I am Rubbish at This But Subscribe to MrBeast #Shorts — Episode 31

A promise made is a promise kept…
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first of all subscribe to mr b shorts

second of all i am rubbish at getting

people to subscribe to mr b shots why is

that well here’s all the videos i’ve

made so far 400 views 300 views 300

views 500 views bring danny with his

minecraft videos and boom 1400 views 900

views that’s because anyone watching

minecraft shorts including my dog

get junk to do an animated mr b stickman

and yeah let’s cash in thousand views

get dr savaging and i gotta tell you

about cardi b she’s something else yeah

maybe let’s not actually the bottom line

is i’m rubbish at this and i’ve got

nearly 70 episodes still to do and i

don’t think this is helping me

if you would like to make a mr beast

shorts let us know in the comments below

now i’m going to give you an outro

message that probably ruins my watch

time bye