Pro Tipps mit Paluten: Umgang mit Cybermobbing

Unsere Online-Aktionen und -Worte können andere verletzen — genau wie wie im echten Leben. Erfahre mit Paluten, wie du Positivität verbreiten und hasserfüllte Inhalte melden kannst. Entscheide dich dafür, freundlich zu sein und gib die positive Einstellung weiter!

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where notter on youtube i’m known under

the name putin in the mass of

gaming videos today i talk a

bit about the topic of friendliness

may sound a bit strange at first,

but in my opinion it is a topic that is definitely

neglected, especially online and

so it was always

my goal here on youtube to entertain people in a positive

way without rough

swear words without devaluing people i

just try as best i can to be

a good

role model within the scope of my possibilities to be a good example for myself now, for

example, never made a difference

So treating people online or often crying

with respect and, in

my opinion, that is also the right



not correct so you should always

think twice about it n what


you might not send on again, brother and he people

if you are bullied or

overhear something contact your parents

or other trusted persons if,

for example, I notice that

someone is insulting other people during my videos

or options the person is being taken

directly by blocked for me so something should

just not have a place for me but also i

can not have trained somehow

chat all comments so

you can also actively fight this on youtube

by reporting inappropriate content

or comments filth you

can simply click the three dots under

the video go or, alternatively, with

a comment, go directly to

the button to summarize the topic here

a little bit

can Let’s just help a lot of people so

that they don’t become victims of bullying,

thank you



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