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=================== text video ====================


welcome to our vidiq takeover of for the

women of youtube podcast i am so excited

to be joining all of you today as we


all things women and youtube creators i

am so excited to have you guys here to

be on this journey we are actually

celebrating and recording the 100th


of the women of youtube podcast today

and i’m so excited to have you here on

this super crazy milestone that i’m so

proud of on the live stream today that

we’re doing on the vidiq podcast and

also the recording for the podcast i

have some awesome guests let’s bring

them up onto the screen

i’m going to be joined today by natalie

from design to the nines tiffany day and

amara de malo i

i’m so sorry they all have been guests

here on the podcast and we’re coming

back together to just talk about all

things youtube and i’m so excited to

have you here ladies thank you i’m so

excited to be here

now we will be giving away a free

more than one we’re gonna be giving away

some free licenses of the vid iq

platform here and in order to win you

have to just go leave us a review over

on itunes to entertwine and then dm me

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send you your free license if you’ve

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look up women of or

go to itunes and leave that comment

super easy peasy lemon squeezy for that

and dan if you want to put the scroller

on the bottom for that i would be super

grateful for this as well so people

enough to do that they come in got lots

of people here in the chat coming in

super excited to have ben aina paul peck

the drywall tube i’m super excited

you’re here man you know coconut pete uh

shache fernandez uh with so many fun

people here to celebrate this huge

milestone so i think to start this out i

usually ask the question

why youtube but today i am going to

actually ask the question to our

audience says why

women of youtube why does this matter

natalie take it away

why does women of youtube matter yes


um i think it matters because i think

we’re in the minority and i think that

um it’s good to get a female voice out

there and and it’s a message that i

tried to drive home on my channel is

that women are powerful and we can use

power tools and do all kinds of stuff


um that really

gives us a voice and um i think that

that’s important

awesome what do you think tiffany why is

women of youtube important

um same thing as natalie you know we are

the minority we come into this creative

space that is very male dominated um

like most industries are male dominated

so i think it’s amazing that women are

stepping up and you know being

recognized and you know just finding

their worth and their value on in this

world and on this platform

awesome all right amara what do you


women of youtube why does this matter to

me because i think this is a community

that should be thought about more in

that way um i think that communities are

what make up youtube and women bringing

women up is something that i’m about in

life in general and i think that’s

something really wonderful we can end up

doing through digital platforms like


when i had decided to

do this podcast the biggest issue that i

kept running into is that i never found


represented in areas beyond fashion and

beauty and and fitness and and you know


traditional women like roles and so my

desire to create this podcast was around

to give voice to women creators who

deserve to have a platform to be heard

and seen and we have so many great male

educators and creators but we have just

as many women in that space as well that

we need to be giving love and attention

to and you know there’s been so many

studies so much data that we’ll go over

a little bit today i think about why

women need representation and why we are

underserved on the platform and i don’t

think that youtube has done anything

wrong inherently and i don’t think that

and i want to make it clear in the

stream we’re not here to manifest we’re

not here to youtube bash right here to

blame we are here to lift up and empower

and talk about like what we think the

next two to five years is going to look

like for female creators on the platform

especially based on existing data and

what this cool fun audience is going to

help i think bring to the table so i’m

so excited that we are going to be doing

this so before we dive too far in this i

think it’s important for all of us to

talk about what we do on youtube so we

have some context and qualifications to

be here so my name is desiree martinez i

am your hostess with the moses here with

the women of youtube podcast i also have

a youtube channel that’s called all in

one social media which is dedicated to

helping you grow your business with

better social media and content

marketing natalie what is your channel


so my channel is about diy and home

decor but on my channel we use a lot of

power tools and i think it takes some

people by surprise because they look at

me and they’re they automatically assume

that i’m the type of girl that has my

husband come in and use the power tools

for me and then i get to go in and do

all the fluff but i

get down and dirty with the power tools


will use my power thaws and

and drills and all of that and show that

women can do it too and make our home

beautiful and doing things that are hard

and sometimes physically draining like

not even 15 minutes ago i was covered in

sawdust and sweat from a project that

i’m doing and it’s really rewarding and

i think that it makes other women feel

that they can do that too and so that’s

what i’m all about is just kind of um

pushing um my viewers beyond their

limits and really feeling helping them

my mantra is

my i end my show every day saying

you are more powerful than you know and

i really believe it um because i think


we all have more capability than we even

realize if we are just willing to be

brave and get beyond our our own um

preconceived notions


and freaking tastic all right tiffany

what about you

bringing us two channels so she’s she

does a lot of work i don’t know how

i do have two channels so i actually

started in 2018 um in the motherhood

lifestyle niche um i actually was a

career mom and lost my job um because of

the economy crashing and didn’t know

what to do um you know went to be a

stay-at-home mom and picked up a camera

just for fun and fell in love with the

creative process fell in love with the

analytics um i come from a very busy

business background and so once i like

dived into the business part of it i was

like oh yeah this is where i belong um i

also you know like you mentioned there

wasn’t representation for us and so i

found that i was constantly looking up

how to grow as a lifestyle blogger how

to grow as a motherhood blogger because

there are niche specific things that we

need and it just wasn’t there and so you

know something i teach my students and

stuff is be the missing link in your

niche and so i actually started my

second channel navigating youtube

specifically for lifestyle vloggers to

fill that gap that was missing to help

you know other women in the space um

grow their audience influence and income

on youtube learn how to plan brand deals

empower that you don’t need millions of

subscribers to be able to do this you

can make a full-time living you know

diversifying your income so i am all

about transparency you know i’ve worked

on one side where it’s like what brands

are looking for and you know i’ve worked

on the side of what influencers can

offer and i’m trying to bridge that gap

for people so that’s kind of what i do

so exciting and i think that you’ve done

such a great job with educating i think

my favorite thing and we’re going to

dive into this i think here soon is your

your your soapbox that you’ve seen them

that influencers of any size deserve to

get paid and i think that’s one of the

big things that people are they’re going

to take away from this episode today

excited yes all right amara

how are you what do you do on the

youtube i’m amara

what i’m probably most known for in

youtube spaces is being amara in seattle

the joke is that i’m also not in seattle

because that has involved a whole lot of

travel i um spent the first couple years

of my youtube life traveling around the

world meeting creators and finding out

what they were doing in different places

and at the same time being very involved

with the seattle youtube community we

had a little event called seattle

youtube day that we threw and um we

continued to do things to build up the

community and that’s really what i like

to focus on community is the central

nexus of amara in seattle um but i’m

also a social media consultant in my

other life as amara doom lap

love it

all right so for those of you that are

joining our live streams i’m seeing a

lot of people question the chat this is

the women of youtube podcast takeover of

the vidiq youtube channel vinicue is

this proud sponsor of the women of

youtube podcast where we tell the

stories of women youtube creators to

inspire other women to start and keep

creating on this platform we are doing

this takeover to celebrate 100 episodes

of women of youtube podcast and it’s

very exciting in fact this episode will

be live on all podcasting platforms in

two weeks and we’re just gonna jumpstart

jumpstarted with this live stream

recording today you can enter to win a

free boost subscription of the vidiq

podcast by leaving a review over on

apple podcast and you just got to shoot

me over a simple instagram at mrs

desmond roast you guys right here where

you can see

uh where it is here uh so that i can get

i can get a hold of you to give you your

boost subscription and it has been asked

like what if i don’t have an itunes

account well you can definitely leave a

review over on google podcast as well i

am so excited to have you guys away so

let’s dive into something i think is

very important and near and dear to my

heart now an article came out from clear

not too long ago i’m going to put this

in our hopefully get this pulled up on

the screen this is about the gender pay

gap for influencers in marketing and

it’s very interesting to me so one of

the things that i have personally

gathered data about is



of top trending videos

star women so i had collected all this

data by looking at april of 2021 and i

looked at the top 25 creators who were

trending on the platform only eleven

percent of them were women for that

entire month i thought that that was

interesting considering how when you

talk about youtube consumption it’s a 50

50 split like men and women equally are

consuming content and so to find out

additionally that influencers are paid

less women youtubers are paid less on

the platform than others was

really surprising to me


why i’d love to dive in so and i’ll

start with tiffany because i know you’ve

got lots of thoughts on this tiffany why

do you think it is that women are paid


in this influencer and youtuber space


i mean i feel like it kind of goes with

anywhere women are just seem to be paid

less and you know this could be just a

cultural thing a societal thing and you

know one of the biggest things is for

women we tend to downplay ourselves

sometimes we don’t ask for extra we

don’t ask for more because we don’t want

to come across as greedy or you know

selfish or you know people say oh you’re

only in it for the money and you know

that’s a big thing but if you look at

men they have no problem asking for what

they feel they’re worth you know even if

it seems like an outrageous number um so

that’s just something when it comes to

just empowering women and i think it’s

so funny because what people don’t

realize is you know there is a lack of

transparency of how we get paid and you

know what brands are looking for and if

you actually look at statistics it is

women specifically like stay-at-home

moms between like 25 to 34 are the

biggest when it comes to spending so

brands will pay more to get ads in front

of women because we spend more um you

know if it’s where the household we

spend you know groceries whatever it is

but then we also don’t ask because those

ads are being put in front of our stuff

so it’s just it’s a crazy thing and

again it comes from lack of transparency

between how we get paid and then just us

not like

asking for the payment

what do you think about this natalie i

know that you uh do a great work with

sponsors and stuff how have you been

able to make sure that you’re getting

paid what you’re worth especially in

competition with your peers

honestly i think it’s about education um

and i have to echo what tiffany is

saying um

i think that there’s a lot of ambiguity

about like how much you should be asking

what you’re actually worth and so

sometimes it’s kind of a guessing game

and i think a lot of times at least in

my experience and in my sphere a lot of

women start this kind of as a hobby and

they’re just grateful to make a little

extra you know spending money and don’t

really um initially go into it

approaching it as a business and i think

that if you can actually change your

mindset a little bit and focus on it as

a business then it will kind of change


how you approach things and your time is

valuable and the amount of time that

goes into it is so much more than i

think a lot of the viewers realize that

how much work goes into an episode that

you do deserve to get paid and i have to

echo with tiffany i mean a lot of people

a lot of times it’s a kind of a guessing

game i’ve tried to help other women in

my sphere

realize the value of what they’re doing

and so that they will ask more because

tiffany is also right


have the potential we are like driving a

huge buying power and so there is value

in that there’s value in that to

companies and i think you just have to

get brave and stand your ground say no

sometimes and um yeah i think that i

think it will just take a little

education and and realizing you know

that this is not a hobby this is a

business and your time is valuable

yes i think that that is so very true

what do you think about this amara as a

female youtuber especially because you

do a lot with travel and you’re also i’m

single without kids and stuff so you

deal with a lot of like other

female-related limitations like around

travel and scarcity and things like that

that people project onto you or that

maybe you have experienced yourself how

do you

manage all of that

well i think specifically when we’re

talking about

asking for money and like making sure

that you

step up and you you recognize your your

um what you should be asking the big

piece is that we’re talking to each

other right that like people who are in

this field are having those dialogues

and being less competitive and i think

that’s part of what drives the problem

actually is that people will go well

yeah maybe i’ll take less money for this

so that i can have this accreditation

when what they should be may be doing is

waiting until that’s a better fit or

they can ask for more or they know how

to position themselves to do so um so

getting creative has been really uh

really critical for me but also really

starting to talk to the people and build

personal relationships with the people

the other women in my communities but

also the other the other people who i

see that are having good brand deals

that are having possibilities come out

of things and strong sponsorships and

asking them because i i believe and most

of the time people are pretty interested

in trying to make sure that we are

together in this so we can continue to

move this forward as a place where we

all make good money

yes and i think that that’s important to

be said i love what everyone has said we

need to educate we need to communicate

and we need to know our worth and i

think that that can be said for really

any creator and it doesn’t matter i

think the size that you are as a creator

a youtube creator of any size

should be getting paid for their time

because here’s the thing that is so

different to what we’re doing here on

youtube versus like what happens in like

a social media post and that’s what

we’re doing has longevity like you can

sponsor one of my youtube videos and

it’s going to keep working for months

and months if not you know over a year

or two like that is some really long

advertising first is when you work with

like an instagram or facebook or or tick

tock user or the user or influencer

you’re going to be faced with like

that’s got

maybe if i’m lucky a 48-hour shelf life

you know so that doesn’t last very long

working with youtube creators gives you

so much more bang for your buck like you

get so much more at it plus you get such

great visuals and you get someone

talking about your product and using it

and showing it like

there’s just such better marketing

opportunities in here why you wouldn’t

pay for that super like blows my mind

especially because when i run into like

the people who want to do stuff with me

that’s always about products and stuff

and they’re always like well we can’t

pay you for this review you want to do

but we’ll give you an affiliate like

they have to like like i have to prove

to them that i

my audience knows what they’re doing and

then stuff like look you all came to me

you’re the one that came to me wanting

to have access to my audience which is

not just a youtube audience but a social

audience and an email list like

like there has to be something goes into

it so how do you think we as youtube

educators can educate brands about why

they should be paying us to create

content any ideas on that tiffany

um yeah so

it does suck because you know something

i always say to smaller youtubers is

definitely use the resources that’s

available you know i

i took way too many product for post in

kind like gifted um sponsorships because

they make you feel so special when

you’re first starting out it’s like oh

this brand like recognized me and then

what’s funny is when i actually started

my second account i have a different

email address for that and i realized

it’s a blast and i get two now and i’m

like oh okay you just tell everybody

this like you know so it very much is i

collect data i am a huge data person

huge analytics and you know it comes

down to if i have affiliate marketing

through like amazon affiliate or

something i collect that data to show

like even if this isn’t sponsored hey i

you know shared this in this recent

video and here’s my conversion and

here’s my clicks and here’s the cells

and this is what i can do for you and

this is why i deserve you know xyz

amount of payment so definitely

educating them on showing that value of

you know why this goes into it be

professional i have contracts for every

brand i work with so if they don’t send

me a contract i’m sending it to them

like you know i think natalie mentioned

it’s a business and a part of business

is you need invoicing you need contracts

you need you know stats and data so

showing them and presenting that to them

to say you know i’m not just another

influencer like this is a business for

me this is where social media marketing

for them they’ll think twice and be like

okay we can’t can’t mess with her um you

know we have to pay her what she’s worth

or let’s negotiate some type of payment

there so you know just collect the data

and present it in the best form you can

can i just jump in and say i i agree and

they will pay if you hold out they will

pay the right companies will because

they know that there’s value there um

and i think that that um

we’re just like yeah just

treat it like a business

i think that if you undervalue what you

have to offer

you’re going that’s not what’s going to

reflect in your product like in order

for you to do anything you got to like

make money like there’s just no way

around it we all get into youtube i

think for one reason it usually has

something to do with the fact that it’s

like creating content and so i think

what we really got to make sure that

we’re doing while we’re creating all of

this content is remember like

it’s gonna be gonna be a reason i keep

doing this and usually that’s where the

money plays in and the right brands will

pay you what’s your worth if you accept

nothing from smaller brands that leave

that doesn’t leave you open to working

with other brands that could be giving

you more money it’s kind of the law of

attraction like hold out for the person

in the brand that deserves your time

that’s going to care about your audience

understand that you’re

investing in

you know desiree you kind of you

mentioned right there something that

really resonates with me which is the

idea that not only are you

holding out for those brands but like

that you can create those opportunities

for yourself that’s something i keep

thinking about so a lot of times instead

of waiting for people to contact you

smaller creators get started with this

by reaching out to people and you know

what brand deals and collaborations and

those things look like can be a business

that’s nearby a place that you go a lot

reaching out to agencies there are

people who represent marketing of all

sorts those of us who do industry work

no and they’re waiting for people and

hoping that they’ll find people who

reach out to them with creative ideas

and that’s something that also is part

of this you can build reputations for

yourself you don’t have to wait for the

dollar values to be right that are

offered to you you can you know you can

ask for them and liking making content

doesn’t have to mean you don’t get paid

right like

there’s not a trade-off there and i feel

like sometimes people feel like there

has to be like but i really love making

content so maybe i shouldn’t get paid

for it that’s not true you can like

being an accountant and still get paid

for being an accountant so um

influencers have to think that way

people who create content have to think

that way too

i think that that is all very well said

and i hope that a lot of you have walked

over some really great ideas i think

that it’s really important to remember


make sure it’s worth your time to get

paid at the very least like do something

with affiliate marketing if you think

that you can get paid from it long term

or whatever but know your worth have the

data have a media kit of like what you

have to offer and what you can offer to

them for working with you not just to

prove your worth but to show them that

like look this is this is who i am and

this is why

i need to get paid for my time because

you’re paying for my time to create your

content and you’re also paying for my

audience that i have spent time building

and three remember that you guys

are worth waiting for the right customer

to do things for so you get to decide

what you spend your time on and what you

do or don’t get paid for so

really great points i want to spend some

time giving some love to our chat we

have some awesome people in here the


wife live thank you for being here

co-fish gaming thank you for being here

at home with cherie

thank you so much for all of your great

comments and for uh what you have to say

in our chat uh we’ve also had really

good time with

nutella chan we have brenna crafty on

the on the horn we’ve got savage uh

savage pepper again paul peck thank you

so much uh just vlogging life uh thank

you so much everyone for being here and

for supporting our chat today give any

questions for our panel of super diverse

awesome youtube ladies please put them

in the chat we will try to get to them

as well now

one of the questions that i open before

i get into our next question i want to

make sure that for those of you as we

reset our live stream here remember you

can win a free vid iq boost subscription

by leaving a review over on apple or

google podcast all you have to do we

have a link in our chat in the on the

youtube link where you can just click to

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just shoot me a dm over at mrs desiree

rose so that i can follow with you and

give you that free boost subscription

again thank you so much remember women

of youtube podcast we are here

celebrating the 100th episode

of this two-year podcast adventure where

we are the women of youtube podcast

where we are sharing the stories of

women youtube creators to inspire women

to start and keep creating they have

three of our guests who have had their

own episodes here on the podcast with me

today with natalie tiffany day and amara

all right so one of the things i find

really interesting is when it comes to

like consumption and trends

i for the life of me have no idea why if

we have a 50 50 female to male ratio for

video consumption why is it that only

11.8 percent of women

can be found in the top 25 of trending

what do you think that that is about why

do you think it is about certain content

that just gets

consumed so much more

than others any ideas amara

why why it’s one kind of content versus

the other that ends up there i mean

there’s we all know there’s a bit of a

mystery into a lot of those pieces but


i honestly

i often think about what people are

choosing to watch and being a conscious

viewer myself as a big part of it so um

a lot like how people talk about say

like twitter and how their twitter feeds

are are often full of things that they

don’t love well i often wonder are you

looking at things that you don’t love

are you promoting the content that isn’t

you know doing as well so i often think

about what actions there are i’m not

entirely sure why but i definitely think

about what there is that i can do to

help change that

internally and that means engaging with

positive content engaging with more

female content and like liking up the

videos that are the kinds of videos you

want to see more of on the platform

that are doing the kind of work that you

believe in not necessarily that which is

most easy to consume or most shocking to

consume right things that have more


um that’s just the story of a better

long-term internet i think on all

platforms so what do you think tiffany

um it’s i don’t like honestly i don’t

know because i see so many creators and

i’m like

why don’t you have like more viewers why

don’t you have this why don’t you have

that and i think you know um kind of

when mark says it comes down to what are

you watching and just being conscious of

what you’re watching and you know the

youtube algorithm picks up on user

behavior um it’s a very smart system and

if you go down a rabbit hole and it’s

you know constantly men you know

basketball you’re not going to be shown

any women and that’s just what it is you

know even if it’s women’s basketball

it’s just because of your behavior on

and off of youtube that’s just kind of

how it goes um so

i feel women are just as funny as men

you know there are so many comedians

there’s so many mom youtuber comedians

that i watch all the time that you know

i absolutely love but it’s just are you

going out of your way to look for that

are you staying in your echo chamber

type of thing so you know just showing

up more women just showing up more i

think is going to help it um and i don’t

know if the trending page is hand

selected i heard it is or if it’s

algorithm based um but you know if it is

hand selected definitely looking outside

of the typical like you said the beauty

influencers or you know the fitness

influencers or the lady departments that

we’re supposed to be in and you know

look at the other youtubers in the male

dominated spaces because they’re amazing



actually what’s really interesting is at

home with cherie says in our comments it

uh it is what is watched and what is

promoted through seo tags etc i think it

might be that men are utilizing

strategies that are a bit more technical

that help feed the algorithms maybe

i am not 100 sure if that’s it like we

have all of the same opportunities

presented to us i think sometimes i

think this comes down to

women are really diverse and like what

we consume

and i think that

a lot of the things that tend to trend i

think target a younger demo and i think

that that younger demo even men and

women will watch that content just so

happens to be produced by men as well

i think that

we just as women in order for us to get

on those trends and and to be a part of

them is to just create content people

want to watch in in mass and it’s not

like i said it’s all it’s eleven percent

i mean it’s like women aren’t there but

i feel like we could and i’m not and

there’s also a percentage of those that

were brands like you know like when the

black widow trailer comes out or

something like that like those things

get to get calculated into trends it’s

not that like 11 as women and 89 as men

that’s not what it is but i think that

it’s just those things that they just

have that ability i wonder in myself

when it comes to creating content as a

woman i’m also a mom and i’m also a wife

and i wonder if there’s something about

that as i’m trying to grow and do what

i’m doing like is there something in

that that is stopping or limiting or

making it harder for me to create

content that could end up on a trending

tab or something like that like i do

know there’s family channels that get on

there um and i do know that there are

female channels that get on those trends

but i don’t think i’ve ever seen

and nothing doesn’t exist and i’m seeing

like like a mom


in a top 25 trending position

um so i don’t know what do you guys

think about all that

i almost wonder if it’s not like a

simple numbers game i mean there’s

clearly more men

having youtube channels and less women

and so i i wonder if it’s just the fact

that the sheer number i mean


it you know we are kind of a smaller

section of youtube i think it’s growing

um but i i almost think it’s just

who’s making the content and maybe it’s

just a numbers game

i don’t know

maybe some of the answer is elaborate

often like uh having more collaborations


when when people are doing well when

those creators are doing well and ending

up there doing more collaborations with

women and creating the possibility it’s

that whole lift each other up thing that

can also happen you know in terms of our

our male

identifying colleagues deciding to put

more of us like into spaces where we’re

visible so maybe that’s part of what

could be

helpful to changing that game and making

that part of the discussion of um making

women creators

more visible on the platform


i also think that there’s something to

be said for i still think that we are we

have a ways to go culturally

even in not

even speaking very specific to united

states we still have a ways to go i

think culturally with equality amongst

the sexes

and because women still across the board

make less money than men do in most

fields and unfortunately if you go look

at the chat for this um

this live stream there’s been a lot of

deleted messages a lot of inappropriate

comments and i think that that is to be

said like there’s obviously a stigma

like we’re like why is this why is this

even here vidiq what does the state of

women on youtube have to do with

anything when it’s like

has to do with everything like this is a

part of youtube just as much as anything

anybody else is doing and like i said

this is why this podcast i think needs

to exist is to help

break down barriers and to pave a path

and to educate people about these things

because the things that we care about as


sometimes is different than the things

that men care about and that’s okay

we just need to have a place to talk

about it so that we can get our

questions answered we can build our own


i don’t think everything is for everyone

but i do however think that every

community deserves a voice and a place

to come together that they can feel safe

respected and get any help assistance

praise love and adoration that they

might need


so let’s just smile soapbox there for a


to add to that too i actually had the

chat going and you know eye rolls over

here but any women or you know any

female that is in the chat right now who

is looking at that do not let that

discourage you you are going to get it

no matter what you know we are i feel

like we’re constantly having to prove

ourselves more than our male

counterparts and it’s just

something where you know you do have to

have really thick skin to come onto

youtube and it’s so sad that we even

have to say that but do not let their

opinions stop you from doing something

that you absolutely love you know

they’re behind a keyboard they’re

probably not doing anything right now

and just remember that you’re doing

something you’re showing up and you know

you’re living your dreams and i think

that is amazing and you shouldn’t stop

because one person disliked the video or

one person left a negative comment yeah

for every one negative you’ll have a

hundred positive and we always need to

focus on the positive women we tend to

be so critical of ourselves and we’re so

hard on ourselves for like

ridiculous reasons and it’s just

we need to give ourselves a lot more

grace and a lot more praise for the

awesome people we are who were doing

something really amazing like when you

think about it i guess a youtube creator

like you might think it’s really

oversaturated but while there might be

like a hundred

competitors in your industry or niche i

bet you anything is there’s like 10 000

people not on youtube

that wish that they were and that you

are so far ahead of them right now so

like i think that’s so much more

important perspective for you to have

whether you’re a man or a woman like

whatever you create like that is just

the truth

so we got this everyone and ladies i’m

so proud of you for being here today and

for being a part of this community we

had some really great comments um again

sweetie cat’s world is here saying thank

you to tiffany for her comments cryptic

jasmine also saying thank you to tiffany

for what she’s doing viper our new team

member one of our new team members at

vidiq is saying you ladies keep doing

your thing

definitely if only we could do it we

need cool like viper sunglasses i think

though to like match

match his aura for sure um

koi fish gaming says it’s really bad

that things like this are needed the

value proposition should mean everything

i don’t disagree with you but until we

have equality everywhere we will have to

create these sub categories these niche

podcasts these niche communities to help

support each other like what explore

world says we need building a community

is really important for us women women

innately need people like we need people

we need to support each other we need to

commune and chat and problem solve and

discuss and that is so important for us

for being here today so

it’s gonna be good i’m excited about

where we’re at so to do a little reset

of our room here today welcome to the

women at youtube podcast vidiq takeover

where we at the podcast tell the stories

of women youtube creators to inspire

other women to start and keep creating

here on this place we call the youtubes

i am joined by natalie tiffany and amar

who were previous guests on the podcast

and we are all here today to celebrate


episodes of the women of youtube podcast

wanted to come together and talk about

the last two years what youtube has

looked like give advice and talk about

some things that we still have a long

way to go with as youtube creators now

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now we got a question a little while

back i think that works really well for

our podcast so i’m just going to say it

because i copied it it said i would love

to know if the ladies on the panel have

a favorite social media platform that

they think helps best boost their

youtube content

so i will start with natalie is there

another social network besides youtube

that you find you a lot engagement

community that’s an extension of your

killer youtube channel

thank you

um yeah i think that right now my

attention has

recently turned to facebook and growing

um my audience there just because i feel

like um

that will most closely align with what

i’m doing um i know a lot of my people

in my niche focus on instagram and i

think that that’s great um but for me

right now

facebook is a good traffic source and

the area that i’m going to start

focusing my attention i think that

there’s a lot of growth potential there

and a lot of opportunity on facebook so

that’s my secondary

social media outlet right now that i’m

focusing on

love it

uh i think i know tiffany’s tiffany’s

has all been that reals lately

i i did i did join the short form um

content um it’s not working for me as

well as other people but it is really

fun to just kind of create um but yeah

instagram is definitely my secondary um

just because i feel like

youtube doesn’t allow as many areas for

you to connect with your audience you

know you have to wait until um although

on october 500 subscribers to unlock the

community tab um you know you have the

stories but that’s you know 10 000

subscribers so there’s so many limits

you know but on instagram like you have

stories and you have comments and you

have dms like you have so many ways to

connect but i’m also a huge seo person

so if you’re looking to boost seo

pinterest is where you can drive a lot

of traffic to your youtube channel so

pinterest to drive traffic and then

instagram to engage with my existing


love it

mario do you have a favorite

oh it’s like picking children um

okay well i don’t have children this is

as close as i’m probably gonna get maybe

the cat um

but uh honestly i love engaging on

instagram and twitter in terms of and i

use them in different ways i think

twitter is a really great resource for

looking for collaboration opportunities

and i think that’s something that a lot

of creators maybe

don’t necessarily create for themselves

and i think that’s something really

beautiful that can exist there and talk

about a good place to find other women

on the platform like any of these social

media networks will be a place where

really driven women are going to be

posting about their content or sharing

what they’re doing and you can always

just reach out to them and i think that

there’s magic there that people

sometimes miss out on by just not trying

or not

giving it a whirl it’s not always gonna

work but sometimes it does

youtube um i think is filled with

amazing people that just want to connect

with other amazing people

we have actually a facebook group for

women of youtube women of youtube

official if you want to go look for it

on facebook and any of you women who are

listening can join we’re always sharing

new episodes information you can ask


post things that you’re trying to figure

out we have so many great resources and

people in there too

to help you a long way and that’s what i

love about it like

i can’t think of a single youtube person

i’ve ever gone to and i’m like hey what

do you think of this right have this

idea or i’m having this problem and

they’re just

they just give me the information

they’re like oh that sucks i have dealt

with that oh this is so cool or no you

should probably change this like they’re

just so giving with their time and and

their knowledge and their ideas and

they’re just so willing to help you and

like even on this youtube channel with

vidiq just channel reviews every week

and a live q a like how

like just except great community to get

so much help with whatever you’re

working with and what’s so great about

youtubers is that we will help you not

only like how do you make better content

what the heck do i do with this seo

drama why am i not getting views

we’ll analyze the crap out of your

thumbnails we’ll give you ideas for how

you can make money we’ll connect you to

people that we think would help you make

money like we’re here to help so

we’re here for this so i think that

youtube is a great place to make friends

and do lots of great things together for



just saying it had to be said too you


that’s why the friendship thing is an

important part that we haven’t really

talked about either oh yeah for years i

looked for um

the kinds of women that i was like

looking for to have in my like group

right to have as my like close friend

circle and i i tell everyone i started

making content and i found the other

women in various niches with various

interest points in creating um and you

don’t have to be on the same page in

terms of your niche or what you’re doing

to talk to each other about the

the adventure that is youtube creation

right because no matter what no matter

whether you’re a person who’s selling an

item or you’re you know selling your

business or you’re a person who creates

content just for yourself

the process of making youtube videos is

a commonality between all youtube



definitely that has been uh

life-changing for me on a lot of levels


yeah and all of us know each other

because we’re youtube creators in fact

we were just talking about before we

went live like well all going to go to

vid summit and like yeah like and

they’re like we finally get to meet each

other in person


like it’s like it’s going to be i keep

saying it’s like when a camp like it’s

like yeah we’re going to be hugging and


minimally probably but we’re gonna do it

we’re gonna have fun i’m just so excited

about it

they’re like people

my extroverted heart very much needs


okay so

um uh

dr ninja art wants to know how do we

create our youtube channel and content

like like what is it i think that he

wants to know is like

what led us to our topics and how do we

come up with what we make

so for me i can talk so my youtube

channel is all in one social media

you’re in the chat that is who i am

commenting um my youtube channel is all

about creating content that helps you

grow your business with better social

media and content marketing


i started my youtube channel because i

run a social media agency that puts

military spouses to work and my husband

who was in the military we had gotten

stationed in south korea and i needed a

way to generate leads for my business so

i found youtube and youtube allows for

me to create organic leads to my

business while proving my expertise in

the industry and so i come up with my

content based on the needs of the the

pulse of social media in general and i

recently did a big rebrand re-change

over from mrs desiree rose to all one

social media so that i could work with


creators who were experts the in what i

didn’t know

so that i could give more value to my

audience like that’s how i come up with

like that’s on my youtube channel this

and that’s how i come up with my content

what about you natalie

well i

it’s interesting um

i i just i’m making content of things

that i was already doing i love to

renovate homes i

we typically move into a home and then i

renovate it and

just and i decided that that needed to

be on youtube my background is in

interior design and real estate but my

educational background is broadcast

journalism and public relations and so i

decided to kind of marry everything

together and do youtube which combines

all of my passion and all of my

educational background and i create

content that i think will be beneficial

and help um

others to like learn new skills and to

kind of get outside of themselves get

brave and do things that they never

thought possible um i built a fireplace

i’d never done that before i documented

on it and and then i even surprised


these are things that i just already

doing and then hopefully helping others

to be able to get brave and do

themselves and so i try to keep that in

mind um and and just do what i love

when you do what you love you’re not

really working

all right what about you tiffany because

i know you have two so why did you

create your

mom lifestyle one and then how does it

support your youtube educator one

yeah so um i know i kind of mentioned

this earlier um but something i didn’t

mention is one of the reasons i was

terrified of going from career mom to

stay-at-home mom is i actually struggled

really bad with postpartum depression

and anxiety

and it basically all those feelings came

back when i didn’t have a job to go to

to distract myself from that so you know

i was looking for ways to make money

online i’ve been working since i was 17

you know being in business was just

always a part of me and it just kind of


what led me to uploading my first

youtube video is i joined a blogging

course and you had to post a video on

youtube as a challenge to try to win a

laptop and that’s the reason i uploaded

my first video but i found a community

of moms who are also struggling and you

know i am very much about

like transparency is a part of just who

i am so and when it came to motherhood i

wanted to show other moms who may be

struggling with anxiety and depression

like you’re not alone and this is how i

manage things and you know these are my

systems and this is how i can help you

so it’s really about helping

new moms just navigate motherhood um and

then you know on the other side of that

there was a lot of moms who were getting

into being youtubers and i wanted to

help them on the other end on the

business end of you know you can stay

home with your children and not go back

to work because that’s something that’s

terrifying to moms you know you have

maternity leave and then i had to go

back to work my daughter was nine weeks

old and it was devastating you know so i

just wanted to show a different side of

things while again opening up that

transparency to say this is how we make

money this is how brands look for

creators this is how you rank and search

this is how you you know land on browse

just kind of opening the doors to

empower women all together so

absolutely fantastic right what about

you amara what led you to the tubes and

how do you know what to create

yeah so i had always been interested

i’ve been interested in youtube from the

get-go and had just kind of not done it

um and had a rather major life change

and decided maybe this is the time to

start publishing videos and i had like

this what i thought at the time was a

super impossible goal i wanted within

five years of making youtube videos to

somehow manage to get to the youtube

space in la that existed rest in peace


but uh i wanted to get the opportunity

to do that and then found myself very

quickly there and just kind of kept

following the adventure and eventually

started using youtube to push me to try

to live

life the way i dreamed of it being and

to reach out to people and to do this

which eventually became a story of

global community building that i am just

non-stop all about

that’s so fun

well as we start to head near the end of

our time together i want to make sure to

ask this very important question and it

is going to be how i usually end our

podcast do you think that there is room

on youtube for new creators

what do you think amara can we do we

have room are we

not just do i think there’s room i want

the people who want to create to start

doing so we bring each other up we help

each other get better in the in the

space that is women on youtube that is

so super important i remember one of the

first events i ever went to listening to

mamrie hart and emma blackery talk about

women picking women up and how that’s

super important to what where what this

industry is and what it can be um so

yeah if you’re interested i love it i

often tell creators that are new if

they’re thinking about it and they

upload a video assuming the content is

you know appropriate

i am more than willing to kind of

reshare that out to the world because we

can just help each other so yes if you

want to make content give it a whirl you

can always stop you can always decide

it’s not for you later it’s fine but why

not try

yeah no i think that that is so well

said what do you think natalie as

someone who i think does a lot of

crafting and diy stuff do you think that

there’s still more room for other crafty

ladies out there

absolutely i i have to echo what amara

is saying and

i think that there’s um


women contribute to the problem and

women are pretty nasty to women and i

would love to see more people

straightening each other’s tiaras

lifting each other up and championing

each other to succeed and do

what they want to do and so honestly

there’s the more the merrier

bring your voice it’s needed and it’s

never too late to do something that

you’re passionate about that you love

and that you can bring your own unique

spin on and so i say come and join us

we have cake no

make your own pictures

only there was could you imagine if

everyone who joined youtube got cake

like that would be


how everyone who joins youtube will get

a tutorial on how they can make their


frank what do you think tiffany

uh yeah i mean there is new creators

coming to the platform every single day

and you see them just absolutely explode

and take off you know and we always hear

it’s too saturated my niche is too

saturated but that’s just a limiting

belief we tell ourselves and you know

like i mentioned earlier it’s really

down to

what is missing in your niche and how

can you fill that gap and that’s how you

unsaturate your niche you know what can

you bring to the table that somebody

else can’t and i love when you mentioned

competitors earlier you said competitors

because there really is no competitor

like we compete i know for me personally

i compete with my last video my own last

video i don’t compete with someone in my

niches video i don’t care if they did

the same one you know we’re completely

different how we say things is different

you know i present a lot of the videos

on navigating youtube that you know

that iq can do and everything else but

it’s something that in my comments is i

love how you explain things different

than you know youtuber abc so even how

you explain it you’re editing everything

just makes you so unique and

when you find your people like that’s

all you need so definitely room for


yes and i especially want to take this

time to say there is room for everybody


we need your content we need your voice

we need your face we need what you have

to offer to the world because to get

cheesy and dr soucy you’re the you

easiest you that there is like there’s

no one else in the world like you i can

tell it’s my mom voice stepping in a

little bit but it’s just it’s so true

like i want you to be here you’re gonna

find such fantastic success you’re gonna

find some of the best friends and people

you’ll ever find in your life here so so

true don’t wait pull out that phone make

the video do the thing and you’ll figure

it out along the way

i want to say a big thank you to

everyone that was in our live chat today

i want to say a massive thank you to

vidiq for letting us do this takeover

and also for being a sponsor of this

podcast it is a wonderful fabulous

community to be a part of and this tool

will literally

change how

you use youtube so that you can create

better content that will perform better

we will be closing by the end of today

which is september 10th you can have any

time where you can go leave a review on

google or apple podcast to enter to win

a free vidiq boost subscription just

leave that review and dm me at mrs

desjareiro so they know that it got done

and then not i’m going to end this the

same way i and every live stream

remember you are impossibly amazing

thank you so much until next time bye


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