Derral Eves | Hire Your First Employee to Grow Your Creator Business!

Being a content creator can be challenging, especially if you are trying to do everything yourself. But how do you know what you should outsource and what you should do yourself? @Derral Eveshas a system to help you figure out your first creator employee!

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=================== text video ====================

this is a question that i get asked a

lot what’s the first employee and

basically it’s very simple take a


and during the week everything that you

do from beginning that you wake up to

the end that you go to sleep you write

down every task that you do and then you

take it through the whole week it’s what

i call work week analytics and then at

the end of that week i want you to take

two highlighters basically just really

go over everything that you didn’t like

doing just with one highlighting color

and then the second color everything

that wasted your time do that as well

and that’s the job responsibility for

your first employee that’s going to free

up more time for you to do things that

you love and also things that didn’t

waste your time i i like to do that at

least quarterly if not every other month

that helps me have a lot of clarity uh

of what i’m gonna get done and what i

find most valuable when i get excited

you know of waking up in the morning

just to get to work because i love it i

love what i do


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