Griffin Arnlund | Creators NEED to Focus on Mental Health 😔

​@Griffin Arnlundtalks about the importance of mental health for creators. This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of being a creator and it can have a profound effect on your life.

Click here to watch the full Creator Day interview with @Griffin Arnlund:

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mental health is like a huge thing for

me i took

almost a two year break off of social

media because i was not in a place

mentally to be able to focus on it i had

to focus on myself and that was like

what i had to do

and it was really hard for me to be able

to get back into social media but i

think what i realized getting back into

it was

had i taken care of my mental health the

entire time

i wouldn’t have necessarily had to take

that two-year break i would have been

able to like still do what i’m enjoying

and like still be a part of the process

of everything but i had to take two

years off to be able to get myself in a

mental space to where i could do it so i

don’t know i just i think

being aware of like where you’re at

mentally and

knowing when it’s time to take a break

and being okay with that like not being

too hard on yourself because i know all

of us are probably sometimes a little

difficult on ourselves when we’re like

oh we have this content due or we want

to get this up in time or whatever the

case may be but

yeah mental health is by far the most

important aspect of it all