vidIQ 1,000,000 Subscriber Celebration

Here we go folks! Join us as we go LIVE and celebrate 1,000,000 subscriber on the vidIQ channel!

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=================== text video ====================







okay then

all right then

let’s see if we can get this

somewhat of a party on the road

folks just first let me know

if you can hear me

as far as i can tell

i should be speaking into a live


that you can hear but do let me know in

the chat if that is actually the case

can you all

hear me

right now

i’m seeing yes i’m seeing yes we can

okay great

that means this kind of works

so let’s do my um official intro of some


at this point

i don’t know if you were here yesterday

um but dan did say

uh if this happened

in the morning he could imagine me

just blurry-eyed talking randomly into a

camera with my um sleeping

uh cup still on and yes

i do kind of feel like that right now um


ladies and gentlemen

boys and girls


of all ages

here we are at


let me see here uh what time it is



local time

uh yeah it it is it is early where i am

in the world uh but i’ve managed to make

it online

uh to

celebrate i need to take this office

but give me already

we should hit


one million subscribers


soonish already and i’ve realized that

if i’m gonna be talking to you let me

just switch this right around now it’s

probably better if i’m talking to you

this number needs to be changed a little

bit because

when i click up to 1 million

we might not see these numbers so bear

with me

this is all live

very early on in the morning i need to

make sure i do all of this correctly uh

to capture the moment so i’m just gonna

make my number here a little smaller

so that when it does tick up to a


we definitely capture it


all right there we are

it is the road to one million yes and

the reason why i changed to another live


again if you were in the live stream


we couldn’t do live stream chat because

of a way i set it up

well i’ve got some good news now

yes chat is working


well i don’t know what this is going to

happen it’s probably going to happen

very very soon here 999

882 subscribers 83 subscribers as i said

it’s 84 subscribers

awesome brilliant another thing to tell

you as well this alert box but showing

you when you subscribe

when we get really close i’m going to

turn it off like that because i need to

make sure that we capture the moment of

when we do actually subscribe um but i


put it back up uh for a little while

longer if it’s still working i may have

just broken it now that’s just me

testing don’t worry we haven’t just





so yeah i’ll i’ll say some i’ll say some

shout outs uh and just we can all

celebrate for what 10 15 minutes until

we hit a million subscribers because i

think this is gonna happen uh very soon

you are right uh vox kyle ph the chat is

going crazy because there’s 450 people

who are up right now watching this let

me know where you are in the world

actually uh who is more committed than

me right now oh 8 4 4 36 in the morning

uh tracking uh this live stream hello to

the mighty jv

um thank you for joining us

hello also to instinct 8 gd welcome to


uh all right we got some got people in

albania that’s uh maika tony hope i

pronounce your name somewhere near right

we’ve got uh sujosh g also in the house

it is 11 36 a.m for speedy live one and

there we are ha ha 999


subscribers and it’s just ticking up uh

very very quickly wow all across the

other side of the world in serbia and

europe listen and learn portuguese with


well are you teaching people in the

serbian language to

um speak portuguese that’s fantastic

awesome stuff we got somebody in kenya

yes we are at 999 900 subscribers uh

qual quality uh with an eye sort of away

nothing wrong we got nothing wrong with


uh the rambling rose there in

uh good old great britain

i do apologize

if i uh ramble quite a lot

uh i am very very very tired but just

something instinctively in my

head was tapping me on the shoulder and

saying i think rob this is gonna happen

uh very early on on saturday morning so

he may wake up and lo and behold about

half an hour ago i woke up in it we were

at uh nine nine eight hundred

subscribers and that was a pretty

incredible oh hello i think somebody has

found this live stream and they can join

me so just bear me one second i’m gonna

add him i’m gonna press that button to

make sure that this all works properly

viper in the house yeah baby what’s up


it is i’m all good thank you i’m all

good right so if you’re here

that means i need to make this a little

bigger um now

if we’re gonna have it kind of split

screen like this to make sure that

everybody can see it there we go

uh where what time is it in your part of

the world viper it is 6 38 a.m i was

wondering i’m like man if he gonna be up

because i’m thinking like man if he’s

not gonna wake up then i’m gonna have to

figure out how i control this my thug i

don’t want to be i don’t want to to

cross move without a human being on here

i wouldn’t let that happen i’m glad

you’re right that that is fine

commitment from you thank you very much

sir i’m just welcoming people and saying

hello uh so viper if you see anyone in

the chat that you want to say hello to

i’m just going to bring up some people

and we can say hello

as we go down this list

josh the bosch like that is the channel


um yeah marshmallow wow that’s the name

what’s up chewie marshmallow

yeah it’s this is going so fast

in about five minutes they’re ready

they’re ready to go yeah oh my god yes

wow look at this holy crap you’re right

out here

600 of you come on i just need ten

percent now to click that button oh my

goodness i’m gonna turn off this alert

box so the subscriber box it needs to

turn off to make sure that we capture

this yeah you might want to turn it off

yeah definitely

do that and i think this might work

because what if i do that no i don’t

want to do that no no no no no

no i don’t want to do that either 630

people holy crap

that’s what i wanted to do all right

there we go

on the full screen

everything is all good in life

yeah all right rob you gotta tell the

people how you feeling inside right now

we’re getting really close here

i’m really tired if i punish that fight

but really really tired uh because

yesterday was um

absolutely bonkish trying to set up all

of his stream in the first place and

making sure that that stream went fine

and then i just couldn’t switch off

after it i was just looking at the

counter all of the time i don’t know if

you saw sometime last night we lost

200 subscribers

just like that in a youtube audit and

that freaked me out a little bit

um so yeah and now it’s just going up

and down all of i mean all of a sudden

we’re losing 20 subscribers woof

wow you are all right your channel your

review channel this is so cool

wow we are

this is crazy

oh i’ve been up until like i think

around 4 a.m looking at this

it was funny because we were at 999 815

and then i like woke up like like 30

minutes late and then we were down like

nine nine seven five six i’m like wow

you two really purging out here but yeah

i know people i know a lot of people

have been just setting up accounts and

stuff or changing their channel names

and subscribing that’s awesome and

really funny but then youtube will

swiftly uh sort all of that out uh

but yeah

i’m almost lost for words i i didn’t

plan anything uh

to be quite honest

it’s okay rob you’re doing what i what i

said we should do we’re live we are

enjoying this moment with the people

they definitely wanted you here so i’m

glad you’re here to see the moment

because it’s one thing for us to cross a

million but the people want their rob

wilson here to experience the moment

with them so it’s good that you’re here

well thank you uh for that uh viper it

is appreciated

it very much is appreciated

now what we got now nine six five wow

that’s a banana

go go go go go go go go go yes i would

normally miss the world i’m not excited

if you want to start um clipping

uh if there’s probably a clip button on

the live stream right now i think it’s

there for us or you um

get ready to start clipping it probably

when we hit nine nine zero

um i don’t want to touch anything on my

computer now to make sure yeah

i’ve never used it before but i have a

clip option yeah it’s weird it’s like a

slight delay so i might have to figure

it out yeah

i mean you can backtrack so it should be

fine and i’ve got this now live

recording on my computer as well

which means that yeah actually let me

just start the recording

so i’m going to start recording also on

my computer

so we can capture the moment as well and

i can’t just yeah let’s just let’s just

see this moment happen now yeah blimey

800 people watching did you

see the live counter that’s 97 but my

live stream says 95 it’s so crazy

all right let me tell you i think this

is the most accurate one i’ve got the

live stream recording

yeah you got the most accurate one okay

987. all right let me uh let me oh no

y’all need to stop unsubscribing to

trying to beat a million it’s not gonna

work just just subscribe

we’re never gonna know who’s a million

subscribers no we’re gonna now subscribe


subscribe now subscribe now

subscribe five

six clip all right i’m clipping this one

all right

six subscribers to go

uh seven subscribers to go are clipping

right now i don’t know this is just

gonna tick over i think i don’t think

it’s going to go over as a single number

oh it’s like nine nine six three not

working properly damn it

all right

so clip the last 30 seconds one

oh oh





thank you good night mike drop boom all

right let me see if i can catch this


clipping this stuff is weird let’s see

because on my lodging we haven’t hit it

yet so i gotta

look at this this is um definitive proof

that once you hit a million subscribers

youtube’s algorithms all change and

suddenly you get lots more subscribers

or it’s just a delay um people lots of

people subscribed about five minutes ago

and youtube’s now actually tracking them


all right let’s get some congratulations

on here i’m just going to quickly click

on the comments

and uh yeah well uh thank you for

hashing is slack sorry if i pronounce

your name wrong porridge yeah it is

certainly that time of the morning

uh thank you for that we’ve also got

some super chats i’ll try and read them

out if i can

life hacker max thank you


also uh

hand damn the gamer thank you

uh also

you were here

gaming next door you were certainly here

to join us on this wondrous moment thank

you for the emojis life hacker max

we also want to say thank you to bori

piano who had a an amazing live

streaming streak where i think he joined

about 200 live streams in a row i don’t

know if that streak is still alive bori

piano but you made it for the most

important one

uh awesome to see that

i posted the clip on twitter so i think

we’re good to go

awesome thank you yeah thank you

what have you have you posted on your

account or on the vidiq account oh you

know what probably let me uh let me uh

retweet that would do like you account

get taken here well if um if you slack

me video viper i might be able to put it

on the main channel as well

cool all right let me let me do that

then where i’m actually ready to go


uh zoonash classic you’re just having

some coffee that’s awesome apple juice

with the 35

czars whatever currency that is we do

appreciate it but super chats are not

needed for this celebration uh we want

to celebrate you and the collective

community this is that this is

absolutely incredible y’all this is so

incredible appreciate all you all being

here and making this moment possible for

us and

obviously rob is the face of the channel

but you guys are the ones who made the

moment possible so thank all of you all

seriously that is absolutely true um

i was trying to i don’t know if i said

this yesterday uh i don’t know if i said

this in public or private but if

if it was like an acceptance speech at

this point

i think that i think the words be

something a lot like this



i was to help

every single subscriber


10 subscribers themselves

then vid iq’s kind of tentacles the work

that we’ve done has impacted

10 million people or you know 100

million people however many people have

had who’ve subscribed

been helped through our content and then

have got people to subscribe to their


is the legacy that i’m

trying to to leave on the channel

and so


you know thank you for supporting the

channel thank you for getting us there


i will be trying to apply for this gold

play button

as soon as this live stream finishes uh

i’m not gonna lie

and then we can have it on the

background here yeah hopefully in there

in the next couple of weeks i think and

also thank you to the 400 people who

immediately abandoned this live stream

as soon as we hit a million subscribers

i saw excellent dude there saying um

congratulations as well


yeah i’m just gonna throw up lots of

chat here i’m just gonna i’m just gonna


chat ballers



one x

uh sunset stats

black cat kitchen

uh somebody’s controlling our chat who’s

that oh no no thank you daddy sorry i

thought that was us but it’s actually


our parent thank you whoever changed

their name to that appreciate it

we can change it back now we’ve had a

million subscribers

that’s sophia


duba das

we also got connor e

20 2011

uh the rambling rose uh combs one z

we’ve got the magic of kumar uh we’ve

got um

baratified ytb we’ve got

josh the bush

sweet mother tv

and also we’ve got a product creation

formula all saying congratulations along

with many of us we got a we got

charlotte charles hi charlotte

appreciate you oh you can control it

also yeah

hamlet jr what’s happening how you doing

uh lockstar

like what’s up black appreciate you

like i said thank you guys again for

being here uh rob i thought you the clip

i don’t know what like i don’t know if

it’s gonna work but i didn’t like it to


at 1 million 70.

i kind of figured once we hit 800 it

happened quick but once we hit 900 it

took like minutes damn oh yeah


ever i think every quite a number of

people were holding back and when it got

to like 9 50. let’s all subscribe

super chat in here as well

um who is the super chat from

uh we have uh luciano here

thank you thank you for leaving thank

you for uh rocking with vidiq we

appreciate you

the five euros there indeed

rob where does that stupid because we

don’t monetize so what does not like

super chat do we give him well do we

give him a charity i think or something

like that so this is a this is a really

good question actually and something

that um

uh well we should have a bit more of a

conversation offline but um so every

time we’ve earned some super chats

we do it it does go into the vid iq um

so to speak but it’s all it’s all been

held in one place and what we want to do

at some point in the future is maybe set

up a um a vid iq charity

where we would donate that money um


right now it doesn’t go anywhere but it

is something that we definitely need to

sort out um in in the future

uh it doesn’t often happen because

usually the super chats are going to

one of the fundraisers are set up um but

for these last two live streams i forgot

to turn it on

so yeah there’s a bit of super chat

there but not too much i think over the

course of the channel’s life

we’ve done like maybe just over a

thousand dollars

which is good because we don’t want

necessarily people just sending us super

chats right so we don’t we don’t need


but now everybody’s sending in super

chats just like what happened

uh last time

but the channel just so you know folks

the channel doesn’t need the super chats

we appreciate it but it is not required

at all

um but we will make sure that these

people get credited indeed why is it why

is my chat not working now


so if i press it up there it doesn’t

actually show it on um

on the chat i’ve got to press it down

here and there we go

okay i hit the clip

look at that

started your channel welcome to youtube

the first video got 140 views in four

days that’s that’s an incredible start

i would have loved 100 views in my first


awesome work that is awesome

uh i’m not quite sure about that josh

we got a long way to go buddy long way i

i think they’re still getting more

subscribers than us

as we speak even when we had that

subscriber surge

20 minutes ago

uh i i think i think the gap is only

getting wider

right there right yeah

you know what i was a little worried

about viper was like we’d hit like a

million and five subscribers and then

all of a sudden we’d just go back

underneath because like loads of people

have unsubscribed or there’d be some

weird audit

but it looks as if we’re sustaining


uh a million right oh yeah yeah i think

she’s awesome yeah once we get a good uh

good weight over there i think we’re

good for now we are all good so

i think so

i’m trying to get all of the super chats

mentioned by the way okay thank you m3

croftcraft for the five pounds there

uh hope tell me what you’ve learned most

um i’d love to know what people find

most viable about vid iq

excuse me excuse me oh big

congratulations here congratulations

congrats congrats congrats


shrek k

craig fragic

he’s using names so i was watching

yesterday but i couldn’t join but i was

waiting for fedex um

so i i

remember listening to yesterday talk

about how you got started with vidiq how

you had your own video game journal

channel and then uh rob sandy plucked

you up and you started making content

full time for vid iq but i’m curious to

get your thoughts on when did you feel

like you had something special here

because obviously

you were i think i’m guessing you

started a channel from scratch

and at some point you gradually gain

subscribers and i think i think you

mentioned uh sometime last year you were

at 500 000 so when did you know in your

mind that you were onto something

special with the way you were doing

content for vid iq

so do you mean once um

are we talking about joining vidiq

full-time or are we talking about just

like the channel

the channel’s growth once i was the


um i would say

once we started hitting

milestones on a consistent basis

because we started getting about a

hundred thousand subscribers every six



it was in i think it was in 2018 when

i’ve been at vidiq for a year

and the channel had been just like

plateauing we were doing the same number

of views per month for a few months

and then all of a sudden

when we when i started making videos

that were tracking actually

missed doing some videos about mr beast

and then pewdiepie versus t-series

and then the

we were kind of opening ourselves up to

a larger audience

and i was figuring out a bit more how to


not make viral videos viper but make

videos with a wider and stronger appeal

and even though a lot of us that

audience didn’t necessarily stick around

it it gave me the confidence and the

impetus to start making

content that was i guess better suited

for youtube education because i said

this yesterday as well i still feel like

i’m somewhat of an imposter in the

youtube education space

and you know i came i came from tech

just like yourself and jeff and travis

and it was

i had to learn very quickly how to start


youtube education content rather than

tech education content

but once i did

then yeah the channel started to you

know go up and to the right



and this is

i feel it purely from an analytical

point of view

the pandemic

just brought in such an

enormous wave of new you new

youtubers i guess right and because we’d

spent the last 18 months building up a

channel in terms of olivier education

all of the evergreen content

hours along with

a lot of other education channels you

know nick nimmin um

think media

um brian g johnson etc etc all of the

challenges just went woof and we were

just another one i think

i think it was june last year we we did

50 000 subscribers in a single month

and before that we did between 10 and

20. and so that was just

a representation of how many people were

stuck stuck at home

watching youtube deciding i wanted to

start youtube channels and choosing us

as as one of the guides

and then it slowed down a little bit but

that’s good you know i want people to

get outside and get over this horrible

thing that’s been going on for the last

18 months

um but we’ve we’ve just about sustained

in terms of growth it’s been a little

slow the last couple of months

um but but it was enough to get us to

this point of hitting a million

subscribers sorry if i was a really

rambling a long answer


want you to talk about your appearance

however long it takes you because

obviously again

this youtube channel i mean i obviously

vidiq’s a company we have a whole big

company i think we have like 80 comic

people now but this youtube channel has

been your baby pretty much from day one

so i think people are interested in your


and the events that you went through to

get the channel to where it is today so

i’m glad you told it the way you wanted

to tell it

yeah when i joined um vidiq full-time so

this was october 2017. i think there was


less than 10

uh employees at the company i think may

have been a shared over 10


i don’t know how many people there were

when i first made a video for vid iq in

uh april 2016. i mean the company’s been

around for since 2011 right i think it

took a very long time for rob sandy and

the team to to get it to a point where

it was

was growing


uh but yeah

in terms of the channel size because we

were looking about yesterday

it was 1 200 subscribers i think when i

made the first video oh wow so i can at

least claim partial responsibility for

998 000. so you know technically

speaking i personally i’m still about a

thousand subscribers short of a million

if you or if you’re factoring down

because we figured out yesterday dan has

uh directly contributed 50 000


i’m way off i’m way off uh

so another question here’s the other

really weird thing okay um because we

have a spanish and a russian channel

the spanish channel now has 180 000

subscribers i think the russian channel


440 000 subscribers so if we combined

all of our forces

uh you know mr b style with all of our

different uh enterprises i think we’re

at 1.25 million or something

check us out wow


come on come on here from dr nobody he’s

going to stay until we hit 10 million

subscribers you can stay doctor

we’re not we’re not doing that yeah

no way

so among the past i think you’ve been

working five years now you’re five years

of doing content for vidiq which would

have been your favorite moment if you

can recount one


i can’t think of a specific


vid iq video moment because

i’ve made like 900 videos for the

channel now and it’s just turned into a

bit of a mushy blur

there was a

a couple of occasions two or three years

ago when we were making some

really viral content

and i’m sure you’ve done this vibe when

you’ve checked the velocity of your

channel and like you get really happy if

you’re getting on a 500 views per hour

or like a thousand views you know it’s

all relative for all creators

and there was a couple of occasions

when i was doing the pewdiepie versus

t-series commentary videos

that the the channel was showing that we

were doing 40 000 views per hour

which was just insane and it was you

know it wasn’t sustainable i couldn’t i

couldn’t carry on doing that but

to know

i as a creator had the power to bring in

an enormous audience like that um was

pretty special and now we now we do

about two thousand to four thousand

views per hour and i think

i i’m more happy with them in a sense

that those are all really valuable views

for our intent to educate um

educate creators

i think

going beyond just making video content i

mentioned this to dan yesterday uh

speaking on stage has probably been

like the proudest moment so far like

speaking at vidcon and then vid summit



still believe i’m

quite an introverted

shy person and so to do something like


and to feel as if

people respected what i was gonna say at

one of the um well the premier video

conferencing events


was unbelievable and i remember as well

um sending a message after afterwards to

rob sandy just thanking him for the

opportunity that he he gave me

to to do these types of things


to do all of the travelling and whatnot

so i think those would be my highlights

but one specific thing


nothing’s really jumping to mind i would

say yeah


all right so here’s a very important

question then so you have helped this

channel just cost 1 million subscribers

on youtube so

rob wilson

yeah if you could talk to a new creator

face to face straight away here who

wants to hit a million subscribers on

youtube one day and they’re starting


what would your advice be

above everything else

be relentless

so i’m not talking about thumbnails here

or titles

or video content strategy

i’m talking about

never giving up

on what is

i would say in this day and age

one of the biggest


and accessible opportunities

in the world


just like that

you can be broadcasting

to an audience of two billion

for free

and to have that

i guess power

and responsibility

and opportunity

i don’t think there’s another


right now in the world

that can do that


it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of

hard work it takes an incredible amount

of patience

it takes


mindset of of

just ignoring or trying to set aside

every single negative thought you have

or any other negative thought from any


outside influence be it

another creator or a single comment

or friends and family or whatever

those people who can’t see your vision

your your goal

it’s to to have almost that

tunnel vision mindset


to work at it

and just embrace embrace it

yep yeah i i i almost went rambling so

i’m stopping

no no no you you make a very valid point

uh it’s about never giving up and being

focused never giving up i like how you

said that

because they’re going to be high they’re

going to become loathed

i never had when i made my first youtube

video i never had any expectations of it

turning into this you know speaking to

you at 5am 5am in the morning

representing a company yep about youtube

education and being paid to do it yep

and hitting a million subscribers

and i guess maybe it was easier

uh a decade ago when i started because

there wasn’t that

you know nobody had really done it

before i mean there were a few original

gangster creators who had turned it into


into a profession

but there wasn’t this


evidence of

creators in every single video topic and


being able to turn it into

their livelihood their careers


i think i was watching an interview by

colin and samia uh for mkbhd and he was


like his idol or the person he watched

was chris pirillo

in a tech space and he was around 10

years ago but i was i remember watching

him as well yeah but i think that was

pretty much it i can’t remember anyone

else from that um period

who had that like prophet who looked

like he was doing this professionally

but now

you look left right and center and there

are so many full-time

professional creators who have

done the hard work and have slogged

through it

and now creators who are starting at one

one subscriber or zero subscribers

they see that that pathway now

but they’ve got to walk it and and

that’s that’s the challenge whereas


a decade ago


were more just creating content

not for fun

but you know we didn’t realize that the

potential or the expectation of a weight

of pressure just to deliver the the the

medic before it was something people

realized it was something to be made

yeah they’re like there’s a lot of uh

full-time creators now

pretty awesome pretty awesome

we have we haven’t moved any subscribers

at all in the last 20 minutes so we we


we need to figure out exactly what time

we hit a million because i think we’re

having a contest about this so we need


nail that down oh wait we well we

recorded it didn’t we yeah we we did it

dad’s gotta remember i just gotta go

back see what else about uh sent that

tweet out

i can tell people actually when that was

now uh because i should be able to

there you go way to go where to

go i can

if you bear with me oh okay so i sent

out the tweet 21 minutes ago i mean

probably 22 minutes ago we uh we hit a

million so

i can

share this on my screen actually uh so

bear with me

all right

so this is probably going to look a

little weird but i’m going to share my


and i can show you exactly


share screen


all right so

i can play that so this is when it was

picking up this was a video


okay all right that is the exact time

all right so we need to take a picture

of that record that for dan dan h so he

can uh

figure out who won the contest i i think

he did the ed in eastern standard time

so that would be 7 43 yeah a.m

on saturday

the 6th of november

gotcha okay

also rob uh since this if me and you


we need to figure out who to give a

lifetime of vidiq to

or how are we gonna actually i have an

idea how to do it but if you have any

suggestions that would be cool too

so i thought we were doing i thought the

winner of this uh competition was

getting that remember we’re doing one on

social and one doing a live stream


okay uh i tell you what um doesn’t

stream yards yes the giveaway tool yeah

we’re on the same page yeah

um all right let me share that screen


i’ve never used this i’ve used it a few

times i can walk you through it right

okay so um you got to go out too

you have to physically go out to a giveaway i believe what

the earl is

all right all right you are earl we can

do that uh stream yards

giveaway tool

yeah so this is a little bit of surprise

for you all 200 people are still

watching um

it isn’t why you don’t leave early baby

because you might miss out on the good



all right hang on

let’s just share this for everybody

right sir um

guide me through this em

google search didn’t help okay no it’s

um let me let me check i think it’s just

an ask the astro early

giveaway unless i’m misremembering it

you need to double check to make sure

that’s right though



ah okay right i think we’re in business

here yep that’s it yep all right

uh so that is live yep out of thought

uh we just have to figure out what we

want them to type in the chat

um okay should we just do hashtag one

million absolutely

all right so

so right now

if you guys are still watching you need

to type one million exactly how rob has

to type here or hashtag one million in

the chat right now if you want a chance

to win a lifetime pro or boot membership

to vid iq


you will get vid iq

as um the nwo would say

for life oh life

all right so yeah i think

so right okay so we’ll i’ll put a timer

of 10 minutes on this 10 minutes okay

yeah so you got 10 minutes folks


get your entries in

and as we can see

a lot of people and i’ll do that so by

this is not the winner right just let

you know i’m just showing people who are

doing a hashtag right now right this is

what you need to type in it’s actually

like that one million and don’t try to

type it in more than one cause it only

counts for one time yeah you can see

it’s it’s doing its thing

it’s doing its thing yeah you only get

one entry no matter how many times you

type it in you only get one entry

oh wait we’ve got to stay above one

million subscribers in order for us to

do this draw so please stop subscribing

that’s right we did below one million

y’all all out it’s all off

just keep doing this 108 entries

because we’ve got 259 people watching

right now let’s assume that

30 people have already got vid iq um but

mind you even if you’ve already got vid

iq you can win it for life exactly for

free why i mean


yeah we got 270 people watching and we

got 138 entries


we kind of want everybody to enter

before we draw it

so yeah that’s all you got to do hashtag

one one million and you can see the


are racking up let me just make a bit


for life indeed ah the free camp yeah we

audited your channel a couple of weeks

ago didn’t we you were the channel that

was interviewing

i think

oh my british yeah

indie british wrestlers and we were

trying to say how maybe you need to

squeeze in the reference to them to more



to get that cachet

i don’t know if i’ve ever spoken to you

about this viper and this is only going

to apply to about three or four people

watching this but um

do you listen to

uh any of the conrad thompson podcasts i

do not no


if you if you are a wrestling fan and a

nostalgic wrestling fan uh conrad

thompson he um he interviews eric

bischoff jr

okay bruce pritchard and tony shavani

well not interviewed he has weekly shows

with him and they go through all of a

1990s wrestling uh like all of the

pay-per-views and the

the big events from the

monday was

don’t get me wrong all of these podcasts

are like three hours long but

i just can’t stop listening to all of


so if you are a wrestling fan

of which to maybe three or four

i uh to be honest rob i stopped watching

wwe about three or four years ago maybe

i i don’t watch wrestling well but

all of all of the stuff it’s all on on

the best period the 80s and the 90s none

of it’s uh none of its recent stuff yeah

the recent stuff i i can’t do it anymore

it just went way downhill

oh we got vidiq’s grandpa now

if you’re just now entering uh the live

stream we are about to give away a

lifetime membership to vidiq um and to

enter you need to type hashtag one

million like we have it typed out here

but you can only enter once so don’t try

to type in multiple times it’s not gonna


one entry per person

we’re up to 200 entries now uh we’ve got

280 people in the stream yep i think

we’re going to be drawing a winner in

about five minutes rob yeah uh in six

minutes 10 seconds oh yeah he got that

timer on deck okay

we will draw the winner all right now

so what um

what were you in the middle of building

your um batman tumblr no i i actually

have not started yet

so are you i mean

i was i’ve spoken to jeff about this are

you a lego building fan as well


probably not as much as jeff i just love

the batman sets they bring out

right okay so have you got the batwing

as well that one i don’t have yet but i

obviously i have the uh the o.g

batmobile behind me here

yeah but uh and i have the bad tumbler

that i just got yesterday but so which

one was that then but

right here uh okay the 1989 michael

keaton batmobile declared the best

whenever so that’s there

and then i have the bat tumbler on the

floor behind me here you guys can’t see

it but yeah i don’t have the bat one yet

but i plan on getting that one too

if i had a house that could support a

man cave

i would i would have

tons of lego but right now

i’ve already taken up too much space and

my wife won’t let me buy anything else

well too many helmets

so yeah as well as other helmets i’ve


uh the avengers helicarrier the big one

like three and a half thousand pieces



i’ve got a star wars


corvette a couple of the

star destroyers from the first set of


and then the space shuttle

oh which one was it

they did one of the specials i can’t

remember if it was endeavour or


okay um

but yeah i’ve been out of space so until

we move i can’t buy anymore which is

really frustrating because i want to get

stuff like the the tumbler i want to get

the batwing i want to get the

that big like six thousand piece one oh

building lego is one of my is my happy

place it’s like total escapism

yeah i’d like to get lost in it

y’all are not paying attention to what i

said i told you all that spamming one

million is not gonna work the machine

only reads one entry per person so

spamming is not gonna help you but don’t

waste your time if you want to

we have 300 people watching now and 270

entries so if we end up so if we get to

a point where we have more entries than

viewers then we’ll do the draw as well

so we’re really close

or you’ve got three minutes 40 seconds

man 1 million subscribers wow

oh we have company rob


yeah what’s up dad gentlemen

you’re late


how are you i’m good we’re at a million

subscribers we didn’t yeah i saw that

congratulations everybody everybody

applauded just me

there we go there we go you know shout

out to dan know dan is dedicated he’s

actually on mini vacation and he’s still

joining a favorite stream

his second vacation appearance yeah


well i said so dan um

have you just literally got up to this

new to this new zen yeah i got i got a

shower um i haven’t eaten yet and

i’m hungry

but uh yeah

you know

i’m up i so i checked my phone because i

thought well i’ll see we’ll see where

we’re at

and it looked like we had lost like a

thousand subscribers i’m like oh i guess

overnight a bunch of people saw the live

stream and unsubscribed

that’s a shame but i guess we got time

and so i was i kind of like went back to

sleep for a while and i checked again

and it was still like the same number

after i got up again and it turns out it

cashed in my phone as like it said live

on the little thumbnail thing and it

started up but it was starting the

beginning of yesterday’s stream it

wasn’t starting

so yeah if you watch a live stream yeah

um youtube stops it at the point when

you stop watching it like even on the

previews i’ve i’ve noticed that because

i’ve i’ve looked at other um streams and

thought hang on that number doesn’t look


and then you see the um timeline at the

bottom and it’s the red bubbles like in

the middle of the screen it’s oh

yeah it’s delayed so then i came over

here and it was over a million already

i’m like oh all right well

there’s that i missed it you’ll be proud

of me here as well dan i was able to

hand off

the live stream through the redirect

feature on youtube

onto another stream yards live stream so

we got the chat back


that is helpful yeah so there we are

so while i have you here uh dan uh

20 seconds everyone by the way we have a

minute 20 seconds but while we’re

waiting um i’m going to ask you the

thing as rob

uh dan what is your singular if you can

nail it down to one what is your

singular favorite moment during your

time with a vid iq

um i made this this gaming video that

did really good then i made another one

that did even better

so my favorite moment is in january when

i make a third one

why why is that done

well i mean

when when you when you’re on a hot

streak and you’re always getting

hundreds of thousands of views with that

same formula you double down you triple

down so

i you know

favorite my favorite thing is what’s yet

to come

have you um

made any notes for that video yet

a couple i i have a couple things i want

to make sure that i get in there that i

have not i definitely haven’t talked

about before so but i haven’t really

outlined it yet

well you haven’t got too long


i don’t have much time

we’ve got about seven weeks at this

point to get it done

so it’s early for me i haven’t had

breakfast um

oh i’m sorry it’s early for you dan no

i’m saying how long have you been my

heart bleeds

i was trying to say if it’s early for me

it’s very early for you how long have

you been here

all right so

let me give you the story of my uh my

night um

i checked

the subscriber number at about


10 30 last night and it was a

999 200.

i was

my wife and i’ve been actually sort of

trying to figure out what the tracking


we thought we were doing

uh like a hundred and

it was 150 subscribers per 90 minutes so

saying right okay let’s

do this

let’s try this out in three hour periods

and we thought we were going to hit it

million at about 11 a.m my time

so i started watching a tiger woods

documentary on hbm

yeah just just to try and

as i said yesterday to try and

separate myself out from from

youtube and everything just to

uh relax a bit a little bit and i

managed to fall asleep but then i woke

up at 2 00 a.m because like i was still

just a bit wired from watching these

counts for the last couple of days

and i think we were at nine nine nine


at like three a.m in the morning

and then i managed to fall asleep again

and then woke up about 45 minutes later

at 4am and it was 9998 and you know how

fast it went yesterday down when we went

live i thought i need to i need to get

get some clothes on

i need to turn on the computer and it

we’re going to hit this very soon

um and so

here i am

five o’clock in the morning you didn’t


uh i know i’ve probably got about maybe

two or three hours sleep so

it’s not been a complete disaster but

i’m not going to be able to sleep

afterwards now i’m i’m awake

the day has begun

i guess the good thing is um because um

my wife and i

have a couple of small plants there

we’re thinking of going to the cinema

and then going to

by the way do you know what cinema means



right complete side story right this is

really interesting when i first went to


uh i asked um we were trying to find a

cinema and i asked um

somebody outside a hotel uh a concierge

thing and they

didn’t have a clue what i was saying i

don’t know if i didn’t have a clue what

i was saying because of my accent or

because cinema isn’t a

isn’t the word used in america what do

you use it like movies it’s just an

adult movie theater


huh yeah cinema is the adult movie

theater i wasn’t i’m not judging

what me you have a different

understanding of cinema

i think cinema means very different

things no it’s just movie theater it’s

just movie theater i just wanted to be

funny yeah so right movie theater is

that the common phrase used in the us

yeah i think cinema sounds more

sophisticated though yeah we don’t we

don’t use camera

all right robert take it down hit the


uh you asked me

why did i get sidetracked about cinema

what was i talking about you your plans

for today is what you were yeah so so


one of the plans was that my wife was

going to buy lots of balloons from party

city and have him in the office

that moment has gone unfortunately uh

but i appreciate the thought sarah but

now it means that we can go to the


and then we’re going to go to a

restaurant afterwards because we’ve hit

a million subscribers yeah you do now

you do whatever you want yeah yeah i can

do whatever i want all right shall we do

this yeah

shall we shall we plot a winner so

to remind you yeah yeah

you’ve all been putting in hashtag one

million for the last 10 15 minutes and

we’ve collected

363 entries

there’s 280 people watching now so

people some people have entered and left

which is awesome but whoever it is we’re

going to draw now

so whoever


you may need to contact us

i don’t know if there’s a case of dirt

contact us we’ll contact you

but through youtube this can be very

hard to do


we might want to take a screenshot of

this because have you done this before

viper once you press a button it’s just

going to do it right yeah it’s not gonna

okay so

we’re gonna pick a winner and then we’ll

screenshot it and then we’ll try and

find this person whoever it is

because it’s difficult to message

somebody on youtube that’s why i’m a


uh anxious about how this is gonna work

but anyway let’s do a drumroll

and i’m gonna press the button all right

one of you are about to win a lifetime

membership to vid iq yeah that’s

everything uh all the tools

all of our academy courses

and everything in the future






who is it gonna pick who’s it gonna be

is it gonna be there they are

okay there you go here we go here we go

the winner is

the winner is


all right

the video

all right

congratulations to you congrats uh i’ll

just screenshot that to make sure that

we have them




uh be sending you

uh some information about how you can

claim this prize uh i’ll actually now

just try and visit the channel

i’m not gonna i’m not gonna give him a

channel order or anything right now but

it’d be nice to know who

we just won the prize if we can find


okay oh no

okay all right that’s a bit weird

considering that they obviously do have

a channel because they just commented

on uh on the stream

we’ll find you somehow

how is that even possible

i i don’t know that’s weird

well some people just have youtube

accounts just to to watch and comment

they don’t really have channel wouldn’t

have like zero subscribers though you


i think you can actually have an account

without having a channel

but if you click on studio it’s like you

need to start a channel

okay uh well congratulations uh naveenu



uh we’ll be we’ll be we’ll be trying to

find you soonish

soonish right i’m gonna stop sharing my

screen now let’s just get back to


we haven’t had any subscribers in about

30 minutes now it’s a bit frustrating

wait oh there’s one

they’re out there

they’re wild

is it wait was it like minimized because

it’s like rolling up now is it oh well

maybe not no i’m sharing this on a

separate screen done so it should be

real time

and now actually what i can do

is i can turn

back on the alert box

i can make it stupidly massive

yeah so if any oh hang on

so you see me do live alterations now

if you ever see this on a live stream

uh this is when a human being is trying


fix loads of stuff in the background

okay all right hang on so

oh damn you are better than me because i

came over here i made sure i had a


i’ll i will need to probably do the same


like i have a little bit in me i got my

coffee at least there you go okay

there we go so if people subscribe now

they should have a huge

big thank you subscriber appearing

what what are what’s on the agenda for


there’s nothing on the agenda oh okay i


he’s done it

it’s 5 20 yeah

you said you’re up your day’s started so

i want an agenda i want assignments

um i mean like if we can do like an open

q a um

i don’t mean like channel graph stuff

i’m done with that we’re over a million

subscribers now i’m done with helping

people grow their channels

yeah this is gonna be a lot like

yesterday this isn’t gonna be a more

laid-back stream we’re not doing no

official stuff here i i’m i’m from now

on i’m putting all of this youtube

education stuff in um

jeff’s capable hands so he’s now going

to be the new first of the channel he

doesn’t nervous yet

i’m just going to be here for comedy and

entertainment’s purposes uh dan you can

do you can continue executive producing

whatever that means

um yeah yeah i i from now on i’m just

i’m just team mascot

but if you do want to ask some questions



myself as a creator viper as a creator

danza creator just like

not youtube

education but youtube talk and gossip

yeah i think we’re happy to do that for

a little while yeah right yeah yeah

yeah so send any questions because

technically this isn’t all of our off

days so uh yeah we’re not really in


this is definitely dan’s off day as well


whoever subscribes thinking their own

vid iq uh you’re probably i don’t think

that’s true

that’s true

i didn’t know you could claim ownership

of a company by making a youtube account

and just

just sticking with a lot of things if

you’re a youtube


it is official

um i guess well we’ve got a bit of

breathing space now as well i can show

you what happened last night



this is when i was really starting to

get stressed


can you so see can you see this tweet so

like seven o’clock yesterday things were

going fine

and then ugh

well that’s going to leave a mark

oh man and it kept going it went down to

like um

45 i think 999 45.

they were just trying to give you enough

time to like get some sleep

that is true yeah i guess if we’d not

had that order it would have been three

o’clock in the morning or something that

we would have hit it


and now the number the one million

subscriber number is more pure than ever


it so is

all right are we seeing any questions um

yeah let’s start looking here

yeah i guess you should um do as well uh

this would help us hashtag question

what are you gonna watch oh what we’re

gonna watch


i think there is a new film

because i’m married now and you know i

have to


um there is a new film out called

spencer which i think is about lady


my wife has shown some interest in that

and because

uh confession i do enjoy the crown

uh the netflix series

uh so we may go and watch that because

we need to coincide it with

um going to going out to an indigenous

restaurant later on at night later on


so that is potentially on the cards

not eternals not what’s what else has

just been released in the cinema

isn’t like two films out right now

eternals and something else

is james does james find out or is that

already yes i saw that and

as usual with my weird opinion on stuff

it was

all right

but what i think have you both seen it

i’m too i’m two james bonds behind i

haven’t seen it and it was not all right

it was absolute trash what oh you you

heard it

i am oj

oh i hated it and i love james bond

movies but that we know

i thought the villain was appalling

absolutely you mean eugene did nothing

yeah pretty much

yeah rami malik yeah um i like as an

actor i really like him yeah he did

after but

they character no and that will be the

character was just

useless yeah he personally no threat

whatsoever no no

and the ending i don’t know terrible i

guess we shouldn’t spoil it because it’s

still in the cinema don’t spoil it

the way it was set up for what happened

at the end

was just

stupid yeah


yeah my my least favorite i’m glad you

agree with that

my my least favorite thing that’s

happened in a movie that had me that

feeling that way was batman versus

superman oh my god what i didn’t like

was that they were fighting and fighting

and fighting and then it all finally

stopped when they realized there it was

like i think their mom had the same name


i’m like

what that that’s what ends the the

conflict costing trillions of dollars in

damage across the city and

all of this boils down to oh wait

we have something very rudimentary in

common that’s okay we’re friends now

i was just over it at that point

can we stop watching this

uh uh ethnic gamer uh we don’t really

have to think about it because youtube

takes care of that automatically they

they do purges like rob just showed you

guys in the tweet youtube will literally

go through and purge like inactive and

fake accounts so we don’t worry about


stuff yeah

i i guess this is an another reason

why i will save it

actual subscriber counts

don’t mean

that much beyond

like a vanity metric and winning prizes

and trophies

uh it’s all about very term viewers and

people are gonna

watch your content regardless of whether

or not they’re subscribers this is this

is awesome this is brilliant this is

superb and we’ll celebrate today


i won’t do a live stream on this because

nobody will care but what i’m going to


much prouder of is when we hit 100

million views because there’s a real

people who are being

impacted and influenced in a real way

through our content

and i think we’re on like 68 70 million

right now all right this is definitely a

rob question because viper is not famous

so i have been recognized


i don’t believe it general public at

large like at conferences

yeah i’ll get recognized a little more



i was shopping

uh at my local supermarket two three

years ago and somebody

said hey you you rob i said yeah i said

oh it’s awesome i watch all of your


and i actually wanted to get a

photograph with him

so i could actually prove to somebody

prove to the instagram that somebody

actually recognized me in in real life

he didn’t want a photo with you though i

i i

yeah i think i think i

engineered the uh the selfie rather than


he’s like trying to get away and you’re

just chasing him with your phone

okay come back

don’t put any more apples out give me

give me a selfie uh what i do remember

him saying that was that he was planning

on uh giving up his job

uh at the supermarket

uh i don’t know if it was specifically

to pursue

his um youtube aspirations


but like i never saw him again there

like two we obviously we shot there

every single week and i can’t remember

seeing him again

um so i wish him the best of luck um

wherever he is now

if he did

uh pursue his youtube dream and goal and

i hope you you’re somewhere there but

yeah i’ve never been recognized in the

street um dan i guess uh same for you

yeah and anonymity i i do my best to

just stay indoors all the time though so

they deliver your groceries yeah you’re

not you’re not even recognized by um by

your partner these days aren’t you

but wait what

i’m talking about


okay yeah probably not actually i spend

a lot of time just and if i surely you

get i mean

people must see and hear you from miles

away no i don’t know you have an aura

i mean people knew i wasn’t even but

that’s about it yeah yeah you know who

recognizes him as the the baristas at

starbucks they know his regular order


they just look at his twitter feed and

they know what he’s going to order

before they get there yeah

i’m sorry i’m not really looking very

hard at the chat here you should try to

talk about your order on twitter before

you get there and see

i actually did it funny you said that

because i did have a very to recognize

me uh from the way i spelled my name on

the cup they were like wait are you the

viper that does the hand thing i’m like

holy yeah that’s me

oh yeah i’m going to give it i’m going

to give a special shout out here to

darren’s general info

um because

one of the things we do here at vid iq

is whenever we um

upload a video

we set it to unlisted so that we can get

captions done

through rev because you’ve got unlucky

videos in order for them to do that

and daryl darren’s general info i think

must check our channel at least once a


the channel page or the playlist because

he always posts

uh on our videos before they go live

uh like every single video and i have

had a bit of fun with him in the past

where i’ve uploaded videos that are

unlisted and i’ve put a fun thumbnail

that says yes you found our video before

it went public a couple of times um


yeah big shout out to

the people who watch

the videos before they go live

that’s great i did great um i think

i’ve got an example here of this let’s

see if it’s

carry on carry on just congrats to edwin


if any of you are watching

this live stream right now and vid iq

has had any sort of impact on your

creator journey congratulations and

thank you for being here right we truly

appreciate it

like uh like i said earlier i mean yes

vidiq at the channel hit a million

subscribers but

a lot of most of that all of it due to

you guys coming back day after day video

after video and subscribing to the

channel so thank you

so um here we are uh let’s see if we can

get this look a bit better

uh so this video here millions of

youtubers can now do this it’s still

private no it’s unlisted

this one right here

it’s unlisted

but already 55 people have watched it

and in the comments

i think this is going to go live on

monday by the way darren’s general info

with his comments but they’re always

the other really good thing is that he

actually watches the videos and comments

on the videos rather than some people

just say hey long time no see an

unlisted vid iq video uh whereas um yeah

darren’s talking about the video itself

so i always appreciate it when he does


so there’s another little insider uh

thing you’ve learned there

what game am i looking forward to

releasing next year um

i i’m i don’t have any games on the

schedule that i’m going to release uh

i’ve actually

not made a video game

uh but

you know when i do i guess i’ll let you


we can talk about today

oh you mean what games did other people

make that i would like to see released


well uh i don’t know if you saw it but

there was a trailer so there’s somebody

by the name of concerned ape

they made stardew valley

and they just released a trailer for

their new game

called haunted chocolatier

and it looks a lot like stardew valley

but better he’s obviously improved his

animations and his art style


there’s no release date i don’t even

know if it’s gonna come out next year uh

he takes his time with projects but he

tends not to announce things until

they’re of a certain quality and you can

tell there’s already a lot of polish in

what little of the game is built so it’s

it looks really really fun i love games

like stardew valley and uh it’s gonna be

it’s it’s also not gonna be like sturdy

valley apparently he’s gonna be

different but it’s gonna feel like it’s

in the same world which i’m excited


i am still playing assassin’s creed


i’ve been saying that now

for three or four months

i’m 75 hours in

i am now at the point where i’m just

doing the missions i am

i’ve stopped trying to find stuff

and all of the side quests because i

feel as if i just need to finish it

right now and then on the docket

i’ve got two of the tomb raider games

uh that i want to play play

uh i still gotta finish gears of war


so i’m still back in 2019 at this point

2019 and earlier um

so uh

on playstation god award a new god of

work coming out next year i’m looking

forward to playing that also there’s an

indie game on playstation called sufu

which is a kung fu game i’m looking

forward to playing that next year too

like you guys are playing all these like

awesome games with like fighting and and

blood and gore i’m like haunted




the release of god of war may persuade

me to get a ps5

or because

the the ps4 version it’s one of the best

games i’ve ever played i think

uh but i’m i’m also getting into vr more


this cricket game ib cricket

is just phenomenal

amazing game

absolutely love it

but there’s also uh

i went on a bit of a a binge of getting

uh vr games i still need to play so

there’s pro golf which i have

and then a game called the climb dan you

may have heard of this uh a rock

climbing game we’re climbing a climb too

um where you’re literally just doing

that and your hands get very tired very

quickly it’s pretty cool

but the thing that i’m

that i’ve almost bought it a couple of

times already is resident evil 4 which

is now on oculus quest

and that looks pretty good

i remember it coming out on the um the

wii and that was a bit of an experience

because you had the wii controller

uh so in vr i imagine it’d just be even

better so

i haven’t really played many of the

resonator games uh but

i thought that resident evil 4 was on

stuff for like eight dollars in the xbox

store a month going so i brought it i

haven’t played it yet but i do have it


i brought it because a lot of people say

how that’s probably the best resident

evil ever so looking forward to getting

playing that at some point

i haven’t played them all uh but i think

it’s probably the best version i’ve

played um i’ve i played kurd veronica on

the dreamcast so that’s going way back

let’s see

but i didn’t play with any of the

playstation versions um

you know ps1 2 3 and that

i was just going to say i don’t know if

you have a ps5 rob but if you don’t uh i

will use your uh your uh your cloth to

try to get one because that’s kind of


use the cloud there


yeah it probably won’t be until next

year because i what’s uh why we reckon

god of war will come out next christmas

time next year maybe

hopefully before that i think we’re

looking at um

yeah you’re probably probably right next


i i get i i would say i’ve turned into

everything i used to hear about gamers

and that’s like a casual lapse gamer


and so i just

i’m like 18 months to two years behind

on releases


that’s why i’m playing valhalla now i

waited until it was 40 bucks rather than

70 bucks and i’m playing it um

so i usually wait for an offer

like dare’s gone was another one which i

waited until it was really it was quite

cheap and that that was another zombie

game that was really good

but you can’t do a with switch like i’d

love to

i’d love to be uh setting my sights on

metroid what’s it dread dread yeah is

that the new one yeah i’m thinking yeah

that’s out now it looks pretty good it’s

a ridiculous ninety dollars damn you

nintendo oh wait what

canadian yeah so in canada that’s eighty

dollars 79.99 plus tax

so i think that’s about sixty dollars

u.s how much

games in the us it’s 60 usually

sometimes sometimes cheaper um yeah

sometimes they lower it

but from what i’ve seen it looks like it

should be a

how do i put this

you know when

there should be games that are just

download only

and there should be like 30 or 40 books

for example

the re-release of the zelda game links

what was it called link’s awakening yeah


that that should have been like 30-40

bucks shouldn’t it shouldn’t have been

like a full price game because it’s a

remake of a classic and it’s

and it’s like a 10 to 15 hours of

gameplay same with like the super mario

ones that they’ve re-released and they

say oh we’ll release three of them and

then we can charge you 78 bucks

i got those too

um and i hadn’t i like the super mario

ones i hadn’t played mario sunshine so

i’m like oh cool like a chance to play

that and now i haven’t played any of i

just it’s just sitting on my switch

what i hear is that this metroid game is

relatively short as well like 10 to 15

hours oh really

i may be wrong i may be wrong it’s hard

to justify

spending all of that but at the same

time you know you should realize that

you can buy a switch game and then you

can resell it

um if you don’t return their value if

you if you don’t download it yeah i

always buy physical so i can resell it

because i have no sentimental value like

once i’ve finished i’m done i’ll move on

to the next thing

very very rarely replay something

have you tried beat saber so my favorite

vr games love the vader immortal series


so beat saber is

anybody who owns beat server sorry

anybody who owns vr

who has a quest or whatever needs to get

beat saber and then re and then

introduce it to

um people who’ve never used b um vr

before i think that’s the gateway drug

for for vr

once people play a beat server it’s like

oh i get it now

it’s that wow moment

so i do have it uh but i’ve never bought

any of the additional

um tracks or anything

i think what i’ve played the most on vr

was uh job simulator

yeah i had that i just i just went

through all of the jobs once and then i

was done

i feel as if still right now there’s a

lot of very impressive technical demos

in vr yeah

fun to experience once

but i think very few vr games have

replay value except for that cricket


i surveyed immortal i got the first one

and i did it within 90 minutes and i

thought i’ve just paid 10 bucks for this

because it was all it was all story and

a tiny bit of lightsaber twizzling


i’m looking for questions oh here’s one


death stranding director’s cut fantastic

no it’s a hideo kojima game i cannot

stand metal gear solid games i think

what is too in love with himself making

movies rather than video games go away

oh wow

very strong opinion yep um

you should you should ask him about



specifically the newest one

so are you looking forward to breath of

the wild too do you think it’ll prove on

all the things you didn’t like about

breath of blood one is it actually

sequel is it literally a breath of the

wild too

uh yeah i’m still looking forward to it

that way

i don’t believe you

uh all right so all the other questions

were how do i grow my channel kind of

questions well there’s one

let’s try and move away from um

getting stuff because this

is intended to get you know what aew is

yeah the reference is wrestling this is

the other um thing that i get caught

talking about


ew game

so i haven’t really played into

wrestling games

since uh i think


on the playstation

i think my favorite wrestling game was

uh royal rumble on the super nintendo

so yeah going going back there and


i think similar with fighting games i

turn turn too much into button mashing

okay so jonk wants us to i guess bet on

when we’re gonna hit 2 million

subscribers and i guess he’s going to

keep track

wow oh the only thing i could say that

that it will probably occur faster than

what it took to get to 1 million so

generally speaking that’s yeah

look we’re over 100 now

but uh yay

so does that mean we’re

0.001 percent to 2 million

all that my calculations i need a road

caster pro so i can start doing this

yeah yeah i need to i need to get rid of

these default

sound effects

but the rock is cooking yes rob you need

one of these

um welcome to copyright claims

not really

i mean i want to use yeah like envato or

something to get the sound effects so i

don’t get into trouble

um but i just have all the ones loaded

that came with it


they have now i think stream yards is

about to release


it would be really nice if you could tie

in sound effects to those hotkeys

so you don’t have to put it through a


that would that would help yeah like you

can do streamlabs and stuff yeah you can

i mean if you can do the stream deck

soon on stream yard should be great you

can queue up sound effects in the stream

deck directly

yeah so i think

hot keys are coming out so you are going

to be able to tie in commands to the

stream deck but i don’t know if it’s

going to include just playing um files

and stuff yeah i don’t know how they

would do that but it may be um do we

want to take bets on two million

uh so i was gonna bring up uh


i’m not bringing up anything there am i

um hang on

share screen

because somebody personally will start a

gaming channel i i don’t think that i

don’t think that’s likely can you can we

have a what what what were sound effects

again viper

wait which one


we’ve tried a gaming channel once before

oh well

gaming content

yeah it didn’t work

right okay so yeah we’re talking about

the history here um


if i sort by lifetime

uh can you just hide junk’s comments

sorry john let’s sorry let me go find it


if we go back to the very very beginning

look at that on the first day we got

four subscribers

so nothing happened for a long time

because there was no videos on the



i think i made my first vidiq video

there so may april of 2016

and then i joined vidiq full time so

really focusing on the channel

october 1st 2017


from somebody being on the channel

full-time working on this it’s taking us

four years

one month to get to a million

if you if you were to ask me


we take the channel

in a direction that we are kind of

starting to discuss

and hinting at

and we we sort of we we expand the team

to support that

i would say between two and three years

that’s kind of what i was thinking like

2023 like mid to late 2023

uh if

if everything goes according to plan i

mean it’s a million people

it’s not it’s a lot it is a lot

but i guess the intention what we’re

thinking is that what we might be doing

is reaching out to

a much wider audience than where we’re

currently at

um yeah while still doing the education

of course we’re still going to be

focused on helping you as creators

have ambitions and plans yeah my

thoughts are

if we keep putting out content at the

page that we are putting it out now

probably two years

the the difference

you know this is this gives subscribers

a little more weight the difference

between a view and a subscriber is on an

account you can only subscribe to a

channel once you can watch

many many videos many many times

um so i when you think about it in those

terms you just have to remember it is

literally like a million people a

million youtube accounts need to

subscribe now to get to there so yeah

i think at least a couple years

the the content we’re thinking of making

is gonna reach a much wider

um youtube

interested audience

but beyond um

because right now i think it’s fair to

say we are very much youtube education

but what but imagine if we were youtube

culture on top of that


when did think media hit a million

i would say it would be in the last

18 months yeah i think it’ll come time

in 2020

okay because they’re at 1.83 million now

i mean

it’s pretty good

i’m gonna have a look in the

background oh yeah i’m using a wrong


uh right i’ve just messed that up no

it’s still working it’s still working

all right good

good stuff

let me find that out for you

ah leon leron’s in the chat hey leron

here’s another one million appreciate

you doing you can join us if you want



it’s funny actually so my um

my wife was talking to me yesterday

about like our live stream and

apparently yesterday dan you said um

uh leron leon’s in the house uh

uh and i said oh i don’t want to talk to

him yeah

i said we should talk about leroy and

you said do we have to yeah yeah yeah

and so

and then that was it i think i i just

swiftly moved on and completely forgot

about him so i felt bad about that for

like 10 minutes because like i didn’t

ever go back to it and then we never got

back then i forgot about it

so so yeah leon uh if you wanna if you

wanna be invited on uh let us know in

the chat and i’ll somehow get the link

to you i i’ll i’ll dm him on twitter

oh yeah yeah we can do that

balls in your court

yeah diemen um


we were trying to figure out when think

media hit a million subscribers

uh i’m i’m having a look right now

and the answer is

yeah it must have been some time

back in mid 2020 because we’re at 1.4

million this time last year


yeah like it happened quick it does

happen quick

yeah so we’ll have to see i’m excited

let’s see are there any other questions

not related to


channel growth

which feels like a weird thing to say


yeah um

sorry i mean we don’t need to be mean

but again uh we’re just hanging out

today y’all we’re not really like

looking at people’s channels or anything

answering your youtube sense your

question so we’re just hanging out so if

you got that any questions that are

related to things that we normally don’t

do feel free to shoot

it is still before 6 a.m

just so you know

yeah rob’s not going to be awake yet


super chat

all right thanks for getting super shots

i was late too it’s okay

hey dan hasn’t even eaten yet man

unless you count the cream that’s in my


uh i i can quickly answer this we get

between 50

and 100 000 views per day

depends whether if we release the video

and seasonality

you know how we know that

there’s a little tool that iq has it’s

always wrong

i haven’t got the headspace to start

promoting our tools

but that’s

that’s what we do

anyway it tells us how many views we get

in the last 48 hours so it’s pretty good

it’s pretty neat

all right

all right i got a question that people

need to know dan

when are you coming back out to meet the

people again when are you gonna when do

you plan on going to your next event dan



i’ll be really careful i live in a

compromised person so i need to be very

very aware of that

um so yeah i don’t know i’m not i’ve

learned since the beginning of this mess

that i can’t make any long-term plans to

go anywhere there’s

places i wanted to go last year

uh in 2020

that i i never i never got to go to you

know so i i have a lot of catching up to


in that regard and then yeah then we got

like potential work trips on top of it

and i i don’t

i’m just not making any plans whatsoever

you know

i wish i had i wish i had even a

guesstimate for you but

no idea

this is an

oh gee comment right here from the

doberman guy um the one guy was actually

one of

my original moderators


i used to do a live stream on a friday

because i did the channel audits on

tuesday and then like i did just a


and just before lunch i would decide

whether or not i was going to go to

pizza hut or starbucks for my lunch and

so i always asked the audience and they

always said pizza

uh so yeah thanks for the nostalgia

there the doberman guy i do remember

that rob are we gonna bring in our guest

i don’t want to talk to him



hello congratulations


what a win one million subscribers whoo

we’ve been talking about this moment

forever it seems

that’s better huh all right okay i need

to fix it yeah that fills it up

all right

so what time did you did you cross the

finish line was like 4 00 a.m your time

or you mean you weren’t watching

i mean obviously

coffee hello

um what time was this let me check let’s

check it was so it was my time later on

it was 4


a.m there we go see it was bang on well

then that is

were you up the whole night

so again were you not listening watching

i told everybody obviously watch out

here i watched a documentary about

the woods can we mute rob is there is

there a possibility like how do we do


there we go there we go finally some

peace and quiet wow

okay my goodness


yeah all right so i’ve got a question

for for for all of you on this esteemed

panel um

what was the most memorable video you’ve


that kind of sticks out to you and go

okay that was a banger video

silence for the first time this one’s

this is easy for danny

you know

dan you can answer this really easily

well i guess i i feel like it’s a

cop-out but what i said earlier but the

the first video i did hit a million

views so it’s kind of hard to ignore

that one even though it looked terrible

um the second version of that is on its

way to a million if it hasn’t hit it


so i guess that one

i like how casually you said that i mean

if it hasn’t hit it already like

you know like you’re not refreshing the

analytics like the whole time going

million million you can do this

it’s just math let’s just make it look

at it look at it from a vidiq

perspective uh leon like we thought we

were buying quality goods like you see

the trial version of down it gets a


million views

you bring him on board full-time and

ever since

15 000 views 11 000 views



i had to leave so that dan could step up

you know

that was

showing off now

i think this is the most viewed video of

the year as well done actually

i think so actually yeah must be yeah

well i mean look at that why all of a

sudden you’ve got loads of tons of

suggested video views in the last 48

hours what’s going on there i wonder if

it was the live stream we did where we

talked about it might be

uh i’m sorry what was the question again

later on


okay so dan we know what his most

successful video or the one that comes

to mind yeah

you know

you know video like for youtube and

stuff yeah yeah yeah okay so

i would say that the catalyst video


the video i made about hashtags and i

know that sounds really stupid now

but when hashtags were first released on


i thought this was the next big thing in

search and so we made our first video we

were the first people on youtube to

to get that story out

and that video got like i think it’s got

has it got half a million or a quarter

of a million views now but i think that

was a catalyst for

me realizing if we can get youtube news

to market before anyone else then we can

we can be almost


not the authority but the alternative

honest this is a creator’s viewpoint of

a tool

channel as opposed to youtube just

bringing out something and saying yeah

this is brilliant clips are brilliant uh

hashtags are brilliant shorts are

brilliant it’s like well i’m gonna let’s

have a look at this from a critics

perspective and since then we’ve been

able to replicate that format of content

many times over

uh for success we’ve had we’ve had

better performing videos but i i think

that was um

i think that might have been just after

i met you for the first time or just

before later on it was around vidcon 28

17 17.

no no no no no no

it was just before or just after that

and and that’s when the channel started

to not take off but it found a new

traction in new momentum it was it was

vidiq’s how to um

get faster internet speed moment

uh that’s what it was you see i had to

kind of give you the goods

but i remember that we were speaking

about the these things called shorts

when shorts were

you know you discovered it um on the off

chance and he said you know what i think

this is going to be big and

your video was really really good saying

look i don’t know what’s going to happen

this may be just one of youtube’s

experiments this could be a big thing or

nothing and you just created it from a

creator’s point of view and i think

that’s the biggest thing about the vidiq

channel and the way the kind of

presenting content

it’s always from a creator’s point of

view it’s never kind of the youtube

drama stuff it’s more of me as a creator

what does that mean for me could i use

this does this make any sense at all and

that’s always been the power of the

kind of the power of the of the


um now i’ve got a question for viper i

know this wasn’t supposed to be an

interview but this is gonna be um

since you have joined the team what’s

been like the most memorable moment for


join the team we’ve been the most

memorable moment for me


probably uh probably the first time i

came on to the live stream and how

receptive uh the community was to me you

know i’m a new person so they’re used to

rob they used to dan they used to live

around they don’t they’re not used to me


just how open they were with the fact

that i was on here obviously there were

people in the chat that knew me but a

lot of people here didn’t know what was

but they were pretty receptive and open

and so probably the most memorable

moment for me

very cool

that’s a good it’s a good it’s a good

community definitely

uh and going into the future have you

got any specific plans i mean i know you

spoke about kind of being more of the

youtube culture staff

um anything specific we can be looking

forward to in 2022

um well as far as i’m concerned uh

i think uh the uh the idea for me to

hope the podcast moving forward so i

think that could be a thing so

nice um


and i know robin talked about maybe

opening up the the channel to have more

people do content on it so that should

be interesting

you make it sound like like



i did that with leeron

just no comment


you’ve got you’ve got 45 minutes a week

and you’re doing exactly the same live

stream i’m sorry

we’re breaking up

i guess we should just um if people if

you don’t know who this person is oh



details we didn’t really introduce him

uh liron


uh was that vidiq for what two and a

half years was that right roughly it was

a year and a half i can’t remember yeah

it felt it felt longer um no it was a


um three years i think no two and a half

years three years something i think it

was two and a half and you were the i

can’t remember what your title was uh

customer success

something yeah director of customer

success director

big deal

making up your own titles again yes yeah

absolutely producers directors vps


but yeah so leron did uh the the

wednesday webinar which was like just an

educational you can show you some tools

but a q a and then um when lyron

departed at the beginning of this year

dan and i turned it into like a q a

sometimes we’ll show you some tool

things uh q a circuits

q a circus yeah i think that’s the best

way of putting it so i guess just ask

you leon um

how would you sum up your um time with

vid iq and what did you learn because

you’ve gone on to

turn your channel into a monster a beast

like you just hit half a million

subscribers congratulations now the king

of windows 11 content you know you’ve

transitioned from one place to another

i guess how did how did vid iq if at all

help you on that path

i mean vidiq was obviously pointless

like in the journey

you know the things that what a lot of


um don’t realize and i suppose

some people do is that there isn’t one

thing that’s the magical thing that’s

just gonna turn your channel around

that’s gonna get you to that next level

it’s a combination of stuff and what i

really enjoyed with vidiq was

how we kind of we approached everything

it was

we don’t know what is right we don’t

know what is wrong we don’t know what

it’s going to do

but if it’s been rolled out to the

public and the public has access to it

well we better make sure we investigate

this um rightly or wrongly some things

are going to hit and some things are not

and i think that was a very good

attitude to have with the content that

we were making with the brainstorming

sessions we were having was about hey

should we do this because the queen

people are asking questions or they’re

going to ask questions and then sure

enough you put out a video and people

have more questions there’s a follow-up

and it’s always like you know we keep

using this create a journey situation

and what i really love is the how you

know we go on the journey just like

everybody else’s

it’s not like you reached a million

subscribers and you went oh well that

was inevitable it was still exciting

because it was still um youtube is still

unpredictable it’s still the wild west

and we don’t have this major big secret

that we’re just not sharing you know if

everybody just knew this one thing

man that would that would everybody will

get a million subscribers it just

doesn’t work like that even big channels

don’t time continue with that trajectory

i mean we’ve seen lots of channels

really blow up and then

stop i mean everybody remember slime

videos and fidget spinner channels you


they all try to ride the trends and

that’s not sustainable so

the whole journey of a creator is not

just about the tools it’s not just about

good thumbnails and not just about good

titles and understanding how youtube

worked but it’s all of it

and that’s kind of the whole package of

it like you is

you have the tools

but this channel has got so much more

than just the tools it’s not a big ad

for the tools and that’s what kind of


makes makes it makes a big difference so

that was it for me it’s it’s it’s a team

effort there’s lots of kind of

back and forth and there’s very very

little egos that need to be stroked this

is more of we just want to put the best

content out there that’s going to really

help creators get to get to what they’re

looking for so that was powerful for me

and finally i approve of the beard i

think it’s

right i think i have to join the crowd

um viper i think you’re

yeah you know part of the beard team

this is next next you gotta work with



leron i watched your uh your good iq i


i watched your video speech uh about a

couple weeks ago i think now yeah and

i’m curious uh if you’d be willing to

take a minute or two to break down a

term that i heard you using there a few

times uh psychographic cause that was

the first time i ever heard the term

after watching your speech

psychographics psychographics yeah we

got super super into this let’s let’s

put the pressure on first oh

okay so um i’ll give you the short

version of this um


a big one of the biggest components to

be successful on youtube actually

doesn’t start on youtube it actually

starts before you even touch the

platform and this is advice for anybody

no matter what channel size i work with

small channels i work with really really

large channels multi-million sub

channels and they all have the same

issue there’s really understanding your


understanding who you’re making content

for and that is so so super critical


the biggest thing with this is

never mind

okay um are you glad you joined them wow

i’m glad you went to advent summit man

that would have been distracting if you

put up a sound like that okay so

the uh idea that if you ask a lot of

creators and you say hey who watches

your channel your typical answer is

going to be 18 to 35 year old male or

female depending on the content who live

in the us that kind of is like the broad

definition of that and

that is great but you know who what else

who else watches that channel is 77

of american people living in

u.s exact demographics

and the

so if you’re making content for those


you’re basically not making content for

the right audience so you got to go

beyond demographics beyond age location

male female gender stuff you got to go

into their psychographic

which is basically what makes them tick

and you know my saying is if you can

work out what makes them tick you’re

going to work out what’s going to make

them click and essentially


sounds like a sean shawn shaunism right

sean cannell

but but that’s what it is if you can get

into people’s minds and you know when

they’re having that internal

conversation like they’ve got their

credit card in hand and they go do i buy

the new dji mavic or do i buy the new

camera do i buy this product if you can

get into that conversation

it’s happening inside their heads that’s

when you win that’s when you make

content for your viewer and to

understand your psychographics you got

to go through their day what do they do

from the moment they wake up till the

moment they go to sleep really

understand that because then you’re

going to work out are they busy do they

have time during the day do they consume

content for hours on end or do they

consume content for a couple of minutes

whilst on the toilet and the kids are

screaming outside the door like what

kind of audience do you have

and what are their pain points what do

they wish they could do more of do they

consume podcasts do they listen um to do

they watch these certain youtubers do

they read certain books do they binge

watch something on netflix or they watch

one video it’s in the top 10 trending

because they’ve got adhd and they can’t

sit through this but where do they fit


all of that is going to help you build a

much better profile because if you know

that well then you start creating videos

for that audience and you can validate

all of this

by simply asking the right questions in

the community post now the community

post has been reduced what’s it to a

hundred subscribers now 500 500 500

you can ask questions so you can ask

questions that’s going to give you more

information about your audience because

as soon as you get that information from

them you’re validating what you think

your audience is

everything starts to change you want to

be niche you want to be pigeonholed you

want to make content for a very specific

person because there are millions of

those very specific person and that’s

how you win on youtube essentially if

you don’t get that right you’re just

just making videos all over the place

and it’s very very difficult to grow a

channel that way

the only thing i learned from oliver is

that i hope sean releases a christmas

book called shawnism’s

shawnism’s right

well i’m glad i taught you something

over the last couple of years

does everybody have a favorite sean uh

quote like

i i

like massive respect for sean because

these visas stick in my head


was it success leaves clues

make part two

and then i added at the end but don’t

put part two in a title

that’s the one i always i always oh

true story

that’s exactly that

it’s it’s interesting it’s the

when when we’re creators we we really

want to put the best that we can out

there and you’d really do your best work

when you really know who you’re making

it for

i know i make it for a very specific

person i’ve got their picture up on my

wall literally i’ve printed something

out from the internet um and when i look

at the picture of bill gates

bill knows the stuff he wrote the stuff

he’s tracking us through this oh never


the idea is that before when i come to

think of my next video i look up and i

go well and my guy has a name his name’s

alex and i look up and i go will alex


and when you start thinking of your

viewer as a person as opposed to a

million subscribers these are a million


and when you look at it that way it’s

like no pressure but you best produce

the best possible content you can

to satisfy that viewer because we know

youtube rewards satisfaction so it’s

about watch time that’s it

can you break this uh do you mind if you

tell us uh the exact avatar details of

this person later on

the one that fought for malin


uh yeah so for me it’s not just your

channel first time just before before

you do you because you’re going to

anyway so

i don’t

i i didn’t want to do it unless you’re

happy to decide i don’t know absolutely

because this is this is something that

i’m like really wrestling with right now

like what is the vid iq

um avatar you’re like the ideal person

and it’s it’s always been very rough in

general it’s been you know somebody who

is probably under a thousand subscribers

probably working towards monetization

probably male probably

between the ages of uh let’s say 15 and


but then it gets really wishy-washy

beyond that and maybe that’s one of the


which is a bit of an issue with video

queueing that may be with sometimes a

bit too broad so um

you should download my uh my get to know

your avatar pdf and you’ll be able to

answer the questions

i’ll send you the link

and then i can borrow inspired have we

not had this conversation

we’re friends we’re friends

yeah it’s all it’s all good

for context this is leon’s channel right

500 000 subscribers congrat

congratulations uh by the way on that

and also

um you so if you just look at the

channel here

i don’t know how well you can see it on


um but it’s

generally like a technology vibe i’m

seeing windows 11 stuff you know in the

past you’ve done really successful

content on how to get faster internet

so that’s from the channel point of view

but from your

this is a human being i’m trying to win

the click from

yeah what would you say the answer is

okay so

and again this is very specific to my

channel so

and it takes a while to refine this and

if you go to my community tab

which you’re if on the screen

you get it you get an idea of the kind

of questions i tend to ask the audience

and it seems very vanilla but i have a

very specific reasons for asking um for

asking the questions um like the top one

for example is just on asking straight

out like what do you guys need help with

and i do this every once in a while and

i want to understand is did my audience

change now that i’ve grown my audience

is it going to be certain things or is

it going to be have to evolve like what

they what what the kind of stuff that

they’re looking for and then i get to

get information

as you scroll as you scroll down there

um you’ll be able to see a bunch of of


windows 11 is released are you gonna get

it yeah you know that tells me if most

people said no well i’m not gonna waste

my time on doing something that most of

my audience isn’t isn’t gonna get um are

you on other social medias uh like all

of these kind of questions is

and i do polls specifically because

they’re so easy to vote

and it’s so easy for people to take

action and when they take action it does

give a little bit of a signal to youtube

to say hey this viewer is pretty

interested in this content on this

channel because they are actually

engaging so every little bit of those

really really does help so again if you

scroll through this you’ll see um a

bunch of questions so for me my audience

is mostly male

25 to 45 year old speaks english but

english may not be their first language

married has young kids probably middle

or high schoolers

has money to buy equipment but isn’t

necessarily looking for the best and the

latest and the greatest it’s not just

going to um

go out and buy it because it’s cool

because apple released their new phone

the new device i must have it um doesn’t

um it doesn’t need the latest but he’s

got this thing that as long as it works

so if his or her router is working his

um computer is working they’re okay with

it it doesn’t have to be the greatest

doesn’t have much time they’ve got a

life they’re busy with kids they’re busy

with their work they just want that

quick information so that tells me make

shorter videos don’t make 15 20 videos

because that’s just not going to do well

doesn’t consume a lot of tech media so

they just go in they find what they’re

looking for and they leave right um uses


excuse me uses youtube to find solutions

hold on

it’s way too early


right uses youtube to find solutions um

uses windows and android so they’re not

mac people so i’m not gonna do mac

products um uses his stores his

information in the cloud typically

worried about not being able to provide

for their family so they’re kind of

looking for ways to optimize what they

already have worried about losing their

data worried about some downtime so

because they’re working from home they

want to make sure they’re constantly

connected and definitely has one of

those best dad ever kind of coffee mugs

that one of his children got him um so

that’s specific right so that is my that

is my avatar and

if you go to i mean i’ve literally got a

pdf which i’ve created which is the same

pdf that i use when i take on new

clients that i work with where we ask

all these questions like what do they do

all day what are the do the kids go to

public or private schools do they take a

bus do they get dropped at school like i

you really have to go in depth and the

best way to do this in everybody’s world



somebody who in your life who is your

avatar find that person who does you

you’re making content for who loves your


and then talk to them ask them questions

get to really know their routines and

when you do that

everything’s just starts to come

together really really nicely and don’t

be afraid to experiment because

you know rob you said about your

your viewer your ever your avatar

you have to go much deeper you have to

go what their wants are why do they want

to be on youtube why do they want to

grow their channel is it a monetary

thing are they looking to get you a

thousand subscribers or are they um just

looking for additional income are they

looking to create better content

what is their end goal what are they

looking to achieve how long have they

been on the platform how long they

planning on being on that platform all

of these kind of questions are really

going to help you

make content that resonates it really

really hits what they’re looking for and

the biggest thing for you

and and and for the team i suppose as as

vid iq it

we come to the vet iq channel because

it’s the trusted source for information

and that should be your underlying kind

of motto because we know that you’re not

in this for the subscribers you’re not

in this to train jack and just get onto

the news you’re going to make the video

and you’re going to make the content and

you guys are going to produce the best

that you can

based on your own experience and

everybody on the team is a creator and

that is such a huge thing because you’re

a creator you have to know the stuff for

yourself well if you’re learning it for

yourself you might as well teach it and

i think if you remain true to that it

doesn’t matter what you do you’ll be

you’ll have a good win with your


and so with respect to all that you’ve

just said then um currently

you believe that you’re um alex

that’s right yeah alex has heard of

windows 11

and they’re not sure whether to upgrade

right now because it feels as if that’s

the questions you’re you’re answering on

your channel right now there’s this new

thing in the market because it’s a he he

is a windows person he’s not a mac

person so when windows 11 came out and

was announced they were like oh what’s


like do i need this so i started off by

saying okay

uh before you do anything so the first

video was wait before you upgrade before

you do anything

uh do these five things first so that’s

the journey before you make the big step

what are the five things you’re gonna do

the next step is well man i’ve just

upgraded i wish i knew these things


um because that’s that would be a

logical a logical next step um

the one after that was okay that one’s

still doing well good comments good

engagement always go through your

comments and really see what people are

saying and people wanting to know more

so okay well how bad is windows 11


and then the next one is i saw in the

comments that a lot of people were

saying i’m scared to make that move i’m

scared to upgrade my computer so okay

well here’s a solution here’s a way to

run windows 11 without getting rid of

your windows 10

and that was super interesting um

i then stuck a security thing in the

middle because it was getting a little

bit tiring of windows 11.

and then i said okay well hold on

windows 11 is super baggy what else is

out there so i tried going to linux

which i’ve never done before so i

documented kind of that journey and now

this morning’s video which i just put

out was okay i’m going on like all in on

this linux thing here are the things i

wish i knew before i did it so i’m kind

of following the journey as i’m as i’m

doing it and as long as the audience is

receptive to her i’ll keep doing it if

it gets to a point that the audience

said all right we’ve heard enough from

you let’s find something else then i’ll

pivot and i’ll chat and i’ll change to

something else

we cannot be scared to make changes on

our channel

because when we do we just kind of ride

that thing down to the ground if you

move around

well you then then you win really really


don’t answer your question i think i did

yeah um


thank you lyron for that mini um


all three of us are

staunchly refusing to give any youtube

education today but

you’ve just got a absolute

bag full of it there from from liron um

so yeah i’d rewind the last 10 minutes

and think about that

developing that ideal

candidate for your


channel because i think that’s what

youtube’s recommendation system is

trying to do it’s trying

the ideal candidate

well no it it has

it has a it has the candidate

it’s trying to find the ideal con

content for that candidate so it’s a

creator’s responsibility to

make sure that their content fits the

right candidate well if you think if you

think about it the the algorithm the

audience is the algorithm

as todd said uh

at youtube that

we’re so busy trying to hack the

algorithm we’re trying to find tips and

tricks around it we’re never gonna

outsmart youtube it’s just never gonna


so let’s work with youtube and if we

know that youtube is trying to put the

best content in front of the right


hell let’s let’s do that let’s do that

as well if youtube is is that’s their

biggest aim well that should be our

biggest aim make it easy for youtube to

help you

think about it from youtube’s

perspective i mean their whole goal is

to make sure the viewer has the best

experience you know i know creators

especially smaller creators who don’t

quite understand yet they get really

angry like youtube doesn’t like me

youtube makes this really difficult but

the whole point is youtube is trying to

make the viewers experience the best it

could possibly be which is why it’s so

important to develop these personas so

you can understand your particular

viewers and give youtube’s algorithm the

easiest time to bring the content to the

right person

think think about i mean youtube is

calling it viewer satisfaction but


if you think of that

in that term for your channel

then it doesn’t matter how long your

video is it doesn’t matter about hey

i’ve got to make it 15 minutes because

if i make 15 minutes and people watch 50

then they’re gonna watch seven and a

half minutes but forget all that

nonsense all you need to know is

if the viewer watches this video

are they satisfied are they happy with


and the biggest tip i can tell you and

rob you did a video about this recently

was about the end screen pushing them to

that next video

and that has been

an absolute game changer every time i do

this well

it works what happens i never start a

video until i know three things

my thumbnail my title and which video

i’m going to send them to next

because at the end of my video i pushed

the audience directly to the video that

makes sense for them to watch you’ve

just watched a video about

whatever you know how to get a thousand

subscribers you should absolutely watch

this video over here which are the

biggest mistake new youtubers make

oh that makes sense i’ve just watched

the first bit i know that the person is

trying to grow their channel they’re

gonna watch the biggest mistake video

move them from video to video if you can

get someone to watch two videos on your

channel odds are pretty good that one

they’re going to subscribe and number

two that youtube will start recommending

more and more of your content on their

homepage because you’ve satisfied their

viewing behavior so just think of it

that way

liron you can take yourself off the um

education pedestal you’ve done yours

and just uh

just to finish off uh with a bit of

promotion from uh jeff

uh the merch that uh leron is wearing uh

pretty much sums up everything he’s just

talked about which is knowing your value

to that specific um

viewer avatar or whatever that’s what it


all right good luck guys have a good

rest of your stream i have got to get

kids to places so um we’ll see if you

guys are still alive if rob is still

awake later on communication

what one million is an insane number

this is why i i’m gonna just finish off

a lot of people saying subscriber count

doesn’t matter and i call bs on that i

think that subscribers do matters i

think that when you reach milestones

whether it’s a thousand five thousand

ten thousand a hundred thousand and of

course you know the million

it just gives you that full steam like a

full inspiration to go you know what

it’s validation my work is being

validated people are enjoying the

content and it really inspires you to

make more because those beginning a

thousand subscribers seem like they’re

never going to happen

and then the 5 000 is a long shot and 10

000 is unheard of but once you start

hitting those milestones

you kind of get to get that confidence

now you know what i’m not an imposter i

should be on youtube um i do belong here

so i believe subscriber counts doesn’t

matter and a million subscribers is an

insane number

um i can’t wait to see you get your gold

play button um i hope you’re gonna get a

whole bunch of them so you can destroy

one at least and um yeah here is to well

here is to the next million as you

go through go through your go through

your journey and we’re excited to be


i appreciate the kind words thereon and

i haven’t got the energy to argue with

you good subscribers mean everything

he rolls his ass

you guys put up with him i’m not good

and there he goes uh thank you lyron for

dropping in there and um

see this through the uh worrying fact

that we now have 167 subscribers i feel

as if we’ve lost about 150 in the last


as long as it stays above a million i

can live with that

well wait we get to relive the moment if

it goes under them

i can’t do that again help us relive the

moment everybody

yeah donna wants everybody to subscribe

there’s 137 people in the stream you can

make it happen if you want

unsubscribe then resubscribe if you

really want to do that

i was just looking through the comments

as uh vipre i don’t know if you noticed

that one a really nice comment about

somebody um saying the really awesome

podcast you did with um roberto blake i

guess that’s actually we’ve seen like

the um podcast timeline there you know

liron was taking care of a podcast to

talk for a good number of years and dan

and myself

kind of kept the seat warm

uh for uh for a few months and now viper

as far as i understand that you’re

taking it on

as a as a lead i think we’re all going

to make um guest appearances here and

there but oh you’re going to be taking

it forward

yeah i think that is the plan moving

forward so me and dan have been working

on that i appreciate dan’s help with

that but yeah i think that is the plan

the next episode is

completely hosted by viper

nice stuff

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa

i’m pretty sure i put an invite on your

calendar for next week are you not going

to that are you going to refuse i don’t

know i’m saying the next episode that

comes out on thursday that was hosted by

you you were there

i’m like whoa i’m like i’ll put a

calendar right on your calendar for next

week what you doing oh i deleted that

not not that invite the whole calendar

are you too talking shop here what is


oh it’s funny

so edwin has asked a number of times

what’s the biggest advice for youtubers

starting out and we haven’t been

answering youtube questions but i got to

say edwin you if you if you kind of were

like half paying attention go back to uh

leron who’s just here and listen to that

like 10 minutes because that would be my

biggest advice i think that would be all

of our biggest advice know your audience

was basically what that all boiled down

to and leron’s outline for that was find

your persona the one person just to

figure out that one person that your

video needs to reach


it’s not an easy thing to do it won’t be

something you could snap your fingers

and do it’s a little bit of homework but

i mean a game changer

yeah i think viper also asked me that


oh about 90 minutes ago viper uh mine

was a very different answer

very much about mindset but yeah check

out that answer as well and of course

the 950 videos that we have on our

channel which are all about how to

grow your channel

what are we doing to celebrate a

thousand videos

do we really want to celebrate that

all right there’s there’s our answer


um oh i think some weird questions in

the chat i’m not even

what does this mean i don’t i don’t know



all right you know what i think i’m

gonna do um i’m gonna try and start tybo

in this uh and say we’re gonna

if you you’re still all right to maybe

hang on for another 15 minutes yeah


so yeah let’s maybe um

wrap this up at the at the very latest

at the top of the hour which for me is

7am um so we’re going to give you like a

final 20 25 minutes and we’ll just do q

a but

try and keep it away from

subscribers views all that stuff just

like the youtube culture and us and that

type of stuff what’s funny about that

request and i agree we should keep it

away from that it’s saturday but what’s

funny about that request is we just

talked about knowing your audience and

we know this audience wants to grow

their youtube channel

yeah don’t ask us about this okay

i i i gotta be honest i did not

understand a single word leon just said

about youtube education so


i didn’t take any of it on board

so please just stop it with your youtube

education questions listen it is the

weekend okay we are off work we are just

hanging out okay

so if y’all want to chill now some more

laid back general mainstream culture

questions feel free but the youtube

stuff we could leave that for monday

yeah i have a video coming out on monday

which you can watch which is like a big

news for people with uh 50 subscribers

make sure to check that out

yeah how many of you have at least 50

i’ll do it

so dad how is your off time going i mean

besides you’ve been on stream have you

been enjoying your time away there

um you know i’ve worked more in this off

time than i have

um no yeah i’ve been enjoying it i’m

just trying to get some stuff down

around the house got some got some other

gaming things i’m doing so yeah doing

good uh oh right so okay we’ve got we

got a question we can start we want

questions like this

you know

am i gonna build some lego

uh and to answer a question

unfortunately i haven’t got any room

left in my apartment

i am planning to move next year to a

bigger place so once that happens then

i’m going to start buying oh did you see

this one oh let me show you this i got

super excited about this and then i

realized i can’t buy it um


has anybody seen

someone that’s what we’re drinking and

like my coffee ran out so nothing

i’m drinking

where is it where is it oh cherry pepper

that’s usual

so this is something i do

where is it

every i was saying about three to four

weeks time

i am going to be watching this film

and i would love to do this

while watching this film when i can get

rid of all these cookies

i don’t care

stop stop it with the cookies right

just bear with me

bear with me because i need to

click this clip wait do you accept the

cookies now

no i i think i didn’t

share screen

you have you seen this viper you must

have seen this

i don’t i know you don’t know what i’m

talking about yet but

well before we say anything everybody do

you accept the do you accept the cookies


uh you you know i try to avoid cookies

that i’ll call i love third yeah the

holiday cookies then i accept those i

stop all the holiday cookies y’all yes

yes if i if the next thing i would would

buy if i was in the lego market right

now would be the hermeline

house i want that van and i would wait

until the film is on uh is on and then i

would start building it oh that would be

cool to like do a lot of filming though

wow oh


you watch humble on one and two forget

the others uh and then


this yeah you know four times those

little christmas displays people put up

in their house they find like a a

shelf or something and they’ll put

little displays on it legos make for

great christmas displays like if you’ve

got a bunch of different lego sets and

this is perfect for that yeah

so much nostalgia look even uh he’s even

got the iron face


oh yeah actually actually rob let me

check amazon it might be on amazon

well they’re probably getting scalped

everything’s getting scalp these days oh

yeah yeah

so uh if i was in a lego market that

would have been what i was going to get


oh they got hall worked on here for 400


um okay let’s let’s find another


okay nope it is not on

amazon right now

did that come out or does that like a

new release robert i don’t know if it’s

even been released yet i i guess it must

have been released because it’s so close

to christmas now okay so okay that’s

probably the thing why it’s not

available today because then they really

got you eventually it’ll be on amazon

and there might be an easy way to get it


ordering directly from lego is

that’s like an

optical industry why why can’t you order

directly from the manufacturer when

someone’s out of stock and just have it

on back order well that’s a good

question what happened to backorder what

happened that’s a good i would love to

know dan i don’t know it’s weird

i mean it took me everything to get the

bat tumbler yesterday man from directly

from lego to the trip i hate being a

nintendo fan because it’s like

everything they make you know like

there’s no backorder and they make

something and if you don’t know about it

somehow before it even is

a concept you can’t buy it


okay with uh

any of these ornaments in the background

you’re particularly proud of not not for

me i’m very

very boring uh i mean i i guess i’m

proud i’m proud of the um

red buttons all of the stuff you have

just bought

i mean i’m not proud i’m not proud of

things i’m bought i’m just i just have

buyers regret as soon as i purchase them

it took me a month but i got my lego

batmobile built two years ago i’m happy

about that

you need to you need to hang a light and

then get it on that little spot just

right on that little batmobile i want

that for some of the stuff on my shelf

but i don’t have anywhere to put

anything like that so it’s kind of like

never mind

i’m trying to show you the thing that i

have currently on back order which i

don’t think is ever going to get


all right hang on

this is going to take me a while i’ve

got so many um

tabs up right now this is



just find some more questions uh

talk amongst yourselves

i’m looking


i got so confused because i was looking

at this home alone lego center like it’s

a 250 out there i’m like rob think to

the 350 but i’m like oh it’s right here

you think can that yeah it’s it’s card

canada stick stick fifty hundred dollars

on stuff like that

all right one more question let’s see oh

okay here we go uh any good tv series

recommendations ooh

okay um

if you have netflix and you have not

watched lucifer you should lucifer is an

amazing show um obviously about lucifer

the devil but

it’s kind of kind of hard to describe it

it’s uh

it’s like live action

like based on the comic book yeah based

on dc comics or whatever so yeah luther

for i would highly recommend you guys

watching for

man i got i got a bunch of must-sees um

so if you have apple tv

ted lasso yeah fantastic good morning

the morning

i think

i think people who have no interest in

soccer and football

can appreciate and enjoy it more yes

people who are soccer football fans

are just constantly


saying that doesn’t make any sense

like why why to play in the last game of

the season in the winter at night that

would never happen and so i can i cannot

get over those bits of

ted lasso uh so uh my wife really likes

it sarah uh so i’m watching it i’m i’m

humoring her i’m i’m watching it with



but it’s it’s all right i’m not gonna

say i dislike it but i i got you i don’t

believe a hype train it it’s i love it

it’s i think it’s incredible uh i i love

morning show as well yeah and then

mythic quest is another fun one i think

on apple tv as well um not i wouldn’t

highly rate it like those shows but it’s

still fun

uh for amazon prime you need to watch

marvelous mrs mazel and you need to

watch upload uploads another one that

i’m waiting for season two oh upload


so i ordered this

i ordered this a few weeks ago

uh but it was already out of stock and

i’m worried that i’m never going to get

it but this is my latest addition to the

um shelves in the background if i can

get get it

because that looks cool yeah that looks

cool yeah hopefully you can get it

fingers crossed

we’ll see

uh i can’t think of a tv series

what did i watch um again my wife has

been watching something called med which

i’ve sort of only been half watching

which was a good drama



but before that i can’t really think it


i keep re-watching game of thrones even

though why

the last couple of seasons

uh are a bit enough i don’t know i guess

because the first the first

the first four or five seasons are

really really good after that just

people down here yes it goes a bit


they just didn’t stick for landing

i guess i guess it’s different for

people who didn’t watch it in real time

i caught it very late and then watched

the last season with everybody

i yes the last season could have been

done better overall i liked it i’d

but maybe if you followed it from

inception and and got really invested in

real time it was different but i i don’t

know i just don’t i don’t see the hate

you know like others do i you know did

you watch the whole thing donald did you

i’ve seen the whole thing in the last

season i could definitely see why people

are chapped about it i i thought it

could have gone better

that said the rest of it

i don’t hear the last couple of seasons

it’s just not as good as even aidan

patriots your hatred okay they just

couldn’t deliver on the weight of


it dropped the ball

a lot of shows get into that too like

especially the longer they go it’s like

well how’s this going to end and i i

have a belief that most tv shows that

last too long

that’s why breaking bad i think was so

short you know like most tv shows will

last too long like can’t deliver on that

because it’s like there’s so many

possibilities and then by the end

whatever they do isn’t going to satisfy

everybody i don’t think that was the

case for game of thrones i think they

really i think it was obvious what they

could have done better but

for a lot of tv tricky an unusual

situation in the author just is unable

to complete the books and so they were

yes yeah

i think i think the point that was made

that they went from being


of existing work

to then


the storytellers themselves

which i guess

is a much harder thing to do from what

they were used to i think i don’t know

anything about the backstory of the the

new season that’s coming out of the new

game of thrones like spin-off so i don’t

know if there’s any source material

they’re basing that on or if they’re

just kind of making it up

i think there’s a lot of source material

but i don’t know if it’s coming directly


rr martin’s

books of any kind do we think that would

be a good thing or a bad thing

well it’s different show runners as well

so yeah so i’m kind of it’s impossible

to tell it’s so you got we got to treat

it like a brand new thing which

in that case i’m kind of looking forward

to it i want to see what they’re going

to do

how it’s all going to play out

as long as they tell their story the way

they intend to tell it

unlike game of thrones which the ending

was completely rushed and just terribly

done so


breaking bad was a unique situation

because i think i’m forgetting the

author or the children’s name but

he intended to keep it by season because

he i think he said like we’re telling a

story and when the story is over that’s

it we’re not going to try to stretch it

out because it’s popular no we’re

telling a story and it’s going to take

five seasons to tell the story and once

the story is nowhere that’s it and it

ended and it ended beautifully and the

same with better call saul hopefully

they’ll do the same thing with them yeah

i’m looking forward to that coming back

okay what don’t we get out here let’s

see what up we got out here

all right i guess i i guess we could

take a moment to uh to uh remind you

guys that if you have not donated to

team c

uh please go out to uh mr bees

and a bunch of creators are getting

together to try to raise 30 million

dollars by the end of this year i think

they’re all i think they’re up to about

15 million let me check they already

have that yeah they did 10 million in

the first four days i think seriously

they are like powering through it but

the the crux or the objective is to try

to remove as much trash from the oceans

as possible for every dollar you donate

is a pound of trash removed from the

ocean they are currently up to thirteen

million twenty seven thousand seven

hundred eighty eight dollars so yeah and

they haven’t even got the donation from

elon musk right

that that should be due soon

yeah you would think though yeah so yeah

yeah we’re almost halfway there so if

you guys want to go out to team and donate uh feel free please


all right you know what i think with the

last 10 minutes let’s just um

shout out all of the people who are

saying congratulations to us

and then we’ll wrap up this

ten minutes impromptu impromptu

well yeah there’s 112 people here like i

think we could possibly shout out all

112 people if they um if they do say


i think some of them have just put

robots in their computers that are just

copying pasting a message every time

interval that goes a certain interval

that goes by because i don’t know if

they’re here


oh well

right well i’m gonna do so first of all

nan’s global kitchen thank you for the


reevox by the way congratulations thank

you i’ll do something too don’t don’t

worry i’m not gonna

ass corner congratulations popping a

champagne thank you

x congratulations thank you we

appreciate it deaf dealer you’re dealing

out congratulations to us we appreciate

it thank you very much abw


thank you we appreciate it

and mr mullet 2000

uh don’t just congratulate me

congratulate the whole vidiq team uh but

we appreciate it dan take it away for a


all right let’s congratulate let’s

congratulate let’s uh say thank you to

uh sophia

thank you uh we have



paracetamol miss paracetamol is that a


uh yeah it’s a it looks like an aspirin

oh you take it when you got a headache

uh let’s see so we have completely

misreading now

yeah maybe i don’t know i’ve never heard

of that word carlos thank you uh

first kemma i think thank you thank you

we have dj dhari

thank you and how about fashion

and elliptical gadgets thank you

oh all right i guess the piper can take

it from here so thank you to dj dary

appreciate you

uh we got uh

harlow i mean appreciates you

uh we got diamond

ender pearl

thank you to you

uh stick iq

thank you

uh jepsteen appreciate you thank you for



let’s see we got martin tay appreciate

you thank you sir

gotta thank thank you to the three count

of course

appreciate you always being around and

also shout out to the doberman guy

who’ve been moderating like a mofo

during the stream thank you man

appreciate everything you’re doing for

us chris johnson thank you man i see you

in the uh chats all the time man i

appreciate you thank you christian

johnson he’s the the new youtube

educator uh thank you

i think he’s getting must be getting

close to 100 subscribers already right i

think he did i think he audited our

channel as well on on one of our lives

and he said uh we need to

uh we need to adjust the channel banner


so yeah didn’t we do that recently you

probably do

i haven’t got the original assets to do

it uh i need to get them

uh knitting it’s not it’s not a psd uh

photoshop file um psd file so i can’t do

anything with it right now okay uh shout

out to knitting

patternista thank you

and i think that is arty

thank you

all right i’ll do a couple more yeah

chris is 124 subscribers already which

is awesome congratulations

congratulations to you


uh now what was this one i was trying to

find it um

vid iq team you are my bts army

uh behind the scenes army i think that’s

the the band from behind

it probably stands for something yeah

i’m sure i’m sure somebody right now is

raging in the comments you don’t know

what bts means

the korean band that’s all i know i

shouldn’t be shouting because my wife’s

probably asleep right now


anyone else i want to say


um well thank you for saying

congratulations to us

i can’t say is everyone is everyone done

are we all ready to go back to bed

i need to i need to get the stove going

yeah you know what rob you know what i’m

you know what i i’ve been thinking about

actually for the last half an hour


i hop



you know what rob you deserve it man you

you better you’ve got my head now

you deserve it

have an eye pop

don’t have any lunch and then we go out

for a meal in the evening that’s that’s

what’s running through my head right now

i mean rob about to have a big date man

he uh he has a date with wife you’re

going to the cinema


do that

yeah absolutely should we cut shall we

call it time folks

are we done

why not yeah i think i think we’re done

i think we do

well what means not like we’re not going

back we’ll be back on our tuesday though

yeah yeah

videos coming out on monday uh live

streams on tuesday i actually thought um

we wouldn’t be doing a channel audit

live stream because i thought we were

gonna hit a million subscribers maybe on

monday or tuesday and then we’d push

everything back but it looks as if it’s

just gonna be normal service monday on i

mean we’re gonna take a weekend off


and then we’ll get back to the youtube


monday morning

6 am for me whatever time it is for you

any final words done

thank you for

subscribing we uh we hope that you’ve

been getting value out of the channel uh

if you’re new to the channel then you

have a lot of content ahead of you

because there’s all kinds of stuff that

are going that’s here to help you

grow and improve and become a better

creator so

check it out of course check out our

tools as well um

yeah those are my final thoughts

final words viper

yeah uh thank you to all of you all

watching and all you all that will watch

this replay appreciate you guys being

awesome and hanging with us and being

welcoming to me i mean i know i haven’t

been here the longest but for the time

that i have been here you guys have been

open and welcoming so thank you so much

for that appreciate everything you guys

bring to the community and your

positivity and your willingness to learn

and grow on youtube so sincerely thank

you for everything appreciate you all

and i’m just going to keep my final


very brief

thank you

the journey is not over

see you soon