WINNER 🏆 CONGRATS 🎉Hosney Jeudy from New Jersey! He has a Podcasting YouTube Channel!

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=================== text video ====================

i am so excited to announce the winner

of the complete youtube studio that’s

right camera lighting microphone

everything you would need to get started

or grow your channel on youtube now

every year we do a giveaway and this

year it was brought to you by our think

media sale this is where you can get

over 80 off of our brand new course

youtube made simple this is our end of

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you can go to if you want to learn

how to get to your first 1000

subscribers and earn your first 1000

on youtube now with our giveaways we use

a third-party software so all the

thousands of people that enter a winner

is randomly generated from that software

and this time for the complete youtube

studio winner our team just sent it to

me and it is housing judy from new


congratulations you just won a complete


studio i know you have a podcasting

channel and that you are going to be

growing that in this coming year and so

i want to wish you all of the happiness

and success for your channel and

congratulations on winning that studio

if you want to congratulate him go and

put a congratulations down in the

comment section below and we have so

many giveaways happening in 2022 so make

sure you’re subscribed here on the think

media channel ring the bell to get

notifications for when we announce those

giveaways and maybe you could be the

next lucky winner of a giveaway from

myself and the entire think media team

we would love to send you happy holidays

merry christmas and a happy new year we

are so excited to be on this journey

with you here on youtube and we cannot

wait to see all of the success you’re

going to have in the coming year thanks

for being here and we’ll catch you next


did you see

for the holidays we’re giving you 80

off our brand new youtube made simple

course bundle get over 1


worth of our best courses tools

templates and more just go to


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