ULTIMATE Desk Setup with Dual Monitors (Perfect for Working from Home!)

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1️⃣ Desk Setup
Butcher Block:
Wood Stain: https://amzn.to/2Xor6Iq
Ikea Alternative: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/karlby-c…
Desk Frame: https://www.flexispot.com/desks/height-adjustable-desks/electric-height-adjustable-standing-desk-frame-only-dual-motor-economical-option-ec3-ec4
Besta Cabinet: www.ikea.com/us
Hermon Miller Aeron Chair:https://store.hermanmiller.com/office…
Desk Shelf: https://amzn.to/3wk8Ait
Grovemade Felt Pad: www.grovemade.com
GIK Acoustics: www.gikacoustics.com

2️⃣ Computer & Gear

3️⃣ Think Media Battle Stations
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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 — ULTIMATE Desk Setup with Dual Monitors (Perfect for Working from Home!)
0:34 — My Favorite Desk
1:10 — The Favorite Chair so far!
1:29 — The Computer that Drives this Whole Thing!
2:14 — Why I Don’t Use Apples Magic Mouse
2:33 — The Keyboard I Use
3:41 — The BEST Speakers for Monitoring Audio
4:19 — The Mic I Use
4:36 — The Camera & Lens I Use

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In this video, we go over the Ultimate dual monitor desk setup to maximize your productivity

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=================== text video ====================

as a creative person developing a space

that is efficient productive and

enjoyable is essential studies show you

can increase your productivity by over

40 with a dual monitor setup so in this

video i’ll be breaking down my minimal

dual monitor setup and how i use it for

video editing video conference calls and



i’ll do my best to answer any questions

in the comments and i’ll place links to

all equipment and gear mentioned in this

video in the description below to start

this off i purchased a flexi spot sit

stand desk i went to home depot when i

bought a butcher block with my desired

dimensions in this case 32 inches by 6

feet wide i then sanded for a smooth

finish and then stained to bring out the

natural wood tone as well as protect the


next i wanted a desk shelf to give a

finishing look and i ended up finding

this shelf on amazon for at the time of

shooting this video 57

it may not look as premium as the grove

made desk shelf but it looks pretty

identical to it and way more affordable

i recently dealt with sciatica so i

decided to invest in a proper chair that

promotes healthy ergonomics i went with

the hermann miller aeron it has many

different adjustment points to suit my

needs it looks very clean and minimal

and it has a solid overall build quality

considering the time i spend in this

share i don’t regret this purchase at


this whole setup is powered by a 2021

macbook pro with the m1 max chip coming

from a 2019 macbook pro with the intel

chip let me just say this has made a

huge difference now we all know that the

macs do not have a plethora of ports so

to combat this i pair it with my cal

digit ts3 plus now we’ve done videos on

this before and you can check those out

in the description below this virtually

has everything i need from an ethernet

port usb ports sd card reader and a

display port on my desk i utilize two

32-inch viewsonic monitors one is

connected through the displayport on the

cal digit while the other one is

connected straight into the macbook pro

if you connect the secondary monitor

into the cal digit the computer will not

recognize it i used to use apple’s magic

mouse but my hand would cramp after

hours of editing so i switched to the mx

master 3 mouse first off the form and

shape is more ergonomic for your hand

making it more comfortable to use and

through the software you can reprogram

all of the wheels and buttons to

whatever best suits your workflow now

for my keyboard that i use i actually

use two of them the first one is the new

fee air 75

it’s very slim it’s minimal and doesn’t

take up a lot of space on my desk the

only downside is it doesn’t have a

number pad and that’s when i use my

keytron k4 this one isn’t as low profile

but it still keeps a clean desk space

now both of these are bluetooth you can

also use a cable and they both work for

windows and mac now on my left side i

still have my apple trackpad i use this

mainly to quickly navigate to different

desktops on my macbook as well as

navigating through my timeline in

premiere pro it’s not essential but i

have it so i might as well use it now

all of this sits on a felt pad that i

purchased from grovemade i went with

grovemade’s felt pad because i know they

make high quality stuff and this is

something that’s going to have wear and

tear on it every day and i didn’t want

something breaking apart that’s cheaply


now when you’re video editing half of

your video is audio you can watch a

video that maybe doesn’t look the best

but if a video doesn’t sound good you’re

more likely to stop watching it because

we want you who are watching our videos

to have a great viewing experience i use

my hs5 speakers that i’ve had for years

paired with an 8 inch subwoofer that way

i can hear plosives or any unpleasant

frequencies in treated post-production

and these get routed through a focusrite

scarlett solo i think this interface is

one of the best budget interfaces out

there so if you’re in the market for one

i highly recommend it

on the wall in front of me i placed a

sound panel that i got from gik

acoustics this helps to minimize echo

when monitoring audio from my speakers

as well as help the microphone that i am

currently using to sound more clear when

recording the microphone that i’ve been

using on my setup is the samsung q9u

this is a great plug and play usb mic

that does not require a sound interface

and to support this mic i’m using the

rode psa1 because of its length and how

easy it is to bring the mic in for use

and to push it away to keep my desk

space clear now the camera that i use

for zoom calls is the sony a74 this is a

little overkill but i already own and

use for youtube videos plus sony makes

it very simple to use this camera as a

webcam because it plugs straight into

your computer using a usb cable and you

don’t need any other software to do so

when on calls i pair this with the g

master 16-35 with my camera being in arm

length in front of me this gives me the

focal length that i need as well as that

blurry background with the aperture at

2.8 and this whole setup is connected to

my desk using a camera desk mount with a

small rig ball head attached to it and i

have a continuous power adapter to make

sure my camera stays on for the zoom

calls i go a little longer than expected

again for reference i’ll have all links

in the description below as far as

what’s around my desk i’ve been slowly

building it out to make it my own on

either side i have two cabinets i

purchased from ikea this helps keep

things organized as well as hide any

clutter that i have lying around on top

of each of those i have two plants i

purchased from my local home depot and a

philips hue lamp i believe this one is

called the iris and this can be

controlled through my phone and changed

it through all the various rgb colors

and above this i have a few records that

i framed that i enjoy listening to if

you would like to see my ikea desk set

up you can watch that here if you would

like to see how i utilize my loft as a

youtube studio you can watch that here

as well