Think Media Studio Tour with Sean Cannell!

Tour of the new Think Media multiple camera live streaming studio! ****** Check out a list of the video gear and equipment in this setup here:

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3️⃣ (Kyle’s Desk Setup) Minimalist IKEA Desk Setup 2021 (Perfect for Working from Home!)

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6️⃣ LED Digital Countdown Wall Clock (That I Use to Help Me Stay On Time for Live Streaming)

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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 Home Office and Desk Setup Tour
0:45 Small Home Office with Ikea Furniture and Plants
1:40 Cameras and Lenses
4:27 Audio, Microphone, and Rodecaster
6:34 Tips for Live Streaming
6:53 How I Setup My Software and Share My Screen
8:09 StreamYard VS. OBS? Which is Better?
9:53 My favorite clock for staying on time when live streaming
10:13 How I earn money on YouTube and live streaming
10:39 Q&A about Live Streaming

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———Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Think Media 4K Video Gear Checklist:

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In this video, Sean Cannell doe a tour of the new Think Media YouTube Studio. This studio features multiple cameras and audio with sound effects and music.

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Marketing YouTube channels.

=================== text video ====================

what is up think media super fired up

doing a studio tour today of the brand

new think media studio multi-camera

angles we got the sound effects you got

to just press record that’s right so

smash the like button if you’re fired up

for this first look my name is sean

cannell for just meeting and i’m pumped

to get into the content today i’m joined

in studio by the incontrovertible kyle

anderson and he’s actually going to be

jumping onto this

fourth angle and we’re going to show you

what we are up to with

our stream deck with the road caster

with the audio

and if you have any questions let me

know about that as well and so uh let’s

just dive straight into it

and um thank you so much for being here

today let me know where you’re watching

from uh first and foremost let me

welcome you to the studio

uh i am uh here in

the north pacific northwest great to see

you um and we’ve been building out the

studio kyle’s been a huge help he’s on

that b-roll angle right now we’ve been

doing some ikea details if you check out

the led lighting ooh a little bit of

phillips hue behind the white dresser

we got an iris phillips hue light on

there this all ikea furniture i’ve been

using these grids also got some plants

they’re not real if you want to check

out the the corner plants and so trying

to get the vibes going but of course the

main setup is this studio setup right


and so uh let’s just go through the

checklist um music today brought to you

by harris heller stream beats shout out

i’m gonna be connecting with them on the

think media podcast soon uh love what

alpha gaming is doing

but uh hey we’ve got a couple different

camera angles here

we’ve got the uh


6400s a couple tamron lenses and i went

ahead and put a quick kit together with

some of the gear in the description down


um on this first angle you’re looking at

an 11


20 2.8 lens and then on this angle it’s

the 17 to 28

um dummy batteries plugged in i really

love these um arms that we’ve been using

um we went through a couple different

ones it’s hard you know if you shake

your desk it’s hard to get something

really sturdy if your camera is a little

bit heavier and so there’s some kind of

chintzy arms or or weak flimsy arms out

there and so uh this is nice and stable

and then let’s see we got a zv1 up in

here and what’s kind of cool is this is

sort of like probably the product

showcase mode one as well so look how

quick that sony focus grabs

uh you know

whatever and i could for example i could

show you the philips hue flow

and we’ve got the philips hue lighting

there and so i can go in with our office

front bar and pick out like tokyo if i

want change the lighting dynamics so uh

that’s kind of cool have you ever used

any kind of

office lighting stuff let me know let me

hit this angle

there’s the phillips hue bulbs so this

was kind of intentional one of the the

things we did here

was i i wanted to say okay the room’s

gonna be gray i wanted the room to be


um so that it would pull light you know

whatever light is shined on it

um these are just some track lights from

home depot

and there’s five

you know places to screw in the bulbs

and then there’s five philips hue bulbs

and there’s two tracks

so on the other side of the room is

another track and then watch the switch


we got the office lights we could hit a

different color just from your mobile

app and we can also integrate that if we

want with the stream deck so the


up in here is uh elgato stream deck

camera one we’ve got um

a6400 camera two a6400 camera three zv

one and then we just plugged in an hdmi

cable here for camera four and that’s

what you’re looking at right now so many

different combinations and settings and

to get those four cameras plugged into

the system

it’s a cam link pro

on that setup and so cam link pro

is an internal capture card pcie and it

allows you to uh

do a little bit of heavier lifting so

you pull your cameras off of the usb

drive now over here

what about audio

and smash like if you’re finding this


we’ve got our road caster and so i’ve

got my shure sm7b on this channel right

here and i can control my gain

i’ve got action

bringing in stream beats which if you’ve

never checked out stream beats you have

copyright free music you can use just

streaming off spotify

and i can bring that up on this slider

right here ooh

oh man a smooth



yeah so uh we got we got that track and

you know there’s a lot of different ways

to do this you could make a virtual

mixer a virtual camera but i wanted

everything to be tactile so then i can

also have my sound effect pads here

you got to just press record and there’s

your uh tagline for think media if if

you’re feeling sheesh sheesh about the


come on come on

no we gotta we gotta listen um so we got

sound effect effects there’s eight of

those pads

and uh you can do eight banks so this

gives you uh the opportunity to do up to

64 sound effects

on there and so pretty nice and then on

this computer channel here

if i bring somebody on stream yard or

zoom i can control their audio separate

so that was i also wanted to separate



guests on this channel

versus sound effects

on this channel sean how much did the

studio cost

a lot and so we’ll be dropping more uh

details about all of that in fact we’re

gonna be making some videos today got

kyle with me mr anderson if you haven’t

seen his desk setup actually from the

vegas studio las vegas where we’re

actually based out of um we just opened

up kind of a new studio up in the

northwest i definitely recommend

checking out his

desk setup we’ll link that up in the

description down below and of course

summarized a lot of this gear

in the description down below but if you

have a question throw four question

marks at me before and after

um you know and a couple other live


tips that uh i am intentional about here

in fact we’ll zoom out and show you

is um


multiple monitors i think that’s pretty


and so right here here’s the the think


live streaming

so two monitors

i can put my dashboard over here for

stream yard

um and then over here i could show you

something or teach off something so in

stream yard i’m just going to share my


and here’s a little bit of

the gear right so now you could see i’m

putting together a kit of some of the

things we’re using the cam link pro some

of the cameras and this isn’t even close

to everything but a couple 32-inch


audio engine a2 plus speakers on the

desk and so uh then streaming already

lets you do this so this starts you can

start seeing this starts getting pretty


because then we can pull this down

i probably not typically going to have a

roaming camera here you know because i

can the goal was to make this whole

setup uh

solo something that i could do is kind

of like a one-man

um setup and and just hit the button

with the lighting we’re going to get


integrated so it could just be like

alexa cyberpunk colors let’s go and

um and maybe she could even do the live

stream for me

who knows

so let me know if you have any questions

and uh

shout me out where you’re watching from

today smash like if you’ve been getting

value appreciate you being here david

good to see you

appreciate you being here alfin you know

is stream yard better than obs um

i don’t i don’t actually it might not

even be better but it’s for sure easier

you know obs has a steep learning curve

you have to do a lot of you know

that was basically why i avoided it you

know tony areola is kind of like our

live stream expert here at think media

and he

um was just talking about like his

brother is a professional streamer he

was just talking about like

you know

obs is is more functionality but stream

yard is so easy to use and even though

this setup might seem kind of crazy that

was one of my goals was to make it easy

to use

because i could just you know switch my

camera angles mix my audio you know one

of my favorite things from this setup is

this clock

and i forgot to start it today but i

actually have a separate clock so i can

actually kind of like on stage you have

a confidence monitor and a clock to make

sure you don’t talk too long

um if you’re

you know speaking at an event or

something so i kind of

simplicity let me know thumbs up or

thumbs down if this actually seems


but that’s why i like stream yard is


it’s uh pretty pretty simple and easy to


add my screen real quick do a channel

review if i want really easy

um and and show you whatever i’m looking

at that kind of thing so um

is blue snowball a good starter mic

absolutely great mic

um and

is discord a good alternative i don’t

know if discord is even a live streaming


i think discord is isn’t it more of a

messaging group they might have some

live streaming functionality but let me


so shout me out where you’re you’re

watching from and uh thanks so much let

me know if you have any questions

uh chris dubs says where did you get the

clock you like you like my clock um i’ll

throw that on the so if you want

to see a summary of the gear

i’m putting together or co

link in the description that kind of

just will summarize the uh details of

what’s in this


and um let me know if you got any kind

of questions about it

uh how do you guys earn

money um a lot of different ways made a


called uh 21 how we have 21 different

streams of income i actually don’t

recommend trying to start out with that

because it’s kind of like if you try and

chase two rabbits

you end up catching neither of them

and so uh start simple but over time

we’ve added on a lot of different income

streams so i recommend checking out that

video i’ll link it up in the description

down below

does stream yard encode the stream or do

you use a separate

appliance stream yard is the encoder i


it is um


web-based app which is nice and here’s

what’s cool about stream yard if the

stream crashes

then ultimately you can um

you can actually it’ll keep going and

then you can just re-get back on and

keep going again especially if you have

a couple different people helping you

stream or a guest

we’ve had that happen a lot like oh

sean’s gone for

45 seconds while he reopens so it’s


stream yard essentially creates or your

web camera your webcam creates one


and that’s your camera going into stream

yard and then streaming air does all the

encoding and it’s also multiple

platforms so shout out to facebook uh

we’re streaming across uh facebook

groups and uh facebook as well which is

kind of cool

and so uh

are the preamps of the road caster pro

better than the scarlet

i don’t know it’s possible uh i haven’t

we love the preamps you’re hearing them

right now we do have a cloud lifter as

well in our shure sm7b microphone

um all happening

uh but uh that’s for an audio file to

those kind of details but most


the road casters preamps as like kind of

good enough maybe not the best in the

world but but hey they’re they’re great

i think this sounds pretty good you let

me know how you think this sounds


what other kind of questions you have is

stream yard page we’ll throw a link to

stream art you can actually get 10 off

it is free and then you’re just gonna

have a watermark you can see i got the

custom think logo right here right

wherever it’s at um if you want to have

the customization


there’s a paid version but i recommend

definitely grabbing the free version of

stream yard and i think getting the paid


eventually worth it when you’re a sit

when you’re seriously streaming maybe

across multiple platforms and you want

some of the extra setup good question

what are the lights so the lights

are elgato key lights


we’ve reviewed a lot of different lights

on this channel we love a lot of

different lights but really

the reason i went with these lights

is because they integrate with the

elgato stream deck so

i can just crank up the brightness here

you can see that crank it down

and even turn the light off completely

um all

all with the elgato stream deck buttons

and so

uh yep stream uh elgato key lights

stream deck and you know probably


is you know we’re out here on think

media saying you got to just press

record and this is this is a little more

than you gotta just press record you

know what i mean can we can we

acknowledge that like this is a dream

studio um and i’ve been hustling on

youtube for over 10 years i’ve been live

streaming for over five and think media

is in a great place we’re doing really

well so this was the result of me saying

what would i want to do if i could build

the exact setup

i want piece by piece

um you know in a way like where money’s

not a limitation

but arguably i also wasn’t trying to

break the bank and just get

be if you will you know just go crazy

each thing we picked out was very

intentional very specific this is an

autonomous l desk by the way absolutely

in love with it

sit stand desk and the nice thing about

the white

is it picks up the rgb light situation

that’s kind of happening in the whole

room we’ll probably have to black black

out this window to really get the rgb

lights popping

because a lot of light is coming in from

outside still

right now we’re using these arc scan i

believe is the brand name for mounting

cameras this is an elgato arm over here

this guy right here and so um

we have the

uh the like the thing that’ll pop all

out and get crazy so this angle will be

able to be

maybe kind of an overhead shot or

whatever that’s in the closet right now


this angle will be

what are we doing yeah this guy so

that’s an elgato just just the basic arm

and then we’ll go up from there with the

booming and it’s it’s really cool the

elgato master mount or whatever is like

a multi get your camera angles exactly

where you want them



yeah that’s a good question like is

buying a stream deck and these fancy

things necessary uh to get started no

it’s not necessary i think uh you know

we do always say you know start with

what you have you can start with mobile

or you can start with the webcam you

know on a raw live streaming


i would say get a usb mic

use a laptop you already have with the

webcam that’s in it you’re like i don’t

have a laptop we got to get something so

use a pc or a laptop you already have

get a webcam

and get like stream yard you’re in


get an internet connection

um and then start building figure out

what your mission is what your vision is

figure out what your content is figure

out how you’re going to monetize what’s

your youtube business plan what’s your

live streaming business plan then

what you can do is


start reinvesting you know that’s been

my journey over the last decade and

um now you start having the opportunity

to get more gear to do more things

um but uh yeah i mean that would be the

the dream i would think


is this a in home studio this is in home

this is in about a 10 by 10 room i’ll

show you the room here

and so

rooms 10 by 10 and um

you know pretty chill it it might look

bigger than it it’s not very big at all


about 10 feet that way 10 feet that way

that’s three by three meters

for uh y’all this is

you know a couple ikea decor things

trying to keep it as simple as possible

in here

and um yeah we recently we’re

bilocational now we’re based in seattle

and las vegas

and so


this is a home studio powerful what you

can do


home um

do you need all of it to work nope

you don’t and so we’re gonna make some

videos about different pieces there’s a

lot of different

a lot of different paths you can do to

set all this up

and let’s see thanks so much for the

super chat uh really appreciate you

remedy diy

and so if you’ve been getting value

hit that like button

and uh

my name is sean cannell the channel’s

think media we’re here bringing you the

best tips and tools for building your

influence with online video


kyle anderson in the studio today kyle


on that fourth angle

um if you happen to just be joining

throw in a link in the

description down below

uh to help you find all the different

pieces we’re using

and um

we uh

are coming to you soon with some other

videos if you’re curious how we earn

money here at think media just click or

tap the screen

and you can check out a video i did on

21 different streams of income so to

help you build your youtube business

plan your live streaming business plan

but until next time keep crushing it

keep smashing it and i will see you in

the next video peace


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