Instagram is PAYING Creators! New Instagram MONETIZATION !!!

Instagram Just announced its Influencer Market Place for Influencer Brand Deals. Creators will be able to get Brand Deals by matching with Companies in the Instagram Influencer Marketplace. This is huge news for the Creator Economy anyone who wants to be a full-time influencer.

This is still a developing news story but whenever Social Media platforms offer in-platform monetization like this it’s going to attract more Content Creators and more activity on the platform. Instagram having its own Influencer Marketplace for Brand Deals, which is the primary way Instagram Influencers earn an income in the first place is a BIG DEAL for Creators.



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=================== text video ====================

— Instagram just announced
that they are launching

an influencer marketplace for brand deals

to pair influencers with brands

so that creators can get paid.

This is a huge deal since
brand deals are the primary way

that Instagram content creators

and influencers make their money

since there’s not currently
a direct monetization piece

within the platform.

Instead of having to go
through a talent agency,

a PR company, or do direct
outreach on their own,

influencers would be able
to connect with brands

and be able to facilitate deals
directly within the platform

for their Instagram
stories, their IG reels,

or their feed post content.

And this is a major deal, pun intended.

Brand deals is something
we’ve been talking about

a bit here on the channel.

In fact, we’ve done a whole playlist

about influencer brand deals.

And this could really help you,

if you’re trying to become
a full-time influencer,

or if you just wanna make
some extra money online,

something we talk about a
lot here on the channel.

Now, there is a lot we don’t know

about this influencer marketplace.

We don’t know what cut or
percentage Instagram is gonna take

of individual brand deals,

or if they’re gonna do that at all.

They’ve claimed that this is
not a quick cash grab for them,

but that it is something they wanna do

to try to drive more
participation in the platform

and get more content creators
to make it a priority.

And it makes sense when you
look the moves they’re making

in order to be competitive,
specifically with TikTok.

And this helps position them
directly against YouTube

and other platforms.

There are also plans for them to expand

into things like Instagram Shops,

an affiliate marketing side, potentially,

and even direct ad revenue
monetization splits

with content creators for IGTV.

We’ll talk about those things
as we learn more about them

in updates to this story
because it’s still evolving.

This is still news right now,
but Instagram is coming hard.

They’re being very aggressive

about wanting to court influencers

and bring people into the creator economy

and get their fair share
of it, get a cut of that,

since they are one of the
biggest platforms out there

and they are an influencer
platform of choice.

The reason I’m really hyped about this

is because I’ve been
encouraging many of you

for a very long time to diversify

and decentralize your content,

as well as diversify the
streams of income you make

as a creator.

Instagram, in many cases, can pay you more

with a smaller following
for your brand deals.

This is something that content creators

on YouTube massively overlook.

And you know what, right
now it’s a really great time

to be making content on Instagram.

You can post the same short-form
vertical video content

to Instagram and you can also
post that natively to YouTube

and to TikTok and be successful.

It’s not about taking a
view away from YouTube

or taking a view away from TikTok

or taking a view away from Instagram.

It’s about expanding
your own brand footprint,

having opportunities to get attention,

and about spreading your
brand and your content

instead of consolidating
traffic on a platform,

just ’cause you wanna
to see a bigger number,

you wanna see a bigger view
count or bigger follower count.

What you really need is to give consumers,

to give the viewer the choice
of watching your content

where they want to watch it,

engage with you how they
want to engage with you

because that is what’s gonna build

a stronger brand for you
and make you less beholden

and dependent on these platforms.

Now, with that in mind,

the fact that you’re getting
an in platform experience

to do brand deals is gonna
be something that is a plus

when it comes to this Instagram
influencer marketplace.

We don’t know whether this will be limited

to Instagram creator
accounts, business accounts,

or whether you can do this
with a personal account

or whether any of that matters.

What we do know is that
it makes perfect sense

for Instagram to make this move.

And it’s gonna be massively beneficial

to the creator economy and
everybody participating in it.

The ability to make brand
deals more accessible

and directly available to
a larger number of creators

is always gonna be a good thing.

The one problem I definitely see is,

I wonder how they’re
gonna educate creators

about the brand deals,

because when you’re a nano
influencer or a micro influencer,

you don’t have a lot of
experience with this.

You may not be very business savvy.

You don’t know how to negotiate deals,

may not know what a good deal looks like.

It’s a problem we’re trying
to solve here on the channel.

It’s something that I work directly

with my one-on-one coaching clients on.

It’s something that when you’re a rookie,

you’re probably gonna get wrong
the first couple of times.

You’re probably not
gonna get a great deal.

I am excited about Instagram
directly finding ways

to help creators make money.

I think that’s something
that’s very important.

I’m really much looking
forward to what they do

with their creator shops though.

Being able to sell
directly to your audience

with e-commerce is something
I wanna talk a lot more about

on this channel,

whether that’s digital products or merch.

Instagram already drive
so much consumer behavior,

the same thing for TikTok.

It makes sense that creators
would be able to have

a direct store and monetize
directly to their audience

and be able to keep most of the revenue,

unlike what they’ll get

if they have direct in-app
monetization through ads.

You’re not gonna keep the
lion’s share of that revenue.

Let’s just be very real about that.

And with affiliate marketing, you know,

you might get 10, 20, or even up to 50%.

But if you sell your own products,

even if you do it directly

by using something in the platform,

you stand to collect most of the money

for the product that you create.

So e-commerce is one of the
best things you could do

as an influencer to diversify your income.

I’m really excited about
Instagram bringing that

to the platform.

The brand deals are a
fantastic opportunity

for influencers to start to
make money full-time income.

Having that directly in the platform

makes a ton of sense to me.

And I can’t wait to see
more in terms of the details

around all of this.

Question of the day.
(bell dings)

What do you think about
this move by Instagram

and also what are your questions

about influencer brand deals for creators?

Let me know in the comment section.

Just go ahead and ask those questions.

If you enjoyed this video,

make sure you check out our playlist

on influencer brand deals.

It will be linked in the
description of this video.

Also, if you’re watching this video

and you wanna get to 10,000
followers on Instagram,

you’ll wanna check out another video

that I’ve linked for you.

So it’s also in the
description down below.

As always, thank you so much for watching.

And don’t forget,

go out there and create
something awesome today.

Take care.


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