How to Create Podcast Cover Art for Free! (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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In this video, Heather shares how to make podcast artwork and cover art for your podcast. These design tips for podcast artwork are great for beginners.

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=================== text video ====================

— So you’ve decided to start your podcast

and now you’re at the point where you need

to get your artwork done.

And maybe you’re like me and
you don’t have a graphic design

degree, but you just wanna make something

that’s professional and
pretty and looks nice.

Well, in this video, I’m gonna
share with you exactly how

to make very awesome artwork
using a software called Canva

so you can get your
podcast up into the world.

— [Announcer] You gotta just press record.

— Hey, my name is Heather
Torres, and I’m part

of Think Media.

And on this channel we do tech
gear reviews, YouTube tips,

and walk through tutorials just like this

so you can get your video podcast
up and out into the world.

So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing.

And in today’s video I’m
continuing the series,

where I’m helping you get your podcast up.

There’s so many opportunities
when it comes to the ability

to get your message out there.

And while YouTube is amazing, we recommend

that you also build out an
audio and video podcast as well.

And so in today’s video, I’m
gonna help you if you’re ready

to design the artwork
part of your podcast.

Now, this video is in
partnership with Buzzsprout,

the company that we use for our podcasts.

And I love them so much because they help

make podcasting easy.

Now, if you’re anything like
me, time is very limited.

You maybe are running
your YouTube channel,

running a business, and
so you need something that

is easy to use.

And Buzzsprout allows you to
be able to post your podcast

and distribute it to all of the places

that people can listen to it on.

And so today I’m gonna
walk you through how

to make your artwork.

But first, I have four quick
tips for you when it comes

to designing the artwork,
what should be on it

and just a few little
things to think about

when getting started.

Tip number one, is you wanna make sure

that it’s actually the correct dimensions.

When it comes to making podcast art,

what is not good to do is make something

that won’t fit into the box, right?

When you go and press
upload, you wanna make sure

that you’re making the right dimensions.

So I’ve included them right down here in

the description box for you.

You wanna make sure that you’re making

that square dimensions but that a size

of the image actually matters.

So link in the description below of how

to find the right sizes for your podcast.

And what’s great is once
you make that podcast art,

it goes to like Apple and
Spotify and other places

that you can listen to podcasts.

It’s all the same artwork.

So you don’t need to make
multiple different images.

It’s just one image to place,
but you wanna make sure it’s

the right dimensions.

Tip number two, is you
want to actually choose

your design carefully.

The couple things that
you would want to do first

is I like to go and
look at the competition.

So in this example, I’m gonna
be making a piece of artwork

for a podcast that I wanna start called

the «Homeschool House.»

I’m a homeschool mom and I’ve been asked

to start this podcast
over and over and over.

And so we’re gonna get
started with that piece

of artwork, but you want
to choose it carefully.

So I would go over and
I would look at what are

the other parenting
podcasts that are out there?

What are the colors that they’re using?

How are they standing out?

How many words are they
using on their graphics?

And so I would suggest that
when you choose carefully,

you want to see how can my
piece of artwork, my cover,

stand out from the rest.

Also think about, do you want
to actually have your image on

the actual artwork?

It doesn’t have to be on the artwork,

but you wanna be thinking do I want this

to be more graphic designed
or do I want this to be more

of a personalized type of artwork?

And I’m gonna go through
later in this video

of just showing you how
I created my artwork.

And I decided to use a photo
because I want to build more

of a personal brand
rather than just the words

on the graphic.

So you wanna think about
that when you’re designing

your piece of artwork is
how do you want it to look?

Does it have your brand colors?

Does it have the brand font
that you have for your company

or your YouTube channel?

How is it going to look like
it fits within the style

that you’re doing for your brand?

All of these things come
into consideration when

you’re making your podcast start.

Tip number three, is your words matter.

How many words you have
on your podcast cover

art does matter.

You want it to be readable and
not just readable on a large

desktop screen, but think
about the phone image

that someone’s going to look at.

It needs to be readable
when someone’s looking

at their phone screen.

So the type of font that you
use as well as the amount

of words you have on it really matters.

The thinner the font, the
harder it will be to read.

So make sure it’s bold,
make sure it’s readable,

make sure it’s legible
so people will click

on your podcasts.

And number four, remember
it can always change.

If there’s one thing I’ve
learned when it comes

to building an online
brand, is that as you grow,

as you develop, as your brand
grows, your brand develops,

you’re gonna want
different iterations of it.

I mean, even think about
a company like Coca Cola,

even though it stayed
classic in what it is,

it’s grown and evolved over time.

Your podcast artwork
can do exactly the same.

So we wanna get started,
we wanna make something

that’s gonna work right
now, but always remember

that when you decide to
level up your brand later on,

you can always level
up your podcast artwork

at the same time.

All right, let’s go ahead
and get into how easy it

is to make your podcast cover art with a

software called Canva.

Now, I’ve already logged
into my Buzzsprout account.

And if you have questions
about how to do that

or you’re at the very beginning stages

of starting your podcasts, you can go back

to previous videos in this series.

I’ll make sure they’re linked down below

so that you can see how easy it

is to set up your free
account on Buzzsprout.

So I’m already logged in
and let’s go over there now.

Now that I’m already logged in,

you’ll see that it just
has this podcast right up

at the top.

You can click update
artwork and it’s going

to bring you down here
to the podcast artwork.

And what is so cool about Buzzsprout

is that it’s already
integrated with Canva.

Now, I’m logged into my Canva account.

So I just need to click on that,

it’s gonna open up Canva for me right here

inside of Buzzsprout.

Now, what’s great about
this is that they bring up

that Canva has podcast artwork
templates for you to choose.

I love this so much because
I’m not really a graphic

designer and I love to
just take inspiration

and then switch it around to
make it fit what I want to do.

So let’s scroll down here
and see what are some

of the options that I have when it comes

to making a podcast.

Now, if I wanted to just do a podcast

that doesn’t have my photo on it,

I could do something like
this where I could type

in homeschool house,
make it look like this.

I can change the size of it.

Keep changing, keep
changing, changing the size.

And I could make it super easy

and download it just like that.

But I do actually have an image of myself

that I wanna use for this.

And so I’m gonna scroll
down until I find something

that looks fun.

This one looks fun.

So I’m gonna replace this current image.

And obviously she is
beautiful but I’m gonna switch

her to me.

So I’m gonna take that off.

I love that it already has
these details around it.

And this is a cool color,
I could do this color.

I’ve uploaded my image
already here on my Canva

account right here.

So I’m gonna upload that
image, I’m gonna go back

to my templates and I’m
gonna move this image around

so that it makes sense
for what I’m using it for.

So I had my arm kind of cut
off so I’m gonna have it go up

here a little bit.

And then obviously I’m gonna
change this to maybe 250

and we’ll type in homeschool
and probably a little bit more.

This looks like it can
go a little bit more.

I want it to kind of fade
behind my head, maybe 300.

Let’s see I can expand
it up a little bit more.

And you just wanna play around with it.

I particularly love when
there’s some dimension to design

so I’m gonna send this backwards.

So see my head is over
the image a little bit.

It just kind of adds that design
element to what I’m doing.

Let’s make it house,
homeschool house is the name

of the podcast I wanna do
and let’s do the same thing.

Let’s kind of move it over so it is kind

of behind my head a little.

So adds that dimension.

Let’s see, send backwards.

Okay, how about.


So homeschool house and I can
make this a little bit bigger.

A little bit over and I
probably wanna move this down.

So I’m just playing around
with it just a little bit

hosted by, and I can change my name.

And look how easy this is.

And you can play around with
all the different elements.

But that is super easy.

The «Homeschool House» by Heather Torres.

I mean, look at how
professional that looks

and I can get started
with it just like that.

And here’s what’s awesome.

You don’t have to download it, upload it

and all of those things.

It can go directly to Buzzsprout.

So it says, send to Buzzsprout,

preparing your design and voila.

It goes right on there.

So now when I press save my
changes, save my podcast info,

it’s going to auto update and there we go.

The homeschool house now has
a brand new image ready to go.

Now, that’s just one of the cool features

that Buzzsprout has and
how simple and easy it

is to create your podcast artwork.

I wanna see what your podcast looks like

so post your link down
below if you’ve already

created your podcast.

I wanna see what your artwork looks like.

And if you wanna continue this series,

make sure that you hit
the subscribe button

so that you get notified
when new videos just

like this happen.

Now, if you’re just
starting out on your podcast

and you’re trying to figure
out what you should name it,

make sure you check out
the video right here

that’s popped up on the screen.

And if you wanna check out
the next video in this series,

you can do that as well on this screen.

Thank you so much for watching
and we’ll catch you in

the next tutorial, bye.