He bet his kids he’d get 100,000 subscribers and got 1 MILLION.

A couple of month’s ago, I got to hang out with a longtime friend and client of ours, Antonio Borrelio. He joined Video Labs a few years ago and went from a few thousands subscribers to 1 million! In this video, Antonio shares his story and his advice for creators who are trying to get to the next level with their channel.

Antonio’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZjHUT-nOTDoYC_fUFHDpGg

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=================== text video ====================

i made a bet with my kids actually they

were like dad who wants to watch you

like are you gonna stand there and talk

about stuff who wants to watch you i was

like i’m gonna show you what what what

hard work can do


this is antonio he has a channel that

reached 1 million subscribers it’s his

full-time job and today he’s going to

reveal all the tricks the tips the

secrets that got him there so you can do

the same i’m a psychologist by

background in a marriage therapist and i

have a dating and relationship advice

channel that i started about four years

ago it’s called s dr antonio and i

started a youtube channel because i

really wanted to reach an audience and

really to grow my business trying to

learn how how can i get more views

because i was making videos and i wasn’t

getting much traction i watch youtube

all the time i can do this and i

remember looking at my first videos and

my sound quality was terrible i was you

know just rambling on i was trying to be

funny i had a tendency to get stuck in

like no i have to do this academically

my intros were so long and people were

telling me like just get to the point

you know give them what they clicked for

first give them and give them the

stories all of these things that i was

focusing on thinking that they’re

important just getting kind of you know

frustrated with the whole process and

and i started searching for

help and i came across video creators

and i went to video labs it was just

like here’s where you start what is your

value proposition what are you

delivering what is your channel about

all of these things were super important

i really learned that you need to start

with the basics and really focus on your

content and your storytelling i made a

bet with my kids actually they were like

dad who wants to watch you like stand

there and talk about stuff who wants to

watch you i was like i’m going to show

you what what what hard work can do that

was my goal i was telling my kids i

wanted to get to a hundred thousand i

wanted them to take me serious because

youtube was such a big part of their

life i remember sitting in that class

and really

learned the fundamentals of youtube and

what it takes to grow a channel a year

later i had 127 000 i was like you know

i want to do i want to do video labs

again so i hear you saying is like one

you had a goal i wanted to get to like

100k and then two you decided to invest

into that goal and not just be like you

know what i’m gonna keep trying this

repeating the same mistakes over and

over again and waste my time like i want

some expert advice so you hit 100k less

than a year later i saw him at vidcon

and he was like antonio i just looked at

your channel you’re gaining 2 000

subscribers a day and i had 1200 or 1300

when i when i came there and i was like

really i just need to focus on these

things and then there was one video that

just boom

everything started happening and i was

like wow it was like the culmination of

everything you’ve been working on like

all the tips all the things you got to

remember with getting the person

emotionally engaged and the right title

the thumbnail the story and everything

and it all culminated in that one video

you’re like i got it if someone’s

watching this and they’re like antonio i

feel like i’m stuck at 1200 subscribers

and i worked really hard to get here and

i would love to like start unleashing

growth on my channel to get to that one

million mark where would you point them

to go first i think that uh your your

content is super important and making

your content better and figuring out

what you need to do to make that better

things that to me are so obvious now

weren’t so obvious then for me it was it

was really identifying who

my audience was how i could best reach

them one of the things that that i

learned and i think about all the time

is that and i have this person an image

of this person in mind when i’m looking

at the camera and i’m like trying to

help them and as a therapist that’s what

i’ve done all my life it was about

taking what i know and and being able to

deliver it in in a way that i feel like

i’m in a therapy session and just kind

of teaching that way you like looked at

that camera lens like i’m making a

connection with you

as opposed to like i’m speaking to a

general audience and you made that

person feel like i feel like he’s

talking to me the second thing i would

say is that if you’re in a place where

you feel like you’re stuck if you’re

stuck alone

you’re stuck alone but if you’re stuck

and you have 30 other people and experts

that have seen this problem they’re

going to help you get unstuck because

they’re going to give you ideas and

thoughts and things that you didn’t want

to consider i remember people telling me

like antonio you need to get to the

point i was like no no no no no i need

to explain the foundation you know they

were right you had to let go of some

things that you

had a hard time getting goa because to

you and your in your content your brand

it was really important to you but it

was also holding you back and that’s

really hard to do

from an emotional perspective to let go

and try new things so that you can move

forward right that’s kind of what

therapy is all about really i mean i

literally used to quote studies in my

videos according to a study in 2013 this

is and then that would lose people they

want the information yeah i don’t care

about those study what actually works

you guys want to check out his channel

there’s a link to it in the show notes

go check it out follow along relational

dating advice from a solid guy who’s

actually reaching and changing the lives

of millions of people now that’s what

this is ultimately all about and if you

feel stuck in your channel you want to

take it to the next level i’d love to

have you join our next video lab session

you’ll find a link in the show notes in

the description below it’s an eight-week

group coaching program we put you

together with up to 19 other dedicated

creators who are going to go through

this process with you we’re going to

give you lots of information about how

the algorithm works how to optimize your

content for homepage for search for

suggested content how to craft better

stories that emotionally engage people

and how to use your analytics to find

opportunities for more growth our goal

is to get you results and to work with

you for those eight weeks to the end of

it you’re publishing content that we can

see from the beginning of a lab to the

end is noticeably different and seeing

much better and bigger results and

setting you up to be on a trajectory of

growth just like him that’s what i love

guys scaling life change i can only

reach so many people you can only reach

so many people anthony only reaching out

to people but together we’re going to

reach and change so many more lives than

any of us would do on our own that’s

what i love about what we do here video

creators anthony has a message he’s has

skills that i’ll never have if i can

equip panda reaches million and you to

go reach your million together we can

literally change the world thank you for

being here you guys are awesome let’s do

more of it


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