The Key to Getting More Reviews on Your Podcast!

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0:00 — The Key to Getting More Listeners on Your Podcast!
0:00 — Tip 1 — You Need to Know What its Like…
1:55 — Tip 2 — Give a Solid CTA
2:44 — Tip 3 — Include People in Your Shows
3:14 — Tip 4 — Try & Run a Contest
4:10 — Tip 5 — Use A Dynamic Ad Placement Tool
5:10 — Tip 6 — Tell People How They Can Support You
6:10 — Tip 7 — Ask Your Listeners Directly
6:51 — Tip 8 — Build a Podcast Community
7:55 — Tip 9 — Ask Your Guests to Leave a Review
8:45 — Tip 10 — Ask on Social platforms
9: 36 — BOUNS TIP — Ask on your birthday!

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In this video, Heather talks about 10 podcast tips to grow your podcast audience in 2022! These tips are what we use to grow our podcast! We will cover how to promote your podcast & how to grow your podcast listeners!

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Media Podcast YouTube channels.

=================== text video ====================

— So, how do you get
reviews on your podcast?

Now, Apple will not confirm

whether reviews help
or hinder your podcast,

but it is tried and true marketing

that when you can get
feedback on the things

that you’re doing you can
get them to more people.

My name is Heather Torres for Think Media.

And on this channel, we do YouTube tips,

gear review, and podcasting
videos, just like this.

So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing.

Now we are in the middle of a series

of how to start your podcast.

And in this video, we’re gonna be talking

about what you do once your
podcast is out to the world

and you need to get
eyeballs on that podcast.

And not just eyeballs on your podcast

but reviews on your podcast.

I’m gonna share with you 10
ways that you can do that.

So let’s jump into tip number one

— [Male] You got to just press record.

— This video is in
partnership with Buzz sprout,

the company that we use for our podcast.

And I love them so much

because they help make podcasting easy.

Now, if you’re anything like
me, time is very limited.

You maybe are running
your YouTube channel,

running a business,

and so you need something
that is easy to use.

And Buzzsprout allows you to
be able to post your podcast

and distribute it to all of the places

that people can listen to it on.

First, you should go and
leave a review on a podcast.

I know it sounds like what?

But that is what you should do first

because you wanna be in the shoes

of what you’re asking people to do.

So here’s a couple things I recommend.

Try leaving a review on your phone.

Try leaving a review on your desktop.

Try leaving a review anywhere that you can

to actually walk through
the process of it yourself.

Then you’ll see, oh
yeah, I had to click here

and I need to do this thing.

Oh, on this it doesn’t pull up.

You’ll actually know what
you’re asking people to do.

And this will help you
when you finally ask them

to leave a review.

Tip number two is you want to
give a solid call to action

in every single podcast.

Now call to action is just
a fancy marketer’s term

for letting people know something

and where you want them to go next.

And so in every single
one of your podcasts,

you’ll want to encourage them to rate

and review the podcast.

Now, depending on the
demographic of your audience,

they may have no clue what
you are asking them to do.

So, as you are talking on that episode

give them the step by step criteria

of what you need them to do.

If you are with maybe tech savvy people

you can just say rate
and review the podcast

and they’ll know what to do.

But maybe if you’re in a
demographic who is brand new

to understanding podcasts
or listening to podcasts,

you’ll need to go step by step

and you’ll know what to
say because you just did it

in tip number one.

Tip number three is in include
people in your episodes.

Read a review of someone who left it.

People love to hear their
names being called out.

And if they’re sharing the love

you want to show other people what kind

of reviews they should be leaving.

Reviews are great because
they help people see exactly

what your podcast could be about

and how it’s helping everyday
people like your listener.

So call out someone every single week

so that you can encourage
more people to do the same.

Tip number four is try and run a contest.

We do this here on our
Think Media podcasts

and we do free tickets
to our in-person event,

Grow with Video Live.

When you rate and review our podcast,

we have you send us that podcasting review

and you get entered into a
drawing for a free ticket

to our in-person conference.

You can give away anything you’d like.

I’ve listened to podcasts
before that give away books

or give away Amazon gift cards
or give away special things

that are related to that audience.

You get to decide what
that giveaway could be

but I can tell you that
incentivizing people

to enter into something
and actually maybe win

is a great way for you to
actually increase the number

of reviews that you have.

Maybe you wanna say when
we get to so many reviews,

I’ll unlock this thing.

That could be something that
could really motivate people

to want to rate and review your podcast.

Tip number five is using a
dynamic ad placement tool.

Now we are partnered with
Buzzsprout for this episode.

And Buzzsprout is a great company

that can help you get
started with your podcast.

They help you distribute your podcast

to all of the places where
people love to listen.

And there’s so much integrated
into their software.

One of those pieces is
called dynamic ad placement.

And this means that you can record an ad

and place it inside of
any of your episodes.

If you want an ad to be at
the start of your video,

in the middle of your video
or at the end of your video

and you want that to be
an interchangeable ad,

like rate and review your podcast,

or maybe your biggest promotion,
you want to place that

within your dynamic ad section.

Inside of Buzzsprout they
walk you step by step

of how to do this. And I can
tell you by allowing people

to know that you want
them to do something,

giving them a call to
action and placing this ad

in different episodes,
you can reach more people

than you could have before.

Tip number six is publish a short episode

of exactly how people can support you.

I know that I have some top podcasts

that I love to listen to.

And so when they ask for support,

I am one of those first
people there to help them.

There’s some podcasts that I know

when they’re running contests,

when they need to achieve a goal,

and if there’s a way as a
listener I can help them,

I want to do that.

So one of the things you can do

is publish a dedicated
episode about the benefits

of rating and reviewing in the podcast.

In our Think Media podcast, we always say,

«Hey this helps other people
like you find this podcast.

That means that when you leave a review,

people can instantaneously see

if this is right for them.

— And so friend, if it would
just take three minutes or less

to leave a quick review,
that would be incredible

because it helps the
podcast reach more people.

— So maybe that’s something you wanna do

with walking your audience

through exactly how to
leave their reviews.

Tip number seven is to ask
your listeners directly.

Now maybe you have
customers who are listeners.

Maybe you have established people

that you know are a part of
your podcasting community

and you can reach out to
them in a DM or in an email,

some way that you can personally ask them

to do this favor for you.

I know that I have friends

who are right now starting podcasts.

And one of the things that I love to do

for them is leave reviews.

Now, when we started
the Think Media podcast,

we asked our customers
to leave us a review

because we knew that that
could help us get a leg up

and actually get our
podcasts to more people.

So the tip is ask people
directly to leave their review.

Tip number eight is to
build a podcast community.

Maybe you wanna do this on a
discord or in a Facebook group

but you to be building a place

where your podcast listeners
could come together.

I think one of the great examples of this

is Chalene Johnson and her Chalene Show.

She has what’s called the PODSQUAD

and it’s a open Facebook
group that you can join.

And when you join this group,

that’s where she’s asking
people for reviews.

That’s where she is asking what
type of episodes they want.

That’s where she’ll go live

and have discussions about episode topics.

But this is the community
that she’s building.

And this is something you can do as well.

And one of the things that
they do when they ask you

to join the community is they ask you

if you’ve left a review,.

If you say no,

then their team personally
reaches out to you

and thanks you for being
a part of their community

and directly asks if you
would like to leave a review

for the podcast.

I know this is one to one combat.

This is really getting into it

but this is how your podcast
can grow, one review at a time

and it can start with
building a community.

Tip number nine, this is if
you have an interview show is

to ask the guests who are on
your show to leave a review.

I’ve had this done several times

and we do it here on
the Think Media podcast

because there’s nothing
better than having someone

with authority or someone

who is in your sphere leave a review.

That could be the one review

that someone reads where
they recognize that person

and they know that their
trust in your podcast

is something that they trust as well.

So ask your guests every single time

to leave a review on your podcast.

Now I have one more tip
for you and a bonus tip.

If you’re getting value
out of this episode,

why don’t you hit that like button?

And let me know down in
the comment section below,

have you left a review
before on a podcast?

Let me know in the comment
section down below.

I can’t wait to see what you say.

Tip number 10 is make asking for reviews

a social media routine.

What is so amazing about the
world we’re living in today

is that social media exists.

I know it could be controversial

but social media is a great
way to reach other people.

So if you’ve built any type
of a following on a platform,

be regularly talking to that audience

about the project that you’re doing

and be regularly asking
for reviews on the podcast.

You wanna do this because hope hopefully

as you are growing,

new people are seeing you on social media.

So if you make it a regular
part of your content plan,

you’ll start to see your reviews grow.

Now before I get to the bonus tip,

if you are enjoying this series

and you’ve missed the other episodes,

make sure you go back
and watch those videos

so you’ll know how to
start your podcast right.

And the bonus tip for
you is ask for reviews

on your birthday.

A great way for people to be
able to celebrate this day is

for them to leave a review for you.

I love doing this for days of celebration

and a way for people
to be able to give back

to the free content that
you’re providing for them.

So make it a thing every single
year to thank your listeners

and ask them if they
would like to, as a gift,

leave you a review.

You never know how many you
could get on that day alone.

So put it in a practice in this next year.

Now, if you are trying to figure out

how to level up your podcast,

you wanna click or tap
the screen right now

to watch another in this series.

And if you’re ready to
turn your audio podcast

into a video podcast,

then click or tap the screen right now

to head to that video.


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