Sony ZV-E10 Tutorial: Quick Camera Setup & Best Settings for Video

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2️⃣ Sigma 16mm f1.4 Lens

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0:00 — Quick Camera Setup & Best Settings for Video
1:11 — Best Settings for Youtube Videos
6:32 — Best Settings for Vlogging
8:04 — Best Slow-Mo Settings for ZV-E10
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In this video, Omar shares the best settings for the Sony ZV-E10. This Sony ev10 walkthrough is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Sony ZV- E10 for beginners.

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=================== text video ====================

one of the best cameras you could be

using to create content with is the sony

zve10 because it’s just awesome it’s

small it shoots great video however in

order to get the most highest quality

video out of this camera you want to

dial in your settings and that’s why in

this video i’ll be sharing three

different best settings for this camera

the first i’ll be talking about youtube

talking head settings like what you’re

seeing right now the second i’ll be

talking about the best settings for

vlogging with the sony zve10 and then

third i’ll be sharing the easiest slow

motion settings so that you can have

super cool cinematic videos with your

sony zve10 so with that being said grab

your camera and let’s get into it you

got to just press record hey what’s up

it’s omarskoy with think media and this

channel is all about helping you build

your influence with online video and we

do that by sharing the best tips and

tools on how to do so so if you’re

interested in that be sure to hit that

subscribe button and just want to

encourage you if you are watching this

video and you have this camera be sure

to have it in hand to make it easier for

yourself to follow through and then

second save this video because

oftentimes if you reset your settings or

something goes wrong you can reference

this video in the future and we’ve also

put chapters so if you want to jump to a

specific point be sure to check that out

as well but with that being said here

are the best settings for youtube

talking head videos and this is for like

stationary videos kind of like what

you’re seeing right now but this is how

you get the best quality video for that

setup now make sure your camera is in

video mode and you do that by pressing

the top button on the top of the camera

and you’ll see on the top left of the

screen a little video camera and that’s

how you know you’re in video mode the

next thing we’re going to change is the

shoot mode you want to make sure that

it’s set to manual so go into the menu

under the second page and you can select

shoot mode and make sure that is set to

manual or m you can also access this

setting by hitting fn and then selecting

manual that way as well now it’s time to

select the resolution and the frame rate

just scroll down to file format and

you’re gonna select xavc s 4k the next

thing we’re going to select is our frame

rate and so you’re going to scroll down

to record setting and we like to shoot

our videos in 24p 100m this is the

highest quality version of 24 frames per

second you can also shoot in 30 frames

per second or 30p 100m either one just

make sure you choose the option with

100m we like using 24 so that’s what

we’re gonna select today now let’s exit

out of the menu and you can do that by

tapping the shutter button on the camera

and then you’re back to your camera mode

and the next thing you’re going to want

to do is set your shutter speed using

the big wheel in the back of the camera

scroll the wheel in the direction that

gets you to 1 50th of a second that’s

one over 50. remember how we selected

the frame rate to be 24 you want your

shutter speed to be double your frame

rates and so 1 over 50 is double of 24

frames and if you selected 30 then you

can do 1 over 60 but in this case we’re

doing one over 50 because we selected 24


then using the wheel at the top of the

camera you’re gonna scroll that in the

direction to bring that number as low as

possible if you have the kit lens on the

camera that means this number most

likely will be 3.5 because i have the

sigma 16 1.4 lens i can scroll that

number down to as low as 1.4 which will

give me a super nice blurry background

the main rule of thumb here is to just

keep your aperture as low as possible

based off of whatever your lens will

allow you now if you’re shooting videos

yourself i want to encourage you to put

the camera on a tripod flip the screen

back towards you and turn on whatever

light you will be using to be filming

your videos because now we’re going to

dial in our iso and so you want to start

at 100 it’s a good rule of thumb

and based off of the amount of light you

want to shine onto your face adjust your

iso until the exposure is set to about 0

or plus 0.3 if in the event your

aperture is as low as it can go and your

iso is at 100 but yet your video is

still bright i would encourage you to

dim your light or move your light a

little bit further away from you now if

it’s a little bit dark you can either

crank up your iso or brighten your light

a good rule of thumb is to try and keep

your iso as low as possible because

that’s how you’re going to get the

cleanest image out of your camera as

much as possible the higher that iso

number is the more grain will be

introduced into your video footage and

so i just want to encourage you to use a

good light and make sure your iso is as

low as it can be while making sure your

exposure is at zero or plus point three

kind of something like that the next

thing we’re gonna do is dial in our

white balance to make sure that our

colors are right and i would encourage

if you are doing stationary videos to

not shoot an auto white balance and

scroll down to the custom temperature

setting and set that to about 4500 now

you could play with this based off of

the light you are using but 4500 is kind

of like your daytime temperature which

is typically the temperature of light

you want to hit your face is a daytime

colored light so you want to be at

around 4 500 and you can adjust that

accordingly based off of your

environment or situation but just

locking in your white balance settings

will make a huge difference now we’re

going to make sure that you’re always

going to be in focus no matter what and

so we’re going to change our focus area

to wide and make sure that it’s always

set to wide and then make sure our focus

mode is set to continuous then we’re

going to go back into the menu and under

the first tab in the fourth page we’re

going to select face i autofocus

settings and just make sure that that is

turned on it is set to human and then

you can select right left eye select to

auto and just make sure that face i

frame display is on there’s been times

where i haven’t seen the white box

tracking my eye or my face and this is

the one setting that allows you to see

that so make sure that that is turned on

and then as far as animal eye display

you could turn that on or turn it off

now typically i would move on to the

next thing from here but 50 of video is

audio and so we want to lock in our

audio as well to get the highest quality

video and so i want to encourage you to

set your audio levels at anywhere around

9 to 15. now obviously do some audio

tests and audio checks by testing your

audio hitting record and then throwing

your sd card into a computer to listen

and make sure it’s good but a good rule

of thumb is just to make sure your audio

is around negative 12 to negative three

decibels and that you’re right in that

middle sweet spot for recording videos

it’s always better to uh increase the

volume of your audio in editing rather

than fixing distorted audio because you

kind of can’t so just keep it in that

sweet spot and you’ll be a-okay now if

you’re getting value in this video

please let me know by hitting that like

button and if you could comment below by

letting me know why did you buy this

sony zve10 did you buy it to start some

youtube videos or did you want to you

know start filming your family let me

know down in the comments below we’d

love to know why you bought the sony

zve10 but with that being said let’s

talk about the best settings for

vlogging which isn’t too far off from

what we talked about but there are some

slight adjustments i want you to make

now the zv10 has an incredible feature

when and if you are using this camera

for vlogging and simply really the only

change you need to make is to change

your shooting mode and you know when we

were setting it up for youtube videos we

set it to manual now we’re going to

change that from manual to intelligent

auto this mode allows the camera to

automatically identify whatever scene it

is in and adjust the settings

accordingly now what’s cool about the

sony zve10 is if you ever are using this

mode and you want your background to be

a little bit more blurry just press the

defocus mode button and it’ll blur the

background behind you and then if you

press it again it’ll make everything in

focus now some things that intelligent

auto doesn’t mess with number one is the

resolution so still make sure that

you’re shooting in 4k

24 100 m or 30 100 m whichever one you

like the second is your audio make sure

your audio settings are still dialed

even though you’re vlogging and then the

third thing is stabilization there are a

few levels of stabilization in this

camera and if you put it on active it’s

going to crop in a lot of it and then

it’s going to be a little bit harder to

see more of what’s going on but it will

stable the footage it’s kind of wonky

and kind of wobbly and that’s because of

the rolling shutter you don’t need to

know all this but i would encourage you

to either keep it on standard or even

off and just be cognizant when you’re

vlogging to not shake like crazy but

either way i’ll leave that up to you

based off of your needs but i like to

keep it on standard or even off

and just do minimal moving when i’m

vlogging now i want to talk about the

best slo-mo settings for the sony zve10

but i want to tell you about our youtube

master class i don’t know if you are

going to use this camera to create

youtube videos but if you didn’t know

you can create a part-time or even

full-time income on youtube and we’ve

helped over 10 000 students learn how to

do so in our youtube master class and so

if you want to learn how to use this

camera to make money on youtube you can

check it out at it’s a free one

hour class where you’ll learn about how

you can do so and if you got the time be

sure to check out that free training i

know it’ll be super helpful for you but

when it comes to slo-mo what’s so cool

about the sony zve10 is that it has what

is called snq mode this is a mode when

the camera will actually slow down the

footage for you without you having to do

anything in editing which is super nice

especially for beginners what you’re

going to want to do is make sure you’re

in snq mode by selecting the top button

until you see s and q on the top left of

the screen head into the menu under the

second tab on the first page go into the

snq shoot mode and change that to manual


then you’re going to go down to the

bottom and go to snq settings on that

same page select it then select the

record setting you want your video file

to be in in this case i’m going to

select 24p and then we’re going to

choose the frame rate now you have the

option to select 60 or 120 frames if you

want your video footage to be super slow

motion i would encourage you to select

24 frames per second but i like kind of

like medium slow motion and so i’m going

to select 60 frames per second and now

anytime that i’m in s and q mode and i

record something it’s going to play back

the clip in slow motion without having

to do anything now once you’ve selected

your frame rate we’re going to dial in

our shutter speed again and since we’re

shooting in 60 frames per second we’re

going to change our shutter speed to 1

125th of a second if you chose 120

frames per second then i would encourage

you to select one 250th of a second and

if that’s even super gnarly just just

copy exactly what i’m doing and you’ll

be just fine but you’re essentially

ready to go now the only thing that

you’ll really have to adjust is your iso

based off if you want it to be brighter

or darker but simply shoot whatever it

is you want to shoot in slow motion and

it’ll play back in the frame rate that

you desire now i do want to let you know

that if you shoot in snq mode that you

won’t have audio on your video clip and

if you want audio on your video clip

that you’re gonna be putting in slow

motion i would go the other way of

getting slow-mo video and that is

changing your resolution to 1080

changing your frame rate to 60 or 120

frames and then dialing your settings

from there and then in editing you would

then slow down the footage but i think

for most beginners the sq route is the

way to go especially with this camera

since it’s so easy to use so those are

the best settings for video with the

sony zve10 thanks for sticking with me

all this way and whether you’re doing

youtube videos vlogging or slow motion

footage you should be good when you dial

in your settings just like i taught you

if you got value in this video let me

know by hitting that like button and be

sure to check out that free one hour

master class

at we’ll post a

link to it down in the description below

if you want to check out another video

from think media you can click or tap

the screen and i cannot wait to see you

in a future video peace



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