethic means

there’s follow through

and that actually actions are bigger

than words you know what’s funny about

hiring is people can interview well

fill out an application talk about all

their accolades

it’s one thing to talk big and you got

to describe by the way please do that

please describe

these details about you

but actions you know are louder than

words right anybody could talk big it’s

a whole nother thing to actually show up

and follow through now this one’s

important to me character also means a

good attitude you know we believe

attitude’s a choice and and having a

good attitude attitude

uh affects everybody else attitude is

contagious a negative attitude man

someone walks into the room and the

whole room just just sucks the energy

it’s like wow the energy just left the

room and just the whole atmosphere

shifted when the bad attitude showed up

in the room on the flip side a good

attitude and and walking in just joy now

get this is not

it’s not false positivity we’re a family

at think media so we like to walk

through people we would like to walk

with people when they are going through

hard times and where they’re carrying

something heavy

but a lot of things

smiling is a choice

having a good attitude is a choice

character means being self-motivated

and character also means common sense it

means you know like being just being

diligent with the details and having the

ability to follow instructions number

two chemistry

second to character which is the

foundation would just be

are you

a good fit for the think media culture

now this isn’t a right or wrong answer

in terms of i’m not saying i think media


is the only culture obviously there’s a

lot of places you could work or a lot of

things you could do but what’s important

to us

is that

amazing people in this world that are

remarkable people might not be a very

good fit at think media or they won’t be

a good fit they’re incredible

it’s uh it’s us it’s not them it’s us

like you know but so what we’re looking

for is those that are a good fit for the

think media culture

you know talking to other leaders

you you want to make sure you have the

right chemistry it’s we even ask can we

go on a road trip with this person

because we do stuff together so it’s

like would we also want to hang out with

this person can we vibe with this person

your vibe attracts your tribe and so

somebody they might have the greatest

skills in the world and the greatest

character but like the chemistry is not

quite right

in our case then that would not be

then chemistry really matters and it’s

the question of are you a good fit for

the think media culture so what is the

thick media culture well we work hard

and we play hard

so we really have an ethic of doing the

hard thing first there’s seasons where

you could talk to the think team like

man it’s there’s some intense seasons

but think also backs its word up where

there’s also

uh there’s also margin there’s also you

know time for of course valuing family

and time off and rest it’s a rest run


um but also uh and there’s team

celebrations and there’s things like

that so we’re gonna work hard but we’re

also gonna play hard i’m good with

people we we work hard and we have fun

in the process and so the ability to

just have fun

we’re serious we know when to like get

really serious and focused but we also

want to keep an atmosphere of having fun

and celebration

um in our culture this is a big one

positive and encouraging

our culture at think media is we speak


we we speak life into others we

encourage others we like to build each

other team members up

we don’t you know of course there’s some

joking and whatnot but i think that at

some times

you know you could get into a toxic

environment with a lot of cynicism or

just a lot of jokes at others expense

and generally we want to lean towards

building others up speaking life into


this is also not a delusional culture we

identify the problem with blunt sober

reality we’ll identify problems but then

we approach them with optimism

so we identify the problem but we choose

to see and pursue possibilities in think

media culture it’s like hey sean we got

a problem i go great

give me three possible solutions

like we are not afraid of addressing

problems i want all the problems brought

to us or solved but but it’s not just we

don’t magnify the problem build a

campfire around the problem complain

about the problem complaining is not a


we are positive and encouraging and and

we see possibilities we’re a grateful

culture grateful for each other grateful

for the gift of life grateful that we

get to do this grateful for we just we

live in gratitude we we live we believe

in an abund that we’re living in

abundance by the way

even when resources are scarce we

believe we’re living in abundance even

when pressure is high we have an

abundant mentality we’re grateful humble

that the more influence we get we don’t

want it to go to our head the more

influence we get we we don’t lord over

people by the way

leaders at think media that because

we’re leaders we don’t positionally use

that to

uh be a jerk or or to uh have a big ego

humility is an aspect of our culture

okay number three

and hit like wherever you’re if you

happen to be watching this on youtube if

you’re on the audio podcast


leave a review if you resonate with some

of these values i appreciate you um

number three is competency and these are

in order so first you know character is

the foundation of all other virtues if

you don’t have that and you can’t be

trusted well the next four don’t matter

chemistry is now hey do you fit here and

so it’s like okay if there’s

compatibility and chemistry at think the

next question is competency and i want

you to hear that what this one means is

are you able to get the job done

in our opinion if you’ve got character

as i described it you’re probably great

to join the think team because we want

to build a team of of leaders that

are addicted to learning and willing to

learn and grow because there’s a lot of

new skill sets like we’ve had people

join the team they didn’t know how to do

digital marketing or paid ads now they

do they didn’t know how to write emails

uh and and copywriting and now they do

like they’ve learned those skills but

they were they had the character they

had the chemistry and they developed the

competency but confidence competency

means you know are you able to get the

job done

and we’re kind of talking about two

areas here on the one hand we have

interns that we want to hire so

you there’s that side of things if you

go to work with think.com to apply then

there’s actually the full-time positions

that are open right now and so in this

case some of the questions we’re asking

is what have you built

another way to put that is like when

have you done this before

you know we’re hiring for some

assistance and it’d be like have you


you know save the person you’ve helped

you’ve you’ve been a personal assistant


and you’ve

dynamically optimized the person you are

working with travel schedule you’ve

helped them save time go faster you’ve

helped them uh


10x their relationship mapping

really you know send gifts to the people

they care about take things off their

plate like what have you have you done

it before so depending on what it is

like another way to put it is if you

apply to be a a content creator as an


um show us your youtube channel like

even if it’s 300 subscribers

you’ve actually built something before

here’s another way to put it show me

your portfolio like if you’re going to

apply to be a graphic designer and you

don’t have a portfolio of any of your


if you say i’d love to intern and bring

my social media skills show me the

instagram accounts you’ve grown

you don’t have to have grown it to a

hundred thousand but like let’s see

what you’ve done here’s another way to

put it

have you been successful twice

see we have this high ethic at thick

media to where the most the biggest

predictor that you’ll be successful

tomorrow is that you’ve been successful

today number four is capacity

are you able to work fast and handle


here’s an additional c to just

competency because here’s what i’ve


that in my opinion just does it work

in a 2021 culture and what i mean is


we’re in we are in an era where speed


so if you go back 10 or 20 years

just being able to get the job done was

maybe good enough

but i really believe we’re in a time

where you have to be able to get the job

done fast


speed matters so the question is not

only can you do it

can you do it quickly

can you do it repeatedly and can you

keep doing it over time

i hope you’re also getting value if this

is just like if you develop these skill

sets it’s going to help you as an

independent content creator it’s going

to help you at your current job this is

going to help prepare you for your next

opportunity so it’s one thing competency

is like can you do it like for sure you

could do it you could do it excellently

okay cool but also can you do it quickly

because we don’t have a whole week to

get one thumbnail done you know what i

mean like we need three thumbnail

variations on three videos today we

gotta work fast

and then though it’s not just well every

once in a while you can do whatever it

is your role is well

but can you not just do it can you also

do it fast but can you also continue to

show up in that area and do it

repeatedly which speaks to

grit and and consistency

um it goes back to the question and

competency of like have you been

successful twice

a lot of us could get lucky

right we’ve we’ve done something one

time and so we we kind of got lucky or

like we had a couple hits

but it’s one thing to be able to

consistently deliver

on that unique area that we are adding

to the overall team and then can you do

it over time now i know some of these

things might be kind of a challenge to

think about

but can you do it over time is like it’s

not just you you’ve been able to be

consistent for three months or you’ve

been able to to be in be in a fast-paced

work environment and sometimes of

environment of pressure and what do i

mean by that right now we post about 10

videos a week on think media

i mean customer service the amount of

of customers we have is a lot like

amount of emails or inbound so it

doesn’t you know our event

uh that’s coming up soon is gonna be 600

people with lots of guest speakers with

lots of logistics so it’s just and then

and everything’s growing and so there’s

going to be more customers and even more

youtube channels that we start and more

content creators or rather think

personalities that that grow on the team

so there’s just a lot of different

moving parts when you think about the

internship there’s a lot to be involved

in but

but capacity-wise matters at think media

and number five is courage number five

is courage

and let me ask you a question are you


to step out on a bold adventure

see when it comes to think media seas of


and of our team members

we really believe we’re on a bold

adventure and it’s been wild it’s been a

wild ride

and and we believe courage is a huge


again if you feel like this list of

attributes is a little heavy but you’re

like man

but i aspire to that i want to do that i

encourage you to apply because that’d be

a courageous bold move

don’t put us at think media on pedestals



the accolades and the results are real

but we are a product

i am heather taurus’s omar alta corey is

we’re a product

of god’s grace

of a commitment to growth

of a commitment to continuous learning

of a commitment to leadership and

leveling up and getting one percent

better every day

and we’ve been on that journey some of

us and myself as the founder for over a


and so

if you say man

you know where could you be

three years from now where could you be

being immersed in a culture like think

media’s in a leadership personal

development culture and then by the way

our vision and my hope is is that we

people join the team

and that they build for life that

they’re here for life and help us build

but we also don’t have any kind of weird

toxic energy about

worrying if you come and you have a

vision to be a part of think for a few

years and and you see that as an

opportunity to grow and develop and then

you want to launch out

we are not

trying to just

be a company that has focus on


we are a company that is focused on

sending leaders we hope to build a

culture so good that people don’t want

to leave but we also think the world is

in so much need

that we want to send leaders

from think media that are maybe here for

three years five years ten years

so are you ready to step out on a bold

adventure one of the reasons why think

media is thriving is because the think

media team is courageous

and what does that mean it means they

have strength in the face of pain or


are our lives perfect

frick no you know what i mean like have

we been through health challenges

relationship drama with each other you


challenges in with family members the

death of family members of some of our

team members financial setbacks drama

you know in in our local states or


the emotional ups and downs of life pain

and grief

you bet we have

we have we’ve been through all kinds of

crazy stuff but courage

is the commitment

to persevere

through the ups and downs of life if

you’ve been following us and you

resonate with with the think media

podcast or the think media channel then

consider joining us on this bold

adventure and maybe taking a risk and

even making a sacrifice financially or


um and if you feel it

then let’s step out together

my name is sean cannell and i just want

to say i respect you especially for

listening this long to content like this

um and uh obviously this is some of the

deep work right this is this is

essential qualities of great leaders and

i also want to encourage you hey whether

you apply and get accepted or not or

whether you don’t even want to apply and

you want to take some of this

information back to your team or just

even for the team you’re building



the world needs leaders right now the

world needs

people of character

and people of competency and people of


to solve major problems

the world needs

freedom fighters and truth bearers

raising their voice

in the midst of

evil agendas and in the midst of

misinformation in the midst of

a lot of low ethic and low moral

content that is

pulling people down and that is

harming a lot of lives

if you’ve got a conviction for putting

bit into the world and really making an

impact please

continue to step out continue to build

your character continue to persevere and

and hopefully the think media story is

inspiring to you um a lot of people

underestimate what they can accomplish

in one year

because think media 2010 to 2011 was not

very it’s not a lot was accomplished


a lot of people overestimate what they

can accomplish in one year but they

underestimate what they can accomplish

in 10. and now looking back 11 years

since the first video was uploaded on

think media it’s crazy the emails we’re

getting the stories that are coming our

way the financial resources that have

been produced that we’re able to support

organizations like compassion

international and sponsor 50 kids

in terms of education and food in

developing nations where we are able to

um take care of our team and continue to

try to build a healthier culture here

dude what do i even know i’m trying to

learn how to be a ceo friend i’m trying

to figure out

even even building these things out this

has been my journey i’m trying to just

pass along the building blocks i’ve

personally gone through



and we’re seeing great things happen to

think and it’ll be incredible

um if you feel like you’d want to be a

part of this journey then go to work

with think dot com

and apply