The NEW Best Camera for YouTube in 2021 (Sony ZV-E10 Review)

Omar shares some Sony ZV-E10 video test footage including 4K, slow motion, vlogging, and stabilization. ****** Check all of the Sony ZV-E10 specs on B&H Photo here ➡️ (Available for Pre-Order Now)

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In this video, Omar shares the NEW Sony ZV-E10. This camera is the new best camera for YouTube. This camera is great for all content creators and really is the best option for any beginner creator.

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=================== text video ====================

— Did Sony just make the perfect camera

for YouTube and content creators?

I think they did with the Sony ZV-E10.

This is the official announcement
video, that’s not true.

I guess it is for Think Media.

But this compact 4K camera
has interchangeable lenses.

It’s gonna be perfect for
YouTube videos, vlogging,

video podcasts, live streaming.

And in this video, we’ll be
talking about all the features,

the price, the pros and
cons, my first impressions.

For the last month I’ve
been able to use this camera

and I wanna talk about why this camera

will be our number one
recommendation for YouTube videos

and live streaming and any
other content creation,

’cause they really thought about you

when they made this camera.

But if we’re just meeting,

my name is Omar El-Takrori
with Think Media.

And this channel is all about

helping you build your
influence on YouTube.

And so we talk about
strategy on how to actually

grow your subscribers on
a strategic standpoint.

But we also talk about the
tips and tools to do that.

So whether it’s lighting, it’s audio,

but also cameras, that’ll
help you crush content.

Then that’s what we do
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But if you’re watching on the
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«Nah, man, this ain’t no live stream.

«This looks way too good
to be a live stream.»

And you’re like, sure enough.

No bro, I’m adding B-roll.

I’m doing awesome things.

I’m sharing my secondary
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showing off other things like this.

But StreamYard allows me
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And so if you’re looking into
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and also just the branding.

Like you could see the little
think on the top right here

and just the ability to be able to make

your live streams look like you,

I guess you could say.

So shout out to live stream.

But I am so pumped about the Sony ZV-E10.

I really think that they
created a camera for beginners,

but they also created a camera
that’s just easy to use.

And oftentimes there’s usually
this predicament, okay.

The predicament is the
easier a camera is to use

the loss of quality you tend
to get, like it’s user error.

And the crazy thing
about the Sony ZV-E10 is

that is not the case, that honestly

their auto mode in this camera is

literally gonna get you
incredible video and photo.

But I wanna talk about the features

so that you know what you’re looking into

when it comes to this camera.

So the first thing is that this camera

does shoot 4K up to 30 frames a second.

It’s gonna be 6K over
sampled, simply meaning that

it’s actually shooting 6K video

but it’s down process processing it to 4K.

That just means the 4K is
like super drippy crispy,

And I want to encourage
you, we actually posted

a test video on the
channel, and so that’ll be

in the description, you can check it out

after I run through these features,

and then maybe the pros and cons

and things like that of this video.

But it’s important to
note that this camera

shoots incredible video.

Because this is a live stream

I can’t really show
like true quality tests.

However, this is a vlog test

I took it out on a little vacation

I had with my family,
went to San Diego Zoo.

And it was just easy to use.

You could see this is my
wife holding the camera

and it’s in intelligent auto mode,

which is another feature.

What’s so cool about
intelligent auto is it

literally will diagnose your
situation or circumstance

and allow you to get
the best image possible.

So you don’t have to
worry about your settings.

Like this is an incredible thing.

And so this is the Sony ZV-E10.

I think it’s important to
know the name of this camera,

because it’s a difficult name.

If I could be honest if
you’re not into cameras,

you’re like, wasn’t there
like a ZV-1 or something?

Like there was ZV-1.

Actually, this is the ZV-1
that was released last year.

I had to ship back the ZV-E10,

that’s why I have the video clips.

But very similarly it’s like this,

but it has an interchangeable lens.

But there’s a little bit more,

and I wanna talk about a little
bit more of the features,

but that’s essentially the difference.

And I think the crazy thing is the price,

and I’ll tell you the price in a moment,

is legit like almost the same as the ZV-1.

So the camera also has
unlimited recording.

The battery, they claim
to be about 80 minutes,

I didn’t have any issues about like having

to charge batteries and things like that.

As well as I autofocus.

And so you could for
sure know that you are

always gonna be in focus as long as

the camera is pointed in your direction.

One thing I think is so underrated feature

is product showcase mode.

And what does that mean?

It means when I hold
up something right now,

like right now I use the Canon
M50 Mark II to live stream.

But right now it’s focused on my face,

even though I’m putting
this in front of the camera.

Product showcase mode would essentially,

it would focus like
this without you having

to do these crazy things in your videos.

And I don’t know if you see YouTubers

or makeup YouTubers do that type of thing.

But products showcase mode is awesome

if you’re like in the beauty,

if you plan on doing videos

where you’re holding
up stuff to the camera,

it’s gonna rack focus for you.

And then as you put the product down,

it’ll focus back on
your face super smooth.

Obviously the articulating
flip out screen,

the new standard of all cameras.

So you’re gonna have the ability

to shoot and see yourself.

I think another underrated feature that…

I look for the underrated
features y’all, okay.

Because I’m thinking about
you, the content creator.

And one underrated feature is that

there’s a red box that
goes around the screen

when you hit record.

So like, although there
is like a red light

on the little lamp, but the screen itself,

an entire red box will
border the LCD screen.

And I love this because
if you’re running gun

or you’re out and you’re
recording vlogs you wanna

make sure that you’re recording…

That feature is actually
in the Sony A7S III,

which is a $3,200 camera, and the FX3,

which is like a $3,600 camera.

But they’re adding like these features

that they got between the ZV-1

as well as the newer Sony’s like the S3

into the Sony ZV-E10.

Again, I think it’s just
a simple awesome camera.

As you can see the physical nature of it.

It’s a pretty small camera, which I love.

They took out the eyepiece so they could

actually keep it very small.

And another thing I love about it is

that it is small.

It also has a background
default focus button.

So lemme pause that right there.

As you could see on the
top right of the camera,

there’s a background de-focus button,

which means once you hit that button,

it’s gonna do everything by itself

to make sure your backgrounds blurry,

which people love that stuff.

Tell me if you love a blurry background,

I love a blurry background.

I call that drippy crispy and people think

I’m weird when I say that.

Number two, just to focus
on the buttons here,

as you can see on the top,
there’s a big record button,

which is super nice
obviously making it easy

to just hit record.

You have a zoom rocker.

A zoom rocker is right
where the shutter is.

You can zoom digitally,
which is super nice

if you’re just out and
about, and you don’t need

a zoom lens per se, to be able to do that.

So you can digitally zoom very smoothly,

and it’s super awesome in that nature.

As you can see here there’s a button

that has a camera.

This is huge, pay attention here okay.

There’s a button that has a camera,

a video camera or a
camcorder, and then an S&Q.

So about this, all right.

Those are essentially the
three modes of the camera.

Like, no more wheels, no more like

when you hit mode on your
camera and there you’re met

with like 12 different
modes and you’re like,

which one should I use for…

Okay, if you need to take
photos, put it on photo mode.

I’m ready to shot YouTube videos,

put it on the video mode, okay.

And then the third thing S&Q,

if you don’t know what this is,

this is like automatic slow motion mode.

So maybe you’re shooting vlogs and stuff,

and you’re like, oh, I’m
gonna jump in the pool

or this person’s gonna jump in the pool

and you wanna show that off, again,

make sure to check out our test video,

where I test the slow motion,

I test all the things, the
stabilization and stuff.

So I just wanna make sure

that you check that out after this.

But if you’re an S&Q
mode and you hit record,

you don’t have to do anything in editing

to play that back in slow motion.

Does that make sense?

So like, if I’m shooting YouTube videos,

I’m in video mode and
then it’s like, all right,

now it’s time to slow mo this
B roll clip, I’m just gonna…

Put it in S&Q mode, the
only other third option.

And it’s gonna smooth
slow-mo your video for you.

Like bro, Sony thought
of you with this camera.


I don’t know.

I’m just pumped, man.

This is the number one
camera for YouTubers

and content creators this
year, and that’s our heart.

Our heart is to help new creators

and people just getting into video.

There’s also a microphone
and headphone jack.

I would argue that most
cropped cameras like the ZV-E10

wouldn’t have that ability, or
at least they would drop the,

they would drop the
headphone jack at least.

So that’s super nice that they have that

so you can monitor your audio.

Kinda similarly like the ZV-1,

the onboard mic on the top
of the camera is a great mic.

It’s a three directional mic.

And it does come with, as you can see

that little fluff on top,

which will help with some
wind noise and it’ll help

when you’re shooting in any
circumstance or situation.

So the onboard mic is
awesome, which again,

back to like the size and how simple

it is to use, I legit love it.

And so if you’re gonna vlog with it,

you don’t necessarily need a shotgun mic.

The on and off switch is one of my,

it’s not like the on and off switches

isn’t my favorite feature.

But the fact that you could…

Once you open up the screen, it turns on,

and then when you close
the screen, it turns off.

Which is super cool
because you don’t have to

turn on your camera anymore, you just need

to open up the screen and get to shooting.

Again another easy thing
that they thought of.

I’m thinking like these features

that nobody is probably
gonna really talk about,

but I care about the
process of creating content.

And I believe when it gets easier for you,

I promise you’ll probably make more videos

when it’s easier to create content.

Not when you like see a
video from Think Media

and you buy the camera
and you’re like stuck.

And you’re like, man, why does Omar have

the super crispy background?

And I put this thing and I
look like a baked potato.

You’re not gonna look like a baked potato

with the Sony’s ZV-E10
I’ll tell you that much.


Talk about the zoom rocker.

All right.

You ready for this feature?

I think this is the breakout
feature for content creators.

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for it?

It is, I wanna make sure
I find the actual clip.

Bro if you put a USB-C
or a USB into that camera

and you plug it into your computer,

you will have a webcam
with no special software,

with no special capture
card with nothing but a USB.

So literally if you’re doing Zoom calls,

if you wanna live stream.

Like right now, I have a whole thing

to make the M50 live stream.

I got an HTMI cord, it’s
into a capture card,

the capture card is
plugged into my computer.

But the Sony ZV-E10 turns into
a webcam with a USB cable.

No you don’t have to download
Sony imaging software.

No you don’t have to do
anything other than open

whatever program or software you’re gonna

live stream with or video
conference call with,

select the Sony as your
webcam and then boom,

you put it in webcam mode
and you’re ready to go.

I think this honestly is why I think

this will be the number
one recommendation.

This is the feature I think
that takes it to the next level

because I think live
streaming is something that

should be a part of a lot of people’s

content creation journey that you should

eventually grow into
a place of potentially

doing live streams, because
it’s an incredible way

to connect with your audience.

It’s an incredible way to go deeper

and also just deliver information faster.

Right now, I am doing a live stream.

I got two cameras as you can
see, you know what I’m saying.

But I’m doing a live stream because

we needed to get this out quick.

And so such a cool thing
about the Sony is that

with a USB cable and just
hitting a USB streaming,

you can hop into…

You can use this Sony ZV-E10
as a web camera, cool.

So, who’s ready to talk about price?

Who’s ready to talk about price?

The price of the Sony ZV-E10.

And I wanna refresh ’cause right now

there’s nothing on the internet

in regards to like the sell of it.

Boom, let’s go.

This is why I love StreamYard

is because I can literally
on the flick of the..

Look at this price y’all.

It’s only…

Don’t get mad at me,
it’s $700 for the body.

Like bro, what?

And we got updated links
down in the description,

so if you wanna check it out.

So for the body only like mentioned

it is a interchangeable lens camera.

And so if you have something like

the Sigma 16 millimeter lens.

You want me to tell you
why this is a crazy price?

Can I tell you why?

Lemme tell you why.

Is because if you go like this, okay,

and you go like this and you go like this,

all the features I just talked about.

Bro, it’s not even…

I’m sorry, cannon.

I’m sorry M50.

There’s a new camera on the top bro.

The best camera for YouTube in 2021,

the Sony ZV-E10 with interchangeable lens,

with unlimited recording, with
the ability to live stream.

This is the camera for
content creators with…

And just so you can expect
with the actual body

or with the lens itself, it’ll
be a hundred dollars more.

So you’re looking at $800,

if you want the kit lens with this camera,

which the kit lens is awesome.

I think what’s cool about the kit lens is

that it actually has
optical steady shot in it.

And so let’s see what we got here.

I’ve been searching it so…

No Amazon ain’t up your day, bro.

It’s just BNC, bro.

So yeah, you can expect this to be

a highly sought after camera
because of the price point

and its reliability.

If anybody wonders, maybe what you think

as far as the time…

Like it doesn’t overheat.

I’ve actually recorded
several YouTube videos

with the Sony ZV-E10 and have uploaded ’em

in this last month.

If you see, I think there
was three or four of them

and I loved creating
YouTube videos with them.

I was able to just hit record,

shoot all my content because
it’s unlimited recording.

And even the quality of a video is not

so heavy that it didn’t bog
down the editing process either.

It’s eight bit video.

This isn’t the type of
camera I would consider

if you’re trying to
get into color grading.

This isn’t a filmmaker’s camera, okay.

Because the slow motion
side of things, isn’t in 4K,

you can only do 60 and 120 frames in 1080,

which is still great.

But I can see a lot of people be like,

no, they didn’t include it in four…

Okay, bro, chill.

It’s $700 and you’re getting

an incredible image out of the camera.

So lemme know down in the comments, legit,

what do you think of the Sony ZV-E10,

considering all the features I mentioned,

considering all the test footage.

This is with the Sigma 16, as you can see.

I’d love to know your
thoughts down in the comments

about what you think of it altogether.

Your like general thoughts.

Like holy cow, man, this
is a sick camera, man.

I would say in regards to the flow

of stabilization, all right.

So the camera has the ability

to be put into steady
shot mode, which is..

It’s essentially there…

Is it this one that I did?


So they have active steady shot.

And so active steady shot has the ability

to smooth down your footage,
so if you are vlogging.

But there is like a 20%
crop as you can notice

in this footage when I put
it into active steady shot,

it crops in to be able to compensate

for you’re shaking or you’re jittering.

So that’s just something to keep in mind

that there is a small crop.

However, the godfather Sean was like,

bro, there is no vlog camera with Ibis.

Unless you wanna pay the price you can get

in-body image stabilization.

And the next Sony that has
in-body image stabilization

is more than, or it’s
about double the price

of the Sony ZV-E10.

And so what you would want
is if you were vlogging,

you would want a super wide lens.

So if you wanted to get this camera

and you want it to vlog with it,

I would encourage you
to get the body for $700

and then maybe pick up…

I think Sony has two incredible camera…

There’s two incredible
lenses for this camera,

and it’s the 10 to 18.

Lemme show it to you right now.

It’s the 10 to 18.

It is a $900 lens.

Just know that your lens goes with you

regardless of a camera you have.

But this lens is 10 to 18 super wide,

you’ll get that GoPro effect.

And you’ll get that super vloggy effect.

But lemme show you the secret.

You ready for the secrets y’all?

I’m here to show you secrets.

Bro, there’s one right now for 587 used.

And Amazon backs their warranty.

So because this lens there’s some age,

it ages like fine wine, okay.

That you can for sure get a lens like this

and be able to vlog with it
with active steady shot on.

Another one would be the Tamron.

And we made a video on
this on our channel,

not too long ago, 11 to 20.

So it goes a little bit further,

but this one doesn’t have
image stabilization in it.

However, it is a little bit more versatile

in its ability to go from
11 to 20 millimeters.

A lot of the clips that you see here

or even in the test footage.

Like this was the Tamron
with my little Ruby girl,

we just went on the strip, and
Las Vegas is where we live.

And I think that that’s what’s
so cool about this camera

is it’s so small you could literally

take it everywhere with you.

And so I really enjoyed using it,

I’m excited to get like maybe two of them,

because I loved creating content with it.

I didn’t have to color grade my videos

because the color science for those

that care about it is improved.

I think it looks better
than cannons colors

and Sony has nailed it.

I think the ZV-1 had its
limitations, like the lens,

the battery life.

It’s like they’ve taken
a year to really perfect,

the perfect creator’s camera.

And so just to recap, feature
rich camera from Sony,

the ZT-E10 comes in at $700 for the body,

and it’ll be $800 if
you want the kit lens.

compared to the Cannon
M50, which would be,

the M50 Mark II, which would be

probably the more higher
selling camera currently,

it’s the same price.

It’s 700 bucks for the Cannon M50,

and it’s not as feature rich as the Sony,

and you can’t use 4K with
the Cannon M50 Mark II,

it’s not necessarily usable.

So who do I think this camera’s for?

Who do I think this camera’s for?

This camera, this is the
statement of all statements.

The Sony ZV-E10 is a camera for everyone.

It’s a camera for everyone.

I mean, like if you are a YouTuber,

it’s an incredible camera
for talking head videos,

for vlogging, for shooting tutorials,

to doing slow motion B-roll,

to add into your talking head video.

It’s an incredible camera
to then use to live stream.

If you wanna live stream
and you wanna game,

or even you just want a professional look

while you’re live streaming,
kinda like what you see now,

the Sony ZV-E10 with a USB cable

will allow you to live stream
with no special software.

And the reason why I say for everyone,

I being Omar posting camera
videos on the internet,

people know me outside of Think Media.

I have a life outside of
making videos on cameras.

But people do ask me,
Omar, I just want a camera

we could take on family vacations

that we could just capture moments

just a little bit better.

Something different than
our phones, obviously.

And lemme just tell you, for families

if you’re looking for something
to bring on your trips,

if you’re looking for something to record,

birthdays and special events
to like capture moments

and not have to think
too much about settings,

the Sony ZV-E10 is the camera.

They nailed it.

I think they nailed it with this one.

And I really believe because
of intelligent auto mode,

they have perfected their auto.

You’re not compromising
quality with this camera,

and it is only $700 at the
time of release for the body.

So think about it.

If you want the kit lens, it’s gonna be

probably $800 for the kit lens.

But $700 for a camera that has this…

Like also to put it in
perspective, the ZV-1 is $800.

Right now it’s discounted.

But the ZV-1 is actually $750 now,

but the regular price of it
is 798 or something like that.

So you’re getting a lot, the
ability to grow with lenses.

Something I didn’t mention,
but I think is just

a notable mention because
it’s not about this,

but because it has what is
called the Sony interface…

Lemme just show you what.

Like do you see this right here,

this is what you would call a cold shoe.

You could put like a mic
on here, a flash on here,

like it’s for any accessories.

But Sony makes their ZV-E10 with

what is called the MI shoe,
the multi interface shoe,

which allows you to add
accessories without any cables.

So here is a wireless level layer system

that Sony makes that when you
put this thing on the camera,

there is no cable that
needs to go in the camera.

So it’s literally a wireless,

and it’s an awesome thing, okay.

And then they also make a shotgun version.

So, again, you don’t have to put

a cable from this into a camera.

It already will capture the audio.

And they’re more expensive
cameras have this ability.

This is kind of on a pricey side,

but a lot of people love
the leanness of mic.

‘Cause again, no cables just put it on top

and you’re gonna improve your audio.

But like I mentioned the onboard mic,

sure enough is a great mic
if you’re just getting it

and you’re just starting right.

And there is an audio jack
input if you’re wanting

to put maybe a wired LAN
or something like that.

And so that is a Sony ZV-E10.

I really want you to check out

our real life test footage

where I go through the 4K quality.

I go through the slow motion, S&Q mode,

I go through the stabilization tests.

Cause I think people need to see

how that alters your ability
to create a little bit.

I go through it all.

So make sure you check out that video.

I’m so pumped.

Maybe I’ll take a few questions.

Somebody asks, is this great for TikTok?

I would say yes.

This camera is easy to use.

Something that I think is so cool

about this camera is you film vertically

you ready for this TikToker, Arwin?

If you’re ready to film vertically,

when you throw this into the computer

or when you send it to
your smartphone wirelessly,

’cause you can do that,

the video will already be oriented.

So you don’t need to
like rotate the video.

The camera knows you filmed
something vertically,

and then you can chop in for TikTok.

So if you do wanna stand out on TikTok,

one way to do that is to use great cameras

other than your smartphone.

And so you can do that.

What else we got?

Could you show the difference?

We’re going to be making probably

five different comparisons.

I’m gonna compare the
ZV-E10 to the ZV-1 for sure.

I’ll be comparing it to the Canon M50,

I’ll be comparing it to the A6400,

so just make sure you’re
subscribed to Think Media

we’ll be dropping these comparison videos

once we get it back in our hands

and we own the camera, cause we want.

Shout out to my dude, Freedom Locks.

Omar, you’re fresh air force,

you’re fresh air force.

That’s not what AF means,

but shout out to you.

I try to be fresh, man.

It’s a hard world, when we like post…

No, I’m just kidding.

Let’s see what else we got.

Can you put a dummy battery?

Yes you can.

So you can literally, you can spazz out

on a live stream standpoint
as much as you can

in regards to being able to get a

continuous power adapter, plug in USB,

and now you don’t have to worry

about your battery dying
ever, which is awesome.

And like I mentioned, unlimited recording.

So if you have a continuous power,

then as long as your SD
card can hold, you can film,

which is awesome.

Just to remind people, it is
gonna be $700 for the body,

US dollars and make sure you check out

the description down below.

And I think maybe like the
final, here we go, we got this.

For somebody who has the Sony A6400

or an older Sony camera with the lenses.

If you feel like you’re having issues,

like no the A6400 is awesome.

You’ll get with as far as

the difference between the ZV-E10

and the A6400, number one is your size.

Like you’re gonna make
your camera even smaller,

which I know it’s hard
to believe, but you can.

Number two, improve battery life,

even though they use the same battery,

there’s just better technology,

so you don’t have to worry
about swapping out batteries

and stuff like that.

The colors do look
different, like skin tones,

the way they interpret
other things like greenery,

but more importantly
your skin is incredible.

The features like there’s
just some features

like product showcase mode,
like the live stream capability,

like the flip out articulating screen

as opposed to the flip up screen

with the IPS kind of in the
way, like with the A6400.

So like you can potentially
make an even swap

and keep your lenses if
that’s something you wanna do.

I think that’s a fair move to
make and a smart move to make,

’cause you’re getting a better camera

for almost the same price,
potentially even selling it used.

And so that is the Sony ZV-E10.

Make sure to check out the links down

in the description below.

So glad that you would
join for this video.

Again, check out that test video

and our playlist on the Sony ZV-E10

as we will be creating

all kinds of videos for this camera,

because we believe that this camera

is for our community here at Think Media,

where we’re helping you build
your influence on YouTube

with the best tips and tools

and the Sony ZV-E10 is
incredible for that.

Thank you so much for joining me.

If you’re on the replay, make sure

you put down in the comments,

what you think about this camera.

And I cannot wait to see
you in a future video.



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