Pro Tipps mit Paluten: Digitales Wohlbefinden

Technologie spielt eine große Rolle in unserem Leben, aber sie kann uns von den Dingen ablenken, die am wichtigsten sind. Schau dir einige Tipps von Paluten, wie du dich um dein digitales Wohlbefinden kümmern kannst. Halte deine körperliche, geistige und emotionale Gesundheit in Balance!

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As someone who works a lot on the pc

, I really had to

learn to set limits for myself over the course of time

because yes there were definitely times

when I just completely exaggerated

because working 18 hours a day on the

pc is simply not healthy in the

long run and constant headaches tinnitus were

the consequence not only physically

the time was really too strong but also

mentally i didn’t focus completely on

my work and as a result I

rarely saw my friends or family

luckily the time is over

now because i have

managed to limit myself

I now try

to keep the weekend completely free

and I no longer work until late

at night but try

to go to bed at the same time every day

because people have a good night’s sleep is so

incredibly important you can, for example,

your youtube notifications easy going to

adapt to your sleeping habits so the

g eht the latest title notifications during the day

but somehow nothing gets woken up at night

because I accidentally thought

to unlock kilos to match there is also a break in

bedheim reminder so that

everything remains within the framework so people take

an example from

the digital brush of that time Wellbeing is a

little out of joint but

rather take 20 21 as an example who

sets his own limits and does not escalate completely



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