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#CreatorsForPeace was set up by vidlQ but anybody can participate! The invasion of Ukraine hits close to home for us, since Ukrainians make up a large part of our team. Our colleagues have been displaced from their homes in Kyiv and we would be beyond appreciative if you would join the movement.

Donate what you can to UNICEF, who’s providing humanitarian aid to children and share the #CreatorsForPeace message to raise awareness about the over 1.5 million children that have been displaced in Ukraine.


=================== text video ====================

hey everyone i’m rob and i’m a creator

for peace

since the war began over 1.5 million

children have fled ukraine becoming

refugee and another 75 000 children are

displaced every single day according to

unicef this is an unprecedented refugee

crisis not seen since the second world

war and so it’s time to take action and

join together as creators for peace

my name is jeff and i’m a creator for

peace i’m travis and i’m a creator for

peace i’m dan carson and i’m a creator

for peace what’s up people it’s your boy

viper and i am a creator for peace

unicef provides life-saving essentials

to vulnerable children and families all

across the world and right now such help

is urgently needed in ukraine we as

creators can’t sit still and be silent

this is why we are using our platform

our voice

to ask for

your help

on behalf of the vid iq family please

visit creatorsforpeace.com

and make a donation directly to unicef

we have started the creators for peace

movement because this crisis hits very

close to home ukrainians work for vid iq

they are fathers they are mothers and

they have been forced to flee their

homes me as a father i had to be like as

a stone like i literally had no stress

or like any emotions to see my daughter

i just thought that i won’t like shout

because i didn’t want her to be shocked

we were just asking uh all the time

why we are not going to the kindergarten

and i just said like we are going to a

small vacation she also was constantly

asking like what mommy why we’re a

peaceful country

tell me that people won’t die

will they destroy our apartment i want

my toys back fortunately they and their

children are safe and healthy but we

need your help to do more your hugs

do the possibility to talk with you all

over the world is the best donating or

sharing food or clothes also thank you

for having us

as refugees in your houses be with us

listen to us

having this possibility to talk

help us a lot

we will survive we are alive

everything will be ukraine we

are creators for peace

and you

can make a difference

thank you




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