#TeamSeas: @MrBeast & @Mark Rober Need Your Help to Raise $30M Now!

@MrBeast and @Mark Rober have launched a brand new campaign today called #TeamSeas to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of trash from our seas. Please donate today!

To sign up to #TeamSeas: https://bit.ly/3aSYAlR
To buy Merch to Raise Money for #TeamSeas: https://bit.ly/3aSYAlR
MrBeast’s EXCLUSIVE video created just for TubeBuddy: https://bit.ly/3jsqVEq
MrBeast’s #TeamSeas launch video: https://bit.ly/3nd2qfp
#TeamSeas official website: https://bit.ly/3Gd9UI7
#TeamSeas official FAQs: https://bit.ly/3aSPhT6

The most important thing that you, your friends, family, and work colleagues can do right now is visit TeamSeas.org and donate as much as you can to get the ball rolling! Every $1 donated is one less pound of trash in the ocean.

TubeBuddy is just one of the tens of thousands of creators who are publishing #TeamSeas today, Friday, October 29th at 1PM PT. The aim is to dominate YouTube’s trending videos page over the next few hours to bring maximum awareness to every YouTube viewer — and beyond! MrBeast and Mark Rober need to see those donations coming in!
If you published a #TeamSeas video today congratulations, you’ll be inspiring your own community, and helping to make an impact on an international scale. And if you haven’t, there’s still time! The campaign will remain active until January 1st, 2022 so you can still create plenty of content and posts to rally your community.

Our oceans are drowning in plastic and the environmental consequences truly are catastrophic so thank you from TubeBuddy, MrBeast, and Mark Rober for all awareness you can bring to #TeamSeas and how much money you can help raise.

Thank you to all of our partcipants!
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=================== text video ====================

question how many creators does it take

to change the world

we’re about to find out

hi i’m renee thiele the vp of community

here at tubebuddy we believe the creator

community can have a tremendous impact

on the world and that’s why we’re

excited to team up with mr beast and

mark rober to promote team seeds the

mission is to raise 30 million dollars

to remove 30 million pounds of trash

from the ocean that is a massive goal

and we need your help

now is your chance as a creator to get

involved and be part of the largest

creator-led fundraising campaign ever

the campaign starts now and it continues

until midnight on january 1st 2022

in addition to donating you can get

involved by creating content to help

spread the word so check out teamses.org

for all of the details

now you might be asking why is teamsies

trying to raise 30 million dollars to

remove 30 million pounds of trash from

beaches and rivers and oceans

here are some facts from our favorite

creators about the devastating effects

of ocean pollution on our world our

marine life and us

more than one million seabirds and a

hundred thousand marine animals die

every year from plastic pollution and it

said that a hundred percent 100 of baby

sea turtles have plastics in their

stomachs an estimated 229

000 tonnes of plastic is leaking into

the mediterranean sea every year

equivalent to over 500 shipping

containers each day

once plastic enters the ocean it can

linger there for decades if not

centuries for example a plastic bag from

the fast food chain kfc from the 1970s

was found 50 years later in the ocean

and more than one million plastic bags

end up in the trash every minute toxic

ocean pollution endangers the lives of

more than three

billion people globally through

contaminated seafood while everyone is

at risk the people that are most at risk

are the most vulnerable small fishing

communities coastal tribes and

indigenous peoples and by doing our part

to save the seas

we’re helping them survive the quantity

of waste entering the ocean is predicted

to increase tenfold by 2025. if things

keep going the way they are by 2040

there could be enough trash in the ocean

to cover every coastline in the world

with up to

pounds of plastic the total area of the

great pacific garbage patch which is a

collection of large areas of marine

debris in the north pacific ocean it is

estimated that area is twice the size of

texas only one percent of marine liter

floats everything else sinks to the

seafloor plastic has been found as far

as 11 kilometers deep contaminating the

most remote places on earth there are

now more pieces of plastic in the ocean

than there are stars in the milky way

single-use plastic items are the single

biggest group of waste found on

seashores products such as plastic

cutlery drink bottles cigarette butts or

cotton buds make up almost half of all

sea litter over 705 000 tons of

discarded fishing net drown mammals like

seals every year in a process called

ghost fishing coastal pollution from

industrial waste agricultural runoff

pesticides and sewage increases the

frequency of harmful algae blooms known

as red tides brown tides and green tides

these blooms produce powerful toxins

that accumulate in the fish and

shellfish we eat when ingested these

toxins can cause dementia amnesia

paralysis and even rapid death according

to the united nations plastic accounts

for 85 of all marine litter those are

some staggering facts but by joining the

tmc’s campaign you can make a difference

and help clean up our beaches and our

rivers and oceans

if you’ve published a team c’s video

today congratulations to the inspiring

your own community and helping to make

an impact on an international scale and

if you haven’t don’t worry there’s still

time the campaign will remain active

until january 1st 2022 so you can still

create plenty of content and posts to

rally your audience to donate and to get

involved don’t delay start creating