I Spent $5000 on FIVERR So You Don’t Have To…

Here is my Honest Review of Fiverr. I’ve hired freelancers from Fiverr with my own money and had a variety of freelancer services done in Fiverr so that I can tell you whether Fiverr is worth it or not. I’ve also listed some Fiverr Freelancers I’ve used down below.

If you want to hire freelancers from Fiverr or Sign up as a Freelance use my link


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Recommended Fiverr Freelancers (Affiliate)

My Fiverr Anime Illustrator https://fvrr.co/3zDP2FS
My Fiverr Pattern Designer https://fvrr.co/38oZq8x
My Fiverr Pokemon Illustrator https://fvrr.co/3gHtmRM
My Fiverr Mascot Designer https://fvrr.co/3ylniol

How to Get Started as a Freelancer

Best Freelance Gigs and Side Hustles

Breakdown of Fiverr Services I Used:
$1500 spent on Animation
$2000 spent on Illustration
$1300 spent on Graphic Design
$500 spent on Audio Services

00:00 — I Was Wrong About Fiverr
02:00 — The Good About Fiverr
04:11 — Bad Vendors — Good Platform
05:55 — What Fiverr Can Do Better
07:10 — Hiring Freelancers
09:53 — Advice for Freelancers
11:19 — I’m Referring Freelancers
14:04 — Can You Trust Fiverr?


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=================== text video ====================

Something you’ll almost never hear anyone
on social media say is the words «I was wrong.»

And today that’s kind of what I’m doing.

If you are not familiar, there is this website
called Fiverr , which is the largest freelancing

platform in the world right now.

And in the early days of Fiverr , I was very
critical of Fiverr and mostly negative.

To be very honest with you.

But it’s been many years since I’ve made a
dedicated video about Fiverr . And I also

decided to put my money where my mouth is.

So I actually spent 2500 or more.

It was probably more is probably almost $5000
dollars by the making of this video.

But I wrote the outline.

It was twenty five hundred dollars of my own
money with Fiverr . They’re not sponsoring

this video and they’re not rewarding me in
any way for doing this video.

I still have some criticisms, but I also can
admit that I was wrong.

Now, in the past, I’ve talked about a lot
of things largely shared by you, my community,

arguing for both sides of this.

Both the freelancer side and the entrepreneur,
you know, hiring client side.

I’m somebody who worked as a freelancer long
before I was ever a YouTube content creator

with 500000 subscribers.

I’m somebody who hires freelancers and has
for many years in my business, and I’ve hired

from multiple platforms.

Back when there was a such thing as, oh, oDesk
and Elance, I worked as a freelancer when

those platforms existed.

I’ve hired from those platforms, I’ve hired
from Upwork, I’ve hired from Fiverr specifically

for this video.

And I’ve actually been using freelancers for
many, many years to help me with one off projects

in my business or even for things for the
YouTube channel.

Fiverr has improved massively since I made
these criticisms, but some of the criticisms

and faults that I still have with the platform
remain here is the good.

The very good is the fact that there are a
lot of great quality freelancers on Fiverr

who provide tremendous services and are being
compensated the way they want by setting their

own price.

I’ve worked with animators, illustrators,
people doing music and even graphic designers

to get projects done on Fiverr . In fact,
my YouTube channel that I use for music, Zen

Buster Music, I hired my own independent producer,
Frost FM who’s also a YouTube content creator,

to help me produce some Lo-Fimusic for this
YouTube channel.

But the artwork in animation was something
that I outsourced for, and I found this freelancers

on Fiverr to help me with the loop animations
for the 24 hour live stream.

The amazing character design for my Lo-Fi
girl and I based that design largely off of

my sisters because I felt like, you know,
in that genre, in

that niche, they don’t have something that
represents them.

So that was very important to me.

And I found an artist that could bring the
idea and the vision to life with the references

that I gave them.

So the experience of hiring and finding the
right people was great.

They even created a concierge service Fiverr
business, where they’ll even help you find

people to fulfill the gigs that you want in
terms of the work you want done, people offering

those things.

So when it comes to the services that I’ve
experienced, that’s been mostly good.

However, there are about three people that
I’ve hired for projects that didn’t work out.

I recently decided to update my merch and
I decided to experiment with seeing if some

people could do some hand lettering, some
artwork and some things for new merchandise,

for some new T-shirts and some winter hoodies
that I’m producing.

And even some pattern design pattern designs
came out great for what I was looking for.

So some of the hand lettering.

But there were few T-shirt designers where
things did not work out.

Instructions were not followed.

You know, deliverables did not happen.

And so it was a problem.

But Fiverr was really good about me cancelling
those gigs and getting refunded.

So I can’t really blame the platform for the
fact that there are some bad vendors, which

is what I think I was wrong about.

I think that my biggest issue with Fiverr
was and continues to be the fact that there

are some there are some bad actors out there.

There’s some bad apples that spoil the whole
bunch, OK?

And it’s a problem because I think it then
undermines what something can be.

Take platforms like YouTube and Tock.

Sometimes YYouTubers and TikTokers get a bad
rap because there are a handful of people

that are very popular, very loud, that do
some really messed up things.

And it makes us all look bad.

And that’s not YouTube’s fault and it’s not
the fault of the other content creators.

But we all end up paying for it.

We all end up having our reputations hurt
by it.

We all get lumped together.

It happens.

I can appreciate that with five that they
can’t necessarily completely do quality control

and vetting for every single vendor on their
platform while also allowing there to be an

abundance of opportunity and allowing the
free market to do its job.

So I respect that you can’t necessarily police
the entirety of the Internet or even your

own platform.

And if something like YouTube isn’t even good
at it, I can’t really blame them too much.

And I feel that in my previous videos, that
was probably what was most unfair, because

I was frustrated with the fact that there

people who do scams on Fiverr . There are
people who sell YouTube subs and try to get

your channel monetized and all these scams
and schemes and things that one violate the

terms of service of YouTube sometimes violate
the terms of service of Fiverr .

And people keep getting away with this stuff.

And I guess I was just angry and frustrated
more about all the bad actors on the platform.

And I think I probably blamed the platform
more for that than I should have.

Now, I still think is a fair and legitimate
criticism is I think that people should be

allowed, if you are a freelancer, to have
the relationship and own the relationship

with your clients.

I understand them not wanting people to get
popped on their platform, then take people


Social media platforms operate much the same

But the penalties for that on social media
are less harsh with Fiverr I’ve heard from

people in the community that they get locked
out of their accounts for this or sometimes

their money is withheld from them for this.

And that’s something I as a creator, I’m not
comfortable with.

And I feel that there should be more leniency
on that.

But it’s also not my company.

But that’s what I would hope for.

And what I would want is I wouldn’t want to
force exclusivity in a way that limits people’s


And I also under no circumstances want to
withhold money from people that they’ve earned.

Even if they violate a policy or they do something,
I’d want them to get fully paid out and then

move on.

Now, again, I’m not accusing Fiverr of anything.

And all of this is alleged from the stories
I’ve heard from people in the community, DM’s,

I’ve gotten emails, I’ve gotten comments on
older videos.

So, again, I’m reiterating that experience.

I have had a good experience as a consumer
and as a user and someone who’s hired freelancers

on Fiverr .

And so I want to make sure that I’m being
honest and transparent with you about that.

And it’s also why I wanted to use this for
several months.

I’ve been doing it actually since the beginning
of the pandemic, because I had a plan for

some other stuff that I wanted to do and make
videos about.

And what I did was I focused a lot of this
on building this new YouTube channel, Zeine

Buster music, and getting a variety of different
services done.

Recently, I’ve actually commissioned some
more things to be done in terms of hiring

a ghost producer.

I love everything.

I’m doing it, frost.

I just want some more variety and somebody
that can double up so I can have more than

one source, one more than one style.

Things like that.

I also am looking at a few other services
that we might be able to use and incorporate

from the YouTube channel in terms of

designing some stuff for live streams.

I could do a lot of that stuff myself, but
I wanted somebody else’s style and vibe because

I want to build something different.

And with a faceless YouTube channel that’s
not going to be promoting me.

I wanted something that feels vastly different
than what I’ve done in the past.

And so what I can tell you is that about roughly,
I would say 90 percent of the vendors that

I’ve hired on Fiverr have worked out wonderfully.

And I’m very happy with what I got.

Their rates were affordable.

I paid what they wanted.

I paid for some extras and things were delivered
on time and revisions were done well.

You have to be very careful about who you
hire, because, again, there are a couple of

people for some more granular things besides
just trying to

get the merchandise stuff done.

Some of that didn’t work out.

And then there were some other services that
I hired for another part of my business, for

my coaching business, for Awesome Creator
Academy, where there was some technical stuff

that I wanted done that didn’t work out.

So you have to be very careful when you want
very specific things and technical things

done, like Web development, app development,
plug ins.

So any of those more technical things, you
really want to make sure that you’re looking

more probably at like the Fiverr proe services
and people at a high verified level with good


I find that the reviews go a long way.

I know people are concerned that reviews can
be faked and so on, so forth.

But if you really are having a problem, it’s
actually not that challenging to cancel and

get a refund on these things if you can legitimately
prove that what’s being promised is not being


Now, for freelancers, what I will tell you
is you absolutely need to make sure.

That you’re abiding by all the terms of service,
of Fiverr , if you want to be successful in

the platform, you have to build a good portfolio,
a good reputation, make sure you’re describing

your services and your ability and experience
accurately and honestly and

being transparent.

That is going to be key.

Following up with your clients is absolutely

In fact, if you are just planning to start,
first of all, you can use my link in the description.

Down below is an affiliate link.

And the other thing you can do is you can
watch my video on starting as a freelancer.

There’s some really good advice in there that
can help you get clients, but also maintain

really good relationships with your clients
because they are freelancers that I’ve given

hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars of
work before, because I’ve been

happy with them, satisfied.

I don’t want to go anywhere else.

My illustrator for Zen Buster Music has guying
over a thousand dollars in commissions from

me for work because I’m very happy and satisfied.

My animator is probably edging up really close
to a thousand dollars, if not over a thousand

dollars at this point for the exact same


You have to deliver great work for your clients.

Be very respectful, be timely, communicate
with them well and honestly, and just be as

professional as you can and you can be successful
and get repeat business and referral business.

I’m actually planning to do a page on my website,
Roberta BCOM, and dedicated to referring freelancers,

whether they’re on Fiverr or anywhere else.

People I’ve worked with independently, and
also the freelancers that some of my friends

who are YouTube, who are happy to disclose
that I’m vetting freelancers and I’m making

a Roberto’s list of freelancers, because one

of the hardest things on the hiring side is
finding quality people that someone can vouch

for and where, you know, the work is going
to be delivered on time and to the quality

that you expect and you need it to be done.

It’s actually really hard to find good, hardworking,
talented people who can deliver exactly what

you need.

So I’m going to make that easier for the creators
in my community and my network by building

a list of recommended freelancers.

And so Roberta’s list coming soon.

So that’s something that is really important
to me to help the community, but also to give

more of the freelancers who have done right
by me, delivered for me and for my friends,

give them more exposure and more opportunities.

And when you do a good job, people are willing
to do that for you.

And to those of you hiring out there, I recommend
that you treat your freelancers really well.

You pay what they ask for.

You tip you bonus.

If you get the work done well.

You recommend them to other people.

You don’t just hoard them for yourselves.

I really think that that’s the right way to
do this and to do business.

So my honest review of Fiverr is out of all
the services that I use, and there are many

of them, I’m going to give

it a four point two out of five stars, because
what I really want them to address is quality

control and vetting and getting rid of scammers.

I’ve been impersonated on Fiverr before, so
maybe a verification system that screens out

public figures could be helpful.

I don’t know how they would accomplish that,
but that’d be great.

And I also I just think that they’re doing
a great job with the app.

The marketing has been phenomenal.

And I also would hope that they address the
concerns of freelancers who don’t want to

feel that their opportunities are being limited
by the platform, even though

the platform itself is a tremendous opportunity.

So, once again, thank you to anybody that
I’ve worked with as a freelancer, whether

you’re on Fiverr or not on Fiverr . Again,
Roberto’s list coming soon.

I’m going to pay it forward beyond what I
already have with the referrals that you’re


I’m going to get you more referrals off of

So that’s something I’m working on.

And then also, just remember, if you’re watching
this video, if you want check Fiverr , whether

you’re a freelancer or someone looking to
hire them, you can use my link in ascription

down below.

It’s an affiliate link that I’m happy to share
because this is a service that I would recommend.

The reality is I was hard on Fiverr in the

They’ve made corrections.

So those videos, I’m leaving them up for historical
reference, because today I can say that they’ve

changed, they’ve grown, they’ve evolved.

And in some cases, I was wrong.

And I can admit that and I can own that.

And so I put my money where my mouth is out
of my own pocket.

And I’ve had my own experiences.

And I can really say that this is something
I’m willing to support and put some of my

reputation behind.

And that’s why I don’t have a problem telling
you that it’s something that I think can be


But I have my gripes about everything.

I have my gripes about YouTube.

I definitely have my gripes about TikTok and
Instagram and Facebook and God forbid, Twitter

and all the toxicity on that platform.

I think everything can be better.

And I can admit sometimes that I’m nitpicky
and that maybe I’m a little bit of a snob

and I expect things to be.

Really, really, really good.

Really, really awesome, because maybe I’m
a little spoiled.

I don’t know.

I grew up in an era where we didn’t have these

So I’m trying to just appreciate them a lot
more for what they are instead of holding

onto the standard of what I think they should

Just because it’s what I think they could

Well, let me know how you feel about that
after watching this video.

How do you feel about this?

Are you someone who’s a freelancer or are
you somebody who’s an entrepreneur?

What are your thoughts and experiences with
Fiverr ? Let me know in the comments section.

If you enjoyed this video, you might actually
really like a video where I admit my biggest

mistakes as an entrepreneur are.

So you can check that out.

Link is in the description.

Also, if you are a freelancer, watch this
playlist and getting started as a freelancer

and making some money and getting clients.

Both of those are linked down below.

As always, thank you so much for watching.

And don’t forget.

Go out there and create something awesome

Take care.


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