Pro Tips with Yammy: Spotting Sponsored Videos

Creators sometimes make money by promoting other brands in some of their videos. Join Yammy to learn more about paid promotions and get some tips on how you can identify these videos!

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Hello everybody,
I’m Yammy.

I’m a full-time YouTuber

and I’d like to talk to you
about paid promotions.

As creators,
we sometimes make money or get free stuff

by promoting
other brands in some of our videos.

Ads, sponsorships, and partnerships

are ways that we can help pay
for the cost of making videos come to life.

And they’re an exciting way
for us to collaborate with brands

that we’re passionate about.

It’s super important for us as creators

to be open and honest
with our audience about these partnerships

with announcements
at the top of our videos like «#ad»

and «#sponsored» in the description.

I’ve worked with plenty of brands
to bring sponsored content to my channel

enabling me to bring
some of my favorite new games

and projects to my audience.

If you’d’ve told me
five years ago that I’d be working with

some of the biggest companies
in the gaming industry

I wouldn’t have believed you.

It’s always an honor to be acknowledged
by a company that you admire

when they come and approach you.

But it’s super important

to follow the rules
surrounding paid promotions.

Whenever I post a sponsored video

I always make sure to follow
my country’s guidelines on advertising.

Making sure that
I verbally announce at the start of a video

that it’s sponsored,
so that people can choose

if they’d like to continue watching.

I also include the relevant hashtags
and disclaimers in the description.

It’s important for us as creators
to be open and honest with our audience

when we take on paid work to make sure
that we’re not misleading our viewers.

Make sure that
you’re aware of these paid promotions

and consider the incentives behind them.