Passive Income Ideas: How to Start Making $1000 a month EXTRA

Making Money by setting up Passive Income can help you earn extra money even $1000 a month. Here are some Passive Income Ideas that ACTUALLY Work and How Much Effort they take to Make $1000 of Passive Income Online.

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=================== text video ====================

passive income is one of the most

important things you can do if you want

to be able to have a much more secure

financial future because i think with

the great resignation everything else we

see going on around us we’ve all woken

up to the idea that there’s no such

thing as job security but at the same

time i do know that there are a lot of

things out there that are misinformation

and so what i want to do is i want to

tell you how you can start earning

passive income even a little bit at a

time maybe even just an extra 500 to 1

000 a month without any get rich quick

schemes or shady multi-level marketing

or any of that nonsense because the

truth and the fact is that we say

passive income we’re talking about

automated income automation is currently

displacing a lot of work as it is right

now and there are people who profit and

benefit from how automation allows a

customer to put money in and get value

out it’s kind of a vending machine based

model of exchange instead of trading

time for money which let’s just be

honest hasn’t exactly been working out

for a lot of people the most important

thing to understand about this and why

passive income particularly the type

that i’m going to get into

is not a get rich quick scheme is number

one well it didn’t work out quickly for

me that’s that’s a big part of it but

the other part of it is just

understanding that we’re talking about

exchanging value that’s a big qualifier

and nobody ever actually

made money in their sleep overnight it

was a process and it requires specific

skill sets

and information and so that’s what i

want to get into really with today’s

video and we’re going to approach this

and i’m going to talk to you about uh

three specific ways

how you can start making a thousand

dollars a month in passive income and

i’m gonna start with one that might be

obvious to a lot of you the funny thing

about the concept of there being no such

thing as passive income is that every

single youtuber that you’ve ever heard

say that nonsense which according to the

irs actually isn’t true by the way the

irs says their passive income they tax

it that’s that’s a thing so it does

exist but the funniest notion about

influencers and people on social media

on youtube and tick tock who say this

nonsense is well they’re all making

passive income they’re making passive

income as content creators because again

we’re talking about

automation we’re talking about a

mechanism where they’re generating money

without actively

trading time for their money they’re

getting paid residual income from

content that they may have created weeks

months or even years ago and i know this

from personal experience here on youtube

there’s content i’ve made on youtube in

terms of tutorials that still four years

after the fact continue to pay me

hundreds if not thousands of dollars a

year for work that i did a very long

time ago yes some people would argue

that that’s not passive income because

oh you did actual work at some point but

that’s not how you define passive income

it’s not making money without doing any

work it’s making money without doing

work today and still making money today

it is getting paid today even without

having to actively exchange time for

wages that’s all we’re really talking

about we’re talking about an exchange of

value where you’re not having to do work

right this moment you are benefiting

from work you’ve previously done or

value that you are still creating

without being involved there’s a lot of

ways that this is done for content

creators and this has actually been true

for a very long time if you were a

musician for example let’s just say you

weren’t even a youtuber if you were a

musician you could be making money off

of licensing your music and still

getting music sales you also could be

getting royalties from streaming

services like apple and spotify and

amazon right this moment book sales in

terms of the licensing of your books and

the publishing of that multiple

languages or the ebooks and audiobooks

you could be making money royalties in


for all of that or if you made a deal

where you invented something and you

sold the licensing rights to your

invention or your patents you could be

making money on royalties in perpetuity

and royalties is a form of taxable

income that is under the classification

of passive income as acknowledged by the

irs here in america in fact youtube

changed its terms of service to classify

this income that we make as content

creators on the youtube platform as

royalty-based income because of the

different negotiations and treaties we

have with other countries involving

taxes and so to say that there’s no such

thing as passive income especially if

you’re doing it on a platform like

youtube is actually kind of ridiculous

so by creating intellectual property and

content that can either pay you uh

through a platform based revenue system

or the traditional royalty model that we

see with music and television movies

licensing photographs things of that


that is a form of legitimate passive

income now the way that a lot of people

earn as much as a thousand dollars a

month from the passive income if you’re

a youtube content creator it’s by making

consistent content and by generating ad

revenue around that if you have a large

library of what’s called evergreen

content then you could

basically stack your ability to continue

to make revenue

even when you’re not uploading videos

for mental health reasons and things

during the pandemic there have been

times where i’ve taken more than a month

off from youtube or even two months off

from youtube and still made thousands of

dollars in ad revenue alone that’s not

something you can do with a traditional

wage based income model and that is one

of the reasons that people pursue this

type of thing because it allows them

more time freedom and yes it’s variable

income a lot of people go well what if

youtube goes away well we probably over

the last couple of years have seen that


thing called job security is largely a

myth it’s more likely that that goes

away than you lose youtube in some way

it’s much more likely with that being

said youtube’s not the only way to make

passive income it is a very practical

way but if you have a podcast a blog or

some other form of social media or a way

to generate traffic another method of

passive income is e-commerce and

directly selling to an audience instead

of taking revenue from a platform you

can obviously do both and that would be

a really good way to uh start to earn

passive income the most obvious way for

a lot of people is print on demand


such as t-shirts hats

even posters and things of that nature

now the margins on these actually in

many cases end up being about the same

as if you you wrote a book and sold it

but it’s a lot easier to design a cool

t-shirt or hoodie based on a meme or a

slogan or an affirmation uh you probably

won’t make a lot of money selling your

logo unless you’re like a famous person

but you can actually just lean into

a culture and

something that’s really interesting or

just really dope artwork and you could

probably make the same kind of money as

if you had book sales and it’s probably

easier to sell this than to sell a book

because it’s something that doesn’t

require a huge commitment typically you

will make somewhere between five and

eight dollars on most print-on-demand

products after cost if you use platforms

like spreadshirt uh they’re something

that you get to use even here on youtube

if you get to 10 000 subscribers they

actually put an integrated merch shelf

below your youtube videos to help you

easily promote it to your audience

there’s things like that well you don’t

pay money upfront but the money is

directly taken out of the profits you

would otherwise make and that’s how the

print-on-demand services work so again

you typically make somewhere between

five eight twelve dollars per sale

depending on what it is which means if

you wanted to make a thousand dollars in

passive income from uh shirt sales

merchandise that sort of thing if that’s

your product system then let’s look at


you’d probably have to make somewhere

between 150 200 sales if you have enough

traffic then that’s actually not going

to be that difficult you might need to

have some kind of traffic source where

you’re having 100 000 visitors on your

platform to kind of translate to those

buying customers and so

that is

considerable amount of traffic but if

you’re making quality content it’s

actually not that bad that’s also about

what a lot of people tend to need

somewhere between a hundred thousand to

a million views on youtube to earn a

thousand dollars depending on what niche

you’re in in my particular niche if i

get a hundred thousand views on youtube

i make about fifteen hundred dollars for

every one hundred thousand views so as

you can see it really depends on your

niche the type of audience you have what

kind of commitment they can make and how

affluent they might be but they don’t

need a large sum of disposable income

for you to start making decent money

there are other types of e-commerce as

well you don’t necessarily have to sell


prints on demand products but for those

of you who are skeptical you’re gonna be

more comfortable with physical products

because you you know you’re getting

exchange of value there where it’s

something people can hold in their hands

but digital projects uh that you do in

terms of templates downloads and things

of that nature uh either this could be

for web design graphic design any number

of things well those kind of assets

tend to be something that one you can

charge a little bit more for but you

actually keep more of the profits your

profit margins on this if you have a

let’s say a 30 product probably going to

keep 25 of that 30

when transaction fees and all of that is

said and done so

keeping more than 90 of the revenue

probably is going to be very nice

compared to

making 20 or 30 margins on physical

products and a lot of people do go into

digital core sales with this i have

nothing against digital core sellers to

be honest i know a lot of people like to

complain about it but i feel like if

someone is qualified in what they do i

don’t see a problem with that and it can

be extremely lucrative if you want to go

into digital courses the same way for

print on demand i recommended

spreadshirt for you which you can sign

up for for zero dollars i do have a free

trial link if you want to try out a

platform called kajabi i use it for my

membership website membership is not

passive if you do it the way i do where

you’re doing live in person like well

not in person virtual live training in

real time then that’s not passive it’s a


active or hybrid business model but if

you sell a do-it-yourself course that

someone can learn at their own pace on

their own time you can use something

like kajabi and that would allow you to

sell it directly host it with unlimited

uploads and make passive income that way

i’m going to link to that down below if

you want to check out a free trial that

is my affiliate link which actually is a

good segue to another way that you can

make passive income another way you can

make passive income is affiliate

marketing and affiliate sales again this

is something i know people get really

sketched out about and want to say is a

scam but it’s not i want you to imagine

for a minute that you were getting 10 20


of every sale that you’ve ever made for

your current employer or your previous

employer that you got to keep

30 let’s say of every dollar that you

ever made that company wouldn’t that be

great the problem is if you were gonna

get that they’d be like well then your

commission only and we’re not gonna pay

you a salary most people are not in a

position to take that risk in terms of a

full-time income however as a side

hustle as extra money now you’re talking

and so the way that affiliate marketing

works is it is commission

sales so you might get either a fixed

rate called a bounty for when you refer

somebody the easiest way a lot of people

get into this is amazon i think the best

way to start is audible because it is a

five dollar flat fee on a free trial of

audible recommending a book an audiobook

people can listen to they get to keep it

for free forever it costs them zero

dollars and you get a five dollar

commission which means to make a hundred

dollars you recommend 20 people that

spend zero dollars and get an audio book

forever okay so that means you need 200

of those to make a thousand dollars a



this could be a little bit more

challenging because well you can’t

basically get repeatable earnings out of

this it’s a one to one every one person

you get that’s the five dollars you’re

going to get off of this the audible

side and that’s basically it

but that doesn’t mean that you can’t

double dip on this with amazon affiliate


and still benefit from other things they

might purchase or physical books or

e-books for kindle there are a lot of

opportunities within the amazon

ecosystem to earn money and earn passive


again you could even make your own book

or ebook that wouldn’t actually you

could make an ebook for like zero

dollars and you could actually earn off

of that as well i just happen to think

it’s harder to write a book something

i’m currently finishing up myself it’s

harder to write a book than it is to

make a t-shirt or a hoodie or a hat


by far and it’s not even close and at

the end of the day you’re going to make

the same money per transaction it’s just

more prestigious to write a book with

all that in mind amazon is how a lot of

people myself include get started in

affiliate marketing

there are higher end things that can

earn you more money in affiliate

marketing a primary example would be

cameras and camera lenses i use a lot of

very expensive professional camera gear

both as a photographer and as a content

creator when i recommend professional

camera gear to people to ask for me i

make sometimes 90 commissions on a

single sale of single lens so if i go

high-end i only need 10 15 customers on

a high-end electronic

like a camera professional camera lens

or camera body 10 15 of those i made a

thousand dollars in a month that’s it

now there are other categories where it

is not nearly as lucrative i’m giving

you an example so this is how someone

makes a thousand dollars a month with

affiliate marketing of selling existing

physical products you also can earn

passive income through recurring

affiliate commissions when you sell

software and services one of my best

ones obviously is tubebuddy what exists

for content creators it’s a youtube

plugin for productivity seo organization

it also has tools to help you with your

thumbnails and a b testing and a lot of

other cool features and so i’m a super

affiliate of theirs and whenever i bring

someone to tubebuddy i get 50

of what they spend with tubebuddy for

the lifetime of their account it’s been

about six years and i earn about five

thousand dollars a month in recurring

passive income from tubebuddy as an

affiliate that i would not have to go

out and hustle for what happens is

eventually though some people move on

they quit youtube they don’t use the

service anymore things like that and so

when that happens you obviously have

that money start to go down but as new

people come in you start to earn more in

my case with helpful tutorials and

things like that i’m able to have more

people sign up for free but even the

people who sign for free if they decide

to start paying i earn from that as well

so software services are great ways to

make passive income through affiliate

marketing you could also

build your own software as a service and

you can earn a lot of income from

building an app or building a software

most people myself included just don’t

have that advance of a skill set to do

that well or the time and energy to do

that run it marketing

invest in the servers all of these

different things but you could tap into

an ecosystem of a product that you

already like that you already use and

you could recommend it to people like

you and that is how affiliate marketing

works and when i break it down like that

you gotta admit there’s not really

anything scammy or sketchy about this

you can make content for an audience of

people that like what you have to say

and like your personality you can earn

passive income through ad revenue from

that you could make cool products

whether they’re physical or digital that

that audience actually likes and enjoys

and wants to have and people can put

money in and get the thing that they

want at and you don’t have to physically

be part of that process it’s a


the same thing for referring business to

a company you already buy from your a

trust you’re getting a cut of that

transaction without having to be an

employee of the company that’s how

passive income works that’s how people

make money online this is how people are

making money in their sleep this is how

people make

a thousand dollars or more a month and

this could be extra income or this could

provide a very good livelihood for


either way and when you diversify like

this with content creation selling your

own products and affiliate marketing

this is how most people who are social

media content creators and influencers

actually diversify their income and earn

a full-time income as a content creator

and now you know

more or less the same thing that they

know and this is how people are doing it

myself included like i said passive

income not something that people do

overnight people who make money in their


don’t do it overnight it takes time a

lot of times i think it takes about

maybe three to five years to start to

get a really good stable footing but you

can start small with your first 100 to

one to one thousand dollars a month

and that would be something extra for

you that might be able to relieve stress

solve some problems in your life or

allow you to start to move forward in

something you’re more passionate about

if you enjoyed this video on passive

income make sure you check out my make

money online playlist i’m going to link

to that down below if you’re actually

curious about some ways to make money

online that i know actually work i’m

going to link to a video that i also

think you enjoy both of those are going

to be in the description as always thank

you so much for watching and don’t

forget go out there and create something

awesome today

take care


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