I brought all of my employees to my home for a team retreat… here’s what happened.

Ever wondered what a team retreat for Video Creators is like? Here at Video Creators, we like to work hard and play hard. With a fully remote team that all works on different schedules, it’s so important for us to get together in "real" life and build deeper relationships so that we can work better together and just get in some good, old fashioned bonding time.

This team retreat, Tim’s wife, Dana, got to live out her pyro dreams, we escape room-ed, made meals together, and all did a ton of dream casting and worked on ways we can better serve creators in 2022. We’re so excited for what’s to come. What are the things you’d like to see most from us in 2022? Let us know in the comments below. 👇🏼


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=================== text video ====================

i’m telling you do not come to a team

retreat and get on my wife’s bad side

she will literally blow stuff up

there’s nothing like a few days of

tackling some really big problems


locking yourself in a small room

together and even filming some small

explosions to really bring a team of

people together this is how you do a

youtube retreat


we are at downtown cincinnati right now

going for a little walk we’re gonna go

across the bridge to take some photos

just hang out have fun build

relationships and my wife is cute


how much you enjoy the people you work

with really makes a big difference in

how much you enjoy your job so it’s

really important that you’re operating

in your zone of genius you love the job

that you do and you also love the people

that you’re doing it with ultimately

what i really want out of this retreat

is to build relationships in a way that

allow us to tackle some really big

problems together and take some new

ground in ways that are a little bit

more difficult to do online


unfortunately due to kovid this year

only half of our 10 employees could show

up starting with dana my wife and she

kind of is like our team mom she’s

always looking out for each of us and

she also helps manage a lot of the

finances of the business as well

there’s also delana maybe recognize her

from other videos on this channel or on

our podcast she has several hats she’s

the action plan director over our client

services she’s also our ceo and she is

also the self-proclaimed judge of our

dad jokes usually i score like a two out

of ten but i’m working on improving and

i think i’m getting better

do i look cool

and this is lennon he is also one of the

youtube strategists on our team

primarily overseeing our online

membership community called our growth

network and his dad jokes usually

outrank me okay

julie i want you to slow this down are

you ready


and then there’s ingrid she’s also one

of the youtube strategists on our team

and she’s awesome because she is the

only person on our team who uses a

windows computer and the rest of us give

her a lot of grief about that and she’s

a good sport about it

well actually that’s not true this is

luke one of the other youtube

strategists on our team he uses a

windows computer as well but he’s not

happy about it and is hoping to get away

from it whenever he can he does a lot of

our one-on-one one-hour consultations

with creators he also does video labs

for us and his dad jokes usually outrank

mine whenever he busts them out


i haven’t had something like this in


months why because it’s so unhealthy


but it’s good for you guys it’s good for

your soul splurging your bad influence

on me but in a good way

we had some team members who couldn’t

join us for the retreat but that popped

in virtually to join us instead

including stephanie she is our producer

here at video creators molly is the

administrator of our work inside of the

action plan grace is our video labs

administrator which is our group

coaching program and finally caitlin is

the newest addition to our team she is

my personal executive assistant and then

there’s me tim schmoyer the owner the

founder the ceo of video creators we had

a good day working at home we got a lot

of stuff done just mostly like working

on projects we just wanted to work on

things that we thought were fun now

we’re going out to have some fun but

doing non-work related stuff we’re

downtown cincinnati we’re gonna go out

to get a good dinner do an escape room

and just chill and relax

the purpose of our retreat was

three-fold number one and primarily we

just wanted to build better

relationships together we all work

together virtually online which has a

lot of advantages but one of them is

that we don’t get to interact with each

other in person as much and as authentic

relationships become a bigger and bigger

part of our business

i think it just makes sense that needs

to also start with us on the team look

it even says it right here on my wall

this is our this is our our mission

right here is we provide expertise and

authentic relationships that equip

creators to grow their audience and

their business while changing more lives

i think most people come to us for the

expertise but then the thing that gets

them to stay and stick around is people

like i feel like you actually care about

me and my project and what i’m doing and

helping me do better and we’re like yes

we do and we actually care about each

other on our team as well one of the

things that we’ve been doing at each of

our team retreats is going to a

escape room good way to build teamwork

have fun be friends solve problems not

make friends but

you know establish deeper relationships

with friends some of these people have

never done one before oh like ingrid

she’s never done one before never done

one dana has


before we get started dana is watching

mark roberts video how to ten tips would

be any escape room

fingers first time so they’re brushing

up on their escape room knowledge before

we get started


so there’s a punch punch uh what do you

call it like a number puncher yeah

keypad thank you how many numbers nine

plus pound and star yeah it’s like it’s

like a cell phone


what i love most about this is seeing

that different people kind of step up

and play different roles than they

normally play and other people tend to

step back and and it’s like it’s just a

very different dynamic whenever you have

a team it’s really important for the

team to be able to define what does a

win look like like what are we trying to

accomplish if the win is fuzzy then the

team will start you know not really

knowing if we’re taking the ground or

accomplishing things

are we getting to where we need to be

and in escape room the win is clear this

is what we’re trying to do and then that

makes it easier for the team to feel

like we’re gaining momentum together as

the end of it it’s like yes we did this

together we we accomplished this thing

that’s the win we got it and we did it

because of each other



you guys just got out

i also wanted to create a lot of

alignment around our mission our purpose

and our values and this team retreat is

a chance for us to kind of back up and

look at the bigger picture of what is

our mission what is our purpose what is

our vision here and how well are we

tracking towards those things



we’ve been listing some of the different

problems we want to tackle here during

our retreat together put them up on the

wall last year this board was this wall

was covered with post-it notes so we

have substantially fewer this year

thankfully of the problems we want to

tackle in the two days that we’re


we have some pretty big problems that we

want to solve here together and this is

a perfect opportunity for us to come

together and really dive into solving

some of those bigger things one of the

things that i really appreciate about

everyone on this team is that they are

always up for facing new challenges so

hiring a professional chef to join our

team and teach us how to acquire some

new skills in cooking was like it fit

that motif perfectly what we’re going to

be doing here tonight is we’re going to

a place called the learning kitchen in

the learning kitchen we are actually

gonna cook our own food with a

professional chef’s gonna teach us how

to do it and we’re gonna learn how to

finally for me to learn how to grill

steak properly which is something that

i’ve always struggled to do to like get

it just right um but yeah it’s gonna be

a lot of fun we’re all gonna come in


make dinner together and have a good


each of these activities we did together

during the team retreat not only brought

us together closer relationally but it

also presented us with a challenge

helped us to define what a win is and

then force us to link arms and and

accomplish that win together i think

that is like

probably the definition of what an

amazing team actually is and does


it’s in my steaks in

if i screw it up i don’t get another one

and i’m not regular cooking steak

we’re turning into a food channel

already look at this

you guys you come into this place

cooking at like

you know macaroni and cheese type of

stuff and then you leave cooking this

type of stuff


it’s no secret that youtube shorts is

becoming a bigger and bigger thing on

youtube so lennon on our team sat down

with dana to help teach her how to

brainstorm how to plan how to shoot and

how to edit her very first youtube short

for her channel where else can your job

include way too much gasoline and a pile

of your own kid’s socks apparently here

and i think it was probably pretty

therapeutic for her

they’re leaving dropping them off at the

hotel it’s been a great fun two days

we’ve gotten to each other really well

lots of laughs even dana’s side is


thanks for coming yeah thanks for

visiting us here in cincinnati awesome

it was so much fun

we left really with a deeper

appreciation of each other and ready to

link arms in ways that help us and

enable us to help serve you a youtube

creator reach more people and change

more lives with the youtube channel and

the business that you’re growing on

youtube dana and i have seven little

kids so this is not a hotel shuttle this

is our actual personal van it just

blends in really well at places like


all right see you guys


ready to go to sleep rest

and uh we’ve got a lot planned for you

guys i’m really excited about what’s

coming up so

video creators here we go


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