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In this video, Omar shares the best YouTube Equipment You NEED to Create YouTube Videos.

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=================== text video ====================

what goes all into

creating youtube videos no matter what

kind of youtube videos you’re creating

there are actually four

elements that actually want to break

down in this video and training and i’m

so excited to do so so uh stick around

and if you are watching this on the live

let me know down in the comments where

you are watching from um if you’re

watching it on the replay be sure to put

replay fam that is fam short for family

down in the comments below and uh yeah

let me know where you’re watching from

if we’ve never met my name is omar

altacory with think media and i’m so

excited to get into this and i know

you’re going to get a lot of value but

go ahead and like this video if you

haven’t already

but i’m so excited to be uh sharing with

you uh this youtube equipment checklist

for making videos and uh uh and we’re

gonna be breaking down some of the best

deals that are going on right now

and all the awesome things and so with

that being said let’s jump into it

just the breakdown of what’s going to

happen we’re going to break down the

four essential elements for every video

they’re actually going to go into some q

a and i literally want to answer as many

questions as i possibly can with you and

i’m actually going to bring on a special


uh to be uh answering those questions

and i’m so excited to bring that person

out um but

this stream is brought to you by uh we’re doing so much

to provide as much value as we possibly

can to our community during this holiday

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best uh you know um the best uh value

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my you can’t buy zv uh e10 or right here

but uh we want to share with you the

best deals that are going on in real

time as well as answer

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have any general questions like what

lighting should i buy what kind of mic

should i buy and things like that all

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discount to this much uh resource and so

be sure to check out

and if you want that 80 off for that

that course if you want to invest in

yourself and invest into your youtube

education uh go to

if you want to hit that up one thing i

know is that you can have all the gear

but if you don’t have the strategy

ain’t nobody gonna watch your videos

that’s just that’s just the facts i’m


um so

real quick i wanna break down um some

various video formats i think it’s

really important to know the kind of

video you’re trying to create on your

channel i would say the first video

format and maybe one of the most popular

would be vlogging this is uh whether you

go to a park or you know you’re out and

about lifestyle you’re showing your

lifestyle and you’re sharing not

necessarily a studio you know you didn’t

i would say at all it’s not studio i

would i actually

am loving doing making videos like this

more and more because um it’s it’s not

only the most engaging way to create a

video because your your scenes are

changing automatically and you don’t

have to do too many edits but there’s

just something about um you know being

one with the person on the screen and

you’re just with them wherever they’re

at whether that be in the car or that be

at a park and you know don’t don’t think

of me weird just because i go to like

parks and there’s like a kid playground

in this shot danny realize how sketch

this is but i have a daughter and that’s

why she’s doing she does the part the

second type of format i would consider

uh i would call talking head so this is


you’re you’re like even this live stream

i would consider it like a talking head

video but you could see heather at the

bottom a little bit more on like the

professional video side nonetheless

nonetheless you can achieve this

yourself um but this this communicates a

little a level of professionalism it

communicates a little bit that like

you’re taking whatever you know this is

seriously you know like that this is

this there’s so many things that are

intentional here when it comes to the

the setup and the light spill the warm

light coming in from the back meets the


play button this is just a crispy shot

i’m just laughing because it’s like

i don’t know if we can out do this um

anyway the third one is kind of like

your live stream slash video podcast and

if you could see sean

here in uh this shot right here this is

like on his new uh seattle desk tour

which if you have not seen his dream

desk tour that yes the sean candle built

his dream desk tour

it’s worth watching because of uh how

awesome it is but you’d also learn a lot

um and all that to say you could see it

in this shot this is the first shot out

of the three that you could see the mic

in the shot this is what you call a

dynamic mic uh usually when you’re doing

podcasts or live streams you want that

mic close to your face right now i’m

actually using a a condenser mic it’s a

boom mic so

i can actually frame it right outside

the shot which i like but nonetheless

this is a vibe especially if you’re

trying to go for that that’s that sound

quality but this would be video format

live stream slash video podcast and then

i think the the fourth most popular

would be kind of like your wide

wide-angle youtuber you know setup so

this is nolan from the think media team

and this is his setup where he has a a

very wide lens um

and it really makes you feel like you’re

right next to him like you’re right in

front of him as opposed to heather’s

shot to the left of it to the left of

heather you it’s like whoa heather is

like professional i’m i’m putting her in

my like the teacher you know stage she’s

teaching me something nolan like i’m

right here with you you know bro you

know like that’s kind of the vibe it

feels so that’s like the youtuber wide

angle lens so all that to say these are

video formats why don’t you let me know

down in the comments below

which one of your video formats are you

what kind of videos are you making let

me know down in the comments we’d love

to know your video formats um

uh and we’ll and 100 we’ll get some of

those questions later on after i go

through this training um but pumped for

to get into this uh who’s uh smash the

like yes if you haven’t smashed the like

button be sure to smash the like button

dude shout out to north las vegas in the

house you’re like not too far from me 20

minutes let’s run it uh think media

meetup in vegas turn up dang we got

morocco in

do we out cheer on some national

nationalities and we’re international

right here think media international

um man yeah i’m excited all right so to

get into this

i want to i really want to give you

these ideas but the first thing i want

to let you know is that you don’t need

the best gear you need the right gear

this is why we do the training so you

don’t you don’t waste your money on uh

unnecessary gear you don’t need or you

don’t get the wrong piece of gear did

you know that you can buy the wrong mic

for the type of videos you’re creating

out in the park and you got this like

mic that you got to like hold in the

park and now you just look like a creep

like no we don’t want you to do that we

want you to have the right mic based off

of the type of content you’re making so

that’s just like a i think something you

should always keep in mind is that you

don’t need the best gear i actually am

on a journey to getting not the best

gear just to prove a point that you

don’t need the best gear like i love my

iphone 13 mini i got the mini which has

the old previous models uh camera in it

so it has the iphone 12 camera in it and

i’m like i don’t care bro this is the

cheapest iphone and it looks awesome so

all that to say um

you want the right gear and that’s why i

want to do this training so here’s the

four essential elements to every video

i’ve i’ve created this acronym and it’s


alves repeat after me say albus no not


but alvis uh shout out to elvis’s you

know his studio setup though you know

he’s got his little you know super 35

film and his like uh that’s like you

call a lighting exposure meter dude this

guy knew what he was doing you’re like

wondering why he looks so crispy bro

it’s because he knew exactly how he was

exposed for his shots something we could

all learn from uh elvis but this is not

elvis this is elvis and this is what you

need to consider every time you make a

video and and when you when you’re

looking to invest in specific


looking to invest so the first is going

to be your audio what is capturing your

audio like i mentioned before i’m using


condenser mic that i could

boom right out of the shot

you can uh use a dynamic mic which is

like up close to your mouth sounds very

deep and rich

and then secondly is lighting

i would argue that both these two are

the most underrated upgrades uh

youtubers don’t make they they actually

buy a video camera first or they buy you

know a fancy lens first i’m telling you

right now that if you have really good

audio and really good lighting you can

crush with your smartphone

but these both these two elements

actually pull out more uh better quality

and produce a better video um just by

upgrading these two things we actually

like saying that audio is 50 percent of


the experience goes hand in hand you

want to prioritize both

and lighting helps video as well

the third is video slash the visual so i

don’t want to limit it to necessarily

the the video camera that you’re using

itself or the smartphone but like what’s

behind you what are you what are you

considering based off of what’s you know

in your shot per se

um but also what look are you trying to

go for so right now i’m using

the world famous 16 millimeter lens

which is a great lens for talking head

video because at arm’s length distance

um you know i’m exactly kind of where i

want to be and i feel like i can be a

it’s a little wide but it’s not too wide

so we’re actually like in the middle of

heather and nolan i’m just right here

squished in the middle of nolan and

heather but that’s video and visual and

then the last thing is stabilization

what is holding up your camera based off

of the video formats and um

and uh

let’s see based off of the video formats

i saw that somebody here is trying to do

a um

we uh came back to watch after

wide angle lens somebody’s starting a



but i lost the comment so i’ll just put

things down buzz bye vray fam turn up

okay here we go

um so let’s start with let’s start with

audio okay let’s start with io what kind

of mic do i need this is the question

you need to ask yourself if you’re

shopping this holiday season to level up

your youtube studio to level up your

youtube videos uh what kind of mic so

the first option you have is a lavalier

mic this is a mic that gets clipped on

your jacket or your shirt

and what’s great about this is it’s

probably the most versatile uh as you

see this mic here that’s boomed out of

the shot if i back up

like my audio is getting bad i just

realized i’ve left this box of gear on

my thing

uh but but i i have to be closer to the

to my mic source

and so

what is cool about a lavalier mic is

that you can actually clip it on your

shirt move around and maintain

consistent audio um and so there’s

actually a great mic on sale right now

the deity uh v lab which it’s like ten

dollars off it’s like 40 bucks for one

of the best you know upgrades you can

make and again you can find that deal at if you want to check

out that deal

the second kind of mic is what what i

have here which is considered a shotgun

mic or a condenser mic so a mic like

this even though you can throw it on top

of a camera like you can see right now

works best when it’s close to your mouth


although it can be out of the shot

because it’s capturing a general uh

vicinity of audio

and that’s the pickup pattern so if you

are a vlogger

if you’re a vlogger i would encourage

you to go with a good shotgun mic and i

made a video on some cheap shotgun mics

and honestly this one on the canon m50

that you see right there is a 40 or 39

mic that comes with a cable to use with

your smartphone as well as with your

camera but this mic sounds amazing and

but you don’t want a lavalier if you’re

going to go vlogging necessarily that’s

kind of like not quite the vibe you want

you want to get a shotgun mic or if

you’re doing talking head youtube videos

like this you know then then getting a

mic like that would be great so this

would be a shotgun

mic and then the third option i would

encourage you with is a dynamic mic so

this is heather shooting uh how to how

to start your podcast video

and uh she’s using this sixty dollar mic

from samson it’s called the samson q2u

it’s a usb mic but it is also an xlr mic

so if you’re using like a recorder or an

inner you know mixer or something you

can use it but for for 60 bucks this mic

sounds incredible and this is kind of if

you want that rich podcast vibe as you

can see it’s in the shot so you have the

the lav that that isn’t necessarily you


hidden completely although you can hide

a lab completely inside of a shirt but

there’s kind of a little bit too much i

would you know work to do if you’re like

making youtube videos uh then you have

like your dynamic mic which you see in

the shot as well um and so you have to

if you want the best audio out of it

and then the only mic that you actually

don’t need to see visually

is a shotgun condenser mic so uh that’s

uh and we’ll post links everything in

the chat or in the description below if

you want to see updated pricing

to anything i mention throughout this


the second is lighting so you need to

ask yourself what kind of lights do i

need and back to the idea that i

mentioned earlier

you don’t need the best gear

you don’t need top of the line things

you need the right gear and so

i would say two different

lights you want to look into either or

if you if you’re looking to upgrade your

lights it’s either a ring light

or a soft box light now there’s pros and

cons to each of these i don’t want to

have to go too deep i would say if

you’re the beauty if you’re if you want

that bright you know like the full light

in your face kind of look and i know a

lot of ladies like like i just want my

videos to be super bright then then a

ring light is the way to go that’s the

it’s kind of like the the most uh

affordable way to achieve that look

without having to buy a very powerful

light spend hundreds of dollars there’s

actually some ring lights that are on

sale think uh a ton of ring

lights on sale or you can actually click

the the kit link

down in the description below it’s

updating pricing as uh the holidays go

on but you may want a ring light for

that reason and i love the ring light

i’m actually using a ring light behind

me to light my hat as you can see this

uh my hat is being outlined right now

and i’ll break down my studio but right

right before we get into questions so

you can kind of see what i got going on

but nonetheless ring light is an option

and the second one we have sweet jordan

perez amazing grace boards she uses a 50

softbox light this light is incredible

has two you know bi-colored so you can

do warm lighting or cold lighting and it

also has a wireless remote which makes

it convenient now back to pros and cons

it takes up a little bit more space

than a ring light would but it produces

a more flattering look kind of like what

you’re seeing now i i’m being lit like


with a soft box uh and so my cheeks

aren’t too bright my forehead isn’t too

bright and there’s a little bit of like

fall off as you can see right here on my

side of my face so all that to say you

know lighting is important and you just

want to decide which one let me know if


use um

any of these or which one you’re looking

to buy uh in this next you know season

or what deal you’re looking for

uh vol voltner woodworking say just

picked up some soft block light huge

upgrade from the ring light so that’s

and that’s because of preference i

wouldn’t say the ring light is better or

worse that’s because a lot of times

lighting can produce a more flattering

image and having a harsh light people

people typically

put on a very high blasted you know ring

light on their face

if you’re wearing glasses that’s not

going to work but you can also angle the

ring light you know off off to the side

and and cast it down at you

and it would produce

a flattering image as well but that’s

cool so since

since you upgraded from your ring light

then you can use your ring light to

light other things you can do a hair

light like i’m doing or you know that’s

what’s cool about upgrading does not

have to go away

next we’re talking about videos

what camera do you need what camera do

you need i think some things you want to

look out for is a camera with good


a camera with a mic jack input

potentially a camera that works well for

live streaming i think most people

should grow into live streaming because

it’s a very effective way to create

content so um getting a camera that has

a clean hdmi out which means it doesn’t

show all your image or your data on the



but what you see here is the canon m50

mark ii and the sony zve10 at the time

of shooting this live stream

the world has gone mad lad

and there is no more zve10s i don’t know

what the heck happened

uh but it’s kind of hard to get a sony

zv10 right now

nonetheless don’t wait like

start leveling up maybe the lighting and

mics maybe you can’t buy the the camera

right now and you want it because i

actually love the sony zve10 it’s a

phenomenal camera but if you know maybe

you can even save on the m50 all that to

say think through those like features do

you need uh you know no record limit you

know uh because you want to start a

long-form video podcast or something all

these things you want to ask yourself uh

based off of what camera you need and

speaking of what camera you need i want

to play a game real quick okay are you

guys paying attention

are you guys paying attention

all right cool

can you guess the camera i’m using in

this so um

i’m no this camera has unlimited

recording shoots in 4k

has great auto focus gives me that nice

blurry background let me know down in

the comments if you could let me know uh

what camera this is

let me know what camera this is would

love to know your thoughts um

wisco ted said iphone uh stefan said

sony a7s3 that’s the camera we we we’ve

been using uh for a lot of our videos we

got sony zve10 we got m50 we got iphone

um i bet it’s a smartphone

y’all funny a disposable camera uh it is

a disposable camera you didn’t know that

they make these nowadays no i’m just


um if you guessed iphone my friends you

guessed correctly

that this shot was shot on my smartphone

and i’m here to tell you

that your phone shoots great video and

you just need to start making videos and

get to recording content um and and yes

so i shot this

with my phone and so

what camera do you need do you already

have the camera you need so you need to

ask yourself these questions

and then the last um thing you want to

think about is what kind of stand do you

need this gimbal for your smartphone

from zion um crane is literally 30

for a gimbal this would be beneficial if

you’re vlogging


do you need a tripod there’s a ton of

deals on tripods at

um or are you trying to vlog with a

camera do you need a vlog setup like a

joby or a switch pod

asking yourself these questions i think

is just very good and actually develop

your um your creativity but also your

your knowledge on gear so you don’t

waste the money on certain things

um and shout out to uh polygon podcaster

who said he got 440 back for trading in

his iphone for a 13. that’s awesome i

have the iphone mini 13 uh and i

actually i think this costed like 600

bucks to upgrade the internal storage

because i wanted a lot of storage on the

inside to film youtube videos so like

that almost broke even like you almost

broke even and got a better camera and

what’s cool about the iphone 13 is

cinematic mode which i am pumped about

um so yeah asking yourself what kind of

camera is in so back to the video format

what kind of videos are you trying to


so therefore what stand do you need to

hold up your camera or smartphone just

wanna remind you

is what is bringing you this stream and

i want to encourage you to potentially

maybe you have all the gear you need but

you’re not really getting the traction

uh on you will find

our uh you know our youtube made simple

course bundle our holiday bundle that

we’ve never put together before and sold

it for this low of a price it’s 80 off

and that could be found also on if you just scroll

down a little bit and i want to

encourage you to really think through

that you don’t have to spend your money

this holiday season come on you can

invest your money this holiday season

and how cool would it be if you look

back from a year from now next you know

black friday or next thanksgiving or

next christmas

and you’re like wow

like all this investing i made in in

video equipment uh actually paid off and

i’m actually making money from that

investment one of my good friends uh and

friends of us here i think media ryan

pineda he’s a real estate investor and

he like made a video on his channel

about how you know what are some things

that you can invest in for your business

and he’s talking about courses he’s

talking about coaching and then he was

like you need to invest in video gear

and i’m like yo

that’s such a key thing even if you’re

just an entrepreneur or you own your own


investing in these things is pretty key

but i told you i had a surprise guest

coming up to do these q as and so i want

you to number one

start putting posting your questions in

the chat with with four question marks

before and after your question so that

we could see it and we’ll do our best to

answer it but i i i need this person in

my life because because sometimes i can

get too nerdy too techy

like omar what are you even talking

about you said

boca what’s a bokeh all i know is boba


boca is cool it’s blurry background but

uh but

uh this person is so special

and i’m so excited to bring on heather

torres from the think team our chief

operations officer she holds it down she

is a author uh

and because she already wrote a book

that’s going to be coming out uh of the

youtube made simple um

book but also course but also show and

so i’m so excited to bring on heather uh

to do these uh q a

everybody put some clapping emojis as we

bring on heather

heather how was your uh holiday

yesterday oh my goodness omar my dreams

came true this holiday because we did

matching pajamas and we had i think we

had almost 20 people kids all the way

from baby to you know dad’s rocking look

at me over here omar rocking the uh

the matching pajamas it was amazing how

about you how was your holiday oh yeah

it was the first time we hosted uh

thanksgiving at our house

and i was actually impressed at my wife

she she killed it like we had

the whole aesthetic dude like we had the

long table we moved furniture we had

like 20 people at one table and then uh

i don’t know i was just super blown away


but it was a great it was a great uh

thanksgiving for sure

is that that that matching jammies thing

is it i mean we do that for christmas

but like why did you do that for

thanksgiving i just want to know i just

because i like to start the holiday

early that’s why i was because also uh

we you know sean cannell sonya kennel

they’re our besties we got him this year

for thanksgiving you didn’t ha and uh

and they’re gonna be gone for christmas

and so we decided to do it together for

thanksgiving so so that’s so cool that’s

it’s because you get to do what you want

when you want with the people that

matter most to you and that’s what we’re

trying to do here at think media so that

you can have whoever you want for

thanksgiving all right uh so let’s hop

into these questions

um and i i think it’s helpful to have

you here because


you know it’s

you you kind of bring me down sometimes

but uh somebody asked uh is this

streaming not down omar i don’t bring

you down

back down to original level of people

who are non-techy


100 but that you’re bringing me down i’m

just kidding you’re like you bring me

down no yeah i do not bring you

semantics but whatever

okay so i’m wondering what camera to get

for video is the sony a7s iii a good

option for the money so uh stephen what

would you answer to this with the little

context that you have that he wants to

do video omar


like i mean just to be straight up we we

use the a7 s3 as well as an fx3 for our

like very nice youtube videos

i would say though

implementing those two cameras into our

workflow has slowed down our processes

because the file sizes are large uh if

you if you’re trying to go you know

s-log and and 10-bit which it it’s an

incredible cinema camera um

or mirrorless camera whoever wants to

you know choose on that sense but

if you’re just shooting youtube videos i

think i think getting a more easier

files to work with because if you don’t

have the machine to support that camera

you’re gonna be very frustrated and

you’re going to have a really nice

camera and your render speeds are going

to be like a week and a half so uh it is

an incredible camera for video i just

wouldn’t i wouldn’t want even the

intermediate to have a s3 i would

encourage you to go with an a7c which is

a full frame if you want a full-frame

camera a7c is a is a great option um as

well as um just like a crop sensor like

the zv10 or like a 60 a600

great video file sizes and things like

that so um


it’s a that’s an overkill camera if i

were to just answer the question plainly

yeah yeah i think i think you are

completely right it’s almost like that

probably isn’t it’s because what will

happen tomorrow someone will get a

camera like that and then they’re


a ton of time just with the learning

curve of trying to understand it when

they could have just shot with their

iphone or yeah if i could be honest

i don’t like it as an iphone but just

shoot with what you already have right

it’s probably a great yeah and what’s

funny about the s3 just to be straight

up we started with like the highest

quality files and then shooting flat and

color grading everything and i’ve

actually trimmed all that back to just

what’s the best straight outta camera

look like i i we’re trying to produce

you know a lot of videos so all that to

say get a camera that will work well

with the editing

machine you are using

well i love this question um from mattis

because omar this is our wheelhouse we

love doing video podcasts uh we have a

video podcast if you’re not already

subscribed you can over on the think

uh media podcast but we actually have a

whole series for you if you are

interested um in how to start a podcast

this series starts with how to start the

podcast uh what equipment do you need

should you do video and audio so you’re

asking how do you start this video

podcast and i would actually just say

this series is right for you it’ll tell

you everything you need to know about

actually getting started

with your video podcast and omar someone

might say like video podcast i thought

podcasts were just something you

listened to in your ears why is it

beneficial for someone if they’re going

to do a podcast to do it in video form

i think uh the biggest benefit to doing

a video podcast

is that you are essentially killing two

birds with one stone you know a lot of

people have their audio podcast which is

cool you can wear your jammies you can

you don’t have to worry about how you

look but if you just turned on a camera

and uploaded the videos to

a youtube channel or even if you use the

videos for content on social media but

we could have started just an audio

podcast with the think media podcast but

we decided to start a video podcast and

you can see that we have 42 000


but because youtube is its own search

engine you know some videos do so well

because they they get found in search

and then somebody stumbles on the

podcast um you know 52 000 views on a

podcast and this is 30 minutes you’re

building great um you know rapport with

people and you’re building trust

but this is but then this the audio also

goes on to apple and spotify so i would

say that is why you want to start a

video podcast have you ever been

thinking about it if you’ve ever been

thinking about starting a podcast think

about just starting click pressing

record on a camera even if it’s just for

you know micro bits and pieces and if

you’ve been following think media for

some time you’ve been seeing some

snippets from these podcasts and

sometimes those when positioned really

well perform really great

so omar let’s switch gears and go into a

little bit of gear now again is where you can go if

you want to get all of the information

about the best deals that are happening

right now we’ve got so many resources

for you over there that if you have a

question about gear uh i would love you

to go i would love your next step to be

to go to actually can

you type that in the live chat for me so

i know that you know that site think just type that in the

chat for me so i know it uh what is the

best camera mic

camera for wait what is the best let me

read this again wow heather what is the

best camera my computer for my gardening

and cooking channel so i’m thinking it’s

like the whole thing the best camera mic

and computer for a gardening and cooking

channel what would you recommend for

someone uh that would be in this phase

okay so

when you say the word best i take things

in consideration i take in uh the best

at a certain budget right you don’t you

know i i mentioned earlier you don’t

need the best you need the right one and

then secondly um i take into


like what you’re actually doing so okay

so when i think about best camera for

gardening and cooking channels

i think you need something that just you

turn on and hit record you don’t need to

worry about your settings too much uh

it would either be the sony zve10

uh which is actually at the time of

filming this is sold out but if you’re


if you’re looking to like get a great


the the sony zv1 which is actually a

very portable point-and-shoot camera

shoots in 4k

no record limit you can use this to live

stream uh there’s a mic jack input a

flip out screen the autofocus is

incredible it’s actually on sale as we

speak you go to

but this camera i think would be the one

for you because it’s so easy to use just

press record and you’re good to go um

and then and then as far as your audio

goes i think when it comes to your audio

i would encourage you to to go with

a wireless mic so you said best honestly

when it comes to the road wireless go at

200 wireless mic you know you

you have the freedom to move around

and you want that freedom you want the

ability to to not have to worry about

anything uh let me scrub through this

i don’t know i’m like

here we go

so um

there we go so the deity wireless this

is a newer mic that plugs straight into

a camera

and as you can see like even out here

i’m like just messing around


golfing but it it sounds really good

when you you know

are moving around and doing general

stuff like that but you need the ability

to be wireless so

if you’re really like looking to invest

in it i would get the rode or the deity

wireless not the rode the ddo wireless

comes with an actual lav and you’ll

you’ll be happy you have that clip on

lab as opposed to clipping on the whole

thing to your shirt and so we’ll post

links to that you know we have tony

djing this live stream so that


deity wireless

and then as far as computer goes

get the cheapest

apple laptop with the m1 chip so you

just want to make sure you can get the

you can get the apple uh

mac air

with the m1 chip and you’ll be golden uh

adrian and i know you’ll crush it with

those three things

i love this and uh the paulie

uh the polyglot loves your nerdiness

omar hey you said you were gonna tell

people what setup you are using right

now why don’t you just do that and then

we’ll get into the next question about

planning your content as well

yes i’m excited i always love doing this

on the live streams

it’s like bro how do you do this online

how do you vlog on a live stream video

formats vlog all right so here we go

this is my office got a calendar that is

outdated but you didn’t know that until

i just told you the power of hollywood

all right so uh so this is like


live stream set up 282 camera angles i

got two uh angles for my camera and i’m

using a

blackmagic a10 to switch those angles

i got the canon m50 mark ii on both uh

of the cameras clean hdmi solutions

great uh option too for your content

creation needs

and then this would be my key light back

to like softbox you know vibe but this

is a cob light so this light um puts out

a very large light and and because i

have this diffuser on it it really

softens it but it creates a big light

uh which which is actually why

i look so flattering as you can see

and then we have right here that’s a

ring light that i’m using as a hair

light so when i sit back down you’ll see

that my hat is outlined

and i’m using a very pole so this pole

nolan made a dope video on it but you

know for most

room sizes you can actually

kill the stands like as you see right

there no stand on the light uh which is


and then i have my little ikea lamp but

that’s what this light’s doing it’s

making the ikea lamp look more powerful

than it really is so that is omar’s

setup if i could uh go back to this

you can see


you could see how my hat is outlined

that’s not the

lamp in the back that’s the ring light

that’s shining

on my jacket and hat so that’s the setup

so so good okay so this is a quick

question about planning and then we’re

gonna answer some more questions about

your uh setups or sorry we’re gonna

answer more questions about your gear uh

that people have here and the equipment

that they need for youtube but what

content planning apps and structure

would you recommend brainstorming ideas

planning socials and publishing so

mattis first thing i would say is um

that you want to just start with just a

pen and paper honestly a lot of times

content creators will keep way too many

ideas up here and then when it’s time to

actually sit down and create content

they’re like i

i don’t i don’t know i don’t know what

video i should do so i would uh start

obviously with just a pen and piece of

paper you’re like okay heather i do that

already now what um i love digital so

even planners even calendars everything

to be digital because life moves so fast

now that when it’s digital you can share

it with other people um you can move

things around so

i use the notes app on my phone um for a

ton of video ideas i’ll be sparked with

an idea you know at the playground with

my kids or in the middle of church

service or something like that and i’m

just taking some notes on what that

should be but actually planning and

prepping it out you could do something

free like trello trello is a really

great company um to be able to just move

your projects along plan out your social

media calendars and do those types of

things you can also search just search

on like pinterest free trello templates

and you can find those and we’re going

to be creating things like this here at

think media for you as well so make sure

you’re subscribed so you see when we

have these types of things available for

you and then um we now uh we now use so uh is a full

planner uh planning

site software um because we’re doing a

ton of content but if you’re at the

level where you’re producing uh one

video a week you need to make sure your

social is happening you want to

jot down some video ideas maybe you want

to get an editor involved or a virtual

assistant involved i think a great place

to start would be a trello type service

for what you are looking at doing and i

would brainstorm like crazy wherever you

can i mean uh i think one of the the

best pieces of advice i got when i

started doing a lot of content creation

was write down five to ten ideas every

single day just write them down what are

the ideas you have every single day um

and then take from those ideas and the

best ones will come forward if all

you’re doing is writing down one or two

ideas it may not spark enough creativity

and you may not go deep enough

be in the constant motion of always

wanting to write down ideas because

that’ll help you as you start creating

more and more content in the future

all right omar um let’s see this

i love this one he says buy the zv e10


i guess it’s not that easy though

because at the time of doing this man

it’s like

it’s gone

it’ll be back though i think it’ll be

back yeah uh rob asks what’s a great

light other than a ring light for

close-up videos like the one you’re

filming um i have an aperture uh uh 120d

but need a lot of space or uh but need a

lot of space so right now uh omar maybe

you can bring this up on your camera or

on your


what are we talking

i’m using two of the flat lights so i’ve

got two of the flat lights and they are


a mount on my desk i’m not cool like

omar and i can’t like flip everything

around to show you yet but it’s coming

um but i am currently using two

uh two


um lights and omar’s gonna bring up what

those are here we are the kneeward desk

lights they come with the mounts and i

like this because i don’t have a lot of

space i’m like in a corner and they

attach to my desk so wherever i move my

desk wherever i move this setup my

lights stay in this position so i’ve got

them dialed into how i like um with the

camera with my microphone and i can move

everything around so this would be a

great option if you’re doing a lot of

sitting desk type ones but what else

would you recommend omar besides a ring

light oh yeah there’s there’s a few uh

number one

number one you have an aperture 120d i

would actually

get get a very get a get a

a a shallow

uh diffusing a diffuser so if you go to

amazon you type in bowen mount


uh you know you don’t you you don’t need

one that’s this deep

uh and you want to look at the uh

how how deep it is but you know they

make them they like this look at this

newer one 50 bucks 24 inches

like this would save you some space

because it’s not that deep and so that i

would i would actually try that first

before like investing in new um lighting

but another cool option that we actually

haven’t messed too much with

nolan has i think a little bit but it’s

like these like

they’re like fabric lighting and they’re


nothing like you can pack them up and

they just hang um dslr

shooter caleb pike uses these a lot with

his like youtube studio all-in-one

setups like um but

i would i would first try

do some research on a bow and mouth

soft boxes because the 120d is a great


it’s good

all right we’ve got uh this one from

creative thinking thanks for being here

today creative thinking and we see all

of your questions coming in also uh

we’re gonna get to as many questions as

we can but what camera should i use for

overhead videos and omar this makes me

think of jordan perez on the think media

team who has a chakootery board channel

she’s doing overhead shots um on her

channel and creative thinking i’m not

sure what camera you currently have but

omar is going to give you some insight

onto like how you actually can maybe

take that camera and use it as an

overhead cam

right so

uh finding jordan’s video right now

and um

there we go mobile setup here we go

so this is jordan’s uh she does like a

kitchen cooking stuff and

charcuterie board channel

but if you can see

on uh some examples she’s even taking

those photos top down but her setup

is a smartphone on a on a clamp

and we’ll post a link to this video but

this cl like having a


arm like this

allows you to like

mount your phone upside down pretty

easily and i think the key is when doing

top-down shots number one is like ease

of use like you don’t want you may you

don’t really want to worry about too

much of the settings but you also don’t

want to worry about like the autofocus

and stuff like that and so like the

phone is just a good option uh to do so

and let me see if i can find like a

top-down shot of

maybe we oh there we go oh there we go

look at that

is that not what i want little uh time

lapse on that end but just a very

versatile way of doing it um you asked

camera though i mean if i were to choose

if i had like a top-down camera it would

be the sony zv1 which is on sale like

because the because it actually has a

focus feature called product showcase

mode where if you have the camera

pointing down uh like this right and if

you hold something close to the camera

it’ll actually focus on that thing

without having to tap the screen or

anything it’s called product showcase

mode and then when you when you put it

back down or whatever it’s going to

focus on whatever’s closest to the

camera which is just great you don’t

have to worry about it and

one of my creator friends


sydney um

i’ll just we’ll post a link to it in the

in in the description but sydney


yeah whatever he uses zb1 first top down

with with uh an a7s3 as his main camera

and you don’t even know the difference

one camera is 3 500 and the other one is

this 650

dollar camera so

sony zv one if you’re gonna pick a


yeah so if you’re watching on the replay

or after the stream we will find that

creator and that video and post that uh

down below this is a two-for-one

question omar uh we had wisco ted as

well as micah both asked about the

lenses for the zb10 uh and wisco wants

to know actually for live streaming um

he has no idea wisco can i just say

wisco ted thank you for being so honest

i have no idea what the other stats mean

either i’m still learning as well so um

what are some of the lenses that you

recommend for this camera omar and where

can they go to find lenses that are on

sale right now here at think media

uh so yes one thing uh you want to know

about it first is what kind of content

are you creating what is your video

format so

uh if you need a really wide shot

because you’re vlogging you may want a

wide angle lens like uh the 10 to 18

there’s a sony lens called uh it’s it’s

10 millimeters to 18 which is super wide

and nice uh but if you’re if you’re like

creating youtube videos like this i

honestly think the greatest lens that

you can invest in

is the sigma 16 millimeter lens which i

don’t think this is coincidence uh but

it is on sale so uh if you head over to

and you check out uh the the

the the kit dot co also we’ll post the

direct link to the kit down down below


you can

see that the lens that sigma lens

uh is

marked down

i think a 100 something dollars

not even 100



right now and you’ll you’ll produce an

image like this but i would even argue

it’d be more crispier than mine because

i’m 1080 and the sony zve10 shoots 4k so

this pairing is incredible for most use

cases and so i would encourage you with

that but be sure to check out because uh the rokinon

has a ton of lenses for sale so back to

video formats if if you need if you’re

shooting a video podcast and you want

more of like a tighter shot uh you can

look at rokinon lenses and the key is to

get a sony

lens you know sony lens but a 35

millimeter 1.8 for

you know 240 dollars is is a low key

it’s a steal auto focus

uh wide angle lens

35mm this will give you super blurry

background but you’ll you’ll want the

camera far away but this is a great lens

for photos and stuff like that so i

would say

those are your your best you want to ask

the question what content am i creating

if honestly you don’t know yet and you

just need something that’s versatile

i would encourage you to just go with um

i would encourage you to just go with

the kit lens this is 16 to

50 it’s an awesome lens it also has

steady shot in it so it it takes away a

little bit of some um shakiness

and then the second question was in

regards to live streaming with the

sony zv10 and what what i love about

this camera

this is the easiest camera to use for

live streaming



usb port


unlike any other usb port so if i just

plug in a usbc

and then plug that into my computer

you’re actually going to be able to

just select the camera as your webcam

like it’s that simple you don’t need to

download software you don’t need to

download a driver you don’t need any

hardware other than a usb cable and the

camera itself

and uh you can use it as a webcam so

if i make that tutorial video it would

be a youtube short because

it takes it takes no time to like truly

set up

so even if you’re doing zoom calls and

stuff like that you can use the zv10 to

do so with just a usbc cable

all right omar uh we’re gonna rapid fire

through some questions uh definitely

like this video can we get the likes up

a little bit more on this video click

like if you’re getting value out of this

you go to if you have

any questions uh about um what we’re

what we’re talking about here today and

you want to see some of the latest

videos we’ve put up about black friday

deals our current black friday deal of

80 off of our brand new course as well

as your opportunity omar did you know

we’re giving away

an entire youtube studio can you believe

it we’re giving away an entire youtube

studio when you go to you can click down at

the bottom enter to win an entire

youtube studio complete youtube studio

with the lighting the camera the

microphone and everything else included

so you want to make sure you go to

in order to enter to win all right our

next question omar is that’s underwater

fishing uh best camera for underwater

fishing video i know that a great

underwater camera or action camera in

general really is the gopro and actually

nolan mult from the think media team did

a great comparison video of the gopro 9

and the

gopro 10. so aaron i would check out

that video but that would be something i

would really recommend especially for

what you’re doing there and then omar we

had a question about the software that

we’re using to make all of these fun

things happen here on the screen we

could do this we could do this we can

play games all the things uh omar what

software are we using right now for this

have you guys heard the song i made a

dance tick tock and i went viral with it


okay uh we are youtuber though it’s one


that little

baby i need a tick tock uh anyway

we are using stream yard which is our

favorite way to actually do live streams

because of how easy it is to do all that

you’re seeing so like

what you’re seeing isn’t taking any

wizard wizardry it’s just clicking

buttons and you can actually now

customize certain buttons on your

keyboard to do certain things

uh i would argue it’s the most easiest

way to live stream at this high of a

level uh when it comes to production

value so we we’re stream yard for life

but if you want to try streamyard

yourself be sure to try it at

uh definitely one of the best tools when

we think about investing this holiday

season maybe you want to invest in your

live stream uh capabilities and stream

yard would be our best recommendation

for that

uh make it yourself said did you already

go over microphones for cameras actually

make it yourself uh we did this morning

we went over a few microphones um that

are on sale uh so you can check out

let’s see what is over here black friday

deals um and then we are we have the

blue yeti um that is uh on there and a

couple other ones that you can check out

that we’re adding to all the time so you

can get that uh over there on um

uh and if you have a

question make sure to put those question

marks before and after it for omar and i

uh we see you uh blue galore thanks for

being here today um and you just

received your first camera thanks to our

videos thank you so much for being a

part of the think media fam and all that

you’re doing uh here for it so oh wow

absolutely ian ian from our think media

team is in the comments i’m looking

through um i need that studio kit well

wisco ted where do you need to go


what is it omar

that’s what it is

all right so we’re gonna get you a few

more questions um this is a good one

omar when you’re out when you’re outside

best outdoor wireless microphones what

do you have for that

uh best outdoor wireless microphone

would be the same one um

i would i would do the d80 wireless and

the key is just where you put the mic so

you want to put the mic away from you

know if it’s windy outside uh you want

to hide the mic underneath maybe a shirt

um but

labs don’t do too well outdoors to begin

with unless you have good conditions so


that’s the way you should go if you want

to go wireless i would encourage you if

you’re vlogging to just get you know a

simple shotgun mic that comes with it

what is called a dead cat um which is

tucked away but like you know those

things that look like a

like a like a cat on top of a camera

but those protect the wind from hitting

the mic and then causing interference

and things like that but yeah deity

wireless lav would be my recommendation

yep and we have a video on that as well

so we can drop that uh video for you

in the comments all right last one we

have is uh jay

sutton says how can you use the canon m6

mark ii for video podcasting with the 30

minute record limit jay we feel you go

ahead omar

um i mean i think

to not like beat around the bush

if you’re really going into video

podcasting then just get a trade it for


a no record limit sony like you can you

can do an even swap with like an a

6400 or legit the sony zbe 10 and it

would actually produce i would argue a

better image however

the workaround is like buying an

external monitor and we’re capturing on

that monitor or you record on a laptop

but you’re gonna compromise on the

quality but those are like weird

workarounds so i’m not even i’m not

really into like jailbreaking cameras to

do certain things they’re not made to do

all that to say

um that if you’re really looking to get

to it and then

this i guess the other solution is put

your phone and have a second camera like

your phone that can just go along or a

gopro but then you’re like might as well

get the camera so i i think that’s that

was that’d be my thing to help you with

so good all right and this last one omar

uh man i love these kind of things so uh

looks like we have lady plants a lot

says can you say happy birthday to my

twins nyla and cyrus they are going to

be 13 today can we say happy birthday to

nyla and cyrus

hey nyla and cyrus i just want to say

happy birthday from the think media team

uh wow you are a teenager now the

responsibilities kick in so you got to

make sure you keep the house clean keep

your grades up and uh and stay out of

trouble but um we appreciate you and

your mom uh and

all that you do we hope you have the

best year of your life uh at being 13

and the best is yet to come

so good omar i think we should send them

a copy of youtube secrets and happy

birthday we’ll send you a copy of

youtube secrets

awesome so uh you just need to email us

at giveaways at

uh ladyplants and we will make sure to

get this in the mail to your twins i’m a

homeschool mom so i’m like all the books

i actually pay my kids to read books

like this so uh we’ll get that in the

mail um omar why don’t you send us to

where they need to go next so uh again

this was brought to you by be sure to check out

that website because not only will you

find the best deals on the tech you may

need to create content you’ll find our

youtube made simple course at the

cheapest price it has ever been and

potentially will ever be

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if that doesn’t pertain to you i tell

you what winning a youtube studio

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out that and fill out the survey so that

you could win a youth a full youtube

studio with the sony zve10 and speaking

of the sony zve10 why don’t you click or

tap the screen to watch a video

comparison to see the zve10 compared to

other famous youtube cameras and to see

if it really is the best camera for

youtube you can do that by clicking or

tapping the screen i’m so grateful for

you for joining this broadcast and i

can’t wait to see you in a future video



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