I’m back! And life is different now…

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=================== text video ====================

— Last October, I woke up in the middle

of the night with the sharpest
pain I have ever felt.

It got to the point where
I couldn’t even stand up.

I have never had this much pain before.

Turns out that I have been backloading

on tons and tons of stress,

and it got to the point
where my body just broke.

And I knew at that point,
something needed to change.

(dramatic music)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not

but it’s been a few months
since I’ve uploaded here,

a new video.

A lot has happened, guys.

Last October, I woke up in the middle

of the night with the
sharpest pain I have ever felt

in my abdomen, in my stomach.

I remember thinking maybe
I just ate something,

but it kept getting worse and worse

to the point where I was in the bathroom.

I’ll spare you the details.

It got to the point where
I couldn’t even stand up.

I crawled into our
bedroom where my wife was.

I woke her up, and I literally
could not even stand up.

I have never had this much pain before.

And I was like, «I need to
go to the emergency room.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.»

She calls the doctor.

The office isn’t open yet,

and the doctor’s on call calls us back,

and she describes the symptoms to him.

And he’s like,

«Yeah, you need to get
into a emergency room.»

So we’re starting to get ready,

and I’m like, I literally just can’t move.

I can’t get up.

It’s like a half hour now.

My stomach just feels,

it feels like I swallowed a knife,

and it was sideways in my stomach,

and my stomach was
squeezing down on top of it

and puncturing both sides of my stomach.

And right when we’re about to go,

the pain started to
subside, and so we thought,

well, let’s give it a couple
more minutes, see what happens.

And thankfully, right at that
point, it started to subside.

I am not one to go to
the doctor for anything.

I have a really high pain tolerance

and I really just don’t have
time for it to be honest.

And so when I finally went to the doctor,

I think the next day or something
after the pain wore off,

the doctor was like, asked
me a whole bunch of questions

and kinda just started trying
to figure out what happened,

what was going on.

And came down to, we figured out,

can you hear my chickens?

Here we are at the coop.

Turns out that I have
been just backloading

on tons and tons of stress,
and pressure, and expectations

from stuff happening with my family.

My wife and I, we have seven
kids. We homeschool them.

We have seven kids in
eight years, no less.

We’ve been having this
business that’s been growing

and here at Video Creators,

and I’m learning so many new things.

I have so many new responsibilities,

and it got to the point
where my body just broke.

And I knew at that point,
something needed to change.

(lively music)

Hello. Didn’t expect to see you in here.

Leave me anything? Oh, there’s one.

Thank you. (chuckles)

Nothing in here.

I think the kids got all
the eggs already for today.

We’ve been getting about 15 eggs a day,

which we can’t really keep up with.

So we’ve been giving them
to friends and stuff,

which has been a lot of fun.

(inspirational music)

I really needed to do a lifestyle change.

I learned to do good
work and to do it well,

but I hadn’t learned how to actually rest

and play and take care of myself.

Thus, I let the backlog

of content we had planned for the channel

just kinda get published.

But after that, I was
like, no more videos.

Even as a full-time YouTube creator,

sometimes there’s just a
time when you have to say no

and you have to put what’s most important

in front of the things
that feel most important.

This has been one of those spaces for me,

learning how to exercise again

and take time for things that
I personally enjoy doing,

and just being able to
say no to everything else

and doing what I need to do

so I can be the person
everyone else needs me to be.

It felt weird. It felt selfish to do that.

But I realized I have to do that,

not only for me, but for the business,

for the people who work for
us here at Video Creators,

for my family and for myself.

So I’ve been spending time out here,

back in doing things that give
me life and give me energy,

building some outdoor patio furniture

for our family here this summer.

And you can tell, I have
not organized the workbench

but I got lots of scraps.

I love exploring and doing
things with building things

and building the garden
out here and the chickens,

and we got apple trees and stuff.

Just getting back to doing
the things that energize me

so that I have physically, literally,

so I’m able to do the
things that matter most.

There are seasons of life where the grind,

the hustle, it’s necessary.

It’s a season of life that
you just gotta push through,

but you can’t do it perpetually
for seven years like I did.

You’re gonna break.

Welcome to the world
headquarters of Video Creators.

Here’s my office out in our garage.

I’m giving you guys the
full tour of the space.

This used to be a dog kennel.

Look what we turned it
into, a full-blown studio,

but that’ll be a video for another time.

Let’s not lose the one egg we got.

(upbeat music)

I’ve got my TV set up right up here.

It has my monitor,

so I can see exactly what
I look like right here.

So a lot of things have changed.

A lot of things are different

since that moment, that night.

I am working on my health,
working on taking time off.

I’m meeting with a therapist,

working on getting myself
back into a healthy balance

and an appropriate relationship

with all the different things
around me, including myself.

And took off a solid
three weeks from work,

completely disconnected,
didn’t check email, Slack,

never checked in once with the team,

and hadn’t done that in seven years

since starting this business.

And then even after that,

we were bumping into
Christmas and New Year’s,

and so it was five weeks that I was off,

and it was really, really good.

In some ways, a lot of
things have changed,

but in other ways,
nothing’s really changed.

In fact, the thing that
was actually cemented

for me is how much the
work we do is connected

to so many things like
self-image, self-worth,

is connected to what we
believe about ourself,

what we believe about the world around us.

It’s connected to reaching
people and changing their lives.

And if you’ve been around here

at Video Creators for any length of time,

you know me and the rest of the
team here at Video Creators,

we were so dedicated to using YouTube

as a tool to reach more
people and change their lives.

It is about making money

and it is about growing
our YouTube channels

and having more influence,
but using all those things

as tools for this greater, bigger thing.

In fact, I have it on my wall right here.

We wanna equip 10,000 life changers.

That’s our vision.

So we can see glimpses of a better world

and reach people, change lives.

That’s what it’s ultimately
all about for us.

Well, we are gonna be doing

that a little differently
here going forward,

and it’s gonna be fun.

It’s gonna be a really fun journey.

There’s gonna be a big pivot happening

here at Video Creators.

We have traditionally been a business

that’s all about education,

and we also happen to provide
services and do client work

and work with creators
on a longer-term basis,

doing all their strategy
and data analysis for them.

And we have actually
gotten really good at that.

I mean, we had taken channels

from one guy we work with,
Anthony, took about six years

to get to about a quarter
million subscribers,

and then worked with us,
and within a few months grew

to over a million subscribers, right?

Another guy was just stuck

at around four-million views a month

and was just plateaued and
wanted to go to the next level,

didn’t know how to break out

and get to that next level of growth

and worked with us for three,

or actually a little bit
longer than three months.

And at the end of that,

he was consistently getting
eight-million views a month

after being stuck at four million.

And we’ve been able to
reproduce this so consistently

that what we have been seeing is that

if we are serious about reaching people

and changing their lives,

that happens best in that relationship

that we get to build with that creator.

And then when we can have,

we work with a established creator

who’s ready for that next level of growth,

the next level strategies
to reach the next level

of their business success,

then that’s where we see
the most life change happen,

not only in the life of that creator

that we’re working with,
but also in the life

of every person that creator is impacting,

whether it be their family,
their kids, their spouse,

their audience, the people
who are watching them.

And it’s so fun to see that

when we work with
someone and they are here

and we help them get to here,

very predictably and consistently,

that is where we see the
most life change happen.

And so we are making fundamental
shifts going forward.

Instead of being an education company

that provides services, we
are gonna be flipping those

and now moving headlong into
being a services company

that also provides education.

It’s a really different business model

but we’ve been practicing
it for a few years.

And as of right now, actually
I wish I could tell you,

so if you wanna be a client,
go sign up down below.

I can’t because we don’t
have any capacity for you.

That’s another problem
that I’m working on.

There is a team of nine of us right here,

right now, at Video Creators,

and consultations are currently,

there’s no availability
for at least six weeks.

It was three months,

but we’ve worked in opening
some capacity there.

I am, as of this recording,
actively hiring new strategists.

We just onboarded one this week

and got a few more I’m talking to

to bring on another full-time strategist.

So we can actually start serving you guys

the way that we want to.

This is gonna be an exciting year

for us here at Video Creators.

I feel refreshed. I feel energized.

And Lennon, D’Laina, and I are just stoked

to really help you guys,

who are established YouTube creators

who are ready for that next level stuff,

really take your channel

to the next level this year in 2021.

So stick around. It’s gonna be exciting.

And if you do wanna work with us,

I’ll put links down below

and you can get on the waiting list

and things like that if you’d like to,

but really just wanted to
give you guys an update

on where we’re at, where I’m at,

and bring you up to
speed on where we’ve been

and where we’re going, and how
excited I am for the future.


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