#StandWithUkraine — YouTube Channel Reviews (DONATION ONLY)

Today’s Channel Audit Stream is by donation only. Whatever side of the political fence you may sit on, millions of innocent civilians are caught up in this conflict and they need our help.

Your donation will help the UN and their humanitarian partners operating in Ukraine through the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund — one of the quickest and most effective ways to directly support urgent humanitarian relief on the ground.
For more information or if you want to donate directly: https://crisisrelief.un.org/ukraine-crisis

Please note that due to the possible volume of donations and time constraints, a donation does not guarantee a channel audit — we apologize in advance if we can’t get to your channel. If you make a donation we will do our best to audit your channel. We may give preference to higher donations. We will be monitoring the donation screen to make sure we get to as many channels as we can. If you would like a free audit do make sure to return next week. Also, we assume that if you donate you want a channel audit.

Since we talk about thumbnails so much here’s some extra material for you:
🛠️ Thumbnail Workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX1c0vOM16o
🖼️ BIG thumbnail playlist on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTYbelo0OEJ5IabgyGJiKOP-dVCBfXLsH
🎓 vidIQ Thumbnail Academy Course: https://academy.vidiq.com/courses/master-custom-youtube-thumbnails

🎮 We audit a lot of gaming channels, so here’s some in-depth info to help you grow your gaming channel:
https:// youtu.be/BbeNf4Irzlo
https:// youtu.be/Ve8ukl13oGc
https:// youtu.be/a-udJ-KNIKk
https:// youtu.be/FZ68Bi9IL7Q
https:// youtu.be/jxR2x_Kn6Y0
https:// youtu.be/9dPVyp-DNrc

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