A Day in the Life of a Full Time YouTuber with 7 Kids

While it’s been a while since we’ve been as active on our channel, there has been a TON going on for us at Video Creators behind the scenes this last year and we want to bring you along for the ride. As we have been serving more and more established creators, we know many of the questions you have are about building teams, how to manage your business, and how to achieve some semblance of work/life balance. I hope this video can give you a glimpse into the life of Video Creators as well as our family and the lessons along the way we’ve learned as we’ve grown both of these fruitfully.

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=================== text video ====================

i’ll be honest right now guys like the

business is in a pretty tough spot

i really feel the pressure

go away i’m trying to record


the thing i really like about work

is that it’s ultimately taking something

that might be already good and makes it


the last time we talked

was about six months ago i uploaded a


just talking about how i was recovering

from burnout and how stressed i was in

the six months since that video i’ve

learned a lot one about like how to take

care of myself

so that i’m useful for other people

number two i’m learning a lot about

organizational leadership and then third

also about like organizational

leadership leadership when it comes to

growing a fruitful family with our seven

kids and my wife and i and our marriage

and keeping all those things revolving

and running at the same time in a

fruitful productive way

uh has been a steep learning curve but a

really good one that is definitely


today i want to get back into i got a

lot of exciting things and just share

with you a little bit of what i’ve been

learning lately because it’s been really

influential in our lives and

in our business this is my beautiful

wife dana she works with us in the

business i’ll show you guys more of that

about that a little bit later today

first go eat and do some of my own



social media today seems to be to me and

be all about the people who are who are

winning it’s the the people who have the

fancy cards who have the seven-figure

businesses the people whose youtube

channels are just growing out of control

and we all like looking at those stories

of success but what’s often not shown is

the journey that got there all the

obstacles that had to be overcome all

the hard decisions all the moves that

had to be made that most people wouldn’t

have the guts to make that’s what was

not seen and so we look at that and be

like well why them and not me

i have an oatmeal for breakfast i’m not

a huge fan

but dana made it and it was good for me

so i’m gonna eat it whether i like it or


do you girls like your oatmeal

okay good

it breeds a lot of discontentment mostly

because we think that that thing that

they work really hard for us should

should be easy



can you guys clean up your legos we’re

gonna read the bible here okay

you have six days each week for your

ordinary work but the seventh day must

be a sabbath day of complete rest a holy

day dedicated to the lord


the non-sexy side of how they got that

though was years of failure years of

hard work years of making mistakes one

thing after another just not working out

and the people who eventually end up

with the thing that everybody wants are

the people who didn’t stop they didn’t

quit they kept going they got the

fruitful outcome that they were looking

for do you guys feel like you have any

skills that you want to develop for god

just like

is in the bible the

build an amazing temple playing with

legos that could be a good way to start

learning how to build making a tiny lego

temple no

that’d be cool

today is tuesday which

typically means a long day of meetings

my first meeting here is with my

producer stephanie hired her to help her

help me get these videos out in a more

timely manner for you guys in our

production meeting this morning we’re

gonna go over videos that have already

been shot as well as ones that we’re

planning that are coming up it’s gonna

be like next level stuff like tactics

and strategies not just like that how do

i upload a custom thumbnail to youtube

type of stuff

i finished that one

so i did shoot that one first so the

doghouse video

when i think about everything i do in a

day it really comes down to how do i

take something and make it more fruitful

how do i make it more productive how do

i make it better with my hands on it

with my involvement than it was before

but i think about it first in terms of

my family my business is here to serve

my family not the other way around i’m

sorry i actually went back this morning

and watched the recording of our

conversation with her just to make sure

one thing that’s changed over the last

six months that i’m really excited about

is i have an office mate

my wife has started working

she kind of has for a while but taking

on a more official role now one of the

things she does for our longer term

clients is she mails them

a nice box once they sign on that’s

another one of those things that applies

to organizational leadership with both

growing a business as well as growing a

family is that people like gifts they

like it when you send them stuff just to

let them know that you’re thinking about

them the expense that goes into it

totally worth the human element of

building these relationships with our

with our clients this next meeting

is our all-team meeting together and

dana and i sit side by side as a lovely

couple and go over everything with our

team stuff we gotta do things we’re

working on projects

things like that



you have lots of good problems

in the business to figure out basically

um we can’t keep up with client work

it’s just there’s just so much of it and

it’s coming so fast i think we had some

conversations about hiring some people

uh to help open up more capacity some

more strategists as well some more admin

all good problems just is pretty

challenging though to try to


about half hour get some lunch before i

hop on a live stream on my youtube

channel with some

people who just finished up video labs

so the kids are packing up to go on a

trip we’re going to speak at an event in

dallas so they’re packing to come with


and if you just tell the kids

like hey go pack for this trip they’ll

go back but they might not pack what

they need it’s kind of the same way with

employees too right if you want them to

do a job well you have to train them on

how to do it and tell them exactly what

it is you create like what’s called an

sop during an operating procedure that

they can rinse and repeat and follow to

make sure that the result that you that

they get from that task is reproducible

at the quality that you wanted to be at

you can’t expect people to do something

they’ve either never been trained to do

or hasn’t been clearly specified to them

i am way overexposed this way

there we go

in order for my wife to work on our team

we have a nanny who helps out with the

kids while we are working and so it

looks like today they didn’t ask wow you


got a priority

there’s a lot of things going on in our

business right now there’s a lot of

things changing a lot of things pivoting

which creates a lot of problems problems

can often be things that we try to avoid

but in this case if we solve these

problems and overcome them then the

chaos we currently feel turns into order

and that order turns into even more

revenue growing business and more

clients that we can serve and the same

thing happens in our family when our

family has problems i’m learning like

that means something’s changing here and

that doesn’t mean there’s something to

avoid but something to dive into and

embrace and solve the problems and the

things that are going on in the family

so that it can become more fruitful as

well right toby you agree


you guys keep hanging out


it’s over a video lap session eight


it was great live stream was fun

this is what i do afterwards ah after

it’s not most of the standing it’s more

like the introverted part of me i’m like

woo i’m like on the whole time you know

like hey thanks i could see it was so

exciting i think it’s gonna be great i

don’t talk with that girl voice all the

time lay hair and stretch and

decompress a little bit before i get up

and do the next thing


enough of a break the rest of my

afternoon will be spent sitting here

replying to emails catching up on slack

messages doing tasks i need to do with

updates to the website and getting audio

from our live stream sent to my podcast

editor and just lots of like little

to-do’s just to hopefully crank out as

much as i can before dinner but even

more importantly before we leave for two

weeks to go down to dallas for this

event kids came out told us time to eat

i think my son made dinner for us

tonight so

i’m wearing burgers


it’s one small step at a time over time

over the course of a decade that leads

to thriving marriages strong families

growing businesses that serve not only

your family well but also the lives of

all the people who your business touches


we’re all packed up ready to go if you

are interested in hearing more about

business and family and how those two

things intersect and relate and how a

lot of the skills that we are learning

about growing successful businesses also

grow fruitful families i started a new

personal podcast it’s called the

business family marriage podcast with

tim schmoyer links to it down the street

to check it out and i just talk more

just casually on my phone just about

what we’re learning what i’m learning

about girl the principals that grow up

big that grow fruitful families also

grow successful businesses and those two

things overlap a lot more than i

realized they did before starting my own

business so go check it out down below

i’d love to have you become a part of

the audience over there so thanks guys

for hanging out looking forward to read

your comments below

see you guys down there bye