Reclaiming The HUSTLE Mentality

Any successful creative or business endeavor requires hustle in order to succeed. Yet, as Tim is personally experiencing, that hustle can become unhealthy over time and leave you in a pretty bad place. So today we’ll discuss Lennon’s HUSTLE definition, which provides a healthier framework for evaluating our own work, both creatively and inside our business and helps ensure that life remains more balanced.

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great to hang out with you again for

another video creators

podcast episode every week me my team

lennon delano and myself

we just do our best to help you guys

move forward with your youtube channels

and the businesses that you’re growing

around them so you can

not only make more money but ultimately

reach more people and change their lives

with the services

and with the content that you’re

creating for them

and this comes with some risks

it comes with this idea sometimes

especially in our

society today that it’s important that


hustle hustle hustle you you grind

and that you drive like if you’re not up

all day and all night working

hard on this thing then you’re gonna

lose to whoever is

and i’m gonna be totally honest with you

guys it’s gonna be a little bit more of

a personal

episode uh because i personally

am experiencing some of the

i don’t know what the right word is some

of the repercussions of

of that in some ways and uh

even had a doctor’s visit this morning


i’m working through some of that lennon

has already worked through some of that

and so i’m looking forward myself

honestly learning from london and

hearing how he redefines what hustle

should be and what hustling like what

that mentality should look like

in a way that we’re still working hard

to accomplish the things that we want to


on youtube and our business with our

family and our personal lives

but in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the

very thing that we’re trying to just

really accomplish and and kind of

maybe destroying ourselves in in the


so is this is a very important


it’s not typically one of the ones that

everyone gets excited about like how the

algorithm works and how to get more

views on youtube and

how to get more subscribers and how to

make more money all those things are

important we believe

as tools that we can use to further

reach people and change their lives

but there does become an unhealthy place

where those things

start taking over and i

i if you’re listening to this now you’re

like nope not me

tim like i would just encourage you like


you should just listen anyway and find


because i’m just thinking of myself i

know for the

for the past seven years of just going

really hard here at video creators i

would have been like

no not me i got that i don’t have any of

those symptoms of those problems

until it just kind of hits you literally

like it just hits you and then you’re


what is going on you’re like oh wait i

have that problem too

so even just thinking about it my chest

is getting a little tight so we should


move on and

uh let’s talk about this topic here in a

pretty honest

honest way and figure out how can we

help each other out as

creators who are who are working through


our moderator today is ken king i think

you can for for being here and put his

link to his channel in that we’ll set in

this in the description here in the show

notes if you’re

here on youtube in this down in the

description you can find a link to this


thank you adventures in dirt for for

moderating us today what

what he’s doing is throughout this

session whenever you have any questions

that are on topic

like questions that are on top off topic

we’re not going to be addressing today

uh if you have problems with starting to

grow your channel or things like that

those are great questions we talk about

those things other weeks this week we’re

talking about reclaiming the hustle


and so as lenin goes through this

material with us if you have questions

about that

ask those in the chat and and adventures

in dirt ken will

will do his best to grab as many of

those that are that are relevant and on

topic and put them in front of

uh lennon and i and we will answer those

questions here at the end

as many of them as we can and kind of

help you guys go through them if you

haven’t checked

out ken’s channel like i said there’s a

link down in the description below

he’s i just checked out earlier today

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you’re seeing everything that he’s done

uncovering with his metal detector


gold and jewelry and coins and just like

all sorts of like things that i was like

that might be buried beneath me right

now i should go get a metal detector

but he’s also just giving info on the

entire metal detector community

which sounds it was like really cool to

kind of catch up on that so go check out

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lenin i know this is a topic that you’ve


a little bit you want to tell us a

little bit about your story and then


mine of course you could help no yeah as

a strategist on my team

so uh he’s one of the guys who’s working

with our clients and people doing

youtube strategy for them

yeah so good uh good to be here for

another week i’m excited to to talk

about this

i think that when tim asked if i had

anything or he

we have a trello board it’s like here’s

some ideas for podcasts and this one was

sitting on there this is something i’m

kind of working on for my

own audience because this was something

that really hit me

about two actually

probably about four or five months ago

so just after the pandemic had hit and

the reason was is there was about

six months seven months there

where i was working seven days a week

whether it was here doing my other job

you know working on my own side business

playing drums

doing anything i could for that very

reason that like if i let something go

what’s gonna happen how am i gonna how

am i gonna make sure that my bills get


how am i gonna make sure that my side

business is growing how am i gonna like

just the questions just start to come up

you know and and so this is something

that i really took some time to think


and because i believe that we have to

work hard but i think that working hard

is not necessarily the same as this

hustle culture that we hear everybody

speak so romantically about um

because when we start to romanticize

this idea of

hustling all the time and just going

really really really hard

without giving our body what it needs

then something starts to happen and

that’s called resentment

um you know or feeling obligation so my

coach said it this way the obligation

is a breeding ground for resentment so

if we feel obligated to do something

versus feeling

inspired or excited to do something then

all of a sudden it’s going to shift the

way we approach it

we’re not going to make as good a

content as we’re trying to make we’re

not going to put out the things that we

want to do to grow the business that we

want to create and i think that that’s a

really dangerous

um it becomes an addiction truthfully it

becomes an addiction

oh yeah there we go yeah there you are


they switched my microphones it was

going off the wrong microphone this

entire time

this sound better now yeah it still

sounded really good

so i don’t know maybe on this end it was

fine using my airpods before

so uh i think we’re on the right track

now yeah sounds good

okay all right

for me it didn’t get to the point where

it was

uh well let me say this way i didn’t

feel like it was an addiction

it was uh let’s be honest with you guys

here you know running video creators for


seven years like i always kind of

thought that this business is here to

serve my family and to serve the


who are aligned with our mission the

people who have like

who are trying to reach people change

their lives grow a business around that

like that’s

that’s who we’re here to serve and

any of you guys who have started growing

a business know that comes with a lot of

different expectations

and a lot of different pressures and it

has different impacts on

those of us who are entrepreneurs and

business owners that like most people

just don’t understand they don’t they


get it you can explain it to them and

they’re like wow

why are you complaining like everything

else is you know they just

oh everyone can only see this stuff

that’s really

like oh i wish like your my life was

more like yours in this sense in that

sense but i’m like i don’t think you do

because that

sense in this sense comes with all these

other senses that you don’t know about


or haven’t experienced yet and if i

explain it it sounds like i’m just

whining or complaining but the pressures

are real

and it’s been growing and growing and


for me here to the point where you know

just be honest with you guys

i had a doctor’s appointment this

morning there’s some physical

uh stuff that’s coming up that i am i’m

that guy i’m like oh i don’t ever feel

stressed like i hindered all handle it

all really well and never any

problems and then i started getting

these physical things and there’s like

yeah those are all signs of stress like

you might not

feel it on like some sort of sad


level but your body is definitely

feeling it

like tim when was the last time you did

anything fun just for you

like that wasn’t related to like your

family or your work or your creative

creative stuff or just like the only

purpose the

goal was like just got fun for you and i

was like

11 years ago

it kind of started i mean it wasn’t that

was before the business started that was

but that was the first step was like

when my daughter was born

our first daughter um we now have seven

kids so that’s been part of it too you

have seven kids in eight years

you’re just like on you’re just on goat


like the entire time and but so when our

daughter was born that’s when the first

shift happened and then

when i lost my job that’s when the

second shift happened because now i was

like really trying to figure out how do

i provide for the family

and then got a job lost a job started

video creators and

it’s just been like go go go go since

then and people

usually typically it’s not uncommon for

them to ask me like tim

how do you do everything how do you get

it all done and i was kind of

struggling to be like i don’t get it all

done there’s always more and i just like

and so now

uh it’s kind of all catching up with me

and so i feel like i need to get to the

telling my dad my wife dana on a date

last night i was telling her like i

think i just need to take like

two weeks off which i know sounds normal

for those of you guys who have jobs

like a two-week vacation once a year or


but i’ve taken time off here and there

but mostly just for family travel and

things like that so

um and we do do saturdays are always off

but i need like a more extended period


anyway yeah it’s uh i’m looking forward

to hearing from you

lennon and kind of learning from your

journey here

as we go through this material and

learning how i can have a healthier

hustle mentality

well let’s jump into it well let’s do

our creator spotlight first here

well let’s jump into it right after this


creator spotlight


um before we dive into that though i

want to introduce you guys to our

creator spotlight

this week it is carlos devis

and when carlos and i started working

together on his channel

it was about a year ago and he came to

me with like 40 000 subscribers been

working on it for

uh several years and he all these things

i remember that first session with him

i was like no carlos you can’t do this

you shouldn’t do that like you gotta


and he hated the responses because

he was like he really loved some of that

content that i was pushing back on and

some of the things that he was doing and

he had heard from other people that is

absolutely the way you should do it and


he’s like no i don’t think that’s i was

telling him i don’t think that’s how you

should do it and he didn’t want to get

rid of it so anyway

to get to his credit he he did a lot of

the things

that that i did even though he didn’t

want to that some of the things i told

him to do

and in one year instead of spending

another couple years trying to get to 50

000 subscribers

he took his channel over six a few years

think of six years went some zero to 40

000 subscribers and then in one year he

went from 40 000 to 250 000 subscribers

in less than a year

and so this conversation you’re about to

hear is at the tail end of one of our

sessions together

and i just asked him hey what what

changed for you on your channel how did

you go from 40 000 to

a quarter million in one year and i

his response i think is not what i was

expecting him to say actually

but i think it’s interesting it’s a

different perspective that we haven’t

had here yet

when it comes to how do you grow your


so let’s cut to that little conversation

with carlos and then we’ll be right back

after that tell everyone what you’re

doing on youtube and what your channel

is all about

okay we help the people to in to get

financial peace

like and to learn how to

make money with real estate in a safe

way you’re like the spanish version

of dave ramsey uh but but with real


not just debt and climbing out of debt

and getting off credit cards and

things like that yeah so you have been

working hard on your channel we talked

uh almost a year ago and you had about


40 000 subscribers and it was

been a pleasure for me to talk with you

because sometimes i do these sessions

and people take a lot of good notes

and then they leave and then that’s kind

of the end of it like

you don’t actually do the things which

that we thought but you were the


you you went all in worked very hard on

your channel and here we are

almost a year later and instead of 40

000 subscribers you have over a quarter

million subscribers doing

millions of views hundreds of thousands

of views on many of your videos

what would you say over the course of

the past year

were like the main things that you did

in your channel that really contributed

to that type

of growth okay two things and and also


a lot of money you know

yeah you sell training courses and

you’re a coach

yes but you know the first thing for me


uh doing the appointment with you you

know that mega

yeah really i had my channel from 2014.

you know kind of a dead body that i have

in my freezer you know

oh no

but then i i take that

the the consultation with you and i i

we really love your advice and it was


magic you know in very few weeks

we applied you know word by work what

you as

you told us and really is incredible

what we have done i

appreciate very much for oh yeah you’re

welcome i wasn’t even expecting that

so thank you i’m glad that that was so

helpful what were the things that

you did on your channel that unlocked


first is to really be open

to do what i need to do or

in the form that is good for the people

you know because i

i i get used to one ways to

to give my message and i

in my case i did seminars or training or

coaching or

audios but video is very different then

it’s very easy and i am 66 and then it’s


challenging because youtube is a lot of


it was very challenging but if you focus

in what you have and you are open to do

it in the way that works

as you say you know the numbers

and do it one keeping the consistent

and more than

compare myself with other people is do

it a little better

every day you know for me the main thing

is paying mentoring and investing in

seminars and trainings because really

it’s a it’s an incredible investment

even if

my channel didn’t have money i i invest

in you

and your mentoring and mentoring for me

is a great

great investment yeah i’m looking back

on some of our notes here from our

previous session

and one of the things that i know you

worked really hard on

was making your thumbnails and your

titles more clickable

in terms of teasing value as opposed to

just trying to cram keywords in there


i know that that really made it a lot

easier for you now you get most of your

traffic from the home page

and from suggested traffic which means

that when your audience finds your

content they’re just clicking on it like

youtube’s just

surfacing it to them without them even

looking for it and that’s where you’re

getting a lot of the growth from and i

know that comes down like

the first time we talk i know you’re

very heavy on using a lot of text on

your thumbnails

and you’re repeating the title of the

episode and the thumbnail as

the title of the video and now you’re

focusing primarily on a visual in the

thumbnail with some text but it’s

complementing the title which is which

is really good

i know you’ve been focusing as well on


our three bucket strategy of

discoverable community and sales content

and and making each video crafted with

with a specific goal

in mind as opposed to ever the goal of

every video is to get views get

subscribers make sales

rank number one go big on reddit get

lots of comments lots of subscribers

you know all these different goals for

every piece of content you’re on the

right track man i’m excited for your for

your channel

oh thank you very much

i’m so excited for his channel too and

you guys can go check out a link to it

down in the show notes if you want to

check out and see

what he’s doing what his growth has been

like and how that’s been working out

for him and if you would like to do what

carlos did and sit down do a

one hour one-on-one private consultation

with lennon

elena myself our team you can do that at

consulting and you can just go right

there kind of see a little bit more

about what it entails

and just click a session and book it

right on our calendar you can see

exactly what our availability is

pick us a slot that works for you and

get yourself right on our right on our

calendar there and we would love to

to sit down with you now for each of

those sessions lennon or i are dealing

whoever’s doing it we spend time before

the session

looking at your channel you’re going to

tell us a whole bunch of questions and

give us some notes and things that you’d

like to discuss

as a part of the forum that you fill out

but we will come prepared to talk about

those things

as well some of our own notes and

thoughts and maybe questions you didn’t

even know to ask

things you didn’t know to consider that

we think would help you reach your goals

on youtube and then we’ll just spend an


going through it i know an hour doesn’t

seem like a whole lot like how much can

i really get from an hour but

it’s been my experience in lenin that

most people at the end of an hour are

like oh my gosh i had no idea

that we were gonna cram this much into

it and they usually walk away feeling

they’ve got

like six to months to a year’s worth of


at that point uh is that what your yours

have been pretty

typical like that too yeah

yeah hands down i mean it’s usually like


can uh right like i just recorded this

right i’m like yeah i recorded it

my favorite part is all the light bulb

moments and epiphanies that are


and stuff in them so uh yeah we do

record the sessions and we’ll send you a

link so you can

go back and for your own private use and

go back and review them

see if in case you missed anything

because uh yeah we do cram a lot in

there but if you want to check it out


lennon uh i don’t want to start that way

lyndon i’m um curious to hear more from

you uh not only about your story but


you know what this hustle definition is

that you have and how you think about

hustling in

in a in a healthy way because i know

mine’s not super in a healthy spot


and uh looking forward to hearing from

you so where does this start what should


consider as we kind of think about this

well i should i should preface it by

saying that

one of the things so i recently invested

in in

private a private coach and and one of

the things that we’re working on

together is

really being reminded that this is a

daily journey

like there is no getting this all right

right away

that when you are changing your mindset

which is really what a lot of this

is about we’re changing our mindset

from being results driven to process


are we loving the process so much that

we can continue to do it and enjoy it

when we only focus on the results if we

never get those results

then we’re just constantly spinning our

wheels towards something that

ends up again going back to that thing i

said earlier

causing us to feel resentful toward what

we’re doing

so there’s um so i’ve put this in is it

called the acronym

is that what you use so yeah when you

say the letters and hustle stands for


yeah so i’ve made a new

word or a new phrase for each letter

within hustle

and the first one comes from a practice


they do in addiction recovery so my

mother was an alcoholic

and her she was clean her last 10 years

of her life but

one of the things that they they say in

addiction recovery

is if you’re hungry angry lonely

or tired that you need to stop

and take care of those needs so if

you’re hungry you need to stop and eat

if you’re angry you need to stop and

take a breath if you’re lonely you need

to phone a friend

like you know get regis on the phone and

then if you’re tired

like go take time and and it’s so

interesting because i’m a

first account just like completely

i’ll go against these all the time it’s

like okay i can go another 20 minutes

without eating

and next thing i know i’ve forgotten to


and i’m another hour deep and then when

i look at the work that i’ve done

it’s not even that good like i’ve just

barreled through and it’s that law of

diminishing returns

or if i’m tired then i’ll plow through

because it’s like well i’ve still got

another hour in my work day

even though i’m tired i’m gonna still

plow through for that hour when it’s

very likely that if i would have taken

that hour just to rest

my day tomorrow could have been twice as

effective or my night with my family

which is something that really i value


a huge extent would be a lot more


which would then lead to a better day

tomorrow we’re never

thinking about the long term in the

hustle mentality we’re only thinking

short-term gains and that can be a

really really dangerous place

yeah i i think of it as like i always

feel like i’ve always got like one more

thing to do

and then i do that thing there’s like

one more thing to do i’m not really even

thinking about

like the long term i’m not really

thinking about it’s just always like

one fire another fire do this thing put

that thing out and it’s

and and as you know lennon like even

when i’m going through

uh like our project management tool that

we use

for stuff i’m always like what is that


that like i’m always looking at not just

what i need to do today but i’m usually

working on things that were actually due

like two or three days ago

and sometimes i’m i’m ahead on some

things right but

uh but it’s just yeah and that that’s

just not it’s

it didn’t feel stressful it’s kind of

like oh that’s just how i work

you know but i don’t think i should be i

think it’s important though that

we not that we realize that

that if we look at the 80 20 rule right

that 20 of what we do is actually going

to accomplish 80

of our goals you know you may have

things in the tank that you’re like i

should have done this three or four days


but the thing we really just have to all

be looking at is

what’s the most important things right

now and some of those things are then

going to have to sit in the tank for a


and really i think the most healthy way

to work is to learn to not

be so concerned about that checklist

that it’s not about

things still being there because they’re

gonna be there like you said it never

goes away and i think the faster we

realize that

and just are able to embrace it and say


this is this is going to be here

tomorrow and that’s okay

and tomorrow may have its own things

that we have to struggle with and deal

with but that’s all right i’ll put those

ahead where i need to and we’ll just

keep going down eventually you do get to

those things

it’s like cleaning out your garage like

i have a garage i wanted to clean

all summer here we are about to hit


and it happens but i know that that’s

not something that’s going to move the

needle in

what matters the most to me in my life

right now

i think one of the ways i tried

addressing that problem in the past was

just to be like well

there’s too much going on i can’t do all

of it right now and so i’m going to hire

someone else to start doing that

and then they get full and they don’t

have time then they start feeling the

same way you do and then you’re like

well i’m gonna hire someone

and i think i’ve tried to solve that

problem in the past by just hiring

people and throwing more time and hours

at it

and there is certainly a place for that

i don’t know like especially based on


sessions that i’ve been doing lately i

don’t know that that’s where

you should start because i’m i’m seeing

more and more people

being like well i don’t have a good i

don’t have a

sustainable financial model around my


i just feel like i need to make an

investment into it and so i need so

so i need to hire all these people right

out of the gate and that might be

a good strategy for some people and some

brands i’m not saying it’s bad

but it’s has happening more and more and

more where i feel like people are just

trying to like if i i’ll just throw more

money at this and more people at this

and i’ll solve this problem and i’m more

and more convinced that it’s not

that like i said there might be a place

for that but there might be a place

where you just need to do less

in the beginning and you just need to

say no to more things

and have a clear definition of what we

do and what we don’t do what

what is what we can handle and what we

can’t handle

even when it comes to our our creating

content of just saying

like this could be really good this

could be amazing video this could be

amazing for our channel

but what’s it gonna cost me not just

terms of money but in terms of time and

energy and

and uh emotional equity relational

equity all that

kind of stuff and especially the younger

generation that’s

um doing a lot of social media stuff

for hearts and likes and subscriptions

and they’re start

living their life for that stuff rather

than just being able to be present in a


and just have friends because they like

those friends in their company

as opposed to having friends of like

what kind of photos could we get

together when we hang out

so that’s probably not as much our

audience here

but it is a concern of mine and

i can see i used to feel like oh that’s

not me but i can see how we all can fall

into that in our own

different ways just different labels and

different topics but same issue at its


absolutely yeah but you know hands down

i think

it starts with you know what do we need

as people

to keep ourselves like in our bodies in

check and so

i think that halt mentality of hungry

angry lonely tired if you’re hitting any

of those

take a break because there is nothing

that needs your attention

so because your business your youtube

channel whatever it is you’re trying to


cannot run without you and so um

even if you hire people like ultimately

it can’t run without you

so make sure you’re taking care of you


so the second one is the you which is

understand what you want

so you just kind of touched on this tim

it’s not really more followers because

if you don’t know what you’re going to

do with those followers you’re just

going to want more

so what is the thing that you really

want there it’s not more money because

if you just know

you know if you don’t know what you’re

going to do with that money then you’re

just going to keep wanting to pack your


and so you know what are you going to do

with that money or those followers once

you have it

and what is it that you want to bring to

people so one of the exercises that i

did to figure out what i want

is my coach walked me through this thing

where she said what what do your days

look like when you’re showing up as


there’s no like you’re you’re living the

life that you want you have the business

and the place that you want you’re

making the money that you want what does

that lifestyle look like

and a lot of it it was crazy because a

lot of it was i’m spending more time

that’s purposeful with my kids

i’m taking a couple trips a year

i’m doing all these other things you

know it’s like i’m investing in the

right stuff

and then when i started to look at it it

was like why do i need to wait

to make some of these things happen you

know it was just a it was a

an ignorant moment for me i felt like

such a dips because it was like

these things can exist without the other


but if i use these things as a driver


to say okay i can live this life that i


while pursuing these goals and dreams

and aspirations in my career and all

these other things

that’s like a bonus level that’s like

working it’s like having the star in

mario brothers right you’re just like

doing the whole thing and so that was a

huge shift for me to think about that to

just understand what it is that you


want and you know on the surface level

it’s followers on the surface level

it’s business on the service level it’s

money but there’s always something we

want from those things those are going

to serve ourselves our people in our

lives in certain ways

and we can start to serve in those ways

sooner than we think

we just have to give ourselves a little

more credit

how would you recommend someone start

that exercise just like literally just


put that question at the top of the page

and just just brainstorm and answer it

yeah so what i did is

started with what do i feel like is

missing right now and a lot of times it

started with those things like oh well

i need to make x amount of dollars and

then um so that feels like it’s missing

and then you just

go deeper and deeper and it’s like so

what am i doing to try and make that


oh well i’m spending an extra 30 hours a

week doing this other stuff

and then the question becomes okay well

what is that

extra 30 hours a week costing you

what does it cost you to take that extra

time that you know you don’t want to


and then it came down to oh it’s costing

me my family time

it’s costing my kids not spending enough

time with me it’s costing my wife and i

not being able to check in and

communicate on a deeper level

and that was like oh that’s the thing

that i actually want is the thing that

it’s costing me

and then it was it was a whole new level

of okay this is where i need to focus

first and then start to roll back the

other way

yeah yeah when i first started video


a business consultant person recommended

that i write down ownership objectives

of what what are my objectives for

owning this business what do i want to


and uh it’s interesting i’m thinking

back on that list now

and a lot of those things are not even

things that even cross my mind anymore

today and the objectives

have shifted without me even realizing


and when you’re not paying attention it

drifts into

weird things not weird in the sense of

like that’s

unusual but just like it’s just not

intentional it’s just not as

strategic as you might have hoped it

would be when you first

were starting so yeah yeah that’s good

so uh number one halts number two

understand what you want number three

is uh the s which is start so

just start making stuff so if you’re

stuck in a place

where you know you don’t know exactly

what to do next

and you find yourself procrastinating

because of it

just start publishing something just

start connecting with people just start

doing something

there nothing builds confidence in what

we do

faster than action because action when

we take that action we slowly start to

get more confident in what we’ve done

when we sit there and we just wait for

something to happen

then we’re not actually making any

headway we’re just going to continue to

dwell and say

you know am i able to make this thing

happen so i what i want you to hear

is that this hustle mentality is still

about growing the thing that you want

it’s not about

okay how do we just stop and be quiet

and not work like i want

i know we need to do hard work so that

what i’m getting at here in this moment

is like now we just have to start

we have to start we have to stop over

thinking and putting the perfection um

expectation on everything and and that’s

one two of the biggest tells that i have

for a client when we start a consult is

um one when they say

so how do i make sure that i’m growing

that i get to 100 000

subscribers in three months i’m like

well if that’s your end result

like if that’s your goal like you’re

gonna have some problems when you don’t

hit that thing

right and then the other one is the

opposite of that i just want to get this


i got to make sure that i get have

everything just right where it needs to

be before i

take that first step i want to make sure

that i’m going to get the highest return

on my investment i hear that a lot

i just want to get the highest roi on

this thing so we got to make sure that

it’s just right

and then you know this tim like as a guy

that’s built multiple like that doesn’t


and like ultimately we we have to just


in order to see where it falls short so

we can start to make moves in the right

direction right

yeah you actually pushed me in this last

week lennon

with uh those who get i don’t think i

mentioned this part

about my story lately but um

this is i’m in counseling now as well

for for some things that have been

popping up there’s been like a big

pressure cooker

over the past uh well it’s come to a

head over the past few weeks but it’s

been a slow build over seven years

and uh and so between the stress from


business and the advice from my

counselor and things like that

it’s like tim you need to do these two

things you need to one

learn how to manage stress and part of

that is just doing something that you

love and enjoy doing

that has no connection to business or

family or anything it’s just

so i’m thinking like in that regard

things like uh

trying to get some guys together and

going for a camping trip for a weekend


uh trying to figure out how to play xbox

again because i haven’t done that in so

long i

kind of missed it and i think about it

and things like that

uh but this other thing was like tim you

need to get into a better routine of

physical exercise

again as well and i i’m getting older

and things so i need to

not just for health reasons but just for

just managing stress and and

things too so uh

and so lennon last week i was like i

tell them the team this

and i and i do like biking it’s

something i did um a lot before the kids

were born in fact that’s when i

when i was saying the last time i did

something for me it was probably about

11 years ago when my daughter was born

i was really into biking finally saved

up bought a road bike

and i put 700 miles on it in three


and then my daughter was born and i’ve

done like 700 miles

total in like the past 11 years you know

so lennon’s like just get on the bike


roll to the end of your driveway check

the mail and roll back

right and caught like just start just do

something and so thankfully i went up

that a little bit and took my

my oldest son uh he’s 10. he and i

threw our bikes in the back of the truck

and went to a park and rode for about

four miles so

boom but it wasn’t so much because i got

physical exercise out of it as much as

like i just

got on and did it so in a different


that’s kind of what you’re saying lennon

is just start

and i was thinking i can’t go back to

our team meeting on tuesday until then

i didn’t get on my bike so i’m telling

you a day early i did it

a little a little healthy obligation

there well

and what i like though is that when if

you can take again

it’s that um this this all kind of

connects you know it’s like

if we’re lonely tired right if we’re in

the halt thing

for tired a lot of times that has to do

with how are we taking care of ourselves

and that’s been the same for me so i’ve

been walking every morning

but what i said to myself was like i’m

just going to go outside i’m going to do

a lap around our little track

and now that’s turned into like an hour

almost every morning

and it’s an amazing time for me but i

figured out the thing that

doesn’t make it an obligation it just

makes it something i enjoy doing

but i know that it’s helping me on on

multiple levels so

um yeah so that’s i think that’s awesome

i love that you did that well the hard

part for me is like i don’t have time to

work out i don’t have time for

counseling sessions i don’t have to

and then like well wait that’s the very

that’s how you got into this place in

the first place is

that and so it’s coming to me like what

am i going to say no to because i’m

going to say no to something

and i don’t want to keep saying no to

myself because your point in the very

beginning is if

you’re not taking care of yourself

you’re not you’re not useful to anybody


and i’m like yeah yeah i’m doing fine

taking care of myself eating sleeping

you know anything else i need to do

apparently yes

so uh the t in hustle here in my own


definition is take risk invest in


and invest in yourself with your


invest in yourself with time as tim just


uh invest in your whole self this

doesn’t mean just like

take video labs right like this is

what do you know that you need and for

me this was spending

way more money than i thought i could

afford on a coach

because i knew that i needed some sort

of different accountability

to push myself where i could go

because i knew it was in me and i still

know it’s in me and i still have so far

to go but even these little steps in

just a few months have been so

cool but that took me trusting that i

can invest in myself

because nobody nobody’s ever going to

believe in your idea more than you will

and we often want to like

we want to give it to someone else and

say can you help me do this and then

when they don’t show up the way we want

what happens like

we’re frustrated we feel like the idea

is not worth anything

we just have to remind ourselves like

it’s our idea it’s our baby it’s the

thing that we’re putting together and so

you know we just have to be able to

invest where we know we need investing

and to be wise about it but to also take

those risks

because if we don’t take risks then

we’ll never know what we were capable

capable of and

i’ll say this you know um

the things that i thought were the

biggest risks i also felt this

like paying in my gut that was like i

know this is a risk but i know that

somewhere down the line this is going to

pay off

and ironically enough um

video labs and then paying to go to

vidsummit was one of those things and

then here i am

you know luckily i’ve made my money back

on those two investments thanks to you


yeah and i have two thanks to you so

but it you know it is interesting in

that way that

when we trust our gut and we and we take

those risks

that we know are investing in ourselves

the person that

no one else is going to trust as much as

we do and we have to learn to trust that

person too

that’s when the payoff starts to happen

because we have to

we have to believe before anybody else

is going to believe

i think the fear is though like for me

as i listen to you

i’m thinking what i need to do

is i need to figure out what i’m going

to say no to and what’s just

not going to happen uh yeah and

especially now like this all this stuff

is kicking in pretty intensely for me

this week when in due to some

due to a decision i had to make for our


internally and that has

repercussions and ramifications that are

like now there’s even

more that needs to be done that needs to

be handled

and i’m like i know it was the right

thing to do

is the right time to do it but it’s like

now i’m forced even more to say no to

things and

it just feels like what are we just

going to say no to

and you know like

that just sounds risky like if it’s

we’re going to talk say it’s like take a


it’s like it feels risky for me like you

know what we’re just not doing that

thing anymore

or like i just can’t do i’m not saying

i’m going to do this but for the sake of

the example it would be kind of like me


i just can’t do consultations anymore

yeah like what

well that’s you know a lot because

they are revenue and also legion for our

for our business

and uh it’s a good opportunity i like

doing them they’re fun

i like hanging out and getting to know

people and hearing their stories and

hearing what’s going on their channels

and helping them take steps and i love

the light bulb moments that they’re

experiencing and

i love you know carlos comes back a year

later be like here’s what we did you

know like i love all that stuff

but i think what i’m learning is like

sometimes you have to say

no to good things in order to say yes to

the best things

and those best things have just been


illegal improperly i don’t know the

right word is

not very uh healthily defined yeah

yeah do you do you feel like because i i

think about this

a lot again you know

we’re s um

i don’t i don’t remember where this this


froze where this phrase came from but

i heard craig rachelle say it we often

overestimate what we can do in the short

term and underestimate

what we can do over a lifetime of

continuous work and effort you know and

and i think about that same idea in my

own stuff like

i’m like oh i want to get this video out

and do this thing

and but i’m also like well but in order

for me to make the money that i i need

to make to push the next the bigger


forward it may mean that i don’t get the

video out this week

but that’s serving the bigger picture we

we make it so forever when it doesn’t

have to be forever it can be in the


i actually one that is one of the things

i was thinking about like what if i just

did a video

once a month or every other week like

what if i

just instead of doing these every

thursday videos

what if and i don’t know what to do with

that yet um like i said this is all kind

of new for me right now this

just in the past week where it’s all

kind of coming to a head but

um but yeah i have thrown around that

idea too of just

yeah and it doesn’t need to be forever

it can just be for now

you know it’s like sometimes we get

behind on some things to get it

ahead in others and um well too and as

you as i think you know business like

or london like a lot of our business

doesn’t necessarily come from the

youtube channel

a lot of it comes from word of mouth of

people working with us and then like

their channels are growing and people

like well what did you do on your

channel like you’re

like oh i work with video creators team

you know so it’s

a lot of our best clients come from from


and i was almost kind of thinking like i

like doing the videos because it helps

people at scale i think that’s the main

thing i enjoy about it is that

you can help a lot of people at once

with and give people who wouldn’t

otherwise be able to pay for access

information they can still get access to

it that way

so i like that part of it but there’s

this other part where

i was like maybe just right now like if

a video stopped would that impact the


i don’t know you know so

anyway that’s not the point necessary

here but just like an example of

something i’m thinking like i’ve never

said no to before

maybe i do for a season anyway yeah

so the l in my own hustle here is love

what you do

so um i’m not naive here like i know

that we’re not gonna love

everything that’s happening

um i love my kids but i don’t always

love being a dad let’s be real right so

it’s like

the idea that your work though

will not be fun this hustle mentality is

that sometimes we’re just not gonna be

able to have fun for a long time we’re

just gonna have to be in the trenches

and like

do the thing and you’re just not gonna

enjoy it for a while and i get so

aggravated at that because that is such

a dangerous trap

to like put your mindset into because

what you’re doing is you’re setting


up to that point where it’s like

the only way things pay off is if i’m

punishing myself first you know

we put ourselves in this punishment

mindset of um you know i just got to put

my nose to the grind

and like really neglect everything else

and this is where you see people start

to really climb a certain ladder but

they get addicted to

that style of the process because they

feel like that’s the only way that’s

going to get them to the next

place and i think that that is so so


and i believe this myself like that was

my thing

up until pretty recently and you know i

realized that if i can’t love where i’m

at in the process right now

then i’m never gonna love it like we we

we don’t just all of a sudden start

loving it because we hit some landmark

once we hit some landmark

we’re gonna want to go to the next

landmark that’s just human nature

so we have to be grateful and and really

like thankful and grateful about where

we’re at in the moment and just trust

that where we’re at right now is exactly

where we’re supposed to be

and when we can come from that place

man when we hit that next moment it’s


how you know how much better is it that

we’ve now

hit this goal but we still just love the

process along the way and so i think we

can totally love what we do

i think it has a lot to do with what you

were talking about tim which is like

you know allocating our time to

the things that matter the most to us

and maybe it is a place where you start

to hire out some of the other stuff that

you’re like this just isn’t

my wheelhouse i don’t like this at all


this would totally be worth investing in

somebody else to take care of this for


you know those those kinds of things um

yeah have you dealt with this at all


getting into that like especially early

on i

it was i was kind of thinking that i was

on my date with my wife yesterday

last night i told her i was like

i was just being honest here guys it’s

been real i don’t know how we were real

and honest i can be here yet so we’re

gonna find out

but i was like i don’t want to work

i want to take like it’s not that i

don’t like video creators and i don’t

like what we do here i don’t like the

mission or the people or anything like


it’s just like i feel done inside like i

need to take

two three weeks and

not take off the way i normally take off

which is

like i’m still checking in on slack

still doing emails and still hopping in

on meetings and

um and still doing consultations but

like i might block off a day because

we’re traveling into my in-laws and then

i’ll do the sessions for my in-laws

house instead or something

but just like i’m not checking in on


i’m not i’m just just like my computer

just stays off

for a couple weeks my getting my my

chest is getting a little tight just

talking about it

so um that’s that’s exactly what i mean

so i don’t know if that’s

so what my my what my thought was when

you say like love what you do

and like if you don’t take a break from

it and

like eventually you don’t love what you

do anymore and the very thing that you

were like you said earlier i think

the thing you were striving to build and

create in the first place

becomes the opposite of like what you

want it to be

for you and so what i’m not saying i


like i said i’m not saying i don’t like

video creators it’s not fun or anything

like that because all that just

so i would i love doing what i do but i

think there’s a

timer just like i just need to stop for

a little bit

and so that i continue to love what i do

long term yeah absolutely i mean and i

think that

so you had the keto twins um

comment up there and it’s like

that that’s a part of it too you know

like all these little things where

you know if if we’re organized

and i’m awful at this full disclosure

but i’m trying to get better about it

but if we if we plan ourselves and to at

least to a place where we can see what

needs to get done

then in these moments like they’re

talking about where it’s like you’re

just not in the mood for this thing or

you don’t feel up for it

you still have other things you can do

or yeah just to take a break

is not the end of the world like

sometimes what you need is a break

i would advise though that a break is

not necessarily

a distraction and i think that’s what

i’m trying to get at here

too is that this whole halt technique

and some of those things

like if you’re hungry don’t go get on


or if you’re tired like don’t check your

facebook account like that’s not

really fulfilling the need

that you that you have because what that

does is just takes up more mental energy

and what we know is that when you’re

using your mental capacity you’re

literally burning calories and when

you’re burning those calories

there you’re not going to make it easier

on yourself when you get back into the

thing that you need to do

yeah the keto twins commented in the

live chat said also realizing that

sometimes you aren’t in the mood to film

yesterday i had that experience just

felt off so we kept filming and decided

to take a break

instead and relax except for what i do

keto twins i’m like i don’t i just feel

off and i feel like all right i just

gotta power through this

and i’ll just do it anyway because the

editor needs it by a certain time and

date so that the producers can get it


right and i’m just so yes

but you’re like you know twins i

probably do need to do more than that

last one here the e of hustle and then


sniping the questions and then we got a

new thing for you guys here too we got


we’re kind of dropping quote of the week

and going to power tip of the week so we

got that for you guys in a little bit as

well so

let’s wrap up with e first so the last

thing here

is you know now that you’ve you’ve

learned how to kind of rest yourself and

to invest in yourself i just made that

up look at that

put that in there rest yourself invest

in yourself

we’re figuring out what the things are

that we love to do then

examine the things that are working and

refine those ideas so the e is examined

take a look at all that stuff that you

started making see what’s resonating the

most with your audience

and take a look at all the stuff that

you’ve let go of take a look at all the

stuff that you’ve started to

really put your whole self into in a new

way and how does that

how does that work your creative spirit

how does that make you feel and double

down on the things that make you feel

the best

double down on the things that work the

best for your audience we say that all

the time with youtube

and double down on the things that work

the best for you because

what i mean i cannot tell you how how

often i’ll get people that are like

so lynn what like what kind of videos

should i make then like what’s gonna get

me all these views

and that is like that’s just so

dangerous because when

when you when you always are looking for

that kind of thing

and it’s not honest to you there’s to

come a point i can promise you that

you’re going to be like this isn’t me

and now i’m actually known for this

thing and now what do i do

and now you’re just frustrated you know

and it’s just like it’s inevitable it’s

it just happened to me it’s inevitable

like it’s just what happens when we seek

the result

first and not the process that fits us

in terms of then seeking the result then

we end up in

in some pretty hairy situations later on

down the road

let’s dive into some of your questions

here from the live stream the chat well

let’s kind of do a lightning round here

because there’s a lot of questions and

i think we could probably turn each of

these questions into it’s

full uh it’s full

like an episode here so first one we

start with the questions from

people who are channel members and this

is from diy gene

i sometimes feel very alone in this

process taking

talking youtube with family can cause my

wife and son’s eyes to glaze

glaze over how do you keep up that


and i guess what i’m thinking over all

that in here is just the lone the alone


of this process yeah uh and it’s not

just the alone part of this process but

the alone part of like no one under

the general idea that no one under

really understands like when i went to

the doctor this morning he’s a new

doctor because

i’ve been the doctor in like several

years i had to do a new patient thing

and end up with a different doctor all

that kind of whatever

so she’s like oh yeah what do you do and

i was like

i don’t want to get into it really

because soon as you say anything or you

do something with youtube people have

lots of questions

sometimes it’s fun but this time i was

like i

do video marketing and they’re like

she’s like oh super

generic and safe you know so no

questions there

um but that that’s the type of thing

that makes you feel like

like i’m alone like no one really

understands what i do

and i don’t really my that case that

moment felt like explaining it

anything come to mind for you for

someone like diy genesis people in

general who feel like alone in this


and just don’t have anyone to talk to i

know you got a

life coach i got a counselor but um

i guess yeah you think that is that

where you go or somewhere else

well i think sometimes that’s the

unfortunate process

is that you know it it can take

investing in somebody that’s going to be

able to give you what you need because i

think when we when we’re growing our

anything that’s our own we have our own

vision again it goes back to that idea

that nobody’s going to believe in your


more than you do because i deal with

this too like my wife there are times

we both have our own you know influence

type things that we’re doing

and we both can just be like okay i get

it i see what you’re doing that’s cool

but it it takes like finding somebody

and it may take you investing in some

sort of mentor or somebody that

can be there to do that the other thing


take the time to seek out the types of

people that you

that you would like to potentially have

relationships with so one of one of my

goals right now is literally to seek out

new relationships

in my space and that um

that means it’s going to take extra time

for me to do that

but i know that in the long term that’s

going to be way more beneficial than me

feeling alone all the time yeah

learn along ask any tidbits for those

who are perfectionists and it takes me

just eight hours to edit a video

and a 10 minute video which means one

full week to complete just one video

i would say learn along that if i were

in your spot

uh it’s always easier for us on the side

to give you advice and i know when

it sounds a little trite to say some of

these things but

uh i would i would challenge yourself to


a no edit video could you just sit down

do a one take

and call it good maybe a trim like the

beginning of the end or something like


but even your mistakes in the middle

just just roll with it publish it

and i’m not saying you should do that

for every video going forward but i

think it might do for you is just

break through the perfectionist thing a

little bit because it’s going to hurt

it’s going to be really hard

and the video might not it might do

terribly and that’s fine but the point

isn’t to make that video do amazing it’s

just to practice

backing off on the perfectionism a

little bit and getting closer to like us

you know the 80 20 rule where you spend

80 more time on that content to get like


more results on youtube though typically

like you spend

95 percent more time on it get five

percent more results

so uh that’s my quick response to that

dude real estate asks how would you go

about balancing

uh balancing hustle versus balancing

getting after it especially

with another business and a and a family

any quick response there london when it

comes to balancing what you’re saying


like the time i guess my quick response

to that too and i’ll hear what you say

is that

i think there’s seasons for different

things like when i started video

creators it was i got all hands on deck

there was no one else it was just me

and i had to do everything and it was a

really intense season

and then i hired some help as that

started becoming more fruitful

but then there was another season where

i really had to figure out 30 days to

better youtube channel when i first

wrote that as a little pdf guide and now

it’s developed into a full-blown course

but there was times i had to tell my

wife i’m like hey here’s the

we always put a date on the calendar we

try to make sure that it never went on


like i got this intense season where i

gotta get this thing done

and i’m gonna be working late and

getting up early and not coming in for

lunch like i normally do

uh but the launch date is right here

which means by this date like

i’m back and that helped my wife and

family just kind of know this wasn’t

going to go on forever

and it helped them be able to more be

more supportive of me during that

season and it also kind of helped that

that season didn’t just

keep going without stopping so i do

think that there’s appropriate seasons

of intense periods of work the problem


if it’s just kind of like and i would

say it’s always been intense i think my

intense level is probably higher than it

is for most people

but and lennon might i don’t know i

don’t want to

let him know he thinks

there does need to be seasons of that

but i guess what i’m saying is like it

should be defined and not go on forever

and i think for my my mistake is that my

season of intensity

has been like the ceiling’s been too

high for too long

and what i consider intense is what most

people call insane i guess

so yeah

yeah so i would say that the first thing

to do is

block out the things that mean the most

to you now so that those things

get the due time they deserve so if you

need time for your family

block that out if you need time for your

other work block that out and then

whatever time you have left

you start to get real creative with what

you can do

with that amount of time then you may

find okay

all of a sudden i’m you’re thinking

about like okay i gotta put facebook

stuff out and instagram and youtube and

i gotta do these other things

and it may start to realize like i can’t

do all those things

so what is the most important and then

you put those things first

so look at what what is really important

for you and move forward in that

so james dune has a question says so

kind of along these lines so go hard for

three months doing three videos per week

knowing it’s unsustainable long term or

find a long term sustainable pace

that will grow slower so he says for

context they went hard on youtube three

times a week over lockdown and saw fast

channel growth

but eventually had to take six weeks off


should he can be considered like a

middle ground there in terms of like


keep pushing or uh

for a new for a smaller channel who’s

yeah getting started what would you

advise i think the benefit of doing a

little more than what you’d like

when you’re early on is is more about a

learning process

but not at the sake of your health um


mental or physical health so you know

sort of to tim’s point i would i would

make it seasonal where it’s like okay

my ex set your expectation of okay i

want to do one a week but hey this week

i can actually do two that’s cool

i’ll go ahead and do two this week like

you know make it more about what your

what your expectation is and meet that

so you’re not creating these

unwinnable games that my coach calls it


where it’s like i’m gonna do three a

week every week and that’s just no

matter what and then it’s when you fail

at that

there’s so much internally and mentally

that starts to happen so make it


and then the other stuff becomes cherry

on top yeah

we’re gonna wrap up with uh let me say

it that way

we got a new thing we want to do with

for you guys called a power tip of the

week we’ve been doing a quote of the

week for a while

and it’s been something that a lot of

you guys look forward to but we kind of

wanted to

up the ante a little bit and and try

something new with a

power tip of the week for you guys each

each week and so

delana will normally be be hosting these

with you guys here as part of our

episode but she is out today

in case you haven’t noticed so uh

her she did write the tip for for me to

share with you guys

and she said to make any headway on the

things that you really want with us

growing your channel scaling your


have more time with your family etc you

first need to know the outcome of what

you want and they need to set a plan

according to that and this is something


delana does a lot just personally as

well as inside our business

she starts with the big picture so she’s

saying here set the yearly goals for

yourself for your channel your business

your family whatever

start with the big picture and then what

are the goals for the year

and then reverse engineer it down to

quarterly monthly

weekly and daily and she says

she’s saying here like do not set daily

tasks without the big picture in mind

otherwise you just get stuck doing work

and fall into busyness

and like a rocking chair this is my this

is my quote now here’s your quote of the


like a rocking chair it’ll give you

something to do but it won’t get you


what do you think about that one lennon

what’s up i mean with my ozarky and

roots my like southern arkansas

roots that’s like right up my alley well

she did have a quote for you though too

which is you cannot be satisfied until

you know what you are craving

and it kind of summarizes a lot what

we’re talking about here is

is how do we know what we want

but sometimes the thing that we want is

d more deeply rooted in something that

we actually want

and so the things we spend a lot of time

doing is trying to get to this goal

and all of a sudden we end up trying to

serve that goal instead of the thing

that we want

in a healthy way so her advice is to

start with the big picture

and then work backwards from there which

i think aligns with what you were saying

too lennon so

all good stuff i would love to hear from

you guys

what your response is you guys are

listening to the podcast

version of this i know we kind of shared

a lot of things here a lot of different


and unfortunately the best way that we

have for you to reach out is just to

tweet me

on twitter at tim schmoyer i would love

to hear your responses i’m thinking

about maybe getting a text messaging

like a phone number you guys are

listening to the podcast and just


your responses because i do really want

this to be more of like an interactive

community thing and not just uh

tim lennon and elena have ideas that you

need to hear type of thing

and so you can tweet me let me know what

you think about that but just your

overall response

uh it’s been fun for me to read the

reactions so you guys given different

ideas and stuff for me like

hey have len and delana do videos

instead of you on your channel

which believe me it’s something i’ve

thought about but i think if i did that

to them then they would end up exactly

where i am

so i don’t want to do that either we got

to figure some stuff out

but thank you guys for your support who

have been here in the live chat and

those of you guys who are listening

definitely want to hear from you and

just thank all of you guys for hanging


and we look forward to hanging out with

you again next week monday at 2 p.m

eastern time at video at

video creators

for another live stream and podcast

recording we’ll see you guys then bye